Thursday, 24 April 2014

PSA: Don't salvage Harrington Waistguard without taking it for a test drive...

This may be common knowledge for some, but this thing was sitting in my stash for about 2 weeks before I decided to try it out. The Legendary Affix is "Opening a chest grants 100–135% increased damage for 10 seconds."

Doesn't sound that interesting for those of us not in-the-know. However, it turns out that, much like a 12 year old girl in a training bra, Blizzard has a pretty loose definition for what counts as a chest. They consider anything that could possibly give loot that requires a click rather than an attack as a "chest". Corpses, loose stones, armor racks, Khazra altars. Anything that won't open up if you swing a sword at it but could potentially give loot is a "chest". EDIT: Tsplodey informs me that chandeliers also proc it. Sounds like if you hover your cursor over something and it gives a blue "click me!" outline rather than a red "attack me!" outline (other than doors), it will proc the affix.

It turns out that there are surprisingly few levels that AREN'T littered with such things. I have taken to fighting elites and rift guardians by using "chests" as a mini-Power Pylon.

So consider that my PSA. Don't doubt the Harrington Waistguard.

EDIT 2: I'm flattered by the attention (and the gold!) that this received, so I wanted to update it with further testing.

Things it doesn't work on that are otherwise blue and clickable: Doors and satchels (things that give lore tomes).

Things it does work on that don't really give items: chandelier chains and lore items (like the Rygnar Idol).

Mechanism: It works just like a "+X% to Damage" passive, additive. Example images:

Before (20% skill bonus from Pierce the Veil): 

After (130% skill bonus summed from 20% PtV plus 110% from belt):

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

AFK farming - 2 billion xp/hr + tons of item drops [help needed]

  • Adventure or normal mode
  • Act V
  • Area: Battlefield of Eternity
  • Event: Demonic Prisoner
  • Bounty required: No
  • Spawn location: Edges of the area
  • Lead the elite far away and the minions keep spawning.
Twitch furrowbutt

Credit to Jayohz for helping determine the place and method.

Originally Posted by jayohz
Demonic Prisoner

You cannot kill the elite but instead, you move him away from the area. The normals keep spawning.

I cannot see pic clearly but it's probably torment 4. Can do it 5 and 6. I find it more efficient on 5.

Possible 100% safe method for t6
By vaulting out of the area very quickly after pulling the boss it seems possible to get the spawns stuck behind this pillar that falls down. I have to test this more tomorrow.

The downside of this method is that you can only get 2x3 spawns at max if you stand in this corner. The far west 3 mob pack wont spawn.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easy Resplendet Chest - Not Safe, not 100% guaranteed

As the titel already says: This method is NOT safe and it is NOT 100% guaranteed.

  • Step 1: Start Act II - City of Blood.
  • Step 2: Finish the first part of the quest - Travel through the Khasim Outpost's east gate.
  • Step 3: After Step II you should get a checkpoint.
  • Step 4: Run into the middle of the area and you'll maybe get the Resplendet Chest (IMPORTANT: There is ALWAYS a unique mob called Erach) - the area should look like above image Step 4.1: Run back to the outpost if you don't like to die and log out/leave the game
  • Step 5: Restart the game, go through the portal, repeat Step 4

So far i got 1 legendary item out of 4 chests in about 15 minutes on torment 6.

I am sure there are much better ways to get legendary items, but this is still a good method.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

How to farm quick xp , gold, paragon levels. [100% safe]

This is a guide, a very pro guide if i might add.

Search public games, (preferably most active torments) keep looking until you find a group in a rift that is complete.
If the group is done and they're just running around killing useless shit, turn that bitch in.
West side A-Town stomp their ass and pce out that yolo baggins group.

All trolling aside, probably the easiest and probably able to be botted as there is virtually no walking needed or chance to die.

Currently doing it and joining rifts that are close to be finished now I'm getting decent legs/hour killing boss and shards. Quickest shards ever.

Might piss people off tho but you need to level right?

Shard of hate proc exploit (barb)

The proc of the shard of hate with primary skill and runes lightning is high and seems an exploit/bug
all primary work but with weapon trown is better

For now only barbarbarian confirmed
For wizard confirmed shock pulse with globe rune and frozen rune

Khazra Den power leveling.

Just saw this and wanted to post it here for everyone, I take no credit for this as it is shamelessly copy pasta from Dfans enjoy. Pretty sure it will get patched rather quick though so make use of it while you can.

Legendary Farm.

After all the nerfs to purple elites i'm finding this a decently efficient way to farm legs, and some Gold/XP.
Chest is 100% 

Find Bounties requiring you to "Clear" The second level of a cave etc. (Resplendent Chest is guaranteed on level 2 of these bounties) Run through avoiding mobs, and loot the chest. Generally i use act 1 and 2, then just restart the game. Running on torment 6 the chest very often drops a legendary. These boots are a big help -

Guaranteed Resplendent Chest

In Act 5, there's a bounty called "The Last Stand" in the Westmarch Commons, and when you complete the bounty there's always a resplendent chest in the room at the end.

I've done this bounty 10+ times today and it's always had one.
It's all trash mobs so t6 should be fairly easy for players with a decent amount of gear.

Basically just keep joining games until you get the bounty and complete it for a resplendent chest!

I am not 100% sure if it spawns outside of having the bounty (in adventure mode). I've full cleared the zone 3-4 times and haven't seen it once, but RNG is RNG.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

[Guide]Xp Farming without the need of good gear

I will now share with you a method i recently discovered which you can use to powerlevel your alts. Its perfect for low geared characters because it doesnt require you to kill anyone on Torment 6 and is easy and fast to do(by fast i mean you dont need to refresh the game 30 times to wait for a certain rare bounty to spawn)

Here is a video on how to do this:

If you dont want to watch the video read below:

Steps to complete this route:

  1. Set game to Campaign mode and select the quest "Rumford at the Gate" ACT I
  2. Make the difficulty to Normal if you have no gear whatsoever. Doesnt matter what difficulty you choose here just pick the easiest one for you.
  3. Go outside to Rumford and start the quest.
  4. Kill the first wretched mother to get the Bonus to the quest. The Bonus is to kill 3 Wretched Mothers.
  5. Proceed and kill 2 of the 3 mothers. After you have killed the 2nd one teleport to town and exit the game
  6. Before you resume the game change difficulty to Torment 6 and then click Resume game
  7. The quest will remain the same. It will say you have killed 2 out of 3 mothers. Go outside of town and right next to the gate there will be a Wretched Mother.
  8. Lure her into the town by hitting her with ranged attacks. Once she steps inside the town she is instantly killed and you are granted ~10,000,000 XP at level 60 and 80k gold.
  9. Repeat
  10.  Get bored of Diablo and go cook a cake!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Semi AFK Bugged Event - ActV - The Great Weapon

There is a bug that will keep the monsters monsters spawning but will not count against the event. The kicker here is that the event will kill the monsters for you and you will get exp for those monsters. This is easier to do on Bounties as you can guarantee that the event is there. This is easier with a tanky type class but any class with defensives lined up should do. I am getting roughly 400m EXP per hour on T6 completely afk using my keypad macro only.

  1. Go to Act V - Battle of Eternity Waypoint
  2. Locate the Great Weapon Event.
  3. Start the Event and stand on the WEST STAIR CASE at the top of the FIRST flight of stairs from the botto,.
  4. Ensure you are on the very west part of the stairs so the Angel at the bottom covers you with their spells.
  5. Step up and AFK macro (I suggest as many defensives as you can any what ever else that will keep you alive the longest on your bars)

As long as you are at the top of the first flight of stairs the monsters will keep spawning but will not count against the ticker.

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