Friday, 12 February 2016

'Diablo 3' Patch 2.4.0 Update Revealed! New Dungeons, Leaderboards Snobbed

One of the newest features of the "Diablo 3" update will test the skill of the players.

The patch 2.4.0 has new set dungeons that players will enjoy since they are more difficult than a normal rift or bounty. These particular stages are static realms that test the skills of a player's character.

“They give you a chance to measure your skill," explained Senior Game Designer Alex Sulman on the Diablo blog. "A yardstick of sorts. In a game like Diablo, there’s always something to do, so having something that’s more measurable and beatable is different. It’s fresh.”

This feature may stick out like a sore thumb in the gameplay but the "Diablo 3" update was made to give players a definitive goal to work towards. Not only is it something that has a beginning and an end but, since it is a timed level, there is is a sense of competition that is different from the leaderboards. Players can set their records, go back and beat their own records and have friends can try to beat their time.

Formal leaderboards were supposed to make it into the feature but the developers decided not to include it since it would delay the development of the feature and also discourages other players from joining when the board is filled up. The set dungeons were created to be more approachable to gamers since the only competition is yourself or your friends.

“The irony is that there are several that I can’t master on live, so maybe I’m not the best to give advice!” noted Sulman. “The number one tip is to check your corners. Don’t blast through everything expecting to win. There’s a certain playstyle that works in each, so pay close attention to them.”

This is because each of the realms or dungeons have various class sets and play styles so no two dungeons can be played the same way. The feature was meant to be tough and go on a different route from the traditional slay-and-loot style, this means that players have to pay attention to details in-game.

While there has been some concerns with the performance issues that the "Diablo 3" update, as reported by Segment Next, patch 2.4.0 is still worth checking out for the set dungeons.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Diablo III - The King of Sales

Blizzard have always been highly successful in regards to the sales generated by their games and Diablo III is no exception: it is in fact within the top 10 of a list of games with the best sales numbers. Following a highly- and long-anticipated launch, Diablo III racked up some 30 million sales, enough to place it in 10th spot on the above said list. The factors behind the success of the game are numerous and not at all easy to replicate. First of all, the undeniable strength of the Diablo brand, stemming from the first games of the series produced back in the 90s, was quite a driving force: for years, Diablo fans had been clamoring for a new Diablo so the actual launch was like a prayers-answered moment for these people, and Blizzard made sure they didn't disappoint.

Another piece of the Diablo III success-puzzle was the fact that the game was made available for every platform out there: having started off on the PC, Diablo III then became available for PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The developer never stopped tweaking the maps and the overall game content either and there's already a very successful expansion pack under the belt of the title. A second expansion pack is sometimes mentioned by various sources but for some reason, the community doesn't seem particularly eager to digest a new batch of content at this stage. Some even fear that the features which have made Diablo III so popular may be tampered with through a new expansion pack, although it's safe to say that most fans would welcome added content regardless. One thing is certain: another one of Blizzard's massive success-stories, Diablo III won't ride off into the sunset any time soon...

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In addition to that, the initial Diablo III came out with a real-world auction-house, which allowed players to sell in-game items for real money. This feature - although later abandoned as impractical - generated quite a bit of hype, floating the possibility that some would actually be able to make a living playing the game and scouring its nooks and crannies for hidden treasures. Despite the initial hype, and then the disappointment, the elimination of the auction house didn't put a dent in player numbers and game purchases.

How can we recreate the day 1 Diablo Inferno experience?

Some friends and I have the weekend free and are thinking about trying to take a nostalgic trip down Tristramemory Lane.

What would be the best way to recreate the inferno experience in hardcore? That real fear of dying in campaign mode. Would it be to play on Torment 1 or 2 with no legendary gear allowed? Would it be to play on Torment 6, with no set pieces allowed?

I'm a little worried about it scaling weirdly whereby we would easily be surviving, but every pack of elites takes 20 minutes to kill.

Has anyone got any thoughts or recommendations on how we can have it nicely balanced and close to have old school inferno hardcore felt? 10 minute boss kills. 2 or 3 minute elite kills etc. And a real chance to die if you make a mistake.


Strategy for Playing Fruit Machines

There are so many myths out there about playing slots and if you’ve not tried the fruit machines for yourself, you might be confused about how things work. If so, you’re not alone. Many people with an interest in casino games have the same misconceptions about fruit machines. Did you know that slot machines make up 70% of all gaming revenue? Those are some pretty powerful statistics and it all reflects the popularity of these fun games.

There’s something about the fruit machines that draws in people of all ages. They even been called “addictive” before for this reason. Have you ever heard of someone talk about being addicted to gambling? CNN just did a piece on this recently. It’s an interesting topic since there are varying opinions on gambling addiction. As for us, we just say play responsibly and have fun.

So if you want to get the most of your time with the slots, you need to have a strategy. There are so many people out there offering advice. If you want to win big, you need to trust where you are getting the info. You wouldn’t want your win snatched right out from under you.

Can you imagine if you were playing the fruit machines and won big and then it was taken away from you just like that? This is what happened to one woman who hit an $8 million jackpot when the casino then said the machine had malfunctioned. What a bummer!

So if you want a good chance at striking it rich, consider your strategy. So for a good strategy you first need to know how much money you are prepared to lose. Know this figure beforehand and then stick to it. It is far, far too easy to dump money into these fruit machines without even realizing it. You also want to learn all that you can about the different types of machines. Then you will know how to get the best strategy for the fruit machine you are playing on. Practice also goes a long way to helping you get a feel for the machines.

You can learn more with Fruity Reels guide to fruit machines. Have fun!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Barbarians: New Seismic Slam Build - MOTE 6p/IK 2p/Endless Walk/COE - Cold

I think i have just found a Seismic slam build that works better than the current stickied one. Perhaps need a few tweaks to perfect it but i thought i should post it here to let someone else run with it.

If you like the seismic slam build stickied on the barbarian reddit you should give this a go. This is a higher damage variant that is easier to play and has far higher uptime for dealing damage.

The build uses the Might of the Earth 6p bonus for its main source of damage and the Immortal king 2p bonus with Call of the Ancients (Together as one + Ancients Fury (Fury of the ancients in Cube)) as a source of unlimited fury and a solid defence in place of using the Band of Might in the Cube ring slot with no downtime or timers to worry about.

The Endless Walk (ring and amulet) can be used in place of focus and restraint as an alternative +100% damage source whilst reducing the need to worry about keeping F+R procced as well as freeing up a ring slot for extra damage or defence.
Core Items
  • 5 pieces of Might of the Earth Set
  • 2 pieces of Immortal King Set (Must use the belt)
  • 2 Pieces of Endless Walk Set (Amulet and Ring)
  • Fury of the Vanished Peak (2H Mighty Weapon)
  • Bracers of Destruction (Bracers)
  • Convention of Elements (Optional ring slot)
Kanai's Cube Slots
  • The Furnace
  • Fury of the Ancients
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Seismic Slam - Permafrost (Right Click)
  • Call of the Ancients - Together as One (Left Click)
  • Leap - Toppling Impact
  • Earthquake - Chilling Earth (optional)
  • Warcry - Veterans Warning
  • Battle Rage - Bloodshed
Passives (all optional)
  • No Escape
  • Relentless
  • Rampage
  • Ruthless
Gems (all optional)
  • Esoteric Alteration
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Bane of the Stricken

Alternatively Use
  • Iceblink
  • Zai's Stone of Vengeance
  • Stack for damage
  • No need for cooldown reduction (points in last)
  • Zero points into resource cost reduction (or just enough to reduce the resource cost of seismic slam to 15 fury per cast)
Item Stat Priorities
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit Damage
  • Cold Element +
  • Attack Speed
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Seismic Slam damage
  • Resist all
  • Life +
  • Armour
Pros + Cons + Build Logic
  • (+) Damage output equals that of the current stickied seismic slam build without using COE and exceeds it whilst using it.
  • (+) Unlimited Fury whilst Call of the ancients is up. Meaning no need for fury generating passives for more damage or defence.
  • (+) Together as one provides permanent + 50% damage resist without having to worry about the 8 second timer on band of might and unlike Unity works in multi-player consistently.
  • (+) Free ring slot that can be used to double defense with unity or band of might or alternatively boost damage with COE
  • (+) 95% of your time can be spent attacking with seismic slam = greater damage output (No need to waste time proccing Focus+restraint or leaping 3 times to regen fury)
  • (+) Good Crowd Control with Earthquake (Chilling Earth) to keep enemies at a distance for No Escapes +30% damage to proc - Leap (Toppling Impact) helps by pushing enemies away.
  • (-) If you die you have limited fury generation or defence until Call of the ancients is off cooldown. (can be countered with careful cooldown management)
  • (-) Endless Walks double damage mechanic takes a few seconds to max out. It works fine when fighting elites and in high density areas but will likely not reach full power against mobs that you can kill quickly.
  • (-) Build is slow moving unless you swap out earthquake for Sprint
  • (-) Focus and Restraint Variant More effective in group play
  • (-) Without Fury Passives can have Fury problems in T-X group play
  • (-) Slightly Lower defence than Stickied build
  • (-) Not as good at pushing for the highest greater rift as Charge or Earthquake/Boulder builds

Monday, 8 February 2016

Theorycraft level over 9000 - Razor Strop.

Razor Strop

If we will use LoN , dmg will be multiplicative x13.

If we use good 1h Sword it will critical for 1.5B dmg .

Lets add buffs . We get 3B .

We can do 3x barb LoN Hota Glob + WD that will pick up globs . We can do around 20-30 globs per s. (60-90 B dps AOE + HoTa dmg)

As we know LoN build have a nc sustain . So we don't need supports . Clear dmg from hota and ... that belt. I Can not simulate 500+ globs per min in d3planner but even for 100 . That belt do 15% of total dmg and its for 1 source . We will use 4x Razor Strop so that dmg will be MUCH better + we will have MUCH more globs .

DPS on 150B+ (AoE) is enough to do 85+ .

Is here anyone that want to test it ? (Eu server)

Some Fact about Razor Strop :

Benefits from Fire skills deal X% more damage.
The effect is triggered when a Health Globe heals you, meaning Health Globes picked up by party members will trigger explosions as long as you're within range
The effect happens on your character and not at the location of the Health Globe.
No Internal Cooldown, happens on every Health Globe picked up.
Can Crit

Friday, 29 January 2016

Would you like a paragon system revamp for next seasons? I just realised, it's 10 days into the season and there are people 500 paragons ahead of me.

I have a lot of free time lately so I decided to jump into Diablo pretty "seriously".

I made a barb (which turned out to be a great support in current meta) that I play mostly in 4-man comp and a crusader which is great for solo play.

I have slightly above 80 hours logged, approx half of which is played solo.

I'm currently close to 900 paragon points. There are people with 1400+ paragons arleady. And I've been playing more than 8h a day on average. Keep in mind, we're only 10 days into the season.

Let's look at last seasons statistics:

S1: Going ham with Diablo: 950 para. Dedicated player: 750 para. Difference: 200 paragon points.

S2: Going ham with Diablo: 1050 para. Dedicated player: 800 para. Difference: 250 paragon points.

S3: Going ham with Diablo: 1400 para. Dedicated player: 1000 para. Difference: 400 paragon points.

S4: Going ham with Diablo: 2500 para (with plenty of people close to 3000). Dedicated player: 1600 para. Difference: 900 paragon points.

In season 1 the difference between "going no-life in Diablo" and player who plays 3h+ per day on average during the whole season used to be about 1000 main stat, which is a big difference.

In previous season, it was 4500 main stat, which is just crazy, we're talking about 30-40% DPS increase.

Don't you think that this is getting out of hand?

TL;DR With the way paragons work, the quality of your gear is almost insignificant - the difference between top players is all about paragon main stat points. This is going to become even worse in upcoming seasons, the disparity of power between very dedicated players and people who grind 16h+ a day will reach even crazier levels (over 50% more/less DPS soon?).

Paragon system used to be fair, right now you have no chance, unless you want to grind 16h a day for the rest of the season.

If you could, how would you change the current paragon system? Do you think it's fine as it is?

PS. Let's start a discussion, don't flame other people for having a different opinion than you do.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gambling for Weapons in Diablo III

Gambling has returned to Diablo in Diablo III but you are required to have access to Reaper of Souls and Adventure Mode in order to access it. If you’re not yet familiar with how the gambling system works, it will benefit you to take some time to study up on it. If you moved into Adventure Mode after level 70, then you can take Blood Shards to the Gambler to get some decent starter end-game gear.

There are three different gambling categories to choose from – weapons, trinkets and armor. There are also subcategories after that. You can prioritize items at the gambler too. You can get set and legendary items also, but you will usually have to go through hundreds of shards, unless you just get really lucky.

This gambling in the game is a little different from the types of gambling you might be familiar with if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe you’ve played some games at online casinos or something similar. This is all about dice-rolls, which is often how you see gambling done in video games like this.

So it’s not the same as traditional online gambling like live roulette from leo vegas but a lot of people find it fun.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Short and Sweet Guide to Season 5

This guide is intended to be a condensed version (for you last minute guys or the lazy readers) of everything you need to start the new season strong. Going over Pre-Season preparations, leveling 1-70, Gearing up, Augmenting, and my thoughts on the 4-man meta we will see early in the season. Like I said this is meant to be short if you are looking for a full super in depth guide I highly suggest checking out Drahque's Ultimate Guide

Pre-Season Preparations

Here are some things you will want to do before the season starts to make the first night smoother and save a bit of time.

Know what class you are going to play.

Know who you are going to play with.

Know what leveling strategy you are going to use.

Make a 1-70 cheatsheet or find someone elses. The cheatsheet should include every time you change skills. Listing the level you take the skill, and what key/skill it is replacing. You may also want to include an extra notes column for key objectives you want to do at certain levels.

Here is an example of my Demon Hunter cheatsheet

Leveling 1-70

1-70 and Pre-Season Preparation Video Guide

There are a handful of strategies you can use to level 1-70. I will be covering a strategy where you do a boss or cursed chest bounty early, clear Halls of Agony level 3 (HoA3), and move onto rifting. Other strategies include targeting only cursed chest bounties and repeating them, targeting high density floors such as HoA3 and repeating it, or full clearing bounties.

Level 1: Take your followers(Templar,Enchantress,Scoundrel) weapons. Clear a cursed chest or boss bounty. For resplendent chest or diabolic cache.

Levels 4-20: Clear Halls of Agony level 3 until you hit a dead end and then reset the game.

Level 7: Buy rings from Fence Merchants

Level 12: Buy amulets from Fence Merchants

Level 20: Kill Skeleton King in Campaign for Leoric's Crown drop. Make sure your entire party is at least lvl 20.

Level 23: Do an act bounty. It can be done before 23 but make sure you open the cache at lvl 23. If cain's or born's plan drop from the cache craft them.

Levels 23-70: Rifts! There is no reason to full clear since rifts are free to open so make sure to close the rift after killing the Rift Guardian. You should be on a difficulty where you 2-3 shot white mobs. If you are overkilling them raise the difficulty and if they take 5-6 shots lower the difficulty.

Level 45: Craft a level 60 weapon and look for reduced level requirement. It is easiest to re-roll for this stat if you KEEP a secondary Crowd Control and roll the other secondary to reduced level requirement.

Level 61: Craft a level 70 weapon and look for reduced level requirement. Use the same re-rolling strategy as above. This will take some deaths breaths to do so make sure you have a couple before trying to make the weapon.

Level 70 Gearing

Fast Gearing Video Guide

The fastest way to start farming is to pick up your free set from the season journey as fast as possible. You do not need to complete all of the chapters or even be on the chapter the objective is in just do these objectives.

  1. Hit level 70! (Impossible to forget to do, but it gives the first 2 set pieces).
  2. Kill Zoltun Kulle on Torment 2.
  3. Complete a Greater Rift tier 20 solo.

Each objective mails a Haedrig's gift to you and each gift gives 2 peices of the set. These can be saved for other characters but if you are trying to start farming as fast as possible open them on your first character as soon as you receive them to help complete the next objectives. Once you finished the three objectives turn the torment up to a comfortable farming difficulty. Even if this isn't the set you want to use, it will be the fastest way to start farming for the set and other gear you actually want.

Augmenting Items

Augmenting and Empowered Rifts Video Guide

How Augmenting Works

There is a new Kanai's Cube recipe that allows you to augment your gear this patch. This recipe takes 3 of the same max level regular gems(Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, or Amethyst), an ancient item, and a legendary gem of minimum rank 30 for weapons, 40 for jewelry or 50 for armor. Once transmuted the 4 gems are consumed and for each level of the legendary gem applies 5 stat of Dex, Int, Str, or Vit according to the regular gems used.

Strategy for Augmenting

This is a very strong recipe and means you will want to farm legendary gems. Here is the strategy I would recommend for farming these gems. You will need 12-13 initially depending on if you use an offhand or not. I recommend picking a gem you wont confuse with the ones you don't want to augment so get 12-13 of something like Gem of Ease. Just make sure the gem you pick does not have a cap. Then work on getting those 12-13 gems to around 50-60 and once you have ancient gear you are comfortable farming in, augment the gems into your gear. This gear will help you farm higher greater rifts and faster torment rifts/bounties through out the season. Now get a second set of gems (or a set for each class you intend to push with) then spend the season leveling up these gems as high as possible. Save any gear upgrades in your stash. You dont want to waste gems augmenting every small upgrade you find (This is up to your discretion of course if you find an upgrade you feel will improve your farming significantly augment it and start using it). Once its the last 1-2 weeks of the season this is when you will want to augment your pushing gear.

Empowered Rifts

Keep in mind we also have empowered rifts this season. You can pay gold to empower a greater rift giving you one extra chance to upgrade your gem if you pass the greater rift. So running a boon of the hoarder while farming torment to pay for empowered rifts may help squeeze in some extra gem levels.

Predictions for Early Season 4-Man Meta

Theorycrafting Early Season 4-Man Meta Video

Tier List of the Classes I think are most likely to be in the "Best" 4-Man meta
Top Tier: Barbarian
Mid Tier: Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor
Low Tier: Crusader
Bottom Tier: Monk

The Tier list is based on my early impression of what each class can bring to the group. Barbarians are still going to be great supports with Ignore Pain buff and the ability to Group up mobs just 2 of many reasons they are great supports. Demon Hunters offer the very high single target damage with the new Shadows set. Wizards offer very high AoE damage with Delseres and other new and updated items. Witch Doctors can provide high DPS and while bringing big damage buffs to the group. Crusader have damage and supporting options with invokers and rolands but they are slightly behind what other classes can bring to support and or deal damage. Same goes for monks they can still offer damage or support to the group but seems to be the lowest in comparision to other classes. However this season a lot of the sets have been brought up to par with eachother meaning for a while atleast we will see a lot of different group compositions that can do well including compositions that have monks and crusaders in them.

Here are a just a few of many 4-man compositions that I think will be competitive this season.

  1. Support Barb, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid WD
  2. Support Barb, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid Crusader
  3. Support Crusader, Single Target DH, AoE Wizard, Hybrid WD
  4. Support Barb, DPS WD, AoE Wizard, Support WD

Thanks for reading everyone and that is about as short as I could make the guide while still explaining important points. Less than half the length of the guide I made last season so for me it is short. Good luck in Season 5 everyone! ;)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Anyone else hate the set dungeon masteries?

The Barb one for the Might of the Earth set is terrible, you have to basically unequip your shit so you can not kill the mobs too fast so you can do the special skill order (that nobody using ANY of the current builds would be doing anyways). You're stuck having to leap, then ground stomp then earthquake each elite as well as freeze and kill mobs for a minute straight, never mind that the density of the dungeon is piss poor and the mobs are paper so they die instantly when you look at them or freeze them with an earthquake. You now have to drag that part out and try and find mobs for long enough to kill the minute of time you need to freeze them in order, but HOPEFULLY you don't run into an elite because if you do and you accidentally kill him or dont do the special combo, you're fucked.

Whoever thought it was a great idea to require you to use a skill on 7 different elites with a 1 minute cooldown timer in under 5 minutes is terrible. Yes you can use mechanics to shorten the cooldown, but it's still a stupid design because most of the time you're REQUIRED to spam attacks and fury dump just to make sure your earthquake is up before you run into the next elite.

It's so counter intuitive and stupid, it's the complete opposite of how you play the entire rest of the game where you're trying to clear quickly.

And god forbid for some reason it doesnt detect you using the earthquake or stomp and you blow your cooldown by mistake, you better run away quick and pray that the elite doesnt kill itself on your existing earthquake etc or you're fucked and have to start over again. Better spam some rocks into walls and hope you can get that earthquake up again in time.

And don't even think of using your templar, because he will definitely fuck everything up for you.

If you pull ALL of that off in time (good luck) THEN you have to find and kill every mob in the dungeon before the rest of your timer runs out!

Fucking. Ridiculous.

It's just poor design, the mechanics are not things you'd do naturally in the game, so you have to go out of your way to complete it. It reminds me of ridiculous asinine achievements in some games where it would never happen naturally unless you go out of your way to do them.

To me, that's a hallmark of poor design, when I have to bust my ass to jump through hoops that goes against the spirit of normal gameplay.

In sum, I fucking hate masteries, the objectives are terrible and counter intuitive and I hate that I have to do it for my season journey as a requirement because I'm basically going to have to game it and play as terribly as possible in order to fulfill it's silly checklist.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Diablo 3’s enormous 2.4 update is scheduled to launch on January 15th. The patch, probably the most significant update to the game since the Reaper of Souls expansion, has been in gestation for a while and will feature a wealth of new content alongside the usual skill changes, re-balances and exploit fixes.

The headline feature is Greyhollow Island, a brand new zone designed explicitly for the game’s endless Adventure Mode, described as a “mysterious forested locale is steeped in intrigue, [where] rumors abound that those who visit are doomed to never return.’ It’s the first area to have been designed from the ground up for the endlessly replayable adventure mode, rather than as part of a campaign, which has allowed Blizzard to experiment with some more non-linear storytelling approaches. Players will be able to try and piece together clues as to what happened on the island and unravel it’s mysteries to their conclusion, or simply go hunting for bounties as per usual. Two other existing game areas have been expanded as well – Leoric’s Manor has had the Royal Quarters added, and the Ruins of Sescheron gains the Eternal Woods.

Item sets have had a big overhaul as well, with many of them being specifically themed around particular playstyles. To that end, Blizzard will also be introducing ‘set dungeons’; dungeons which unlock upon completing a set, and will challenge the player’s mastery of that specific set’s skills. New legendary items have been added as well, and the UI has seen some usability tweaks. To offset the surfeit of players with stupidly large piles of gold and little to spend it on, there is also the addition of Empowered Rifts – essentially the ability to spend gold when opening a Greater Rift for a higher chance and high-end gems and loot.

Considering the current climate around DLC and season passes, I think Blizzard should be commended for still adding so meaningfully to a game already at market without trying to monetize it. Diablo 3 is a game built around repetition, and the addition of significant new wrinkles to the core loop of killing and looting will go along way to breathing new life into the game. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard intend to release any further traditional expansions or continue with this model of adding content incrementally.

A full list of the additions can be found on a blog post here and an interesting look at Greyhollow Island’s design can be found here.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

All legendary powers extracted patch 2.3

Achievement unlocked! -Collect all Legendary Powers!

Marked class specific items to show that Crus is stuffed with powers on weapons and that DH has no class specific ring or amu. (remember that ring 1 PTR ago about rockets+marked for death? space for it is there)

Last item to complete collection was Halo ring for Wizard.
Looking forward to new legendary powers in next patch, cube is awesome.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

2.4 Demon Hunter Builds Optimized by Philos

Hey there, I noticed a lot of interest in Demon Hunter viability next patch, and I am happy to say DH have several setups with very comparable potential and distinctly unique gameplay. All these builds are optimized for solo, but can also perform quite well in groups with slight modifications. So unless you are pushing for top ranks at the end of the season you can basically play with whatever you want! For anyone interested in these builds for next patch, here's a few of the most powerful setups

Greater Rifting Builds 75-80+

Torment 10 Speed Build (~2min clears)

Torment 7 Speed Bounty Build

dfans text guides are in the descriptions if you prefer that format :)

The only setup I didn't spend much time with was LoN, mostly because I didn't enjoy the gameplay, but it is also viable for 75-80+

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Seneschal Ruins was an absolute privilege to play

I don't understand much of the RoS bonus content, but I decided to listen to the ghost and find a lost artifact.

Seneschal Ruins was 10/10. The serene atmosphere and music sold it. Shifting between bright snowy outside and castle-like on the inside felt like a real outpost. As a barbarian, the buildup of King Kanai was perfect- I felt like I was finally getting a complete backstory of something.

Kanai's fate was the complete opposite of Leoric's. Kanai kept his sanity and honor while Leoric was corrupted. Kanai's tomb was surrounded with ghosts of his followers, while Leoric's left abandoned. He also, you know, stayed dead...

I don't know much of what people post here, but I wanted to share how much I loved this zone!

Stuff around the net