Monday, 29 June 2015

Diablo 2 is 15 years old today and is still one of the best games of our generation.

Was one of the original 1000 D2 Beta testers, and then the D2Exp 1000 testers :-) Game has a lot of meaning to me, got so excited when the beta disks came in the mail :-D

D2Beta Disks if you never seen what they look like.

Blizzard often doesn't get the credit it deserves for pushing really good control schemes in their games. Both SC and D2 can be played with a mouse-only mentality, and it's a big reason why their games are so popular.

The skill system, while pissing off some people, worked well for newcomers because it prevented hoarding all of your skill points into a single skill. Along with the item mechanics, skills felt like real rewards - you leveled, and you got something great for it almost every time.

It came at the peak of 2d isometric graphics in games. It's art direction is unbelievable. It is the darkest, most gothic video game made. If you own The Witcher on GOG, you can read through it's digital art book that is a downloadable extra, and they talk about how in their early design meetings Diablo 2 came up as the style they really wanted. Witcher was the first realistically dark game I had seen since D2.

The soundtrack, another often ignored portion, marked a real shift in composing for games. It's almost musical noise, avoiding melodies in most situations. As a result, it's creepy. But it's not just creepy, it lacks musical resolution, which means it keeps the listener expecting something to change. In other words, the music makes you want to keep playing.

The items. Oh dear lord the items. Diablo 2 had the best items ever, because mods were so flexible and disjointed. You could build a character around almost any single skill, or any single item, and it would be hilarious. It wasn't going to be the most efficient, but almost all of them were effective enough. As time went on builds became popular, but playing through the game and just using what you picked up made the game constantly change for you.

Diablo 2 is said to have killed ARPGs for a time. That it was so good, anything that followed was decried as either a cheap imitation or simply not like Diablo 2. Many believed that Diablo 2 was one of the first modern grind-fest RPGs, and as a result many that followed were painfully grindy. But Diablo 2 wasn't designed around the grind; players would grind in Diablo 2 because they didn't want to quit. That's how good it was.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Everything about Kanai's Cube

General Questions 

What is it?
 Those who played Diablo II might remember the Horadric Cube, a unique device which allowed you to combine items. Useful as it was, it was easily surpassed in power by the item from which it originated, Kanai’s Cube. In Patch 2.3.0, players will be able to discover this powerful ancient relic and utilize its incredible potential, including the ability to break down Legendary items and equip their special effects as passive skills (which are separate from your other passive skills), convert crafting materials from one type to another, and so much more.


How does it work?
The primary function of the cube is to serve as a collection system to allow you to accumulate powers from items and then assign the powers you want to use. This has a lot of benefits one of which is hopefully to help free up some of that stash space that players, like me, are using to save cool items "just in case". Now instead of keeping 1 of every cool item in my stash you can simply extract it's power for later use.

Anytime you extract a power from an item it is added to your collection of powers. You can enabled any power you have ever extracted, within each specific game type.

How do you get it?
The Cube, for all intents and purposes, is like a new artisan. Once it's acquired (by completing a quest in the new Ruins of Sescheron zone), you'll be able to access it in each of the Act hubs. This unlock also works similarly to other artisans — you'll need to unlock it once in each game mode (Hardcore, Normal, Normal Seasonal, Hardcore Seasonal).

This does also mean that, like leveling up your Blacksmith or Jeweler, you'll need to unlock it each Season. It's a pretty quick process, though. :)

How many passives do you get?
One weapon passive, one armor passive, and one jewelry passive.

Is Armor ARMOR, or ALL armors (bracers/gloves/etc)?
The armor slot for Kanai's Cube currently encompasses every slot except weapons and jewelry. So, for example, the cube could give you the Legendary power from Lut Socks, or Leoric's Crown, but not both.

Do the Cube passives replace normal passives?
Stopping by to say that powers assigned with the cube do not compete with normal passives.

Can you get cross-class passives (e.g. Flying Dragon on a Barbarian)?
You can only assign powers that you would normally be able to use so no Calamity on Barbs or Flying Dragon on Demon Hunters.

Are offhands (Sources, Mojos, Quivers, Crusader Shields) considered weapons or armor?
Anything that goes in your main or offhand is part of the weapon category for the purposes of the cube.

Can you stack two immunities from amulets?
If you want to wear an immunity neck and infuse yourself with a second immunity you can absolutely do that.

Can you double dip passives (i.e. wear a Furnace and use the Furnace cube passive)?
No double dipping, you can only have one instance of a power active.

Think of it this way: Equipping a power from a Legendary power via Kanai's Cube is just like equipping the item itself, only it does not take up an equipment slot.

How are legendary powers stored on your account?
Powers extracted via the cube are accessible the same way that paragon levels are. They are account wide per game type, Normal, Hardcore, Seasonal Normal, Seasonal Hardcore.

How are stat ranges in legendary powers dealt with?
Powers that are extracted into the cube are extracted at their maximum power.

Why are stat ranges always maximized?
We discussed a lot of ideas on how we wanted the extraction process to work. We discussed powers extracting at the level of the item, we discussed powers extracting at the lowest power and upgrading by extracting more of the same item. We ultimately decided that extracting a power would give you it's full potential because we want the feature to be a collection system, not a progression system.

There are already tons of things to upgrade, you can always get better rolls on an item, you can always get more paragon levels, we didn't want this system to feel like a grind or to have players regret extracting a power because it was a low value.

Is it Season only? is not a season only feature.

Will it indicate which special powers are still missing?
The current plan is that it will so that players know what Legendary items they're still missing. Of course, it's still a work in progress. :)

Where did this idea come from?
It's been in the works for quite some time. As with many features, it's a combination of player feedback and internal design.

Where is the name from?
The name is a tribute to Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Diablo artist who died last year from cancer, and his incredible work on the art in the Diablo universe.

Specific Items

Can you get an additional normal passive by extracting a Hellfire Amulet?
Also the Hellfire Amulet passives cannot be extracted via the cube.

How does the Hellskull shield work for a Demon Hunter not using a bow?
Hellskull increases damage while wielding a 2h weapon. That power can be used without requiring a shield to be equipped. If you want to trigger an on block effect from a power you will need a way to block or it won't be able to trigger.

How does the extracted legendary power account for Leoric's Crown and the Broken Crown?
In both of these cases it will give you the benefit based on whatever gem you have socketed into your helm.

Can you extract Ancestor's Grace (extra life)?
Ancestors Grace can't be extracted into the cube...

Unresolved Questions

  • Let me know if there are updates!
  • For Meticulous Bolts, is the legendary power (Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning now travels at 30–40% speed) pushed to 30 or 40?
  • Can you put in legendaries from any level?
  • Can all legendaries be extracted, or only post patch ones?
  • Can set items with legendary effects be cubed?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Secret cow level in Marvel Heroes 2015

The ARPG Marvel Heroes 2015 is having an anniversary event, and one of the special drops is an item that takes you to a "classified bovine sector."

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My wife's doing a playthrough, and she's pointing out things that bother her about it

Like, why are there poor living in the sewers? There are literally jars filled with money lining the streets.

Why do spiders have eighty three gold, and two pairs of pants?

Why does Diablo, the lord of terror, have a mediocre blue fist weapon? What's he doing with that?

Diablo is awesome

Diablo is a masterpiece, i remember the first time i played it around 1998 and i got hooked straight away. My mother got angry at me for neglecting my school works and just sitting and playing Diablo. Many of my friends played Diablo also so we competed against each other alot who was the best and so on. My friend Fredrik who was worst at Diablo is still getting teased to this day of his lack of skills in the game. 

Everybody gets older and you move on to other games and interest. But it was still something with Diablo that made me keep on playing it. The mystery in Diablo 2 is still something that can make reminess the game and the exitement.

I remember when Nintendo was planning to launch Diablo on Nintendo 64 but failed miserably. But obvously it naver happened. Same with Diablo Junior for Gameboy also failed due to high cost. To be honest im quite happy it didnt happen because i see Diablo as a game on the computer not on a console like Nintendo or Gameboy.  Blizzard did a fine job so no need to involve other companies. Nintendo is good other games like Mario and Zelda and they should stick to that. 

Many people who play Diablo also like E-sports like LOL, Dota, CSGo etc and the exitement to be able to bet on esports is exiting. People who like esport bet on many things. For example some play casino online.  Games like Blackjack, Roulette and Spilleautomater. It's a fun and exiting way to win some extra money. The biggest win so far on a jackpot has been 17 million euros on a slotmachine called Mega fortune. That is crazy! If i won 17 million i would develop my own computer game and make it awesome!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Years after the launch, how do you feel about the story?

Now that the initial hate has subsided, how do you all feel about the story?

I just replayed D2 and I still find D3's story lacking. The biggest difference that I've seen is that D2 always felt mysterious and you felt something more was happening off screen so you had to get to the next area.

D3 it beat you over the head with everything happening now and led you by the nose through everything.

If anything, I hate the story far more now (especially after RoS) than I did when D3 first launched, especially compared to having played D2 and LoD all over again.

Thoughts from anyone else?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I think D3 needs to balance out material requirements for crafting / upgrading. It just doesn't seem to make sense.

This has been going on for a while but crafting mats / upgrade mats are somewhat imbalanced across the equipment's.
  • You need 40 blues to craft a bracer
  • You need 50 yellows to upgrade chest armor
  • You need 40 yellows to upgrade pants

While the rest are pretty balanced 1-15 mats up to 18 for weapons.

I'm wondering if you guys are bothered about this as well. I hope blizzard can balance out the mat requirements so people don't need to farm for blues because that's just ridiculous. Rares appear more than blues (uncommon).

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Support Crusader 55+ 4-man GRift Beginner's Guide

I've been doing a lot of pugging in 55-65 GRifts lately and the most common thing I see are poorly played support Crusaders. No RG lockdown, letting mobs pick off their teammates, constantly worried about only running ahead and getting themselves killed -- They end up being a huge burden to the team. I mostly play support Crusader in 4-mans and it pains me to see Crusaders not reach their (incredible) potential in groups.

IMO, the support Crusader in a standard high 4 man GRift setup is the most important person in the group. I also think it's by far the most difficult build to play in our current 4-man meta. You are the quarterback of your team. Success or failure will ride on your shoulders. And it won't be easy.

In terms of a general build and gear loadout, you can check out this guide on DFans: I won't re-iterate everything in that guide but I want to present something for beginners.

Remember, this is a beginners build/gear loadout. If you're an advanced support Crusader, you certainly don't need tips from me.

This guide assumes you're running with a zDPS WD and that you're pushing progression (not speed farming).

  • Skill 1: Shield Bash - Pound. Used in conjuction with Roland 2pc to provide 100% Blind uptime on any mob. Pound is used specifically because of it's 1.0 proc coefficient (to keep Gogok stacks up).
  • Skill 2: Steed Charge - Draw and Quarter
  • Skill 3: Shield Glare - Zealous Glare. You'll need the Wrath if your gear isn't perfect. You can eventually change Zealous Glare to Divine Verdict once you can fully lock down RGs without the Wrath generated from ZG.
  • Skill 4: Laws of Valor - Critical
  • Skill 5: Judgement - Resolved
  • Skill 6: Akarat's Champion - Prophet
  • Passive 1: Fervor
  • Passive 2: Indestructible
  • Passive 3: Long Arm of the Law
  • Passive 4: Towering Shield

Pretty standard stuff here.


Sets bonuses utilized:
  • 3pc Born's - Sword, shoulders, chest. Pick 2.
  • 2pc Roland's - Gloves, chest, shoulders. Pick 2.
  • 3pc Captain Crimson's - Belt and pants.

Sample gear loadout with important stats:
  • Helm: Leoric's Crown (Vit, All Res, Life%, Socket)
  • Amulet: Xepherian (Vit, RCR, CDR, Socket)
  • Shoulders: Born's (Vit/Life%, All Res, CDR, RCR)
  • Chest: Roland's (Vit, All Res, Reduced Elite Damage, 3xSockets)
  • Gloves: Roland's (Vit, All Res, RCR, CDR)
  • Wrists: Drakon's Lesson (Vit, All Res, Str, Armor)
  • Belt: Capt. Crimson's (Str, Vit, All Res, Life%)
  • Pants: Capt. Crimson's (Vit, All Res, Armor, 3xSockets)
  • Boots: Illusory Boots (Vit, All Res, Str, Armor)
  • Ring 1: RoRG (Str, LoH/IAS, CDR, Socket)
  • Ring 2: Manald Heal (Vit, CDR, RCR, Socket)
  • Weapon: Born's (Vit, RCR, CDR, Socket optional)
  • Shield: The Final Witness (Vit, RCR, CDR, Wrath Regen)

  • Gogok (mandatory for CDR)
  • Esoteric
  • Efficacious Toxin / Gizzard / Trapped / etc.

Your top priority is CDR followed by RCR and Wrath Regen. All else comes secondary to this until you reach the point where you can keep an RG completely Blind-locked. Manald Heal is used because it's unique property is resource regeneration. Drakon's Lesson is used in this beginner's build to help with Wrath issues vs. single target. Swiftmount is not used in this build in favor of Capt. Crimson (10% CDR, RCR) to aid in gearing.


In a 4 man high Grift group, there's 3 main "positions": Backline (where your DPS are), center (where your WD is positioned), and forward (unexplored path ahead of you). Within that context, here are your priorities as your team's support Crusader:
  1. Keep the WD alive. If the WD dies, everything will go to shit instantly. Your top priority upon reaching a new pack is to check the forward/flank position for ranged/charging mobs (archers, exorcists) that can hit your WD in the center.
  2. Keep the DPS alive. If your DPS dies, you won't beat the timer. As soon as you ensure your WD's safety, it's time to turn your attention to the backline. Check behind them for stray mobs, any mobs to their perpendicular, and especially any ranged mobs that aren't feared. Smart DPS will park themselves into a corner with their backs to a wall. Dumb DPS will stand in between doorways and hallway intersections and take many spears to the face. Unfortunately, your job is to protect both types.
  3. Pack up the group. This is especially true if you're playing with Slowball DHs. Just because the mobs are loosely grouped around the WD doesn't mean your job is done. Drag the guys on the edge of the radius to the middle. Drag mobs THROUGH and ONTO the Lightning Ball line while positioning them.
  4. Keep your buffs on the group. So the mobs are packed in and the DPS are going to town. Your job now ISN'T to run off and pull a crapload of extra shit no one asked for. Keep your buffs up at least until the mob group is nearly dead. Remember that one of the reasons Crusaders are considered exceptionally strong support are their group buffs. Use them! Unless:
  5. If you're fighting mobs with substantial HP pools, now is the time to consider pulling more back into the pile. High HP elites or packs are good candidates to pull extra mobs back towards. If you don't expect the group of mobs to live long, for the love of god, please don't play fetch with more!
  6. As the current group is about 4-5 seconds from dying, scout the next group. Approach the next set of mobs and remember to PULL MOBS FORWARD TO THE NEXT GROUP, NOT BACK. If you run into 3 mobs, pull them right into the next set. Don't waste your DPS's time by fighting stragglers. Just pull them up into the next group or skip them entirely. Most pug Crusaders I see act like Golden Retrievers in a field of tennis balls; They are way too eager to play fetch and subsequently get their team killed (or at least annoyed).

The big takeaway here is that pulling new mobs is YOUR LOWEST PRIORITY COMPARED TO KEEPING YOUR TEAM SAFE. I see so many newbie Crusaders just rush ahead while their team behind them is getting killed, bringing back a Reflect elite and 3 anarchs with him. Make sure your group is safe first ALWAYS.

When you identify a threat (a ranged mob priming up a spear for your WD or a straggler that got loose and is making it's way to your backline), do the following:
  1. If the mob is beyond Shield Glare range, SHIELD BASH TO IT. Do NOT Steed Charge to it or you risk pulling mobs currently around you out of position.
  2. Once in range, BLIND IT.
  3. Only after the mob is blinded and neutralized, DRAG IT IN.

Shield Bash is a fucking amazing mobility tool and will teleport you to any monster on-screen. Think of it as WoW Warrior's Charge or Intercept. Use it to close the gap.

When shit goes sideways

Sometimes you enter an open area and you're absolutely surrounded by archers and anarchs. Your WD sets up but there's about 10 mobs to the east that he can't reach (even running laps in a circle like any good WD should), so what do you do?

Remember that you have the capability to perma-CC in a screen-wide radius as well. Charge (with Shield Bash) into the middle of the un-feared group and keep them perma-Blinded to prevent them from shooting/moving. Drag as many back using Steed Charge and immediately charge back into them (again, using Shield Bash!) to re-apply Blind. Keep doing that until all the mobs are grouped. The jist is that you can control an area of mobs separate from the WD. This is also useful when you scout ahead and run into a huge pack or elites.


You'll use a simple Glare>Bash>Glare>... cycle to perma-Blind any mob in the game, RGs and bosses included. A few key things to note:
  • Both Glare and Bash use an attack animation. Therefore blindly mashing both (or macroing them to autofire) will seriously screw up your ability to perma-Blind. You absolutely need to Glare>Bash>repeat and Bashing twice before a Glare will see the RG breaking perma-Blind.
  • Law and Akarat's Champion do NOT use an attack animation. It's safe to macro these into your Glare or setup as autofire.
  • Judgement DOES use an attack turn. If you're new to support Crusader, stick to Glare>Bash>repeat with Law/Prophet sprinkled in. Throwing in Judgement will fuck with your timing. Once you get really good at boss control, you can think about weaving in Judgement to your Glare>Bash rotation.
  • Bash costs 30 Wrath so stacking RCR/Wrath regen/using Drakon's Lesson or Divine Verdict is critical to this build, second only to CDR.

I hope this is useful to someone. Remember that playing a good support Crusader is really fucking hard and pugs are unforgiving but you'll feel like Joe fuckin' Montana when you help your team hit their new 4-man personal best. Practice practice practice!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Diablo 3 Players Arrested For Stealing In-Game Items

In a shocking bit of news, two players have been hit with criminal charges for their activity in Diablo III. One of the players used a RAT (remote access tool) to take control of other players' games and strip them of their items while his partner in crime scooped up the items, all in the hopes of selling the items for real money on the Real-Money Auction House.

Fusion did a report on the incident that originated back in 2012 when the two thieves tried to one-up other gamers during the massive outcry of accounts being hacked. Some of you might remember that there were a lot of scammers, hackers, keyloggers, phishers and gold sellers trying to do any and everything to get their hands on accounts and sell the goods through Blizzard's once coveted Real-Money Auction House, a service that has since been shutdown following various reports about people losing money to the service and many gamers complaining that it undermined the whole point of the loot-and-grind gameplay in Diablo III.

During the summer of 2012 two gamers, Michael Stinger and Patrick Nepomuceno, befriended and were drawn into the inner circle of criminality that breathes and surges in the underbelly of Diablo III's community. The duo wanted to make some extra cash and Nepomuceno had purchased a RAT to take control of other people's computers if they clicked on an image he would send them, tempting them to click by saying that the image was of a rare and hard to find item in the game. When unsuspecting users would click the image it would download the client RAT that would enable Nepomuceno to take control of their computer.

From there, Nepomuceno would strip the characters bare, leaving them naked at the shock and horror of the player who no longer had any control over the game. Stinger was then instructed by Nepomuceno to pick up the items, weapons and gear on the ground.

They did this a couple of dozen times to various users, all in an attempt to acquire the goods and sell them on the Real-Money Auction House.

Blizzard, however, was not daft to the wrongdoings of the nefarious duo.

The company had been tracking reports about hacking attempts, account theft and other incidents of a similar nature. Many players who wanted to get a detailed and thorough recount of how their accounts were infiltrated were required to get a warrant for Blizzard to release the data. In this particular case Blizzard was willing to allow this information to be made public because they're making Nepomuceno and Stinger pay dearly for their virtual crimes.

However, according to Stinger he told Fusion that he was unaware of Nepomuceno's true intentions and was not privy to the evil that lurked in his compatriot's heart, stating...

He just told me to share the link and I would get free items. I thought Patrick was doing some glitch, ...I didn’t really care, lol. I was getting free stuff. I was not driven for the money. I simply wanted to get better gear for my character: good weapons and armor.

He explained to Fusion that he didn't know that Nepomuceno was using a RAT, and when he found out he blocked him from his friends list on Facebook.

Blizzard wanted more than just to ignore the companions of crime or block them from Facebook. Blizzard is charging them for the time required to launch the full investigation into their antics, which comes up to $5,654.61.

The duo allegedly acquired nearly $8,000 worth of items but were unable to sell anything on Diablo's Real-Money Auction House. In fact, nothing sold.

Stinger is paying back the company, $100 a month at a time.

According to the L.A.-based federal prosecutor, Tracy Wilkison, she told Fusion that...

People think they are not going to get caught, that they’re not going to be found in their bedrooms on a computer. They don’t think it’s that big of a deal, [...] Gaming especially lends itself to this suspension of reality

This instance of having two virtual thieves plead guilty and get charged with paying back Blizzard for $8,000 worth of virtual goods that were never sold – and Blizzard actually reimbursed each of the players for the items that were taken – it brought about an interesting conversation within the gaming community. Should gamers be charged in real life for crimes committed in games? The Fusion article notes that committing “virtual rape” in games like GTA V could also help open the door for the law to start looking more seriously at in-game crimes.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Aether Walker Wizard is the most fun I've ever had in Diablo 3.

I played this game since its release several years ago, and I've never had as much fun with the game until recently when I started playing with the Aether Walker Meteor set up that people have been using to solo clear 60+ GRs. 

It's by far the most enjoyable AND efficient solo spec I've ever played.

A big turn off for solo farming rifts for me are the nasty elite affixes, and this build completely bypasses this problem since you're normally skipping elites anyways. 

And my favorite thing about this build is its super high learning curve, because as long as you are skilled enough you can pretty much guarantee your survival. 

Be warned, if you just picked up this spec, expect to die... A LOT. It really is a steep learning curve, but its also very rewarding once you master it. 

Also, this build can consistently solo clear mid 40s in sub 5 minutes no matter the mob composition!

Anyone who has an Aether Walker and not using it, I highly recommend trying this build out!! ITS SO MUCH FUN:

Friday, 22 May 2015

A "No Set Gear" leaderboard would be an easy way to instantly make scores of "useless" legendaries fun again.

We've heard it all before; RORG is too good. Focus and restraint are too good. Every 6-pc set bonus locks you out of many unique effects, and there are plenty of interesting legendaries that therefore get neglected. I have so much stuff in my stash that I just can't fit in with the best set gear that I have; Cindercoat, Hexing Pants, Fire SOJ, Magefist, Leoric's Crown, Witching Hour, Dread Iron, Rimeheart, Azurewrath, a by-god Andy's paired with an ancient Sceptre on a poison doc...

I could throw them on a character just for funsies and see what greater rift I could get to. The only thing stopping me is the futility of it, but if there were a leaderboard for it, it wouldn't be for nothing, and tons of other people would get a whole new gearing metagame out of it as well. It'd be so much fun to see what people come up with. And how high people could get, I wouldn't care if 1st place was 20 gr's below the normal leaderboards - it'd be its own league, apples and oranges. Maybe by the season's end the boards would be dominated by one build the way certain set builds do now, but it'd be a lot of fun to see it grow, and to see where my idea of a build falls out in the beginning, and how I can tweak it to come back ahead of the competition.

I'd participate for sure. Would you? When everyone hits their own GR wall with the cookie-cutter builds, it'd give them something else to do while just hoping to upgrade non-ancient set pieces to ancients - so I don't think I'm alone.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Witch Doctors: Speed Jade T6 Build (Patch 2.2)

With the current meta of Diablo 3, speed farming has became a popular tool to raise paragon levels, farm rift/trial keys, and gather crafting materials. Monk, and Barbs have proven to be very efficient at T6/Low GR level farming, due to their bursty damage, and speed increasing abilities. They're by far the MOST EFFICIENT WAY to speed farm Low Level content. However a lot of people don't want to Re-Roll, and or play an alternate class just due to the advantages they may have. So what I decided to do was piece together a speed farming build for the WD class for T6/Low Level content.

If your in a Rush...


T6 Bounty Full Clear

T6 Rift Run

Otherwise, you can read up below.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Time Averages

All this data was recorded in order to show how the build preforms over an extended amount of time. I've listed all the information, over the course of a 10 run segments for bounties, and rifts. A total of 3 different trial runs were completed, which resulted in 30 T6 Bounties/Rifts, ran.

Stats for first Trial

Sheet dps: 1.1m

toughness: 8.1m

Crit chance: 50%

Crit Dmg: 375%

element poison: 44%%

increase spell: Locust Swarm 26%

Gems: Boon of the horder 26, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 27

Bounties T6:

1st: 10:10.30

2nd: 8:46.60

3rd: 10:52:01

4th: 9:18.51

5th: 7:59:00

6th: 9:45:.99

7th: 6:47

8th: 10:05

9th: 8:56

Final Run: 7:50

Avg time: 9:03

Total Time: 1:30:00

Rifts T6:

1st: 3:40

2nd: 3:30

3rd: 3:10

4th: 3:39

5th: 3:41

6th: 2:45

7th: 3:42

8th: 5:34

9th: 4:13

Final Run: 5:28

*Avg time: 3:56

*Total Time: 39:22

Stats for Second Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gems: Boon of the hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.49

2th: 9.47

3rd: 8.22

4th: 8.14

5th: 12.52

6th; 9.14

7th: 10.11

8th; 8.54

9th: 8.19

Final Run: 9.40

Avg time: 9:32

Total Time: 1:35:00

Rifts T6

1st: 3.53

2nd: 3.57

3rd: 3.38

4th: 3.23

5th: 3.30

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.23

8th: 4.46

9th: 4.14

10th: 2:45

Avg: 3:42

Total Time: 36:57

Stats for third & final Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

Increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gem: Boon of the Hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, Wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.21

2nd: 8.45

3rd: 8:45

4th: 9.20

5th: 8.58

6th: 7.56

7th: 7.55

8th: 8.58

9th: 7.39

Final Run: 7.4

Avg: 8:31

Total Time: 1:20:16

Rifts T6

1st: 3.41

2nd: 4.08

3rd: 3.32

4th: 3.33

5th: 5.44

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.33

8th: 5.19

9th: 3.47

Final Run: 2.08

Avg: 3:58

Total Time: 39:39

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Overall Time Avg, and best times

In this section I've listed video links to my best times I had accomplished over the 30 Trial runs. I thought these were the most interesting, because I wanted to showcase how good RNG can really effect the outcome of these times. Below that section I gave the final avg times for all 30 runs, for Rifts, and Bounties.
Best T6 Rift time: 2:08

Best T6 Rift Video
Best T6 Bounty run: 6:47

Best T6 Bounty Video

Average Overall time for Full Clear T6 Bounties:
Avg Time: 9:02

Average Overall time for T6 Rifts:
Avg Time: 3:52

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Paragon Setup:

Core Prioritization

1.Movement Speed until max


Offensive Prioritization

1.Cool Down Reduction

2.Crit Chance

3.Crit Damage

Defensive Prioritization


2.Life %

3.All Resistance

Utility Prioritization

1.Resource Cost Reduction

2.Life on hit

3.Area Damage

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Gear & Skill Setup

Link to gear that I used
Skill Setup

Link to Skill setup

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Gem Setup

Gem Choices are pretty straight forward here, were taking the known two Legendary gems that provide a speed boost while in combat. However since there only two legendary gems that do this, our third option will lean to a gem that will boost the overall damage of the build.

Bane of the Trapped

Solid Damage increase for our Dots

Auto Procs itself @ LV 25

Wreath of Lighting

Lightning Damage is very solid vs T6 Monsters, if leveled up high enough

Provides a Speed boost, while the lightning effect is triggered (requires level 25)

Boon of the Hoarder

Running this due to the level 25 secondary

While picking up gold after slaying an enemy, we will be provided with a solid speed boost

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Video of build in action:

Build Break Down

Build in Action T6 Bounties

Build in Action T6 Rifts

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Diablo 3 will be getting rid of permanent crowd control in upcoming content patch

Blizzard have expressed intent on getting rid of “permanent” crowd control in a future content patch for Diablo III. Currently, the highest ranked groups for Diablo III’s competitive Greater Rifts all require similar “zero-DPS” builds, where one or two players focus entirely on disabling enemy minions, and buffing the parties damage.

The news came from deep within the game’s official forums, where community managerGrimiku responded to fan feedback on the state of Greater Rifts.

“We’re looking to disable permanent Crowd Control in an upcoming content patch to create more interaction with monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels.” stated Grimiku. “To complement that change, we will be also be evaluating how much damage monsters are dealing to players in that environment. One of our goals in the next major patch is to provide a more consistent Greater Rift experience while making sure that defensive Legendary items still matter.”

It’s no wonder that this can be seen as a bit un-fun, as enemies that can’t attack are not really a threat at all; certainly not the intended design of the developers. Here's an example of a zero-DPS build for Witch Doctors that's currenlty being used in Season 3 from YoutuberAnthony Evans:

This change will certainly affect the meta in a big way, as the most successful groups rely on these zero-DPS classes to safely complete extremely high level Greater Rifts. This effect will only be compounded in Hardcore mode too, where death is permanent. Naturally however, it looks like monster damage will be reduced to compensate for the increased danger.

There's no word on when this content patch is due, but it'll likely land at the end of Season 3, which has still got three months to go according to Blizzard.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Demon Hunter: UE Build Guide

I thought too many people were asking the same questions, so here is a list of attributes you want from your equipment. Without a doubt, ancient gear will be best, but for a weapon, ancient is a must.

  • Weapon: ancient, 1.1 attack speed*, % damage, dex, % resource, discipline (freeze on hit if there's extra secondary slot)
  • Quiver: Dead Man's Legacy: dex, attack speed, crit chance, % resource or hatred regen, Multishot, discipline
  • UE helm: dex, Multishot, crit chance, socket
  • UE shoulder: dex, resource cost, cooldown, chill on hit
  • Neck: (mostly flexible) Hellfire, Xephirian, Julia, or Aranoch: dex/elemental damage, crit damage, crit chance, socket
  • UE glove: dex, crit damage, crit chance, resource cost, stun on hit
  • UE torso: dex, vit, hatred regen, discipline, 3 sockets
  • Bracer: Reaper's Wraps: elemental damage, dex, vit, crit chance
  • Ring: Focus: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • Belt: Witching Hour: dex, vit, IAS, crit damage
  • Ring 2: Restraint: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • UE pants: dex, vit, all res, 2 sockets, slow on hit
  • UE boots: dex, vit, movement, Multishot, immobilize on hit
  • Gems: Zei, Banes, Iceblink

One thing I don't know is whether to get area damage or vit on shoulder.

  • There are few exceptions of course. Krider, Calamity, and Windforce are viable options.

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