Friday, 19 December 2014

Diablo III Reaper of Souls PS4 Expansion Pack Rumors Probably Nothing to Get Excited About…

A lot of buzz has been raised these last few days regarding the possibility of a new Diablo III expansion being in the works, based on some statements that Blizzard officials have made through various forums. The community was in quite a hurry to pick up the crumbs and to sensationalize the whole thing, proclaiming that “ the new expansion pack would surprise all the fans” even as they then admitted that the rumors they were talking about, were essentially about whether or not there would be a new expansion for the series. What exactly was the announcement that sparked all the rumors though?

It turns out that most of the bits and pieces of information which led to the current speculations were dropped by Diablo III’s lead producer Alex Mayberry. All Mayberry said though was that Blizzard were in the process of evaluating exactly what shape the next content-update of the game should take: that of an expansion, or an entirely new game. He made it clear that the discussions were focused on the long-term and not on what would happen in the near future. He also mentioned that the company was keeping an eye on the reaction of the community to Reaper, and that the way forth would hinge on this reaction.

The rumors regarding the imminent expansion went as far as to state that there already was a release date set for the new content-batch. Obviously though, that is simply not true. According to Mayberry, developers are already looking at ways they may end up taking the Diablo franchise, which is in-line with the company strategy to have long-term plans in place. Everything in that respect is “up in the air” though, so rumors of an already set release date for a possible expansion are obviously greatly exaggerated.

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Friday, 12 December 2014

If you're still suffering from low FPS (like I was), here's some tips

I was able to track down the final culprit of FPS problems today, having tried many things, most of them adding a decent amount of performance boost but always leaving some FPS drops from time to time.
  • First and foremost, delete your D3Prefs.txt file in your Documents folder. This is huge, as a lot of things have changed from 1.8 into 2.0, and some of the customizations you made might actual make things worse now.
  • Next, check Vertical Sync in D3. Something about D3's engine gives you better FPS with VS.
  • Another one, supposedly having your Sound settings on Low will help, although it's mostly a superstition now, and I'm probably going to experiment with Medium and see how it looks because at Low 32 and in a 4 player game, some sound does drop.
  • This one is helpful but not mandatory. If your graphics card has decent FXAA, switch that on and uncheck Anti-Aliasing in D3. This gave me a boost, although the in-game text became soft and distracting at first.
  • Last but not least, the final thing I discovered, which I've heard mentioned in the past but never thought it was a big deal, UNCHECK both Max Foreground FPS and Max Background FPS. While playing, I kept wondering why certain zones were fine and others would slow down, and it was because of that and who knows what it was trying to do. If you're having problems, turn it off.
  • The rest of the settings you can experiment with, as some do add performance boosts, but a lot of it is based on your specs and the ones above seem to be random flukes affecting even high-end systems.
Just thought I'd share because today is a glorious day of finally solving most of the FPS problems.

Edit: Another one!

- This one is a little more advanced and drastic, but if your CPU is quadcore, D3 might struggle with this. A good way to test to see if this is the case is to open D3, then open Task Manager -> Processes -> Right-Click D3 -> Set Affinity and only enable 2 of the 4 CPUs. If this test is a success, then download Prio to make it permanent.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The RNG is seriously with me today, I may be dying tomorrow.

Over the course of six hours (total play time, not straight) all of the following has dropped on my 140 hrs played Witch Doctor:
  • Countess Amulet
  • Swamp Land Waders
  • Tall Man's Finger
  • Near Perfect Tasker and Theo
  • The Furnace
  • The Starmetal Kukri

I don't know what the hell is going on.

Most of the rolls were decent, some of them were kind of meh, BUT STILL. Holy shit??!? I don't know what I did, but I got like, everything I wanted at the time.

On some level I believe this to be a bad omen and fear for my life. As in "give him all of this...he is gonna die tomorrow anyway."

I am only half-joking...

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Found my D2 CE Reservation "cube" & Warcraft: Orcs and Humans demo disk v1.0

Digging through my old games I found this promotional cube. 

It came with a reservation for Diablo 2 from Software ect. I, having faith that Diablo 2 was gonna be rad, pre-ordered the collectors edition. The Cube morphs into different images, mostly screenshots of D2. A cheap trinket, but maybe some of you remember it.

Also, I found the demo disk for Warcraft Orcs and Humans that Blizzard sent to my house long ago (via real mail!). 

You remember the customer survey cards that came in game boxes or gaming magazines? They asked questions like: age, how often you played, what systems you had, what genres you liked.... They also baited you by saying "Send this in for a chance to win prizes!" Well, I filled out a few of them as a kid, dreaming of winning something cool. The only thing i ever received over many years, was this demo for some company called Blizzard. I played this demo over and over.

I have found no record on the internet of the physical demo disk. So, I am going to assume that Blizzard sent me the only one. Thank you Bliz zard.

Here is a scan of all the warcraft loot I got with that demo disk:

Monday, 8 December 2014

[Infographic] Ancient vs Non-ancient Weapon DPS + Avg Hit Ranges!

Got bored, decided to calculate the max weapon rolls for the ancient weapons on PTR to prepare myself for some massive disappointment when/if I do finally find one! I made a chart for DPS for the profile min-maxers, and one for Average Hit for the more resource optimizy folks.

As you can tell from the chart, the absolute WORST ancient you ican possibly roll is pretty much exactly a 'perfect' non-ancient weapon. (x+1) The variation of ancient weapons is unfortunately wider than non-ancients. The +30% number everyone has in their mind actually only applies to the damage roll affix's max-max roll. It doesn't affect the base "white" damage of all the weapons and is independant of ias or +% damage. Main stat rolls will add an extra 2-5% more damage depending on your stats.

Some Examples:
  • Ancient Starmetal is +25% higher damage, ~3% more damage from main stat = ~28% upgrade
  • Ancient Krider is +22% higher damage, ~3% more damage from main stat = ~25% upgrade
  • Ancient Incense Torch is +16% higher damage, ~4% more damage from main stat = ~20% upgrade
  • Ancient Furnace is +14% higher damage, ~4% more damage from main stat = ~18% upgrade

Monday, 24 November 2014

Demon Hunters: [2.1.2 PTR] Multishot M6 (No Generator)

Actives: Vault - Trail of Cinders Vengeance - Seethe Prep - Punishment Companion - Any Rune Sentry - Spitfire Turrent Multishot - Arsenal

Passives: Awareness Custom Engineering Ballistics Steady Aim

A 5th passive from Hellfire Amulet: Ambush/Numbing Traps/Cull of the Weak (Take which suits your situation best).

Gems: Zei's, Enforcer, and either Gogok of Swiftness or Effacious Toxin (Swiftness if you need the CDR boost, Toxin for the damage).

For the new M6 set, your sentries will now shoot your spenders as often as you cast them, and for every sentry you have active, the stronger your spenders become. With this in mind, we want to prioritize one thing: getting out as many sentries as fast as possible to maximize our damage. This leads us to stacking CDR. The more CDR, the faster you get your turrents out, the higher your damage output.

This whole skill set is relatively gear dependant, having CDR wherever possible is key. This includes your shoulders, helm (gem), gloves, quiver, belt (Vigilante), and even paragon points should be allocated to CDR first for this build. With CDR in all these slots (imperfect rolls), I sit around 41% CDR. Which gets even better if you use Gogok of Swiftness.

Now items aside from M6 pieces. Instead of T&T (which are useless for the new M6), Cindercoat is now BiS imo. The fire damage bonus and resource cost reduction just makes it mandatory for this build. For quiver, you still want to run Rucksack for the bonus 2 sentries you can set up, for even more bonus damage on your spender(s). Any bracer will work, as long as it has Fire %/Dex/Vit/CC. A crossbow would also be the best in this case as it will hit the hardest in comparison to bows/1h, and because of the fact that your sentries will no longer benefit from IAS. Optimally, you want High damage roll/10% Damage/Dex/Socket (+10% CDR if you have rgift).

I've only played a bit with this build for a bit on the PTR but it seems to be very effective. With Seethe, Prep, and Companion, you're able to spam Multishot as often as you'd like. With all the CDR you have, those 3 skills have very high uptimes. I chose Multishot: Arsenal over CA:LfB because Multishot is just way more cost efficient to spam and the area and distance Multishot covers is just disgusting compared to the small patch that CA will cover. And in most cases, Multishot is already sufficient to kill off trash mobs, rift guardians and elites. The only situation CA> Multishot would be the fight against Greater Rift 30+ guardians.

Thoughts and comments are welcome!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Demon hunters: A Quick DPS Comparison on Steady Aim vs. Custom Engineering

To compare the two passives, I put together a DPS model that simulates a 180s fight on a single, elite target using the standard M6 cold build.

I modeled the numbers using my DH in particular, and assumed a CD time of 5s on sentry drops (due to CDR).

Additional assumptions would include: target being in sentry range 100% of the time, 100% sentry uptime, highest possible uptime on wolf companion activations, etc, etc (basically perfect conditions).

The results are as follows:

Spreadsheet link


Ramp Up Period [0-20s]
This is the stretch of time when sentries are deployed in 5s intervals, the first being dropped at 0s.

As expected, Steady Aim comes out ahead with a 16% damage bonus over Custom Engineering. Resulting (in my particular case), a damage differential of a little over 500 million by 20s.

Steady State [15 or 20-180s]
The period of time from the last sentry drop to the end of the engagement.

After the fifth turret is dropped (@20s), Steady Aim's lead over Custom Engineering slowly diminishes at a linear rate, until it hits the break point at 40s. From 40s onward, Custom Engineering has a DPS advantage over Steady Aim.

  • At 60s, Custom Engineering has a 3.0% damage advantage over Steady Shot.
  • At 120s, Custom Engineering has a 5.5% damage advantage over Steady Shot.
  • At 180s, Custom Engineering has a 6.2% damage advantage over Steady Shot.

In Grifts, I find it very difficult to have all five sentries up at one time, within range of my intended target. So I prefer to use Steady Aim due to the quicker ramp up, for faster clearing of trash mobs and elite packs.

Rift Guardian fights, and high density areas with abundant choke points is where Custom Engineering really shines.

In the end, I think that the numbers are so close that it really all just comes down to personal preference.

Here's some more tables,

Note: "By skills" includes Cull of the Weak (20%), Steady Aim (20%), and Wolf Companion (weighted value based on uptime, 8.75%)

Sentry DPS table w/ Steady Aim:

Sentry DPS table w/ Custom Engineering:

Monday, 17 November 2014

Witch Doctors: Stay a while and listen: 92 Fetishes in Grift 40+

Since I browse the whole sub on a daily basis and like the awesome community here is it time for me to contribute some smut and keep you guys busy. At this point is the whole concept pure theory crafting and hasn't been tested yet.

The most common 4 man team for high Grifts consists of 2 DH doing all the dmg, 1 tank Monk for gathering up creeps and 1 tank WD to keep every creep locked down. My idea on the contrary is to have a 4 guys doing all dps with low toughness. The gear set-up is based on the highest solo pet build by Raijin with a few changes. I recommend reading it now since I will only discuss the differing set-up. Raijin was able to beat Grift 40+ solo with his set-up and I think that 4 of us can perform even better.

So why 4 pet WD?
We can move incredible fast: The combination of Rechel's Ring of Larceny and the Tiklandian Visage gives us a perma speed boost of up to 60%. The Illusory Boots enable us to run through every monster, this is like a perma spirit walk just faster! The combination with jaunt on top of that and we are able to run from elite to elite in no time. Screw map density, we don't care!

We can lock down every creep (except RG): Well known and no news here but the 24 yards of Face of Death is often not enough due to mean and horrible ranged attacks. But 4 guys with each 24 yards will enable us to cover the whole room no matter how big it is. Furthermore if one group member dies are the elites still locked down, hence resurrecting whilst our minions keep on fighting is not that difficult.

We have crazy single target dps: We skip every trash mop, screw them, we rather have them alive so we can fear them again in case we took a wrong turn and need to boost back. We solely focus on elites and killing them quick. Despite the fact that we suck at killing trash mobs anyhow are the elite kills more effective in order to beat the timer. And on top of that are we already very strong vs. single targets.

The Profile

Gear: Insted of Unity Rechels and travellers set/soj. Since we don't use the MoJ is the elemental dmg quite nice. A well rolled travellers set might be better though.

Skills: Instead of all 4 players using Jaunt might it be better if 2 use the Zombie Dog - Final Gift, since we all get the bonus from Gruesome Feast. This is quite some extra dmg, I get about 4.7k more Int!

Play style: Run Forrest run! If there is no creep to fear we use Jaunt to give us a 3 sec boost. This should be enough to find one to fear and give us the sweet sweet speed boost. As soon as we see an Elite pack do we use spirit walk again to reach them as fast as possible. They wont be able to cast anything since we approach them so fast and left our physical body before they see us. Everyone casts there fetishes next to them and spreads out a bit (depending on the creep density etc.). One BBV underneath the pack to give the fetishes the AS bonus, the other 3 BBVs wherever we are standing. After that we make it rain toads to get more fetishes. It might even be a good idea to split up in 2 groups. Each of us with one jaunt guy (to sprint forward and lock down the pack) and one zdog guy to quickly follow and start the health globe production. This way can we cover huge areas very fast and avoid that our fetishes block each other from surrounding/ hitting the same target.

Cons: Well we are no DH after all, not sure if our dmg output is good enough. Also the RG might give us a hard time. I would love to test this, a two man team could be enough for that. So add me in case you want to: RaphaFluffa #2887, EU SC Season.

New Wizard (Experienced Player) - Some advice, if you will.

Hi Wizzies. I'm paragon 560, all of which on DH. After picking up some Firebirds pieces on DH (RNG) I decided to spend shards at Kadala to complete the set with some other lolRNG items I've accumulated.

I've scoured the sidebar, read every Bnet page of the Dot mechanics and read most of the posts in this subreddit. However, there's one or two things I'd like clarifying if you will:

Is there a be all end all specific variation of Firebirds? I understand that it's highly customisable based on your RNG, but if you could hand pick an optimum skillset and equipment - what would it be?

Secondly, wouldn't a two-hander (Furnace, Maximus) automatically mean more damage on your Dot, if rolled well? Or is Serpent Sparker/Sunkeeper FB Source equally effective?

Slow time - better to self cast and run Teleport with Illusionist or run Mirror Image for Slow Time proc?

How do you approach a pack of mobs? Elite or otherwise? From the few hours I had with the build today I casted Slow Time > Black Hole > Apocalypse > Teleport > Black Hole > Slow Time.

Any other tips that would help me out in transitioning from the repetitive Sentry spec, as I'm genuinely excited about playing wizard and the options available to the build.

Many thanks!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

"It seems like everyone in this sub wants the best gear, but doesn't want to farm for it."

This is an actual quote from a post I saw this morning. I see this sentiment a lot and I think it's both overly-simplistic and destructive. The truth is more nuanced:

People who play Diablo are happy to farm, but not to farm forever. Everybody has a different threshold for how long they are willing to farm without any seeing progress. No, your players can't expect upgrades every 5 minutes, but neither can you expect all your players to be Alkaizer. There's a sweet spot somewhere.

But, remember, when a system is entirely RNG, it's always possible that players will put in a bunch of time and see zero progress. Enough time with zero progress, and players quit.

You can shrug and say "RNG is RNG" or you can look for an opportunity to improve the game and make it more fun for more people. This is where the oft-reviled idea of "guaranteed progression" comes in. The thing is:

Guaranteed progression does not have to mean faster progression

You already see this with the "pity timer". The pity timer creates a minimum legendary drop rate for the unlucky. The vast majority of players never hit it, yet it exists.

Now, take something like the Furnace. If most players can expect to get one Furnace in every X hours of gameplay, Blizzard could create a crafting system that lets you gather special things and make a single Furnace after Y hours of gameplay (where Y is much greater X).

The point is that you're not getting loot meaningfully faster than before, but at least those long sessions without any special drops don't feel wasted. You know you made progress, even if just a little bit.

tl;dr - Stop saying people want handouts. Players already farm until they can't take it anymore. Guaranteed progression can provide rewards that keep people interested and playing without providing loot any faster than the average.

P.S. - You could make the argument that seeing a huge mountain to climb would scare people away. I don't buy it; I think people are more likely to get hooked by progression than scared by it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

BlizzCon 2014 Weapon Transmog GIFs

Here is a bunch of GIF images showing a rotating shot of each transmog in case anyone is debating buying a virtual ticket for them. The screenshots don't really show them off well enough, so here you are.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Demon hunters: Weapon Reroll Calculator

Here is a Google Doc that you can plug values into and see.

You can access it here:[1]

Save a copy of it, and you can fill it in and see which is best.

I currently have 4 scenarios setup and a column for custom;
  • Reroll the Damage to maximum (1199 - 1490)
  • Reroll the Damage to __% of maximum (ie 90%, but this is still being worked on - I need to check out the minimums on damage rolls and factor that in)
  • Reroll the % Damage (toggle to indicate whether you are rerolling IAS on the weapon to % damage, will remove the IAS if so)
  • Reroll the IAS (toggle to indicate whether you are rerolling %Dmg on the weapon to IAS, will remove the %Dmg if so)

Please take a look and give me feedback, I will update it if necessary!

There's also an IAS Calculator on the second tab. I haven't really cleaned it up yet, it's a work in progress at this point. I will post again once I have gotten it where I want it. It's usable though!

Friday, 24 October 2014

beginners/advance guide from top 10 wizard (seasons) (gear/builds)

There is only 2 builds i am only going to show the one everyone knows firebirds and the beginning one disintegrate.

Short range disintegrate

Use this until you achieve firebirds:!SigT!YbZZaa

It's fairly simple, i use this to lvl up and also use it to do t3/t4 rifts, i was able to do t3 very effectively i also got to grift 22 with this build.

Some notes

have to use a slow 2h, makes the build most effective, 3 items that make the build a tad better, moonlight ward/andarials visage/string of ears since you will be in melee range. and you simply go for crit/crit dmg/%ele/%distengrate/%hydra.

the hydra is really under-rated imo, people only are using it for firebirds but it's great for any build because of arcane dynamo.

you can switch familiar with teleport if you want, i only use teleport for higher grifts i don't find it necessary even when i'm doing t6 rifts.

My firebirds build!Zfhe!YYZZac

this is a tad different from others, like i said i only use teleport for high Grifts, use pinpoint barrier for lower torments/Grifts and use prismatic armour for higher torments/Grifts. and i never use illusionist, i rarely use teleport already so i don't find it much useful, but take out conflag if you do want to use it.

Some items that help

end game firebirds uses a furnace but since it's really rare you are always going to use 1h/off-hand until than, the off-hand being firebird's. the best 1h's are WoH/sun keeper > serpent wand > devastator/burning axe. i am currently using a devastator instead of a serpent wand simply because my wand rolled horrible and my devastator out dmg it by a good amount.

you want to try to use cindercoat as your chest and since blackthornes neck rolls really good now try to find one of those and use 2p of blackthorns neck/belt with RoRG for the 3set bonus. but unity/stone of jordan is superior, unfortunately i only have a unity/RoRG but still rolling my unity.

Also you want to go for area dmg on most items you can, it's not superior to CC/Crit dmg, but it's superior to %blizzard dmg or AS, for rings you want, int/socket/CC/crit dmg, neck you want either int/CC/crit dmg/%ele dmg OR socket, you don't want to trade either CC or crit dmg for the socket though.

Sockets on your rings are a must, socket on your neck isn't but it's still good. the 2 best gems at least imo would be "bane of the powerful" and "zei's stone of vengeance".

this is the end of my small guide, it's really just to help out all wizards on their gear/builds. hopefully it helps you.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

PSA: Don't salvage Harrington Waistguard without taking it for a test drive...

This may be common knowledge for some, but this thing was sitting in my stash for about 2 weeks before I decided to try it out. The Legendary Affix is "Opening a chest grants 100–135% increased damage for 10 seconds."

Doesn't sound that interesting for those of us not in-the-know. However, it turns out that, much like a 12 year old girl in a training bra, Blizzard has a pretty loose definition for what counts as a chest. They consider anything that could possibly give loot that requires a click rather than an attack as a "chest". Corpses, loose stones, armor racks, Khazra altars. Anything that won't open up if you swing a sword at it but could potentially give loot is a "chest". EDIT: Tsplodey informs me that chandeliers also proc it. Sounds like if you hover your cursor over something and it gives a blue "click me!" outline rather than a red "attack me!" outline (other than doors), it will proc the affix.

It turns out that there are surprisingly few levels that AREN'T littered with such things. I have taken to fighting elites and rift guardians by using "chests" as a mini-Power Pylon.

So consider that my PSA. Don't doubt the Harrington Waistguard.

Things it doesn't work on that are otherwise blue and clickable: Doors and satchels (things that give lore tomes).

Things it does work on that don't really give items: chandelier chains and lore items (like the Rygnar Idol).

Mechanism: It works just like a "+X% to Damage" passive, additive. Example images:

Before (20% skill bonus from Pierce the Veil): 

After (130% skill bonus summed from 20% PtV plus 110% from belt): 

Stuff around the net