Saturday, 23 July 2016

Major Diablo III Announcement to be Made at Gamescom?

The question on every player's mind who has for some reason still stuck it out with Diablo III these days is: will Gamescom revive Blizzard's dungeon-crawler? Why would Gamescom do that? Because it looks like Blizzard have a major Diablo announcement up their sleeves and they're looking to deliver it in style at Gamescom. To that end, they have apparently secured the presence of streamer Quin, whom they officially invited at first, and then, after he said he wouldn't go, offered him a deal he couldn't refuse. So it looks like Quin will be at Gamescom after all, all expenses paid and probably with an appearance fee in his pocket, helping pull the veil back on something big.

Indeed, Gamescom has traditionally been the scene of some major Blizzard announcements: last year, they announced WOW's Legion expansion there and that's where Reaper of Souls was first unveiled too. While lately there has been little going on around the title, certain facts are indeed lining up to potentially lead to a major announcement regarding either the beginning of work on Diablo 4, or a new expansion for Diablo III. Besides the above detailed invitation to streamer Quin, Diablo III's Josh Mosquierra recently left the company and a job announcement was placed for the position of Director of an unannounced project.

While Diablo III has indeed received what many would argue was its fair share of updates and expansions, things have been growing increasingly stale around the title lately. The recent patches brought little content-wise and seasons game-play has grown increasingly dull. Players just don't really have reasons to stick around these days, and with Blizzard focusing on its more revenue-earning titles, things seem settled in a rut. This is what might change come Gamescom in August and the shakeup may indeed be one of massive proportions...

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Comparison of meta by the end of PTR and end of season.

Season 1
  • PTR: Tiklandian WD, Serenity monk, cold DH, fire DH
  • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
Season 2
  • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
  • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, EP monk, fire/mark DH
Season 3
  • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
  • Final: Tiklandian WD, perma-stun crusader, 2x Hydra wizard (1x DH + 1x wizard was more common but double wizard was best)
Season 4
  • PTR: Pull barb, heal monk, HotA barb, gen/U6 monk
  • Final: Pull barb, heal monk, support crusader, SC monk
Season 5
  • PTR: Pull barb, LoN crusader, WD/DH, Twister DMO wizard
  • Final: Pull/globes barb, globes monk, support WD, STICKY Twister DMO wizard
Season 6
  • PTR: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister Tal Rasha wizard
  • Final: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister+Archon Tal+Vyr wizard

(All of this is just from memory, so there might be small mistakes, please point out if you find any)

The correct DPS class combination was predicted two times: S1 and S6. NEVER was the correct top DPS spec publicly known by the end of PTR!

The correct support class combination was predicted three times: S2, S3, and S6. Note that those were the seasons in which the support classes stayed the same as in the previous one; NEVER was a change in support classes completely predicted by PTR leaderboards.

I hope this sheds some light on how utterly useless it is to look at PTR leaderboards. Also, there has literally been zero testing on high level GRs on PTR; all the top players who have the knowledge and ability to pull off even semi-accurate meta predictions that could top PTR leaderboards are pushing on live. So please stop asking "WHAT IS THE S7 META". You might as well ask if we're gonna have snow on Christmas and get more accurate "predictions" now.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Thank you Blizzard Developers

I've been taking a tiny break from Diablo and playing XCOM2 and It allowed me to step out of the Diablo communities and world a little bit and get some much needed perspective. Most games are put in a box, or downloaded, and that's the end of the story. Then the game dies. With Diablo, among other games, you buy a product, and that product is worked on and adjusted constantly. The community complains or points something out, they work on it. Community complains again, they work on it. They have done so much work for us. They are so committed to Diablo and all they get is shit. From me included.

So, with some additional perspective, thank you Blizzard and the developers for constantly working on this game. Yeah, there is always something else I'd love you to work on. But you're getting there, and its amazing that you continue to listen and work on this stuff.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

If Blizzard did a HD remake of Diablo 2: LOD what would you realistically want in an updated version?

Assuming it was possible to HD remake of the game what would you want to see updated and if any new features added to the game?

At the top of my head
  • Shared stash across your account
  • Bigger Stash
  • Auto pick up on gold
  • Improve Str, Dex, Energy
  • Customizable Loot table
  • Buff weaker skills across all classes to make other builds viable
  • Remove Stamina
  • More monster affixes

Friday, 8 July 2016

Diablo 2 Commercial

I remember finding this accidentally while looking through the Diablo 2 install files waaayyy back in the day. Love this commercial.

This was always funny, and was hidden inside the Diablo 2 CD. For those who don't know what a CD is, it's a compact disc and looks similar to a DVD.

Friday, 1 July 2016

With the stream of new content completely dried up for their favorite game, Diablo III fans are apparently looking for new ways through which they can express their creative urges inspired and generated by the Diablo III universe. One such creative expression is the recreation of the first besieged town of the Diablo III campaign, New Tristram, through the use of Lego bricks. The one who built the "set" is experienced Lego builder Sam Wright, who has used a bunch of tiny plastic bricks and thousands upon thousands of one-piece studs, to bring the starting town hub of the game to life the Lego way.

Wright's creation is based on the Adventure Mode version of New Tristram. The Story Mode version of the town is a little different in that it's indeed a little larger. Wright's town isn't a lifeless sort of 3D blueprint of New Tristram either: it is populated with some of the main characters of the game. Tyrael is present with his flaming sword, as is the ghost of Zoltan Khule. Even the central waypoint of the town has been included in the representation.

Apparently, the beginning of the end of the doomed town is included in the model as well: the first monster encounter, which has the undead hordes rushing the gates and murdering some of the remaining guards of the town. Those interested in feasting their eyes on the model will find some high resolution shots of it on Sam Wright's Flickr.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

When Will Diablo 4 Be Out?

We don't know a whole lot about Blizzard's Diablo-related, behind-the-scenes plans, except for the fact that work has more or less ceased on Diablo III and that the game will not get any additional expansion packs. Still though, there are things stirring Diablo-wise, things Blizzard don't see too keen on sharing. They are hiring people for a job that the community speculates could only be Diablo 4. A couple of days ago, apparently a new job announcement was made, so now Blizzard are looking for a Software Engineer, a Senior Animator and an Animator, in addition to a Senior Concept Artist, a Senior Character Artist and a Senior VFX artist. That lineup is indeed quite indicative of a serious project in the works, a project many are still suspecting to be  Diablo III add-on...or Diablo 4. The previous option is obviously not really likely, considering the string of personnel who have left the project team recently.

Diablo III's Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky has moved to "Obsidian", while Don Vu and John Yang have been moved to Legion, the upcoming WoW expansion. The latest big name to leave the project was Jay Wilson, the game director, who has made a big fuss about leaving the gaming industry altogether.

To add the cherry onto the top of the Diablo secrecy cake, the company has banned visitors from the Diablo development area at their campus in Irvine, California. Obviously, something big is in the works, but Blizzard have thus far refused to comment on exactly what they are working on in this respect. The bottom line is though that as abandoned and desolate as the Diablo scene looks right now, things are apparently still on the right track for the franchise. It is only a matter of time till Blizzard come out with a major Diablo announcement.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Playing Online Craps Like a Pro

Playing online craps can be a ton of fun. If you’ve ever been in a casino to see people playing craps in person you will know that it’s a really exciting affair. The typical sight at a craps table is one of people screaming and shouting, possibly even jumping up and down, with people clamoring to get to the tables and also to watch the others play. 

The game is pretty easy to play but it will draw a crowd more than any other game in a casino. So what if you play it online?

While playing craps online might not be as exciting as playing in person with the cheering and jeering, but it can still be a great deal of fun. Another great thing about playing online is that you can do so at your own pace, when and where you want to. This gives many people an opportunity to play that might not be able to otherwise. You won’t have to travel anywhere. You don’t have to get dressed in anything special; you can even do it in your underwear if you want. You can browse the net for different casinos offering craps and then find the ones you like most for playing.

Online craps is played pretty much the same as ordinary craps so if you want to play like a pro, all you need to do is research how the pros play. See what they do, what strategies they use, and then try it for yourself. Another trick is to see were you get the best online bonuses. Check out to compare them online.

You will need to understand the bets and what they mean, as well as how they will affect you and what your odds are. When you understand odds and how to place bets, it will help you succeed in online craps. You will learn to get your own “feel” for the game so you know how to increase your odds of success.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Diablo 2 newbie guide: tips on how to Enjoy an old classic game.

There are many of you that only played D3 and want to give D2 a chance. I hope this guide will help you enjoy this classic game while ignoring some of it's outdated game design.

Firstly, if you want to be a purist, you can always play the game as it is. Here you will find many tips, simply choose what you want and maximize you fun with D2.

1)increasing game speed.(Single player/Lan games,works best single player)

With Cheat Engine you can set the game speed. 1.0 is normal, anything from 1.1-1.5 will feel natural, faster than the normal game but slow enough to still react to everything.

From 2 to 5 you can use if you want to farm or move faster. You can still react at this speed. Anything higher than 5x will be lightning fast.This has made replaying Diablo much more fun, knowing I don't waste so much time just walking arround. Recommended for any D2 player, even if the game speed is slow(1.1-1.2) you can save hours of your time! Adding a 10% increase you can win dozens of hours with virtually no down side. Depending on your class and game style, you can choose the best number for you( from a perfect 30% to an insane 500% for farming depending on the circumstances). This will make the game a lot less tedious.

2)Plugy (Single player/Lan games)

Like the first, this doesn't affect game play in any way(except inventory charms, you can simply limit them to keep things fair). With this, you will have a bigger inventory,infinite stash and gold size , also shared stash with your other characters. Diablo 2 has some realm ( online ) only features like runewords(an item type) and special bosses, this activates those. Relocating skill and stat points is also possible.


3)Diablo 2 multires (Single player/Lan games/custom servers)

This is a simple mod, it increased the resolution of the game, you have a lot of options. D2 runs at 800/600 , it can feel very claustrophobic. Even running it at 1024/768 only will make the game more enjoyable without messing with balance too much. Higher resolutions give a huge advantage to some classes like Amazon, because you can hit enemies from very far away. However using melee classes won't mess with the game too much. Installation is more complicated however, you will need an older version of Diablo 2 to make it work. For that, you need either a D2 disc , downgrade your installation(not recommended) or a pirated copy. As far as I know, the blizzard installer doesn't let you play older versions.

Website: the part about Median)

4)D2SE mod manager(includes plugy) ( Single player/Lan games/custom servers ( maybe works on the official too, didn't try))

Diablo 2 has many mods worth playing, you spend dozens,hundreds of hours playing different kind of mods. In the old days you would need have multiple copies of the game to make it work, now it's easier. With this program you can have as many mods (and play older versions of the game) as you want.

Website: ( instalation + some mod list. also check out if you wish)

5)Diablo 2 reworked:

This is essentially a more casual/fun mod for D2. Everything is faster and more plentiful. Higher drop rates, higher Xp gain and so on. The core of the game is the same.


Hope this helps. I will make more edits if anyone has suggestions.

Screenshot. Plugy also shows different statistics like this:

Full features for PLUGY:

Monday, 13 June 2016

Deckard Cain Lives!

This can be found at the map Route66 in Overwatch:

(The date is the D3 release date)

If you scan the barcode you'll get this:

Heres another ingame screenshot. At the other one just the contrast was increased, to make it scanable.

If this is foreshadowing about Cain's survival all along, who could've done it? Allow me to theorize out of my ass and get lost in the prose.

Mephisto's weaponry consisted of magics and pure hatred. Diablo inspired fear. Azmodan, master tactician, used demonic armies of blood and iron. Belial? His main asset is knowledge. He is a master deceiver and liar. He is malicious cunning manifest. He fights with smoke and mirrors and not with lightning hoses or brute force.

Remember when we fight him in Act II? If we get his health low enough, he assumes his alleged "true form." That wasn't his true form, it was this all along. That huge demon was a fall guy -- Belial's exit stage right. It is said that the greatest lie the devil ever told was that he made people believe he did not exist. In this case, Belial made us all believe he was dead.

Unlike his more brutish and powerful siblings, Belial's power lies in acting behind the scenes. Remember the "voices" and holograms the heroes face in Act III and IV? Where Azmodan and Diablo embarrassingly taunt the heroes about what to do next? That was Belial. Why would master tacticians bent on destruction reveal their plans and progress?

Belial's goal was to become the Prime Evil. Cain's arcane and esoteric knowledge was paramount to this end. When Tyrael crashed into the cathedral, Belial, through his servant Maghda, was immediately there. They imprison Cain to milk all what they can about soulstones and what have you. The "Cain" we rescue with Leah? Just another conjuration. After all, how can a frail old man survive days in a cathedral being hunted by demons -- being at the epicenter of a meteor landing site? Why fake Cain's death though? Perhaps it is to prevent Leah from figuring out she had a fake uncle. Perhaps it is to anger the Nephalem and make them more susceptible to manipulation as regards Belial's grand plan. I don't know.

Belial had no strength of his own to kill and absorb his siblings' essences. He strung the heroes along, knowing that they would utilize the Black Soulstone. How convenient it is to have something to collect all the Evils' souls into one vessel ripe for the picking no?

(I know, I know, Malthael kinda screwed this plan up but meh, I'm just thinking really hard who could've been behind Cain's "death" and survival if he indeed is alive).

EDIT: After further thought, how can this tie in with RoS's ending? With the Nephalem feared and doubted, with the Nephalem not trusted due to their power, perhaps all they need is a sympathetic ear and a consoling voice to guide them to the "right" path?

EDIT 2: Lorath = Belial? He stuck around to help Tyrael. When the coast was clear, Belial had hoped to pluck the Black Soulstone in the chamber, but alas Malthael was there.

TL;DR: Cain lives. His whole "death" and the story progression were orchestrated by the Lord of Lies in conjunction with Maghda. Belial is a master deceiver and the most cunning in all of creation, he manipulated the heroes into gathering all the souls of the evils so as to become Prime.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Diablo III Director Leaves Blizzard, Gaming

Jay Wilson, Diablo III's game director, has announced that he was leaving Blizzard to pursue writing - his original passion. The move will lead him away from not only one of the most successful game-developers ever, but the entire gaming industry as well. According to a Twitter post through which he's announced his intentions, Wilson always wanted to return to writing, despite the fact that he had a rather lengthy and prolific career in gaming. Having joined the company in 2006, he spent about a decade at Blizzard. Before that, he had also directed design at Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes, and he had been a lead designer for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

A highly controversial figure, Wilson had riled up the Diablo community on a number of occasions. One such occasion saw him criticize the Diablo III Auction House (now closed) and calling it the "wrong solution" for the game. Another instance saw him get into a spat with Blizzard North's David Brevik, who had expressed negative thoughts in regards to Diablo III and its development.

Given the issues Diablo III had upon its release - issues for which many in the community have blamed Wilson - it is rather understandable that there's not much regret in fan-circles regarding his departure.

Through his farewell tweets, Wilson did not specify exactly what his plans were writing-wise, instead limiting himself to thanking his Blizzard colleagues.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why Diablo III's Patch 2.4 Was so Great

Patch 2.4 for Diablo III was released back in January, which feels like it was indeed a hundred years ago...despite that, and despite the fact that we did release our take on the patch-notes, we never really took a closer look at some of the additions which made this patch stand out through the diverse ways in which it had improved the game. Of course, those of you who actively play the game know all about the tweaks and additions that I'm going to mention, so this piece is geared towards those who haven't played for months or are only now looking to sink their teeth into it.

Besides the regular patch-package of adjustments and small tweaks, Diablo III's patch 2.4 brought some actual new content to the table too, content which wasn't shabby at all. A great example in this sense is Greyhollow Island, which clearly shows that the devs didn't take the easy way out on it: it is not a collection of rehashed tilesets. It is a whole new area, complete with its own tileset and specifics, which include new monsters as well as new events.

Another example of great new patch-content are the set dungeons. These dungeons are all built up around specific item-sets, meaning that they only unlock once the player collects all 6 pieces belonging to a given set. The set dungeons can be a challenge to find even when unlocked, but Leoric's Library offers valuable clues in regards to their location.

Another great change brought about by patch 2.4 was that it finally found a role for cosmetic pets, making them not really cosmetic anymore. These pets can now pick up gold, which means that they are actually rather useful in the long-run.

Other changes ushered in by the patch allowed players to turn their non-seasonal heroes into a fresh lvl 1 seasonal ones, retaining their names, gear, as well as record.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Celebrating Four Years of Diablo III - Players Hungry for More

A little more than a week ago, Diablo III had its 4th anniversary, and indeed it came and went with little fanfare. Yes, there was a post about it at, but it too was brief and apparently tossed together in a hurry. It didn't really say much, but it did feature some art which some of those who chimed in through the comment section, took as a sign that an expansion might be in the works. The problem is however, that there's absolutely no information about any such expansion being even considered at the moment...quite the contrary in fact: with developers being taken off the Diablo project, it looks like Blizzard are shelving it for a while, leaving only a skeleton crew to provide bug-fixes and to make sure the game runs smoothly in its current form.

There have also been rumors about how a possible new expansion was tabled in favor of Diablo IV, a project which may take quite a few years to take off though, considering the new technologies Blizzard are allegedly looking to implement in it.

The fans were grateful however and the majority of the vibe in the comment section below the anniversary post was indeed positive. The bottom line is that it's amazing how after so many years so many people play the game. The demographic that it covers is incredibly diverse as well. Apparently everyone plays this game, from moms to senior citizens. Some of those who posted were however discontent with the lack of anniversary specials content-wise.

Indeed, it does look like the game has been mothballed for now and with the recent launch of Blizzard's Overwatch, the hype-trained has moved on from Sanctuary as well. How long will it be till it returns? At this point, it's anyone's guess...

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Diablo 1 deserves some love: introducing DiabloPatch

Hello fellow diablo fans, let me introduce DiabloPatch.

TL;DR: it's a patch for Diablo 1, download it on

What is it?

This is a is a patch for Diablo 1. It is meant to add features to the game and make it compatible with modern versions of Windows, while fully retaining the original spirit of the game. Think of it as patch 1.10.

I developed this as a personal project, because Diablo 1 missed so much features that would make it much more enjoyable. After Diablo 2 was updated recently by Blizzard, I've decided to release this unofficial Diablo 1 update.

  • Full compatibility with modern versions of Windows
  • Windowed mode: Diablo now runs in a resizable window
  • Non-intrusive: modifies game code only in memory
  • Items on ground are highlighted by pressing ALT
  • Highlighted monster has a health bar at the top of the screen
  • Life and mana bulbs also display life and mana in numeric form
  • Spells level modifiers are displayed in spell book
  • Shrines effects are displayed in the text zone when highlighted
  • Dupe bug fixed (by the way, I've read somewhere that fixing this bug was not possible for Blizzard because it would mean rewriting a good part of the game engine... This is absolutely false. It is just a few lines of code to add).

Download and usage

There is no risk in using DiabloPatch, as it does not modify the original game files at all. The game is patched in memory, making it easy to revert to the original game (just launch diablo.exe as usual).

How do I know it's safe?

The source code is not available yet (and I don't know when it will be). You can check virustotal's analysis here:

If you're really paranoid about it, I guess you could run it in a VM and monitor sytem calls.

I've created a subreddit for feedback, discussion, features request, ...: /r/DiabloPatch

EDIT: some answers to questions in comments:
  • Diablo 1 files and saves are absolutely safe and will never be modified by DiabloPatch (it's an in-memory patch).
  • Resizing the window only works only in game, not in the menus (the new size is saved between sessions, so no need to redo it every time).