Wednesday, 16 April 2014

[Guide]Xp Farming without the need of good gear

I will now share with you a method i recently discovered which you can use to powerlevel your alts. Its perfect for low geared characters because it doesnt require you to kill anyone on Torment 6 and is easy and fast to do(by fast i mean you dont need to refresh the game 30 times to wait for a certain rare bounty to spawn)

Here is a video on how to do this:

If you dont want to watch the video read below:

Steps to complete this route:

  1. Set game to Campaign mode and select the quest "Rumford at the Gate" ACT I
  2. Make the difficulty to Normal if you have no gear whatsoever. Doesnt matter what difficulty you choose here just pick the easiest one for you.
  3. Go outside to Rumford and start the quest.
  4. Kill the first wretched mother to get the Bonus to the quest. The Bonus is to kill 3 Wretched Mothers.
  5. Proceed and kill 2 of the 3 mothers. After you have killed the 2nd one teleport to town and exit the game
  6. Before you resume the game change difficulty to Torment 6 and then click Resume game
  7. The quest will remain the same. It will say you have killed 2 out of 3 mothers. Go outside of town and right next to the gate there will be a Wretched Mother.
  8. Lure her into the town by hitting her with ranged attacks. Once she steps inside the town she is instantly killed and you are granted ~10,000,000 XP at level 60 and 80k gold.
  9. Repeat
  10.  Get bored of Diablo and go cook a cake!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Semi AFK Bugged Event - ActV - The Great Weapon

There is a bug that will keep the monsters monsters spawning but will not count against the event. The kicker here is that the event will kill the monsters for you and you will get exp for those monsters. This is easier to do on Bounties as you can guarantee that the event is there. This is easier with a tanky type class but any class with defensives lined up should do. I am getting roughly 400m EXP per hour on T6 completely afk using my keypad macro only.

  1. Go to Act V - Battle of Eternity Waypoint
  2. Locate the Great Weapon Event.
  3. Start the Event and stand on the WEST STAIR CASE at the top of the FIRST flight of stairs from the botto,.
  4. Ensure you are on the very west part of the stairs so the Angel at the bottom covers you with their spells.
  5. Step up and AFK macro (I suggest as many defensives as you can any what ever else that will keep you alive the longest on your bars)

As long as you are at the top of the first flight of stairs the monsters will keep spawning but will not count against the ticker.

1 Billion exp/hr + 9M Gold/hr | ANY gear, half-afk.

 I'll let the video speak for itself but i'll just say that this works ALOT better with 4 people letting everyone create a party until they get it and you'll have it almost all the time. Also, if you do it with a party only you will get it but there's a way for two people to get it and that is that one person goes there the first time and then you go there and complete the bounty. That means he starts the bounty (will say in chat) and you finish it. That way both will get two quests completed.  Happy farming!


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Shatterbone! (The new Manglemaw)

Now that Manglemaw farming has been nerfed, I went looking for another spot to easily get legendaries. I found this:

Act 2, [3-1].
Portal to Khasim Outpust, run through the outpost and on to the next Waypoint. Log out. That's all the preparation needed!

  1. Log in and Waypoint to Road of Alcarnus
  2. Go right and kill off Shatterbone. [Do not walk onto the bridge; your active checkpoint will be moved]
  3. Rinse and repeat.

New T6 Chest Runs

Method & recommendations:

- 15m+ toughness
- a good speed spec (Dmg won't help you at all here)
- a full party running together.

Q: What is the run?
A: Act 5 splitting Pandemonium Fortess 1&2, Ruins of Corvus, Passage to Corvus, Westmarch & abandonded siege camp

Q: How many chests are you opening and how long does a run take?
A: Roughly 10-20 chest per each of these acts, it varies. We do a run in about 5 mins now.

Q: How many legendary's can I expect a hour.
A: That all really depends on your luck. At t6 chests have a 1.25% chance of dropping a leg... It's high.

Q: Do you think this will be hotfixed?
A: absolutely. Do it while you can.

Q: If I'm not on the persons map will I still get a legendary?
A: YES! we tested it all day, after the runs you all hop around to each area and check the map for stars!!!!

Manglemaw 2.0 - Shatterbone

To get some more legendarys go to act 2 quest 3.1
-> From the outpost of Khasim go towards Alcarnus, there is a waypoint. Activate it. This is the point where you will start every time.

Now go in direction to the bridge. Shatterbone will spawn and will drop some good items. 

He is easy because he have not that much life and he slowly attacks.

Have fun exploiting it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

D3's Diablo Difficulty Chart (PC)

Here is a chart which should help you identify the benefits of running higher or lower difficulty.

  • The legendary crafting materials will only drop from specific unique monsters.
  • The drop chance for legendary crafting materials was found here.
  • The increased Torment 1 & 2 legendary chance was found in this post.
  • You can find the list of torment only legendaries here!

Chart has been updated: 05/04 20:36 CET.

Added T3-6 legendary % & Rift increase %
Updated to reflect that Torment 1-6 legendary drop chance was confirmed at 15% per torment level
Added drop behaviour for mobs, caches and blood shards
Updated a few parts: Wasn't happy with the wording, wanted more clarity

Monday, 7 April 2014

How to chain farm Mathael

1-Just clear the lvl 2 of Pandemonium fortress until the Malthael portal.
2-Take the checkpoint
3-Kill Malthael
4-When Malthael is dead take all loots quickly , press escape and leave the game.
5-The quest "kill Malthael" take about 15 sec to be validated you must quit the game before. So if you doing this fast 1 sec to take all leg and 10 sec to leave the game.

just after that you can restart the game just at the Malthael portal again.

Enjoy loots

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Level 1-70 Solo

It's not particularly fast, but it's faster than most other ways I've found, and safer!

Right now at 69 I'm getting 14m exp every 2-3 minutes. Don't really get any gold or items.

Start a quest in act 1:1 Rumford at the Gate on Normal
Talk to Rumford, and kill the Wretched Mother
After, go and kill 2 of the 3 Wretched Mothers for the secondary quest that pops up, DO NOT KILL THE THIRD, IT'S IMPORTANT.
After killing 2, leave the game. Change your difficulty to torment 6, and resume the game.
Pull the wretched mother that is right outside town, towards the gate, you need to get her inside the town, and she auto dies, completing the quest.

I've done it from level 1 on my Wizard, only taken me about 2 hours to get to almost 70 now. 0 deaths.

I could be wrong and this could just be a guide, but I'm not positive if quests are supposed to reset upon changing difficulty when leaving the game. Either way, a neat little trick that works pretty well.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Triple Goblin / Cursed Chest Hotspot / Imperial Farm

This spot was nerfed in vanilla but apparently its reverted back again and even better than before

Waypoint: Act 1, Northern Highlands

This small area has a garantueed goblin + a chance for a cursed chest that spawns a champ pack

When done, move north to the next area where there is another goblin + a chance for a cursed chest that spawns normal mobs

There is about a 75% chance for an additional goblin in one of the 2 area's

There are also up to 5 champion packs around + an additional 2 shrines where you can spawn champs with Nemesis Bracers

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