Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Diablo 3 is extremely AoE oriented game, boss HP in grifts should be reworked in the future - slapping one boss for over 5 minutes is simply boring and ruins the pace.

Do I need to say more? Grifts, even at fairly high levels are quite fast and fun to play - boss on the other hand usually takes FOREVER to kill.

Can you imagine how cool would that be not to have your good RNG rift ruined by lack of proper pylon at the end?

How cool would that be to kill boss in 3 instead of 8 minutes?

Of course good players would end up doing 55+ grifts again, even with the nerfed conduit - but who cares, it's just a meaningless number, everyone would end up a few levels higher in the end.

Edit: To elaborate, for those who are against the nerf:

Rift Guardian [Perendi, level 55] has 420,393,648,128 HP - I'm not kidding, this is the actual number.

Killing it legit will take EXACTLY 7 minutes, assuming 1 BILLION damage per second - which is absolutely impossible for most classes right now. You also have to dodge stuff, kite, run away, obviously. With taking that into consideration let's say 500,000,000 DPS is possible (well it's not really likely, but let's just assume that for a second) - there you go, 14 minutes to kill the boss alone, with already EXTREMELY high DPS.

The way game is designed right now requires cheesing conduit pylons to succeed, otherwise it is mathematically impossible to kill the bosses in 50+ rifts in time.

With the nerf of Conduits, it will now require conduit + power combo. I can guarantee you that top scores will be achieved like that, by those extremely lucky people who got both the pylons relatively close to each other.

If you think that basing the success on pylons is what makes the game "more hard", "more grindy" and "more skill based", well I really disagree.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Not another "more stash space" request. Please Blizzard, give a chance

1) Account wide followers
  • There is no need that separate follower inventories. Accessing the same follower inventories with all characters would be great.

2) Health potion space
  • Health potions in the inventory is suck. We can drag and drop the health potion to the health potion area like the belt system in Diablo 2. Or a health potion place like in Path of Exile. I have made an example:

3) Diablo 1 and 2 soundtrack as optional
  • Reaper of Soul's soundtrack was the biggest surprise for me when the expansion came out. It is brilliant, and I loved Derek Duke's and other composers' works so much. But I would love to see my favourite soundtrack, Diablo 2, in Diablo 3. Blizzard did it same thing for Starcraft 2 before, so I can hope :)

4) Damage prevent when teleport a new place
  • It is a must, especially for the hardcore players. When you teleport with friend's banner or the world map waypoint, after loading screen you can find your character is dead. It is unacceptable, and the solution is so simple. Just prevent the damage taken until the player moves, like in Path of Exile.

5) Put an option for health potion auto pick up
  • It is so annoying, after getting a legendary health potion.

6) Put an option for crafting material auto pick up or Make all crafting material colours same on the ground like the gems*
  • I only want to pick up crafting materials, but their colours are hard to choose. For example, Death's Breath's colour is yellow, and you have to follow all yellow items just for that.

7) Round based PvP arena
  • You know we got brawling in patch 1.0.7, and there is a PvP arena in Diablo 3. I am playing with my close friends sometimes, and even now it is so much fun for me (No ambition, we are playing just for fun!). But there is a problem, there is no round and score in the arena. We do not care unbalanced characters, I am just saying.. Round based PvP arena would be great, like in Path of Exile.

8) More PvP arena maps
  • Random boss rooms would be great for brawling. They are already ready to use, no need to make new maps.

9) More rewards for bounty
  • Actually I love bounties, because of open world feeling, but I always have to do rifts over and over again for leveling and getting items. Of course, some people just love rifts more than bounties, but; If we get the same amount of rewards on bounties, it would be an alternative game mode for some players who do not like to do the same thing over and over again.

/Feel free to discuss

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Important Notice: Patch 2.1.2 & Season Rollover

As we prepare for patch 2.1.2 and the Season rollover, we wanted to share some important information regarding the timing of these two milestones.

Patch 2.1.2 And Season 1:

With respect to Seasons, our goal is to avoid implementing major balance changes towards the end of a Season. Ideally, patches and significant hotfixes will occur between Seasons or early enough in the Season that players have ample time to adjust to the new environment.

However, we discovered some technical risks in executing a simultaneous launch of patch 2.1.2 and the upcoming Season rollover, and it’s clear that trying to do both in tandem or close proximity would jeopardize both processes. This left us with two options:

A) We launch patch 2.1.2 after the Season rollover. In this scenario, Seasonal players wouldn’t have access to any new 2.1.2 items including updated Set items, updated Legendary items, and the new Seasonal items for at least a couple of weeks after the Season went live.

B) We could launch patch 2.1.2 before the Season rollover. In this scenario, this would impact Seasonal Leaderboard progression.

Not giving Seasonal players access to new items right away in Season 2 would take a lot of the excitement out of the start of that new Season. With this, we believe that by giving players a few weeks to adjust to patch 2.1.2 changes, and by allowing them to test existing changes on the PTR, the impact on the existing Leaderboards can be minimized.

After weighing both options carefully, we have decided to launch patch 2.1.2 three weeks prior to the Season rollover. This should provide players enough time to adjust to the patch changes before the Season ends as well as ensure that Season 1 is not prolonged further for those looking forward to Season 2.

Future Season Rollovers:

Season 1 has been a great learning experience for us and we aim to provide a smoother transition at the end of Season 2. In fact, our intent for future Seasons is to have the current Season end, the corresponding patch deployed, and then the following Season start—in that order. While we will not be able to do that for this inaugural Season rollover, this will be our plan for all rollovers moving forward.

For more information about the upcoming Season rollover, click here. To get a sneak-peek at upcoming patch 2.1.2 changes, click here.

Thank you for your patience and support. We hope to see you in Sanctuary and Season 2!

from :

So I guess 2.1.2 will be next week

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What did Blizzard do this past half year?

I had an enjoyable time in S1, I reached paragon 800 and while it took a lot of time I had fun. After a few months I got tired of it and I haven't played since. Not only that, I stopped following it because I knew I wouldn't care until S2.

With S2 around the corner D3 has naturally picked up my interest again, but I have to say I'm surprised.

Are we seriously going to play another season with the exactly same builds because Blizzard hasn't been capable of introducing new set bonuses that work?

Sure it's nice that monks are going to be able to use other damage than holy, DH's will be more interactive but in essence they are still exactly the same builds.

I mean, is this seriously going to be a year of Diablo 3 where the only viable element for Wizards is fire?

How is this even possible when Path of Exile is doing seasons faster, with more updates to both gameplay and character builds with a much smaller team and a much smaller money pool that Blizzard?

Is Blizzard just taking a piss on Diablo 3 players when there isn't an expansion coming up which they have to sell?

I'm sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant, but I'm really disappointed.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Great night for my Wizard.

I've had amazing luck these past two nights. Started with just running up some spare Greater Rift keys from 35/36 towards tier 40. In one of my tier 36 rifts, the RG dropped this for me:

Considering that this was the only item in the game I hadn't found a GG version of, and this one rolled amazingly well for me, I was ecstatic to finally have such a strong Furnace. My previous 2 were rerolled to reach 3400 and 3550 DPS, and the latter was donated to me by a friend that found three in two days.

Then in the very next tier 36 rift that I did, this dropped:

My amulet before this was a BT Cross with 6xx INT, 99 CD, 9 CC, and OS, so I gained a better CC roll which is critical while using a Furnace, and a little extra CDR placing me at 44.96% with a free roll.

So used these two new items, and switched over to a dull DPS spec, then ran the seven Greater Rift keys I had up to tier 39 last night. Starting again tonight, I carefully went through all seven keys successfully (though by as little as 5 seconds one time) giving myself another seven attempts at finally beating tier 40, which is where I lost interest after failing by a few seconds to Saxtriss a few months ago.

So I started running my tier 40 keys, but with poor luck. Very minimal density with Winged Assassins the first time, then more Winged Assassins with archers on a high density, but long single level for rift 2.

Then on my third try, I got a nice density rift without any severe threats:

I finally cleared tier 40! and still had 4 attempts to do even better. The next rifts was bad. I had three floors that were almost completely empty, but the fourth floor was heavy zombies. Too late though as I lost the rifts by about 15 seconds on the RG. The next rift also didn't go well due to a death on a very long first floor, causing me to kill the RG 5 seconds too slowly. Then this:

 I got another successful tier 40 clear! Great density the whole way through, though it got a little messy a few times with dangerous elites, though spawning Stonesinger at the end saved more than enough time.

So after quitting any attempts at solo Greater Rift ranks several months ago, I came back from rank 480 with an average tier 39 clear, and jumped to rank 132 thanks to my Furnace (also after having given up hope of getting a good one before the new patch)

So a few tips to anyone that is struggling to clear a new tier: 1) Keep trying. The randomness to map and monster spawn makes a huge difference the higher the tier gets. 2) Know when to stop kiting forward. Most of my deaths at tier 39 and 40 were from getting too agressive. 3) Be aggressive anyways. You won't make a new personal best by over cautious. 4) Don't waste time trying to clear a bad rift. Once it is obvious you won't finish in time, just leave the game and try again. 5) In some rifts, you may have to skip a floor. A low density rift or Morlus and bugs will kill the run if you try to fight it anyways.

Here is my profile. It has the exact gear and skills I used tonight.

The only change is that Paragon points place me at roughly 600k Life and 12M Toughness.

Good luck to anyone that is still trying to increase their solo rank.


Officially in the top 100! A clan member got me three 41 keys and four 42 keys. That was the third of 41's, and the other two were also fairly close. The tier 42 attempts went very poorly. I skipped the first two after running into elites that I could neither kill nor skip, and the other three started out strong, but I couldn't spawn RG with enough time remaining. I'll try again tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Diablo is NOT an MMO.

This has been driving me crazy. People bitching about the game and the lack of content, patch release speed, Blizzard doesn't care about the game, blah blah blah.

Diablo is not subscription based. It's a once off payment. Whenever Blizzard releases a patch, which they do every couple of months, they make no money from it. People might come back to play but they don't make any money from that. Some new players might get dragged in by friends coming back but nothing major. After they released Diablo they were under no obligation to do anything else with it.

What other single payment game releases new free content and updates 2.5 years on? Blizzard is a company at the end of the day so of course they are not going to put all their resources into a game that makes them no money after you buy it initially.

Another thing is playtime. "I got bored after a few weeks." "I ran out of things to do after a month." So what? Diablo is not an MMO so stop treating it like it should have new things to do all the time to hold your interest. Look at your playtime vs other games and also count the number of times you have returned to other games.

I can understand complaining if you didn't enjoy Vanilla Diablo or Reaper of Souls when they first came out. You spent your hard earned money on those but everything else is basically free DLC.

TL;DR Stop bitching about the slow release of free content for a game you bought years ago. It's like getting a free car and then complaining about the quality of the car or why you didn't get it sooner. IT'S FREE!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Game is currently suffocating due to the length of patch development.

First of all I want to get out of the way that I have immensely enjoyed this game and I don't subscribe to the hyperbole that this game is awful or that the devs have no idea what they are doing.

Today I’m bitching about the length of time it takes for us to get meaningful content updates. Currently one of the biggest complaints people have about the game is about how each class is pigeonholed into a single skill and item build. What we really need are additional legendaries with game changing properties and a significant fix to ALL of the existing sets that are currently drastically underperforming, but this fix is nowhere in sight.

I feel the Blizzard has been way too conservative with their legendary design. Everything has such an obvious application: such as lut socks supporting the EQ set. Every top build has such an obvious piece in every gear slot that there is no real choice in how to equip yourself and there is a really tiny pool of items you’re ever looking for at a given time. What would I ever really consider besides Pride of Cassius for the belt slot of my Raekor Barb? It would be refreshing to have many different choices for that slot but as of right now there’s nothing that can compete with giving Ignore Pain such High uptime. And given what we’ve heard from the dev team, we are getting very few new legendaries per season and these patches and seasons are coming out at a snail’s pace.

I feel like, and this has been suggested ad nauseum, that we need every single legendary to have a useful property. Everything doesn’t have to be BiS, but if everything had at least an interesting property then at least it would lead to interesting builds and, god forbid, a cool build that Blizzard didn't necessarily intend to be viable. New effects and items are desperately needed for the longevity of this game and Blizzard appears potentially years away from addressing this. They seem to be promoting build diversity with things like their “Play Your Way” community blogs and streams, and I think that’s great. It’s baffling, though, that they have such a focus on whacky builds in their community efforts when there is such little opportunity for good different builds in the actual game.

Sets are great, especially as a fresh max level character and you complete your first set, but they have a couple of serious problems. First is the fact that you are locked into 4-6 pieces of gear which leads to less gear and build options. Second is that if more and more sets are added to the game they will become much harder to complete. Whenever a piece is dropped the item type (gloves, chest, etc.) is rolled as well as the rarity (rare, legendary, set, etc.). Having more and more sets in the game dilutes the chance that a set piece you need will drop.

The fact that they are adding 2 sets in 2.1.3 is nice, but nowhere what is needed to breathe new life into this game. They are addressing some of the underpowered current sets, which is nice, but why not fix all of them? The earthquake set for barb has such awesome gameplay but doesn't have all the tools needed to compete as a top level barb build. Why not? Why is IK so boring and underpowered? I’m obviously a Barb main, but most classes are in a place where 2 of their sets are horrible and 1 is godlike. How hard can it be to balance things with the resources and mountains of cash available to Blizzard?

Currently the amount of time it’s taking for meaningful content to come out for this game is crippling it. Itemization isn’t even the main focus of 2.1.2 and that is taking forever to come out. Maybe this will always just be a game that is worth binging on every once in a while when they release something new like a major pack or an expansion, but I feel like it could be so much more. Their willingness to throw stuff on to a PTR for us to test is great. They need to take it further, however, with the intent to adding a lot of meaningful new items as well as item reworks much faster. The PTR would be a great place to test riskier legendary designs that could potentially break the game before they make it to the live server. Without a faster turnaround on content development I see Diablo 3 locked into the current pattern where people play the game when there is new stuff, and then quit shortly thereafter when they’ve exhausted the content.

The obvious comeback to everything I’m bitching about is that “Well Blizzard Obviously can’t make this kind of content for us because they don’t make any money off it since there is no sub fee and we’ve already bought the game”. I disagree with this type of assertion on a couple of levels. The way Blizzard has made money on Diablo 3 and its expansion to this point have been by expertly hyping each game during the buildup to launch and then breaking sales records when the games are released. We have paid for the right to a great game and by working on this game to max out its potential they build hype for the next expansion and could set even loftier records Additionally it is not our fault that Blizzard chose not to include microtransactions in Diablo. A truly epic content update would totally be worth 20 dollars, and would literally make Blizzard HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. If it would take microtransactions for this game to get the treatment the franchise deserves then I’m fine with that.

Blizzard clearly cares about the longevity of this game. They gave us leaderboards, Greater Rifts, and other meaningful updates post RoS launch. But the length of time it takes to release even basic content updates like 2.1.2 and no stated plan to completely rework sets and legendaries is why most of the playerbase will only come back periodically on patch days, and why this great game’s real potential remains unfulfilled.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Diablo III Reaper of Souls PS4 Expansion Pack Rumors Probably Nothing to Get Excited About…

A lot of buzz has been raised these last few days regarding the possibility of a new Diablo III expansion being in the works, based on some statements that Blizzard officials have made through various forums. The community was in quite a hurry to pick up the crumbs and to sensationalize the whole thing, proclaiming that “ the new expansion pack would surprise all the fans” even as they then admitted that the rumors they were talking about, were essentially about whether or not there would be a new expansion for the series. What exactly was the announcement that sparked all the rumors though?

It turns out that most of the bits and pieces of information which led to the current speculations were dropped by Diablo III’s lead producer Alex Mayberry. All Mayberry said though was that Blizzard were in the process of evaluating exactly what shape the next content-update of the game should take: that of an expansion, or an entirely new game. He made it clear that the discussions were focused on the long-term and not on what would happen in the near future. He also mentioned that the company was keeping an eye on the reaction of the community to Reaper, and that the way forth would hinge on this reaction.

The rumors regarding the imminent expansion went as far as to state that there already was a release date set for the new content-batch. Obviously though, that is simply not true. According to Mayberry, developers are already looking at ways they may end up taking the Diablo franchise, which is in-line with the company strategy to have long-term plans in place. Everything in that respect is “up in the air” though, so rumors of an already set release date for a possible expansion are obviously greatly exaggerated.

Philip Thalberg is a gosugamer. He works for the home of the best dota 2 forum, and one of the best online destinations for everything eSports-related.

Friday, 12 December 2014

If you're still suffering from low FPS (like I was), here's some tips

I was able to track down the final culprit of FPS problems today, having tried many things, most of them adding a decent amount of performance boost but always leaving some FPS drops from time to time.
  • First and foremost, delete your D3Prefs.txt file in your Documents folder. This is huge, as a lot of things have changed from 1.8 into 2.0, and some of the customizations you made might actual make things worse now.
  • Next, check Vertical Sync in D3. Something about D3's engine gives you better FPS with VS.
  • Another one, supposedly having your Sound settings on Low will help, although it's mostly a superstition now, and I'm probably going to experiment with Medium and see how it looks because at Low 32 and in a 4 player game, some sound does drop.
  • This one is helpful but not mandatory. If your graphics card has decent FXAA, switch that on and uncheck Anti-Aliasing in D3. This gave me a boost, although the in-game text became soft and distracting at first.
  • Last but not least, the final thing I discovered, which I've heard mentioned in the past but never thought it was a big deal, UNCHECK both Max Foreground FPS and Max Background FPS. While playing, I kept wondering why certain zones were fine and others would slow down, and it was because of that and who knows what it was trying to do. If you're having problems, turn it off.
  • The rest of the settings you can experiment with, as some do add performance boosts, but a lot of it is based on your specs and the ones above seem to be random flukes affecting even high-end systems.
Just thought I'd share because today is a glorious day of finally solving most of the FPS problems.

Edit: Another one!

- This one is a little more advanced and drastic, but if your CPU is quadcore, D3 might struggle with this. A good way to test to see if this is the case is to open D3, then open Task Manager -> Processes -> Right-Click D3 -> Set Affinity and only enable 2 of the 4 CPUs. If this test is a success, then download Prio to make it permanent.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The RNG is seriously with me today, I may be dying tomorrow.

Over the course of six hours (total play time, not straight) all of the following has dropped on my 140 hrs played Witch Doctor:
  • Countess Amulet
  • Swamp Land Waders
  • Tall Man's Finger
  • Near Perfect Tasker and Theo
  • The Furnace
  • The Starmetal Kukri

I don't know what the hell is going on.

Most of the rolls were decent, some of them were kind of meh, BUT STILL. Holy shit??!? I don't know what I did, but I got like, everything I wanted at the time.

On some level I believe this to be a bad omen and fear for my life. As in "give him all of this...he is gonna die tomorrow anyway."

I am only half-joking...

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Found my D2 CE Reservation "cube" & Warcraft: Orcs and Humans demo disk v1.0

Digging through my old games I found this promotional cube. 

It came with a reservation for Diablo 2 from Software ect. I, having faith that Diablo 2 was gonna be rad, pre-ordered the collectors edition. The Cube morphs into different images, mostly screenshots of D2. A cheap trinket, but maybe some of you remember it.

Also, I found the demo disk for Warcraft Orcs and Humans that Blizzard sent to my house long ago (via real mail!). 

You remember the customer survey cards that came in game boxes or gaming magazines? They asked questions like: age, how often you played, what systems you had, what genres you liked.... They also baited you by saying "Send this in for a chance to win prizes!" Well, I filled out a few of them as a kid, dreaming of winning something cool. The only thing i ever received over many years, was this demo for some company called Blizzard. I played this demo over and over.

I have found no record on the internet of the physical demo disk. So, I am going to assume that Blizzard sent me the only one. Thank you Bliz zard.

Here is a scan of all the warcraft loot I got with that demo disk:

Monday, 8 December 2014

[Infographic] Ancient vs Non-ancient Weapon DPS + Avg Hit Ranges!

Got bored, decided to calculate the max weapon rolls for the ancient weapons on PTR to prepare myself for some massive disappointment when/if I do finally find one! I made a chart for DPS for the profile min-maxers, and one for Average Hit for the more resource optimizy folks.

As you can tell from the chart, the absolute WORST ancient you ican possibly roll is pretty much exactly a 'perfect' non-ancient weapon. (x+1) The variation of ancient weapons is unfortunately wider than non-ancients. The +30% number everyone has in their mind actually only applies to the damage roll affix's max-max roll. It doesn't affect the base "white" damage of all the weapons and is independant of ias or +% damage. Main stat rolls will add an extra 2-5% more damage depending on your stats.

Some Examples:
  • Ancient Starmetal is +25% higher damage, ~3% more damage from main stat = ~28% upgrade
  • Ancient Krider is +22% higher damage, ~3% more damage from main stat = ~25% upgrade
  • Ancient Incense Torch is +16% higher damage, ~4% more damage from main stat = ~20% upgrade
  • Ancient Furnace is +14% higher damage, ~4% more damage from main stat = ~18% upgrade

Monday, 24 November 2014

Demon Hunters: [2.1.2 PTR] Multishot M6 (No Generator)

Actives: Vault - Trail of Cinders Vengeance - Seethe Prep - Punishment Companion - Any Rune Sentry - Spitfire Turrent Multishot - Arsenal

Passives: Awareness Custom Engineering Ballistics Steady Aim

A 5th passive from Hellfire Amulet: Ambush/Numbing Traps/Cull of the Weak (Take which suits your situation best).

Gems: Zei's, Enforcer, and either Gogok of Swiftness or Effacious Toxin (Swiftness if you need the CDR boost, Toxin for the damage).

For the new M6 set, your sentries will now shoot your spenders as often as you cast them, and for every sentry you have active, the stronger your spenders become. With this in mind, we want to prioritize one thing: getting out as many sentries as fast as possible to maximize our damage. This leads us to stacking CDR. The more CDR, the faster you get your turrents out, the higher your damage output.

This whole skill set is relatively gear dependant, having CDR wherever possible is key. This includes your shoulders, helm (gem), gloves, quiver, belt (Vigilante), and even paragon points should be allocated to CDR first for this build. With CDR in all these slots (imperfect rolls), I sit around 41% CDR. Which gets even better if you use Gogok of Swiftness.

Now items aside from M6 pieces. Instead of T&T (which are useless for the new M6), Cindercoat is now BiS imo. The fire damage bonus and resource cost reduction just makes it mandatory for this build. For quiver, you still want to run Rucksack for the bonus 2 sentries you can set up, for even more bonus damage on your spender(s). Any bracer will work, as long as it has Fire %/Dex/Vit/CC. A crossbow would also be the best in this case as it will hit the hardest in comparison to bows/1h, and because of the fact that your sentries will no longer benefit from IAS. Optimally, you want High damage roll/10% Damage/Dex/Socket (+10% CDR if you have rgift).

I've only played a bit with this build for a bit on the PTR but it seems to be very effective. With Seethe, Prep, and Companion, you're able to spam Multishot as often as you'd like. With all the CDR you have, those 3 skills have very high uptimes. I chose Multishot: Arsenal over CA:LfB because Multishot is just way more cost efficient to spam and the area and distance Multishot covers is just disgusting compared to the small patch that CA will cover. And in most cases, Multishot is already sufficient to kill off trash mobs, rift guardians and elites. The only situation CA> Multishot would be the fight against Greater Rift 30+ guardians.

Thoughts and comments are welcome!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Demon hunters: A Quick DPS Comparison on Steady Aim vs. Custom Engineering

To compare the two passives, I put together a DPS model that simulates a 180s fight on a single, elite target using the standard M6 cold build.

I modeled the numbers using my DH in particular, and assumed a CD time of 5s on sentry drops (due to CDR).

Additional assumptions would include: target being in sentry range 100% of the time, 100% sentry uptime, highest possible uptime on wolf companion activations, etc, etc (basically perfect conditions).

The results are as follows:

Spreadsheet link


Ramp Up Period [0-20s]
This is the stretch of time when sentries are deployed in 5s intervals, the first being dropped at 0s.

As expected, Steady Aim comes out ahead with a 16% damage bonus over Custom Engineering. Resulting (in my particular case), a damage differential of a little over 500 million by 20s.

Steady State [15 or 20-180s]
The period of time from the last sentry drop to the end of the engagement.

After the fifth turret is dropped (@20s), Steady Aim's lead over Custom Engineering slowly diminishes at a linear rate, until it hits the break point at 40s. From 40s onward, Custom Engineering has a DPS advantage over Steady Aim.

  • At 60s, Custom Engineering has a 3.0% damage advantage over Steady Shot.
  • At 120s, Custom Engineering has a 5.5% damage advantage over Steady Shot.
  • At 180s, Custom Engineering has a 6.2% damage advantage over Steady Shot.

In Grifts, I find it very difficult to have all five sentries up at one time, within range of my intended target. So I prefer to use Steady Aim due to the quicker ramp up, for faster clearing of trash mobs and elite packs.

Rift Guardian fights, and high density areas with abundant choke points is where Custom Engineering really shines.

In the end, I think that the numbers are so close that it really all just comes down to personal preference.

Here's some more tables,

Note: "By skills" includes Cull of the Weak (20%), Steady Aim (20%), and Wolf Companion (weighted value based on uptime, 8.75%)

Sentry DPS table w/ Steady Aim:

Sentry DPS table w/ Custom Engineering:

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