Thursday, 31 July 2014

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Coming August 19!

For Diablo fans, August will be quite a month: the much-awaited Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition – a title which is essentially Diablo III and Reaper of Souls rolled into one big and extremely attractive package – is bound to land on the Xbox One and the PS4.

Besides all the content that will obviously be there, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition will also contain quite a few tasty morsels that members of the community will be delighted to snap up: there will be new social options, as well as a special, 4-player co-op mode, which will add an entirely new dimension to the game. Add to that the newly implemented Apprentice mode, which is aimed at allowing low-level players to tag-team with their higher-level friends, and you have a re-definition of in-game cooperation.

To go with this new level of player cooperation, there’s a new in-game mail system, through which, players will find it handier to share loot with those on their friend-lists.

In addition to all that, those who have pre-ordered the game (and judging from the steadily building hype, there are probably quite a few such players indeed), and those who pick up their copy on launch day, will gain access to a special item called “Infernal Pauldron”, which is meant to boost LvL 1 characters, by giving them cool-down, health and life regeneration bonuses.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the whole shebang is however that those who own previous versions of the game, for PS3 or for Xbox 360, will be able to transfer their existing characters to the new game/new platforms. Thus, those with PS3 characters will be able to move them to PS4, while those with an Xbox 360 one will be able to move up to Xbox One.

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

PTR - Greater RIft Key Dupe

Have 2+ players in game. Best with 4.

  1. Go to obelisk.
  2. Place trial key into the slot.
  3. Click Accept
  4. Drop your trial key on the ground.
  5.  Everyone in your group will have a pop-up prompt to go inside the rift. Have them all click on CANCEL.
  6. Now the rest of your party needs to all drop their trial keys on the ground as well. AT THIS POINT EVERYONE'S TRIAL KEY is on the ground.
  7. You will now get a pop-up prompt saying so and so denied to enter, would you like to continue without them etc... Click OK. (you will need at least a key to enter(will consume a key)
  8. Once you're inside the rift, Teleport back to town as soon as possible.
  9. Wait in town for the time remaining to go down. Until the objective tells you to talk to Orek.
  10. Talk to Orek.
  11. Everyone in your group gets a key and you get your key back.
  12. Pick up your trial keys that you dropped.
  13. Rinse and repeat.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Modder re-creating Diablo 1 in Divinity Engine.

Someone started this project 4 days ago on a whim to test the Divinity Engine and found I really enjoyed it. So, I've decided to create my first large mod for Divinity: Original Sin. It will be called Diablo: Original Sin (subject to change) and here's what I have planned:
  • 26 hand-crafted levels, including the Hellfire xpack levels, ranging from 64x64m to 512x512m
  • New quests (no handholding minimap marks or map markers)
  • Traps to detroy your party (they can be disarmed or destroyed from a distance, good thing you have that rogue in your party to locate those traps...)
  • lockpicking doors to secret areas
  • high perception ratings to discover more secret areas
  • co-op puzzles to reach new areas (read your lore to find clues)
  • hand-placed unique items
  • 1-4 player co-op (or take solo control over your own party of 2-4)
  • Full dialogue and lore through books
  • music from D1 and maybe D2 since this is a turn based cRPG engine (battle music, atmosphere music)
  • dark gritty world, dark gritty dungeons

Plans when the Divinity Engine gets more function
  • New/reworked magic schools, spells, spell icons, and combos (Chronomancy, Necromancy, Cryomancy, Holy Magic, to name a few)
  • New enemies, new item models
  • New crafting recipes
  • New hirelings with their own story

What it will not have
  • Randomized dungeons
  • Clickfest combat
  • There is no cow level

Once I have Tristram completed and the 1st level of the dungeon made, I will release a "demo" with very limited dialogue and quests.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Am I crazy or would straight up removing Critical Hit Damage improve the game a lot ?

To start, sorry if this is topic has already been brought up and shut down, but anyways...

The way I see it CHD is a stat that you need on all items that support it, but unlike the other necessary stats it adds nothing to the gameplay. There are builds that can be built around attack speed, there are a lot of skills that get procs from critical hits (giving CHC alone a purpose), but CHD just makes numbers bigger and takes up 1/4 of 4 item slots.

If CHD was removed from the game, and they added more procs on critical hits to skills, and monster health was lowered accordingly to compensate I think it would open up a lot more gearing possibilities with just that minor bit of change. We would see builds actually focused around crits like in very early Diablo 3 vanilla days (first few weeks, I'm thinking of cyclone monk before people had gear good enough to view having CC as easy to get and necessary), and perhaps more heavy CDR builds, tanky build (maybe?), attack speed build, or if we were so lucky to get some new type of stat we'd see x stat builds.

What do you guys think, am I crazy for thinking this would be a good idea?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Wizard Channeling damage: You need to channel for 5 seconds straight to deal the same damage as on Live

Arcane Torrent Live: 573% * 5 seconds = 2865%
Arcane Torrent PTR: 370% + 475% + 580% + 685% + 790% = 2900%

This means that:
  • This is effectively a nerf for anyone that channels for less than 5 seconds straight per fight. Count to 5 in your head to see how long this is.
  • If you channel for another 5 seconds (for a total of 10 seconds) you deal overall 30% more damage than on Live.

Overall very disappointing.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Make different elements prefer different DPS stats

Disclaimer: this is probably too much overhaul to do now, but it would have been cool if the game was designed this way from the start.

In Diablo 2, the Sorceress's 3 trees all dealt damage in different ways. Fire was the straightforward damage, Cold revolved around lowering enemy resists, and Lightning was high variance (i.e. a Fireball would do ~20k-22k while a Lightning attack would have a damage range from 1-40k). I thought it would be interesting if a similar concept was brought to D3 where different elements had a different way of effectively dealing their damage.
  • Fire could still be the straightforward all-around damage.
  • Lightning spells could have lower base damage but minimal resource costs and no cooldowns so that they favor stacking attack speed, giving Lightning builds the feel of being very fast paced.
  • Arcane could have much higher base damage but have higher resource requirements, so that they favor stacking resource cost reduction. This would give it the feeling that using Arcane spells is just like slinging around raw, huge, inefficient power until you get enough RCR.
  • Cold could be based around critical damage, maybe something like increased crit chance or damage to frozen targets like how Shatter works in WoW (incidentally, changing Rimeheart to a similar mechanic might help balance that).
  • I've only played Wizard and WD so I'm not too sure about Holy/Phys/Poison ideas, but it seems Crusaders already like CDR a lot so maybe Holy could be built around hard hitting, high cooldown spells.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hellfire Amulets: Detailed Guide to Crafting

Starting with Patch 2.1, a craftable gamechanger will take the amulet slot by storm. Giving purpose to the nigh-forgotten Uber fights and offering the amazing utility of a fifth passive, the new Hellfire Amulets are a source of power (and frustration, and prayers to RNGsus) to be reckoned with.


  • First of all, you will need the recipe for a Hellfire Amulet, which you can purchase from Squirt the Peddler – the little girl vendor in Act 2 – for the hefty sum of 5 million gold. Once you have it, teach it to Covetous Shen and you’re good to go. You’ll notice in your recipe list that you now have the option to craft a Hellfire Amulet with a mainstat of your choice. The requirements to craft one are 50 thousand gold, 10 forgotten souls and – of course – one of each unique material from the uber bosses, including the Uber Diablo fight introduced in Reaper of Souls. If you haven’t done ubers yet, or you haven’t visited them since the old Hellfire rings, allow me to remind you how to find them.
  • To get to the Uber Bosses, you need an Infernal Machine item that opens the portal to their respective dimension. For example, you’ll need an Infernal Machine of Evil to get to Uber Diablo and obtain his crafting material. Crafting an Infernal Machine costs four keys – one of each type: a Key of Bones, a Key of Gluttony, a Key of War, and a Key of Evil.

Each key drops off of a different Keywarden from the four acts of the original Diablo 3.
  • Odeg the Keywarden is a large, purple Goatman found in the Fields of Misery in Act 1. He has the Jailer, Molten and Knockback affixes and is prone to running away from you and right into packs of additional monsters, which forces you to chase him into unfavorable fights. This keywarden can be a bit of a pain for characters with lower toughness, so try not to chase into the molten trail that he leaves behind. When you defeat him, you can get the Key of Bones.
  • Sokahr the Keywarden is an enormous Dune Dervish type monster found in the Dahlgur Oasis in Act 2. His affixes include Missile Dampening, Vortex and Mortar, the latter of which can be particularly deadly if you don’t keep an eye out for it – so be prepared to move away the moment you see the canon shots in the air. When you defeat Sokahr, you can get a Key of Gluttony.
  • Xah’Rith the Keywarden is similar to the Morlu Incinerator mobs, but has cold theme to him instead of fire, and resides in Stonefort in Act 3. He was once the hardest of the Keywardens, but had his difficulty reduced significantly. Now, he uses a simple Blizzard-like spell to slow you down and harm you. He’s also capable of teleporting around, but with simple avoidance of his area of effect he’s rather easy to take down. Upon death, he has a chance drop a Key of War.
  • Finally, we have Nekarat the Keywarden, who is the big brother of the Terror Demons that infest theSilver Spire level 1. He possesses the Jailer and Knockback affixes, and a powerful melee attack that applies the same debuff as his smaller relatives, greatly reducing the effectiveness of any healing you may have. Keeping your distance from him is not really an option, since he’s quite agile and will catch up to you pretty quickly. Nekarat has a chance to drop a Key of Evil.

 I should note that there is a small chance that each Keywarden can drop a second key of any type in addition to his regular key. So sometimes, you will get two for the price of one ;)

Once you’re armed with all four keys, it’s time to craft yourself an Infernal Machine and fight the Uber Bosses. There are four variations of the fight; I’ll go over them one by one.

  • The Infernal Machine of Bones opens a portal to the Realm of Discord, where you fight the Uber clones of the Skeleton King and Maghda for a chance to get the crafting material Leoric’s Regret. Strategy-wise I usually focus down the Skeleton King first – he tends to stand around in close melee range, taunting you with laughter and summoning harmless skeletons; you only need to watch out for the whirlwind attack. Once you’re done with Leoric, Maghda will be easier to dispatch; she’ll still annoy you with her temporary shield and the Arcane beams she sometimes spawns right underneath you, so watch out and don’t underestimate her.
  • The Infernal Machine of War opens a portal to the Realm of Turmoil, where you fight the Uber clones of the Siegebreaker and Zoltun Kulle for a chance to get the crafting material Idol of Terror. For this fight, my general strategy is to dispose of the Siegebreaker first, kiting him from a distance and trying my best to avoid his grab attack. If he lands one, it will deal a lot of damage and sets up an easy second attack from Zoltun Kulle which can kill you on T6 if you get the unlucky chain attack. Once Siegebreaker is down, Kulle is a lot easier to deal with – just don’t stand in his tornados and keep an eye out for his Ceiling Collapse attack (which you can recognize by the evil laughter right before he does it).
  • The Infernal Machine of Gluttony opens a portal to the Realm of Chaos, where you fight the Uber clones of Ghom and Rakanoth for a chance to get the crafting material Vial of Putridness. This is an easier fight – both Ghom and Rakanoth are sustained damage bosses, with barely any burst to surprise you and throw you off your game. Their tendency to clump up favors the use of Area of Effect damage, so try to burst them down as quickly as possible and you should be fine.
  • The Infernal Machine of Evil opens a portal to the Realm of Fright, where you fight the Uber clone ofDiablo along with whatever random bosses he decides to summon, for a chance to get the crafting material Heart of Evil. Tactics here will vary depending on the random spawns, but Diablo himself isn’t the hardest Uber boss – he’s prone to standing around in one spot for a long time, making AOE spells very effective; just watch out for the Bone Prison attack and he’ll fall relatively quickly.

Please note that the entire event is Torment-only AND neither the keys from the Keywardens, nor the crafting materials from Uber Bosses are guaranteed drops. You can improve your chances by increasing your difficulty settings, but even on the highest difficulty (Torment 6) the chance is just 50%. The odds may be improved by Blizzard in the future; but for now keep in mind you might have to repeat the Keywardens and the Ubers a couple of times before you get the necessary materials.


With 50 thousand gold, 10 forgotten souls and all four crafting materials you’ll be ready to craft your Hellfire Amulet. Light all your candles to RNGsus, sacrifice a level 1 hardcore character to appease the server, and cross your keyboard-hardened fingers – ‘cause you’ll need it.

The only random element you can eliminate is the mainstat roll. Getting the correct elemental bonus for your build and the two ideal offensive stats for an amulet – crit chance and crit damage - is hard enough already, even with the added benefit of rerolling one stat with the mystic. But there is an added layer of randomness on top, which is getting the correct, desired passive out of 18 possibilities. Since the passive you get cannot be rerolled, you can imagine it might take a while.

You’ll have an easier time, of course, if you can distinguish a passive from your passive pool that applies to the majority of your builds.

For Crusaders in particular, one such passive is Finery. There’s barely a build that doesn’t utilize this passive as a damage and toughness boost already; and considering the upcoming introduction of Legendary Gems for your jewelry, the number of mandatory sockets across your gear will increase, and so will the usefulness of Finery.

Other good options would be getting either Heavenly Strength or Fervor Hellfire Amulets, but that would restrict you to particular weapon categories and you’ll be less flexible whenever you want to switch around builds.

Of course, singular build Hellfire amulets – like one with Towering Shield for example, or with Blunt like the one I got on my first attempt – should be saved (especially early on) and can be put to good use, but those I feel will be stepping stones until you get Hellfires with all-around passives, rather than the specialized ones.

That just about covers it for the new hellfire amulets. They are a bit of a hassle to obtain right now, requiring you to restart games quite a bit until you get the keys and the organs. The good news is, you can start stocking up on organs on the live servers, since an official post from Blizzard did confirm that the crafting recipe will remain identical to the one we have on the PTR right now. I’m pretty certain that once the playerbase as a whole realizes the enormous benefit of having a free fifth passive, communities based around Hellfire farming will quickly arise and the process will become smoother. Maybe even with a bit of a helpful push on Blizzard’s part with the droprates! ;)

That’s all from me – I hope that I was useful to you in your upcoming adventures of obtaining a Hellfire Amulet for your class. Good luck!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My feelings on GR scaling at the moment.

So today I made a few runs through the GRs with my duo buddy, and got to say that when we started the amount of fun and enjoyment was just amazing. We breezed through the levels until we got to 25+ and the game pace started to just slow down. It wasn't really harder, we didn't have to put any more effort into or come up with any new strategy. It just simply took longer. The thing that was stopping our progress wasn't exciting enemy combinations or low numbers on our gears ( we can duo through t6 rifts reasonably easily), it was the billions of hp on the monsters.

When I heard about tiered rifts, what I thought would happen was that as you get to higher rifts, the difficulty would increase by having more Elite packs, more difficult combinations and more suffixes on elites or reduced time and not bashing away at billions of hp on a single monster while hoping an undodgeable spell like a jail won't instantly 100 to 0 you. Getting instantly killed by a spell isn't fun. It's not reasonable to expect a DH to have 20 million plus toughness while trying to kill monsters that have billions of hp each in a short amount of time. Instead some of the most fun you'll ever experience in D3 is when you encounter multiple packs of elite at the same time, but if you keep your cool, position well and play it right you will get out by the skin of your teeth.

Right now higher rifts are not a fun challenge and a test of skill, they are simply a slow battle against numbers and luck. So my suggestion for improving them is:

-Decrease HP and DMG scaling of mobs to a low enough number that they are no longer the factor stopping you from progressing, instead the amount of elites, suffixes and the combinations takes over that role.

-Increase the percentage of elites in each rift as you reach higher levels. Eventually reaching 100% elites rifts.

-Increase the number of suffixes elite packs have as higher rifts are reached. (There can be a set progression order to reduce the unnecessary RNG factor.)

-Increase rift density by a lot. (finding 4 mobs every 10-15 seconds just to spend 30 second wailing away at their billions of hp isn't fun. Blowing up piles and piles of them is. That is the fun in Diablo, blowing up of piles of demons. Increase the difficulty by how many you have to kill, not how long it takes to kill each one.)

-Considering probably no one is going to make it through more than 50-60 rifts, it wouldn't be too difficult to make a smaller pool of possible mobs for each level. The pool can get more difficult (include harder combinations) as we reach higher levels. RNG is important, but hand crafting and limiting the RNG is also important at times.

-Map layout can be a little more restricted as well, so we don't end up going down one path just to have to spend 90 seconds walking all the way back because it was a dead end.

-Also a more personal request, bring back click-able objects. My Harringtons is crying in a corner right now.

Greater rifts has been one of the greatest downward spiral of excitement I've ever experienced. I blazed through the first 4 or 5 rifts having a blast and then at around 24-25 I lost my excitement so fast that at rift 28, I just wanted the monsters to die faster so I can go get a drink. It wasn't fun anymore, it wasn't exciting, it was like a walk through mud. Slow and trippy. I had to watch my timer go further and further ahead of my progress simply because an elite decided to 100 to 0 me (I had about 17mil toughness) near the end of the level by casting 2 jails thus having to spend 45 seconds walking all the way back from the checkpoint. The loss of excitement was so severe that we stopped playing for the rest of the day, only to come back at night, go through the same emotions and stop playing after a single run (we usually play for hours every night).

As a final word, right now as it is, the obstacle stopping you from progressing further through the rifts is math. At some point it becomes mathematically impossible to burn through the hp on the mobs in the given amount of time with the possible gear stats and the way the difficulty is scaling right now is bringing that impossibility point a lot closer. I understand that the point will be reached eventually either way, but I rather lose due to lack of skill before I reach that point than lose to math. No one likes losing to math.

Edit: For RNG factors like density and suffix order, having a more defined rule set, bringing the possibilities to a lot lower number is better IMO. I understand that Diablo is a game of RNGs but why should terrible situations also be a part of pool of possibilities? (like very low density rifts). It shouldn't be "maybe you'll have fun for the next 15 minutes, or maybe you'll get bored out of your fucking mind for the next 30 just because we are committed to RNG." If we assume low density is 50 mob per map and high/fun density is 200 per map, why not decrease the RNG range from 50-250 to 150-250?! It's still random but at least you won't hate your life if you get the minimum. 10% progression in a dahlgur oasis shouldn't be a thing. It's not a random factor that makes the game more fun, it's something that ruins your experience, game pace and excitement and could have been easily avoided if only the minimum number was higher. I understand RNG helps make the game more fresh and fun in a lot of cases, but rift density isn't one of them. The developers need to simply consider "how would I feel if I just spent 20 minutes going through 10 maps just to finish a rift, simply because the RNG decided to roll low. Did I have fun? Did that RNG add anything to the experience? Did it make it more fresh or fun?"

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Death Maiden cosplay

Seeing the concept art for the Death Maidens in Reaper of souls made my heart skip a beat, and even though I thought it would be a huge challenge to create a cosplay honoring the creatures in the best possible way, I started on my journey in January this year.

It's made out of a thermoplastic material called Worbla, The flames in the helmet lights up with the help of fiber optics, the bodysuit is airbrushed to create the illusion of flames (unfortunately I'm not see-through :( ) It took about 6 months from start to finish, working on it from time to time.

EDIT: Seriously thank you so much for the awesome response and amazing comments I've gotten. I posted these photos just to show my love for the game, and this is just beyond my imagination of response! Thank you! And thanks for gold!

FACEBOOK: If you want to follow! :3 I go by the same name on Instagram too

Diablo 3 Death Maiden cosplay

Maiden of Death

The Death Maiden from Reaper of souls. Fell in love with the designs when they first released the Concept art of the Maiden, and I just had to make it no matter what. Materials used is Worbla, together with craft foam, fiber optics for the lights in the helmet and an airbrushed suit. For progress pictures and other things I've made, visit either my facebook or instagram! Http://

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

General Guide to all Things Demon Hunter

I figured I'll compile a bunch of info in one post. The idea being that less and less "help me with my build" or "what should i reroll" threads are created, and more "XYZ Build" or "Testing XYZ Bow with XYZ skill/armor/affix" sart showing up.

  • CC - Crit Chance
  • CHD - Critical Hit Damage
  • IAS - Increased Attack Speed Vit - Vitality
  • Dex - Dexterity
  • Ele Dmg - Elemental Skill Damage
  • All Res - All Resist
  • Avg Dmg - +xx-yyy Damage

Stat Weights
Stat weights have a slight change depending on crit chance. If you have over ~25% CC, then CHD becomes a higher priority. I didn't have a problem hitting 50%, if you are struggling with crit, rings, ammulets, and gloves from kadala are a great place to make it up.

-25% CC

+25% CC

Survivability comes down to personal preference mostly, but the rule I follow is:

All Res>Vit>Armor>%Life

Now before I jump into gear or builds, I think a lot of players can benefit from seeing which piece of gear should have which stats

  • Ele Dmg
  • IAS or CC
  • Dex
  • %Skill Damage
  • Vit
Crit chance vs IAS on helm favors Crit Chance, but I would leave it to personal preference/what the item rolled.

  • Dex
  • Vit
  • All Res
  • Armor or %Life
Your shoulders will be primarily defensive stats. You want a high vit roll because you sacrifice a lot of toughness for damage. Since there are not many good offensive stats on shoulders, your best bet is to get a solid dex roll and a good amount of toughness

  • 3 Sockets
  • Dex
  • Vit
  • All Res
Again not many flashy offensive primary rolls to choose from. Chest and Shoulders can roll the same %Skill Damage upgrades, but they are less than desirable. Niche chest pieces like Cindercoat with the Reduced Resource Cost for fire skills are valued very highly with the popular DH build at the moment. I feel the best piece to have here is the Marauders set chest with nice rolls.

  • %Ele Dmg
  • Dex
  • CC
  • Vit
Pretty self explanatory, high rolls on as much as possible.

  • %Ele Dmg
  • Dex
  • CHD
  • CC
  • IAS
Back to all offensive primary rolls. Pretty straight forward.

  • Dex
  • IAS
  • %Skill Dmg (Hatred Builder)
  • Vit
Unless you have a Witching Hour with CC and CHD on it, then this is what you should shoot for. Unless you lack toughness then you can sacrifice %Skill Dmg or IAS for All res/%Life/Armor

  • 2 Sockets
  • Dex
  • Vit
  • All Res
  • Movement Speed
Another toughness sink. You make up for it with 2 sockets to drop more emeralds into.

  • Dex
  • Move Speed
  • %Skill Damage
  • Vit
  • All Res
Has the same %Skill Damage available as helm. More movespeed on gear means less paragon points spent into it, if you don't have a high paragon level. Max move speed from paragon = 120 Dex so that's the trade off. I personally always want 25% movespeed on my DH

  • Dex
  • CC
  • CHD
  • Avg Dmg
Dex, CC, CHD is known as the trifecta and can roll on all rings and amulets. Getting all 3 and having Avg Dmg as well, or an amulet with %Ele Dmg is very lucky and highly valued. There are exceptions with the ring Stone of Jordan which is a "must have" at the moment with +Ele Dmg and +Dmg to elites. But this is what you should shoot for until you're lucky enough for one to drop

  • Socket
  • Dex
  • %Dmg
Highest DPS number possible. With the change to the %Dmg modifier also affecting elemental damage rolled on weapons that should be coming in a patch soon makes it that black damage is no longer more valuable. Black damage being the same as Avg Dmg on a ring/amulet but just on the weapon. Most important thing when a weapon drops for you is it has 2 out of the three of these things, and you reroll an extra primary into the one you're missing. If it's not possible, then it's not a solid upgrade

  • Dex
  • IAS
  • CC
  • %Skill Dmg
Quivers are really strong stat sinks. There are a couple uniques that have amazing passive skills. Like Ememei's Duffel that makes Bolas explode instantly, or The Ninth Cirri Satchel which ups Hungering Arrows chance to pierce. Quivers can roll every skill for %Skill Dmg so it can get expensive

Now I'll give you some links to popular builds that go a lot more in depth with each of these. Like Best in Slot lists, or weapons that synergize with the build very well.


Most popular build so far, and my personal Favorite. This thread is amazing and answers everything you'll need to know

If I've left anything out, or if I've gotten something wrong I'll be happy to change it. My ideal gear situation is a trifecta Ring of Royal Grandeur, Shoulders and Bracers of Aughild's Set, and Chest, Pants, and Boots of Maruader's set. Keeping my Stone of Jordan and Leorics Signet, and bribing kadala for a Witching Hour. Also waiting for a Natalya's Slayer to grace me with it's presence.

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