Friday, 22 May 2015

A "No Set Gear" leaderboard would be an easy way to instantly make scores of "useless" legendaries fun again.

We've heard it all before; RORG is too good. Focus and restraint are too good. Every 6-pc set bonus locks you out of many unique effects, and there are plenty of interesting legendaries that therefore get neglected. I have so much stuff in my stash that I just can't fit in with the best set gear that I have; Cindercoat, Hexing Pants, Fire SOJ, Magefist, Leoric's Crown, Witching Hour, Dread Iron, Rimeheart, Azurewrath, a by-god Andy's paired with an ancient Sceptre on a poison doc...

I could throw them on a character just for funsies and see what greater rift I could get to. The only thing stopping me is the futility of it, but if there were a leaderboard for it, it wouldn't be for nothing, and tons of other people would get a whole new gearing metagame out of it as well. It'd be so much fun to see what people come up with. And how high people could get, I wouldn't care if 1st place was 20 gr's below the normal leaderboards - it'd be its own league, apples and oranges. Maybe by the season's end the boards would be dominated by one build the way certain set builds do now, but it'd be a lot of fun to see it grow, and to see where my idea of a build falls out in the beginning, and how I can tweak it to come back ahead of the competition.

I'd participate for sure. Would you? When everyone hits their own GR wall with the cookie-cutter builds, it'd give them something else to do while just hoping to upgrade non-ancient set pieces to ancients - so I don't think I'm alone.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Witch Doctors: Speed Jade T6 Build (Patch 2.2)

With the current meta of Diablo 3, speed farming has became a popular tool to raise paragon levels, farm rift/trial keys, and gather crafting materials. Monk, and Barbs have proven to be very efficient at T6/Low GR level farming, due to their bursty damage, and speed increasing abilities. They're by far the MOST EFFICIENT WAY to speed farm Low Level content. However a lot of people don't want to Re-Roll, and or play an alternate class just due to the advantages they may have. So what I decided to do was piece together a speed farming build for the WD class for T6/Low Level content.

If your in a Rush...


T6 Bounty Full Clear

T6 Rift Run

Otherwise, you can read up below.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Time Averages

All this data was recorded in order to show how the build preforms over an extended amount of time. I've listed all the information, over the course of a 10 run segments for bounties, and rifts. A total of 3 different trial runs were completed, which resulted in 30 T6 Bounties/Rifts, ran.

Stats for first Trial

Sheet dps: 1.1m

toughness: 8.1m

Crit chance: 50%

Crit Dmg: 375%

element poison: 44%%

increase spell: Locust Swarm 26%

Gems: Boon of the horder 26, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 27

Bounties T6:

1st: 10:10.30

2nd: 8:46.60

3rd: 10:52:01

4th: 9:18.51

5th: 7:59:00

6th: 9:45:.99

7th: 6:47

8th: 10:05

9th: 8:56

Final Run: 7:50

Avg time: 9:03

Total Time: 1:30:00

Rifts T6:

1st: 3:40

2nd: 3:30

3rd: 3:10

4th: 3:39

5th: 3:41

6th: 2:45

7th: 3:42

8th: 5:34

9th: 4:13

Final Run: 5:28

*Avg time: 3:56

*Total Time: 39:22

Stats for Second Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gems: Boon of the hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.49

2th: 9.47

3rd: 8.22

4th: 8.14

5th: 12.52

6th; 9.14

7th: 10.11

8th; 8.54

9th: 8.19

Final Run: 9.40

Avg time: 9:32

Total Time: 1:35:00

Rifts T6

1st: 3.53

2nd: 3.57

3rd: 3.38

4th: 3.23

5th: 3.30

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.23

8th: 4.46

9th: 4.14

10th: 2:45

Avg: 3:42

Total Time: 36:57

Stats for third & final Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

Increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gem: Boon of the Hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, Wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.21

2nd: 8.45

3rd: 8:45

4th: 9.20

5th: 8.58

6th: 7.56

7th: 7.55

8th: 8.58

9th: 7.39

Final Run: 7.4

Avg: 8:31

Total Time: 1:20:16

Rifts T6

1st: 3.41

2nd: 4.08

3rd: 3.32

4th: 3.33

5th: 5.44

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.33

8th: 5.19

9th: 3.47

Final Run: 2.08

Avg: 3:58

Total Time: 39:39

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Overall Time Avg, and best times

In this section I've listed video links to my best times I had accomplished over the 30 Trial runs. I thought these were the most interesting, because I wanted to showcase how good RNG can really effect the outcome of these times. Below that section I gave the final avg times for all 30 runs, for Rifts, and Bounties.
Best T6 Rift time: 2:08

Best T6 Rift Video
Best T6 Bounty run: 6:47

Best T6 Bounty Video

Average Overall time for Full Clear T6 Bounties:
Avg Time: 9:02

Average Overall time for T6 Rifts:
Avg Time: 3:52

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Paragon Setup:

Core Prioritization

1.Movement Speed until max


Offensive Prioritization

1.Cool Down Reduction

2.Crit Chance

3.Crit Damage

Defensive Prioritization


2.Life %

3.All Resistance

Utility Prioritization

1.Resource Cost Reduction

2.Life on hit

3.Area Damage

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Gear & Skill Setup

Link to gear that I used
Skill Setup

Link to Skill setup

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Gem Setup

Gem Choices are pretty straight forward here, were taking the known two Legendary gems that provide a speed boost while in combat. However since there only two legendary gems that do this, our third option will lean to a gem that will boost the overall damage of the build.

Bane of the Trapped

Solid Damage increase for our Dots

Auto Procs itself @ LV 25

Wreath of Lighting

Lightning Damage is very solid vs T6 Monsters, if leveled up high enough

Provides a Speed boost, while the lightning effect is triggered (requires level 25)

Boon of the Hoarder

Running this due to the level 25 secondary

While picking up gold after slaying an enemy, we will be provided with a solid speed boost

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Video of build in action:

Build Break Down

Build in Action T6 Bounties

Build in Action T6 Rifts

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Diablo 3 will be getting rid of permanent crowd control in upcoming content patch

Blizzard have expressed intent on getting rid of “permanent” crowd control in a future content patch for Diablo III. Currently, the highest ranked groups for Diablo III’s competitive Greater Rifts all require similar “zero-DPS” builds, where one or two players focus entirely on disabling enemy minions, and buffing the parties damage.

The news came from deep within the game’s official forums, where community managerGrimiku responded to fan feedback on the state of Greater Rifts.

“We’re looking to disable permanent Crowd Control in an upcoming content patch to create more interaction with monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels.” stated Grimiku. “To complement that change, we will be also be evaluating how much damage monsters are dealing to players in that environment. One of our goals in the next major patch is to provide a more consistent Greater Rift experience while making sure that defensive Legendary items still matter.”

It’s no wonder that this can be seen as a bit un-fun, as enemies that can’t attack are not really a threat at all; certainly not the intended design of the developers. Here's an example of a zero-DPS build for Witch Doctors that's currenlty being used in Season 3 from YoutuberAnthony Evans:

This change will certainly affect the meta in a big way, as the most successful groups rely on these zero-DPS classes to safely complete extremely high level Greater Rifts. This effect will only be compounded in Hardcore mode too, where death is permanent. Naturally however, it looks like monster damage will be reduced to compensate for the increased danger.

There's no word on when this content patch is due, but it'll likely land at the end of Season 3, which has still got three months to go according to Blizzard.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Demon Hunter: UE Build Guide

I thought too many people were asking the same questions, so here is a list of attributes you want from your equipment. Without a doubt, ancient gear will be best, but for a weapon, ancient is a must.

  • Weapon: ancient, 1.1 attack speed*, % damage, dex, % resource, discipline (freeze on hit if there's extra secondary slot)
  • Quiver: Dead Man's Legacy: dex, attack speed, crit chance, % resource or hatred regen, Multishot, discipline
  • UE helm: dex, Multishot, crit chance, socket
  • UE shoulder: dex, resource cost, cooldown, chill on hit
  • Neck: (mostly flexible) Hellfire, Xephirian, Julia, or Aranoch: dex/elemental damage, crit damage, crit chance, socket
  • UE glove: dex, crit damage, crit chance, resource cost, stun on hit
  • UE torso: dex, vit, hatred regen, discipline, 3 sockets
  • Bracer: Reaper's Wraps: elemental damage, dex, vit, crit chance
  • Ring: Focus: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • Belt: Witching Hour: dex, vit, IAS, crit damage
  • Ring 2: Restraint: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • UE pants: dex, vit, all res, 2 sockets, slow on hit
  • UE boots: dex, vit, movement, Multishot, immobilize on hit
  • Gems: Zei, Banes, Iceblink

One thing I don't know is whether to get area damage or vit on shoulder.

  • There are few exceptions of course. Krider, Calamity, and Windforce are viable options.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Crusaders: Some math on Shield Bash and block chance

Since 2.2 launched, I've seen a lot of conflicting answers about how block chance is factored into the damage that Shield Bash does, mainly whether it's just the base block chance on the shield or if it includes buffs and such. Since I have a pretty convenient way to test stuff like that, I decided to find the answer for myself and I might as well share it somewhere.

The test setup:

An axe that deals 2-3 damage, and a legacy ring that adds 28min and 27max damage, meaning my weapon will deal 30-30 damage, giving the same exact damage numbers each time.


The ones we care about are 7705 Strength, 37% Fire Damage, 14% Shield Bash Damage, 18% Block Chance, and 268% Crit Damage (I focused on crits since the numbers are big and stand out more). But we don't actually have 7705 Strength exactly because I left Finery enabled. My actual Strength is 6973, which is then increased by 10.5% from having 7 gems socketed into my gear, bringing it to 7705.165. Rather than the Strength shown on the character screen, the real amount with the decimal is used in damage calculations, so we need to know it.

First of all, let's just check out Punish damage to demonstrate how this works. When you use an ability to deal damage in Diablo 3, the game will roll a random number between the minimum and maximum damage numbers on your weapon, then multiply that by a whole bunch of stuff (except DoTs and a few other abilities are calculated differently). In this case, my weapon damage is always 30, so we skip the random part. Punish deals 335% weapon damage, so we multiply the weapon damage by 3.35. After that, we have our base stat multiplier from having 7705.165 Strength, so we multiply that number by 78.05165. I'm using the fire rune, so we also multiply it by the 37% Fire Damage increase. And I'm only looking at crits, so we have the Crit Damage increase as well.

So if we multiply [30 * 3.35 * 78.05165 * 1.37 * 3.68], we get 39,547.2725, which should be how much damage a Punish crit does. And if we go smack a zombie in-game: 

Now that we all know how the game calculates damage, let's look at Shield Bash. The tooltip states it deals 700% plus 300% of block chance as weapon damage. I'm not sure how exactly it's calculated, but for now let's assume it's as straightforward as it sounds: [7.00 + (0.18 * 3)], or 754% weapon damage, with the 0.18 being from having 18% block chance. I'm also using Roland's 4-Piece bonus, which adds 500% Shield Bash damage, and Drakon's Lesson bracers, which add 155% Shield Bash damage. Neither of those show up in the stats sheet, so let's just assume they're unique multipliers. And of course, I'm using the fire rune, so we also include the Fire Damage bonus as well as the bonus to Shield Bash damage.

Our expected Shield Bash damage should now be [30 * 7.54 * 78.05165 * 1.37 * 1.14 * 3.68 * 6 * 2.55 = 1,552,527.6980]. Testing it out: 

That worked well enough, so let's see what happens if we add some block chance. First, the Hold Your Ground passive, which gives 15% block chance, bringing me up to a 33% chance to block. Shield Bash should now deal 799% weapon damage.30 * 7.99 * 78.05165 * 1.37 * 1.14 * 3.68 * 6 * 2.55 = 1,645,185.1866


Now let's first cast Punish at something before Shield Bashing, which will give us the Hardened Senses buff, which adds 15% more block chance, bringing me to 48% block chance, meaning Shield Bash will do 844% weapon damage.30 * 8.44 * 78.05165 * 1.37 * 1.14 * 3.68 * 6 * 2.55 = 1,737,842.6752


Next let's put on a Justice Lantern, which adds another 16% block chance, bringing me up to 64% block chance and 892% weapon damage from Shield Bash.30 * 8.92 * 78.05165 * 1.37 * 1.14 * 3.68 * 6 * 2.55 = 1,836,677.3297


And finally, I did one last test using a different shield:

The Stormshield has a 33% block chance on it, 15% more than my Piro Marella, bringing me to 79% chance to block and 937% Shield Bash weapon damage. I also gained 15 Strength and lost 14% Shield Bash damage from making the switch, so the equation changes just a bit.30 * 9.37 * 78.2174 * 1.37 * 3.68 * 6 * 2.55 = 1,695,992.9314


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bliz, for the love of God, remove "Clear the Barracks Level 2" bounty from Act 3.

I want an Avarice Band and an Overwhelming desire from Act 3. I just spent almost 10 fucking minutes running this bounty on a BKWW barb with max move speed, Sprint, Warzechians, Chilanik's Chain, AND RECHELS RING OF FUCKING LARCENY which I proc with Threatening Shout. This shit is extremely fast. And it STILL took me forever and a fucking day to complete this stupid fucking bounty. Get rid of it already!

I mean this patch was SO GREAT at streamlining bounties - removing bosses, adding in some of the removed ones, etc.

So WHY is this bounty still in the game?


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Delrasha GR53: 12 mins 9 seconds clear with a Stun build, making use of Moratorium, Gizzard, APD bracers and stun skills.

Greetings, fellow Wizards!

This is a variant of the Delrasha build, using the 4pc Delsere's Magnum Opus and 6pc Tal Rasha's Elements sets.

A defensive approach can often be a good choice - you get to engage more mobs than you'd otherwise be able to with a "glass cannon" build, not to mention it's safer and gives you a sense of stability. One problem with a lot of builds is that they're only situationally good - you need a certain Greater Rift RNG for it to really shine. This is a build that always performs well.

In this video, I'm swapping Slow Time's Time Warp rune for the Point of No Return rune, using 2/3 Defensive gems - Moratoriumand Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard and having Ancient Parthan Defenders (APD) as a trade-off for the lack of Unity, enabling the usage of Convention of Elements for that damage boost which still is sort of needed in a build like this.

One great thing about the Delrasha build is that there's a lot of room for variety. You don't really need a specific ancient weapon for it for example, and you can pretty much swap skills/runes/gear around as you please, depending on what you'd like to try out. Of course, you'll still have to make sure that you're using 4 different elements, the 4pc Delsere's and the 6pc Tal Rasha's - + an RoRG isneeded. I do recommend you try a variant with Mirror Images though.

Again, I'd like to direct you to the Diablofans Build Guide for more information, as I do keep updating the guide and having to keep the same information in more than one place is a little counter-productive (there's a lot of it!).

Have fun!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Demon Hunters: Why gambling for 1H crossbows is a super good idea.

DHs can gamble on 1H weapon at Kadala and choose items from only one pool which is one-handed crossbows.

Here is a sheet:

This heavily affects the odds.
  • Odds of gambling an ancient Kridershot is 1 out of 5000.
  • Odds of gambling an ancient Natalya's Slayer is 1 out of 630!!! (x8 better odds)

Since Natalya's build needs only 1 good weapon in the mainhand (offhand can be a stat-stick) I highly advise gambling for 1H crossbows to get one of the 3 ancient 1H crossbows that are useful for the Natalya's build: Balefire, Calamity, Natalya's. The odds for getting one are really good.

Ancient Danetta's 1 out of 630
Ancient Natalya's 1 out of 630
Ancient Balefire 1 out of 1250
Ancient Calamity 1 out of 2500 

To bring this in line.

CHANCE = 1-((630-1)/630)^1450 = 0.90008304554 

After 1450 tries which is 108,750 blood shards you have a 90% chance to gamble an ancient Natalya's Slayer.

And that number is insanely good. You need way more blood shards to gamble the ancient Natalya's chest for example.


Remember that you only need 1 ancient weapon for the mainhand and 1 stat stick. 3 of the 1H crossbows are super good for Natalya's build. Balefire, Calamity and Natalya's. The second weapon can be a stat stick (non-ancient is just fine).

Let's do some math and put together all our chances after say like 50,000 blood shards wich is 666 gamble tries.

Ancient Natalya's: 65.28%
Ancient Calamity: 23.39%
Ancient Balefire: 41.31%
Natalya's: 99.99%
Balefire: 99.52%
Calamity: 93.07%

After only 50k shards we have a 84.39% chance to have gambled at least one of the ancient weapons and a nearly 100% chance to have Natalya's and Balefire in the normal version.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Cookie cutter group play WW guide

How to be a useful fast barb

Useful fast barb is the cookie-cutter spec for group play barbarians. With this spec, barbs are probably the best class right now for clearing out trash mobs and providing some neat party buffs (mostly speed ones). This spec is primarily used for greater rift speed-runs, but it also works excellently for group T6 rifts & bounty farming.

Step 1: Gear

If you don't have six pieces of the WotW set, go out and find them. If you've only got five, you can substitute the focus & restraint for a RoRG and something else, but you'll lose a lot of damage so just go find six okay?
  • Helm, chest, shoulders, pants, boots, and gloves are all WotW pieces. There isn't really any flexibility here at all.
  • Weapons are a pair of Bul-Kathos (lovingly termed the 'Burger King' henceforth) swords.
  • Rings are the ubiquitous Focus & Restraint pair. These provide a ton of damage. If you don't have the pair yet, you should run a Convention of the Elements and Leorics or whatever. Just find them. Obviously if you only have five of the six set pieces, run a RoRG until you get the last one.
  • Amulet just use something with hella dps. Hellfire amulets are probably BiS (there's a lot of good passives for a ww barb), immunity amulets & eye of etlich (ranged dmg reduction) come close second.
  • Bracers are pretty flexible. Lacunis or Steady Strikes are probably the strongest since you can use the innate IAS% rolls to help you reach new WW/DD breakpoints. Failing that, Reaper's Wraps are a solid choice for more resource generation. Nemesis bracers will make you very popular with your crew.
  • Belt is flexible too, but it should be a Chilank's chain for the movespeed buff. Witching hour is good too for DPS obviously if you need to carry your team (or maybe you just hate them and want them to stay slower than you that's fine too). Kotuur's Brace and String of Ears are solid choices for HC players.

Step 2: Skills

  • Whirlwind obviously. Blood Funnel is the most popular choice as the healing makes you more robust. Also it's physical damage, so you can use it with the Pain Enhancer gem for even more damage. Some people seem to use Wind Shear but personally I've never seen the point - you shouldn't really be having fury problems with this spec.
  • Bash - punish only to proc the extra 50% damage buff from your Focus & Restraint, and also give you a little damage boost in the process. This slot is pretty flexible - use any generator you like.
  • Wrath of the berserker - Insanity is kind of a no brainer. You get a huge damage boost, movespeed, survivability, and CC immunity. It has a long cooldown, but when doing fast GRs you'll probably find a channeling pylon every run so you can keep it up a reasonable amount of the time. Or you can use...
  • .. [alternative] Overpower - Momentum instead of WotB if you are having fury problems or cba with long-cooldown skills.
  • Battle Rage. Bloodshed is great for more damage. Alternatively if a few members of you team are using Reaper's wraps,Swords to Ploughshares is a popular choice for more health globe fun.
  • Sprint - Forced March - give your team a movespeed boost. If you use Marathon, you're a scumbag. Think of the team.Unless of course you're running bounties or solo, then Marathon is a must-have.
  • War Cry - Impunity - toughness boost for you & your team and also the skill that procs Chilank's Chain for even more team move-speed fun.

Step 3: Passives

These are pretty much listed in order of how good they are for this spec.
  • Weapons master - with the burger king swords, this will give you a ton of fury generation whenever you're hitting stuff. If you're using wind shear you could probably drop this, but frankly I don't know why you'd want to :)
  • Rampage - useful fast barbs are best at clearing out trash and this skill synergises with that really well. More damage & armour from all that strength juice is great.
  • Berserker rage again is a really good choice. When you're spinning through large packs you will have near full fury, so this +25% damage boost is a no brainer. It can be a little tricky to keep up against RGs or elites, but barbs this build isn't really meant for single target dmg anyway.
  • Brawler - huge damage boost when spinning through packs, easy enough.
  • Situational: Nerves of steel - if you find yourself dying more than 1-2 times per rift, swap in this skill. A couple of deaths are okay, but as your death timer creeps up you're slowing your whole group down.
  • Situational: Other defensive passives like superstition or the +armour one I always forget the name of are fine if you need them. Hopefully as your gear improves you can try and wean yourself off these skills.

Step 4: Gems

Again in order of how great I think they are. Pick three.
Taeguk is a must have since it's really easy for a WW barb to keep up stacks.
Bane of the Trapped is a no-brainer for most classes - doubly so for melee classes like barbs.
Bane of the powerful is a big damage buff that when you're running quickly you can keep up 95% of the time.
Pain Enhancer is an okay choice, but most of the time you'll be spinning through packs and not on them so you probably wont get the most out of the IAS% increase.
Step 5: The end

Congratulations you're now a super useful fast barb. Most of this is gleaned from having watched Alkaizer play so I can't take any credit for it.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nexon Caught Using Diablo 3 Concept Art for Vindictus MMORPG

South Korea-based Nexon has been caught using Diablo III art without Blizzard's permission to promote its MMORPG, Vindictus.

According to Kotaku, Nexon posted some new promo art (provided above) for its latest patch of Vindictus that reminded people of a certain popular dungeon-crawler. Nexon is mainly known for Maple Story, Atlantica Online, Dragon Nest and Vindictus. In case you've been living under a rock, that Vindictus picture is a quick and dirty Photoshop edit of Malthael, the main villain of Diablo III's Reaper of Souls expansion. To make things worse, the picture that Nexon used for the image was of Reaper of Souls' box art.

Just in case you need more convincing, here are some other pictures for reference:

Nagelring "Free" Lunatic Bug

You can get "free" Lunatic's to Spawn even if you don't have a Nagelring equipped.

Note that this will not spawn additional Lunatics if you already have a Nagelring equipped by either you or your hired follower (more than 4). So if you have 4 Spawned Lunatics, more will not spawn from this bug.

So you can only do this in town at least from what I see.

1) You have to make sure a Nagelring is equipped with another follower (not the one you have hired).

2) In town go the follower that has the Nagelring equipped.

3) Choose to "View Inventory" of that Follower.

4) "Mouse-Over" the Nagelring to show the item details popup.

5) Just wait and the Lunatics will Spawn!

Once you have the 4 Max Lunatics you can close the follower window.

These will follow you as if you spawned them with an equipped ring and will explode the same. No more will magically spawn as you don't have the ring on.

Once again, this is a Bug. Obviously if you want Lunatics to spawn all of the time, just equip the ring yourself or have your hired follower equip it.

If you go into a Trial Rift after spawning the free Lunatics, they will explode and vanish when you enter the portal.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Okay Blizzard, it's seriously time to consider the ability to save builds/skill sets

Now with many more viable sets, varying builds for ZDPS, T6 Speed farming, and high grifts, it is getting irritating switching around gems and gear and skills every time I decide to do something different. The game needs some way to at least save skill sets.

If Blizzard wants to be ambitious they could even save gear sets etc and have the game calculate how much gold it would cost to swamp gems around

Monday, 27 April 2015

Wizards: Ancient SS is not necessarily the end all be all.

I will admit that using an ancient SS with Tals is incredibly powerful. But is it so much more powerful than others as some people say? I wanted to weigh in because I just do not agree with SS being incredibly more powerful than other builds. I have tested and cleared with multiple builds in grift 60+, and I have also tested in solo rifts 52+.

First lets talk about groups because that is where most of my time has been spent in S3. I have used 3 different builds in groups. One is centered around meteor shower with GV, another around a devastator with star pact, and the last with SS/tnt and star pact.

• My meteor shower build is by far the best for trials. Getting keys in the low to mid 60s is the easiest with this build. You must use an ancient GV for this though and it is very rare. You also need loads of resource cost reduction and AP regen. I used reaper wraps for some extra ap as well. You pretty much go through to your 4th stack asap and hold down meteor shower until the stack is 3/4th done. Each individual crit is roughly 3-4 billion with around 20 -25 crits per rotation. This build has great single target damage as well. I have clocked 9.8 billion damage per second with a stopwatch on a stunned RG.

• Next is the Devastator star pact build. With this build I max out attack speed on all my gear (TR arms, Steady strikers, TR chest, WH, and paragon) and use a witching hour as my free slot. Arcane dynamo is key for this build. I go through my stacks quickly until 3 (not forgetting to put arcane dynamo on mammoth hydra), then at 3 I use electrocute surge of power to build up 5 AD stacks and then immediately fire star pact taking me into my 4th Tal stack. I then fire electrocute for another 5 AD stacks and you should have enough attack speed with electrocute that with prodigy, you regain all of your arcane power back around 3/4th the way finished with your 4th tal stack and again fire star pact. Then start over. This build gives MASSIVE crit numbers. 50 billions on a good crit with big bad voodoo and 40 billions regularly. It does not discriminate either, it crits these numbers on trash as well as elites. On a perfectly stunned RG and flawless rotations, I have clocked it in at very near 14 billion dps, but 10-11 on average. And don’t get me started on the numbers during power pylon.... 60+% crit chance is a must with this though as it relies heavily on star pact crits.

• The last one is of course SS. With this build you must use pain enhancer instead of BotP (Botp, BotT, Zei's in the other builds) and TnTs instead of WH. Otherwise it is much similar to the devastator build revolving around arcane dynamo, attack speed, electrocute with prodigy, and star pact. Downside is that star pact has less than half the power of the devastator build, hydra rivers cannot be everywhere at once across a mob pack, and hydras miss a lot when you get a moving RG. Upside is that the dps is barely, but still never the less best against a non-moving target compared to the other two. It has been clocked in at over 14 billion dps against a stunned RG. But probably half that against a moving RG. It is more of a sustained dps similiar to that of a Krider DH and much less bursty.

In my opinion with the hundreds of hours spent with these three builds in very high rifts, I prefer the devastator build. The main reason behind this is that it has the most burst damage of anything I have ever seen in Diablo this side of sever. In a grift, I can get set up and clear off small trash packs much faster and keep moving, freeing up our sader to focus on grouping up near elites. It also isn’t as detrimental to my damage if the RG cannot be tanked, or perma stunned. And finally because there is still room for improvement because an ancient sunkeeper will do a lot better than a devastator and I do not have one yet.

My gosh this has gone on much longer than anticipated, so here are my toon:

I will have to talk about solo another day. Would you guys let me know if you have any tests that conflict with what I have found, so that we may compare? My best group clear is 61 in season 3 with some time to spare. I have not cleared higher yet because I simply have not attempted it with my team.... Yet

Edit: An honorable mention must go to the ancient furnace in the devastator star pact build. My brother was kind enough to give me his drop today, but in my limited testing, it only barely hits harder than my devastator set up on elites and causes some AP problems due to its speed. More testing is required....

Edit 2: Arcane damage is preferred on bracers and the devastator is used primarily because it is an easy to roll hard hitting mace rather than for its fire damage. Although my hydra still does a sustained 1.5 - 2.5 billion per second all by itself with the 18% fire dmg and no tnt/pain enhancer. :)

Edit 3: This is not a post arguing against the SS build, but rather a post stating that there are other options that brings dps so close to a SS build that it comes down to player ability and preference. Also, that you can still push top 100 on the leaderboard without it because I have been in the top 100 4 man for a lot of the season with a devastator.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Can we please have an "I concede" button when running GRs to remove the clock

Currently I'm dying a lot in high 40 GRs. Essentially I'm running a blue-ball DH Krider/Met build, and reflects damage just destroys me.

Rather than quit the game and re-roll, I like to persist. My gems need the upgrade and I don't like to quit. I like the sense of satisfaction when I'm able to take down a pack of elite winged assassins with reflect damage and waller without dying (1 out of 100 times.) I find the challenge fun

What I don't find fun, however, is waiting about 10 minutes to click a "revive" button. At the moment when I come up to a creature set I know I'll wipe a heap of times on I literally alt-tab out and do something else for 15 minutes so I can continue without having to wait for the respawn all the time.

This could be solved very simply by adding a button that simply removed the option of upgrading your keystone at the end, and giving you instant respawns.

This is obviously only good for solo play. Maybe in group play there could be a vote system...?

Would really be interested in hearing your opinions.

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