Thursday, 16 November 2017

Luckiest chest in my life

Went from regular yangs to primal yang in one chest opening.

Just wanted to share the happiness, good luck with your loot and sorry for the shit post

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

14 Nov Challenge rift EU is the worst so far

I know challenge rifts are usually opportunities to laugh at the terrible build and gear choices. They are still easy enough to get in one or two tries.

This one however.. is just shocking, criminal even. He's wearing an arcstone, gold = xp bracers, harrington waistguard (for all those chests in GR) and restraint without focus. He also has zero cooldown so the wait for akkarats champion is painful.

A true challenge

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Level Requirement Reduced by X as a secondary stat should not be in the game (anymore)

  1. It is the only secondary stat that has 0 effect on a Level 70 character.
  2. There is a cube recipe dedicated to Reducing Levels of Items.
  3. It only goes down to Level 30 (-40 Level Requirement) but it doesn't matter because you can use the cube recipe anyways.
  4. On weapons, you will almost always have a Gem of Ease if you want to level a secondary character (which reduces Level Requirement to 1).
  5. It serves no other purpose than making loot worse. This is not a bad thing by itself, there needs to be bad items to make better items feel more rewarding. However, considering it's the only secondary stat that is 100% useless (while others still have at least some kind of effect) it should be replaced by another stat or removed completely.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Diablo 1 partially remade in Neverwinter

I never finished it. Mobs and navigation all worked, but setting up the questlines tricked me up and I stopped working on it. It never released, but I still had such a blast planning it out. I even re-wrote dialogue for the characters and gave them gossip options.

My goal was to make the entirety of the DIablo 1 lore experience through this one Neverwinter quest. I didn't succeed, but I did all the maps, which was a blast!

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Diablo 1 Rogue. Found hidden behind some assets hinted at by a trail of blood.

The Lord of Terror himself! Diablo! (Ft. sparkly trail)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Diablo 3 Hero Tracker App (Android Only)

Thought I'd post a project I've been working on here in an attempt to get feedback so I can improve the application.

I've recently released a Diablo 3 Hero tracking application on the Play Store, that allows you to search for your Battletag (PC only) and view all of your Heros base statistics and items. Although there are apps like this on the store already, I've tried to make it a bit different by giving it a minimalistic feel.

It would be great if I could get some feedback/reviews, I hope you all enjoy the app. It is an early enough release at the moment, so any comments here i'll try to address. The aim of posting on reddit is to try and get a few more users to iron out the bugs in the application.

I am currently working on leaderboards for the app, but they will be included in the next major release, as it's quite a big task to develop in my free time.

If you would like to check the app out, you can find it here!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Real Reason Why Sets are Buffed

Everyone is saying how Blizz is doing a great job buffing sets to make them viable, or some criticize them for power creep. etc etc

But the real reason why sets are getting stronger and GR limits are pushed higher is this - 20 years ago, that motha fucking Tyreal destroyed the motha fucking World Stone. The very device that limited the powers of Nephalems. Now that Pandora box has been opened, shits happening everywhere. Its entirely the fault of Tyreal and his Nephalem goons. This is the same shit that Inarius warned us about.

Ergo... in Diablo 4 - player takes the role of Diablo traveling to the dangerous place called Sanctuary battling bloodshard thirsty Nephalems in order to bring peace and salvation to the Burning Hells; which has frozen over under the powers of Angel of Tyranny - Tyreal and his frigid sword Azurewrath.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Diablo-DooM Crossover

Someone finally went and crossed the two best games of all time. Come on man, I can only get so erect... fucking fantastic, really great job, lots of nostalgia and such a great idea.

I find it interesting that it feels like Diablo 1, not sure what it is, until I took a closer look at the ui elements I really thought it was built on the 1 engine, not 2.

Will be curious to watch this project progress.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Analysis of Greater Rift Clearing Efficiency Using S10 Data: Comparison between the top and bottom performers (Wizard & Barbarians)

Here is a greater rift clearing efficiency chart that I made using Season 10 data for Barbarians and Wizards (Took me 3 hours). Hopefully, this will provide a perspective to the community not to argue among each other. And I hope this reaches the devs. well since they could use the calculated data in order to balance the classes properly among each other.


In this thread, I will try to compare the barbarian and the wizard and their power efficiency in clearing high greater rift levels. This will aid to show the existing power creep between the barbarian (the weakest class) and the wizard (strongest class). This will outline the class that are in need of major buff in order to achieve equilibrium at end game.

The Methodology:
  1. Using Season 10 leaderboards (as of today), I selected the top 210 barbarian players from greater rift 100 to greater rift 81 levels.
  2. Wizards needed to be selected differently since they are able to clear way higher than the barbarians so I selected 10 highest performing and 10 lowest performing Wizards at the compared greater rift levels. The total number of the selected Wizard players are 152.
  3. The parameters used in the analysis are Greater Rift Level (A), Clearing Time (B), and Paragon Level (C)
  4. For each toon, a greater rift clearing efficiency coefficient (P) has been calculated as follows: P=A/(B*C) The resulting numbers are scaled up with 1M in order to ease the comparisons.

The Explanation of the Formula:

According to this formula, the efficiency in clearing grifts of a toon is defined as the highest possible greater rift level to be cleared as fast as possible with the lowest paragon level.


When we look at this chart, we can observe the scattered barbarian performance indicators as blue while the same indicator values are shown in orange for Wizards.

Analysis of Results:

  1. All wizard clears are above 88 in the 1st 1000 leaderboard clears
  2. All barbarian clears are above 50 and 75 in the 1st 1000 leaderboard clears
  3. The clear efficiency coefficient distribution of barbarians at 81 are very similar to the wizards' at 92, which suggests approximately 11 greater rift difference.
  4. Using regression, the means for the barbarians and wizards are plotted in blue and orange respectively.
  5. When these means are compared, it can be seen that the barbarian clearing efficiency mean at 81 is equal to the wizards' at 92 (about 11 grift difference). Also, the barbarian clearing efficiency mean at 85 is equal to the wizards' at 95 (about 10 grift difference).
  6. NEW: Barbarian requires approximately 250 (1250 STR) paragon levels more at mid-late 80s while this becomes 500 at mid-late 90s (2500 STR), which could be even more considering there are only a handful of +90 barbarian clears compared to the wizard +90 clears. Purely paragon comparison suggest at least 6 greater rift levels head start of wizard class. However, paragon comparison is not a good representation for efficiency. As shown in the initial graphs, Wizards finish greater rifts much faster and more effectively at lower paragon requirements, which is expected to amplify the 6 greater rift difference to higher values, as suggested in this study to 10-11 greater rift levels.

Due to the exponential nature of the greater rift difficulties, the clearing efficiency of classes seems to decrease accordingly, but barbarian takes the biggest hit due to the lack of DPS buffs especially after 81-82 greater rift difficulty level (Clears are more consistent only up to 83 after which the clears get significantly less). This can suggest that average barbarian has a cap of -83 Grift performance (unlike some streamers suggesting +90, +95).


Barbarians need a buff equivalent of 10 greater rifts. From the given chart, it is obvious that if the barbarian class is buffed as such, the expected rift clearing performance of the class will overlap the Wizards'.

How you can use the information in these graphs?

Case study examples:

You can use these approximations in order to gauge your greater rift potential considering your paragon levels, greater rift level and desired clear time. For example,
  • Assume that I would like to clear 95 at 14.59 min=14*60+59=899 seconds. Then what I do is to go to the power efficiency graph and find the mean value corresponding to the grift level:

At 95 grift level, class clear efficiency is approximately 75. When we rework the formula for the paragon level, C=(95x1000000)/(75x899)=1409 Paragon levels required for the slowest possible clear (note this is average Joe approximation, better clears can happen due to the associated RNG)
  • Assume that I would like to do grift 100 at 899 seconds. As we can read from the graph, the power efficiency level is about 60 at 100 grift level so: C=(100x1000000)/(60x899)=1853 Paragon levels required for the slowest possible clear (again average Joe approximation).

I am assuming this 60 value stay more or less constant after 100 so let's check Archael's clear: Archael cleared 101 at 13m, 20.950 seconds (800.95) at 4600 paragon (don't know its exact value right now but profile is at this value). So what our graphs estimates for Archael: C=(101x1000000)/(60x800.95)=2102 Paragon clear requirement. So Archael well above satisfied this value. As a result his exceptional clear time.
  • Let's check the new top leader: Clear 103 at 14m 56.416s=896.416sec C=(103x1000000)/(60x896.416)=1915 Paragon level required for barely clearing the grift where this person has 3600 paragon (again well above, but a bare clear).

There will be another one of these analyses within 1 or 2 weeks for Necromancer, Wizard and the Barbarian in order to show the new skew in the existing power creep towards Necro and Wizard. However, S11 data will be very biased since many are favoring towards the Necromancer (given that is is a new addition).

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 31 July 2017

No More Diablo 3 on XP and Vista

It’s very unlikely that there are people left in the world that still play Diablo 3 on XP or Vista computers, but just in case you are one of those people, your worst fears have come true. Diablo 3 will no longer be available on these Windows versions because Blizzard has decided to shut down all support for these platforms effective from October 2017.

If for any reason you are still running your computer on XP or Vista, you may want reconsider your gaming choices. Considering how little alternatives you have, maybe you should start playing lotto or something. The powerball lottery is extremely profitable and considering you don’t need much of a computer to play powerball online, it’s something to think about. The last jackpot was $447 million!

Anyway, even StarCraft 2, WOW, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone players will be unable to play on their XP or Vista machines because Blizzard will be shutting down all support for these games too. It’s no old news because there were hints of this somewhere back in February, but considering not many players are affected, it never caught wind properly in the media. Now, it’s official.

XP and Vista have been abandoned even by Microsoft not long ago. In 2009 Microsoft officially stopped releasing updates and providing support for XP, while 3 years later in 2012 it did the same for Vista, one of the most disappointing Windows OS versions. However, despite that back then Blizzard’s policy was to continue providing support because it saw a number of players still using these OS versions to play their games. But, as they say, only diamonds are forever.

Almost a decade has passed since then, and the numbers of XP and Vista Diablo 3 players have declined to a number which Blizzard thinks no longer sustainable to continue spending resources on support. There is no point anymore in doing that. Since then three major Windows releases have been made and many players have upgraded to at least one of those three, said Blizzard in a short official statement.

Windows XP was one of the more successful Windows OS versions that survived almost a decade getting support from Microsoft, and almost two decades after it was released it’s still used by a handful of players. Vista on the other hand was a pure disaster, but gave us it much more successful successor Windows 7. A similar thing happened with Windows 8, which was largely unsuccessful, but gave way for its improved version, Windows 10.

If you are using XP or Vista because you have a potato computer, our hearts are with you. It’s time to upgrade and see how it’s like to have modern technology. If you are using XP or Vista just out of nostalgia and for fun, our hearts are with you too. Time to change to something different and let Diablo 3 rest in peace for these two very outdated OS versions.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This Double XP weekend has made me realize something..

I'd take a Double Goblin / Double Bounty weekend 100% of the time over XP. The simple fact that the bonus isn't applied to the closing of GR's makes this buff nearly half effective, on top of the fact that the ones who will benefit the most from this weekend are the people who are botting and exploiting freely anyways.

Farming Paragon levels for Non-Season, which a large portion of the playerbase chooses to avoid, is seemingly pointless. Whereas extra goblins would allow those of us who haven't found the Rainbow wings yet more of a chance at those, or those of us wanting to reroll for that perfect legendary could dedicate our time to stockpiling bounty mats.

Blizzard, I appreciate the initiative but I personally feel like you missed a large opportunity here at a time when the communities trust is already shaky.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

This is what's wrong with Skeletal Mage

A lot of us are complaining about the Skeletal Mage's short duration. Blizzard's design philosophy here was to make the minion build more active - but here's where they went wrong.

It boils down to the psychological principles of loss aversion (ie. people hate losing things far more than they like gaining things) and framing (ie people can either like or dislike something depending on how it is presented).

Damage can be framed in different ways: a direct attack spell, a damage-over-time spell, and a Skeletal Mage are all just forms of damage packaged to appear and feel different. In all three cases, you have to keep hitting a button in order to keep dealing damage - so why is it that it’s fun to keep hitting that button in some cases, but not in others? That’s where loss aversion comes in.

In the case of a direct damage spell, the default state is that you are dealing no damage. You hit the button in order to deal damage, which results in fun. In the case of the skeletal mage, particularly in the end-game minion build, the default state is that you have all your mages out. You are striving for 100% uptime on your army of mages. So when you are pushing that button, it’s not to gainsomething - you’re hitting this button every few seconds to avoid losing your mages. And that’s not fun.

Now it wouldn’t be as big a deal to have to hit this button every thirty seconds or so, but every few seconds turns it into busywork - yes, the playstyle is active, but not in a meaningful or interesting way. "Active" doesn't trump "passive" just by virtue of being active, but by being active in a meaningful way, as with Command Skeletons and Golem.

I explore this in-depth in my full review of the DLC.

Monday, 19 June 2017

How to complete your HotS cross promotion in a stress free and efficient way (Malthael's Bargain/Ghost Kerrigan Wings)

In light of some dissatisfaction I've read from diablo 3 players feeling forced to play an ungodly amount of a game they dislike and some HotS player complaining at afk and bad mannered play on the HotS side of things I have decided to pay a visit and see if I can get the word out there on how to get your games done in a fast and stress free way.

Heroes of the Storm is a whole lot of fun. I encourage you to actually give it a shot and see what its about, this is what this promotion is for. If you just want to get it over with thats okay too and this is how you will wrap it up in about an hour to an hour and a half.

You will want to do what we call AI rush. The concept is to get a group, ideally 5 man, to spam Low AI games that you win as fast as possible. In order to get progress towards the promotion you are going to want to be partied with a friend and to be playing a diablo hero.
Getting in a party with a friend is easy, its common practice in HotS to just ask in party chat for someone to add you as a friend so you get exp bonuses or other forms of participation.

In order to get a party for this event, assuming you dont have a friend (or 5) to do this with, I recommend you join general, reddit and LFG channels. You will do so by typing /join general /join reddit and /join LFG. You will then be able to talk in these channels.

Once you have joined those you will either message that you are looking for more for AI rush or looking for a group. For example : LFM AI rush Diablo Event or LFG with the same wording. This should be pretty easy as people are actively pursueing this at the moment, you should either form a group or be picked up by one shortly.

This brings us to how you win easy AI games very fast in order to be as efficient as possible in the process, thus actually properly AI rushing. This can take as little as 2 minutes to 2 minutes and a half per game but granted that everyone will likely be playing diablo heroes and some of you are less experienced players 5 to 7 minutes per match is probably a more realistic target.

You will want to be fighting the easiest level of AI (beginner) in the VS AI. Gamemode. (this is how you make a VS. AI game) You will want to do so in a party that has an understanding of how to properly AI rush, feel free to help them out if they dont, they really just want to get their shit done as much as you do and are likely to be cooperative.

Your strategy will be to completely ignore any map mechanic and 5 man rush a single lane for the whole game. Instead of playing the match and splitting between lanes like you normally would, you are going to rely on AI stupidity to roflstomp a single lane that you will push extra hard all the way to the core which you will then whittle at and kill in a timely manner. You will not struggle doing this because the beginner AI is really dumb, they will be going for mechanics, constantly trickle-in and try to split push you while you win every single fight in the lane you chose. You will want to prioritize towers over walls and forts/keeps over towers. Make sure to avoid catching too much heat from defensive structures, early game you can do so by trying to stay behind your minions. By the time you reach the enemy core you should be 2-3 levels ahead and close to lvl 10 traits (heroic) and completely crush your opponent in any form of engagement. In 3 lane maps the convention is to do this in the middle lane, in 2 lane maps generally I do it in the bottom lane, just ping where you are headed at the beginning of the match using the 'G' key and people should follow. If you see someone going by themselves in another lane just remind them what you are trying to achieve and how they can better contribute.

There are 2 exceptions to this strategy, two maps out there where the core is invulnerable to conventionnal attacks. Here are strategies to AI rush on them.

Hanamura – Ignore all the payloads. Pick a lane and push it all the way, destroy both layers of fortification this getting rid of a fort and a keep. When that lane is destroyed take your whole team to the other lane and do the same until all structures are down. You will be getting a bonus shot for every fort/keep destroyed. At this point you will have the equivalent of 5 shots saved up out of the 7 you need to destroy an enemy core. There should be two payloads up for escort at this point in the game. You will want to escort them both to land a total of 6 shots on the core and kill the boss for the missing 7th shot, this should take about 6-7 minutes.
Towers of Doom – Shove bottom lane extremely hard, you should be able to get that fort down before the first altar mechanic comes up. This fort will flip and become under your control. Your team will split to channel the altars which should come up around the time the bottom fort falls. You will want to be winning all 3 altars available on the first wave. You will then get your team back to bottom and defeat both pumpkin camps (siege camps) and escort the pumpkin mercenaries all the way to the enemy wall, past where that fort you have stolen is. Each pumpkin that makes it is worth a shot on the enemy core. At this point you will want to be alternating between capping and escorting the pumpkins and channeling the altars when they are available. Kill the boss as soon as possible, you should only have time for one boss kill during the whole match, he is worth 4 shots. Another strategy for this is to try and cap and control all 6 forts and rely on them shooting + channeling altars for the win but in my opinion its not as reliable for new players and you may just want to go the safe way I explained above that might in the end get you a faster kill.

The diablo heroes in the current free rotation are pretty great. Diablo and Sonya are melee brawlers, Cassia is a ranged assassin and Nazeebo is a ranged specialist that packs a lot of punch by spamming the spider jar.

Monday, 29 May 2017

My Theory on Blood Raven/Moreina's fall

We all know that the Blood Raven in D2 is the canon version of D1's rogue player. I'm quite interested at her downfall. This is my theory.

This is the Blood Raven quest's introduction in D2. Given by Kashya

"My Rogue scouts have just reported an abomination in the Monastery graveyard! Apparently, Andariel is not content to take only our living. Blood Raven, one of our finest captains in the battle against Diablo at Tristram, was also one of the first to be corrupted by Andariel. Now, you'll find her in the Monastery graveyard raising our dead as zombies! We cannot abide this defilement! If you are truly our ally, you will help us destroy her."

From her description, the Blood Raven was influenced by Andariel.

Akara and Charsi's lines proved that she was the rogue in D1

"Blood Raven fought valiantly against Diablo in the catacombs beneath Tristram...She was never quite the same afterwards. It is now obvious she brought an evil influence back with her."

"Blood Raven was the leader of a Rogue band that once fought Diablo at Tristram."

"Akara felt something was wrong even before Andariel descended upon us. She feared that Blood Raven had stumbled upon some evil force beneath Tristram. I wish we had acted then..."

We also know that she was influenced with darkness by fighting Diablo's minions.

The Book of Tyrael has a small section telling us her story, and giving her true name out

Moreina (deceased)

Amid the Darkening of Tristram, a cowled and shadowy figure arrived in the town to battle the forces of the Burning Hells. Her name was Moreina, and she was one of the highly skilled rogues from the Sisters ofthe Sightless Eye. When at last evil had been purged from Tristram, this brave woman ventured back to her order. But she carried something dark with her-a silent madness that ate away at her once noble heart. Assuming the name Blood Raven, she fell into league with the Lesser Evil Andariel and assaulted her fellow rogues before finally being killed.

So Tyrael's account side with Akara and Charsi, that Diablo 1's event was what mainly turned Moreina mad.

However, from Kashya and Warriv's line, we know that Blood Raven was undead, not demon.

"Death has done nothing to weaken Blood Raven's combat skills. If anything, she's more deadly than ever."

"Hmmm...How can one kill what is already dead?"

Also we all know that after she was killed, her spirit will release waves of lightning to kill off all the undead she had summoned, then perish. It proves her spirit was not really corrupted.

We can also observe the other two D1 heroes.

The warrior turned evil because he put Diablo's soulstone on his head.

The sorcerer didn't ally with the demons, he went to seek power and turned completely mad after got into the Sanctuary, possibly possessed by the power and spirit of Horazon.

They didn't simply turned to be demons' servants by fighting them.

My theory is:

Moreina's mind was never totally corrupted, the darkness she had carried with her had changed her to become worse than she once was, so she was used by Andariel, then the Lesser Evil killed her and turned her into undead servant. When she was killed by the players, her spirit was released from the undead shackle and washed away the darkness, used her final strength to redeem her mistake.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Convention of Elements is the worst item in the game.

It promotes a game play where for 12 seconds of the game you don't do anything. You run around, making sure that you survive and that you don't cast your spells/skills so that they are not on cooldown when the 4 seconds come in which you can must cast all your skills to do your damage. Do you know what casting skills is called? PLAYING THE GAME. I'm sorry for yelling, I'm very frustrated with many of the developers decisions but for me this one takes the cake. Convention of Elements came to be as an alternative to Stone of Jordan. You see Stone of Jordan was seen by, well everybody, as a very boring item that provides such a damage boost that it was seen as a must play. What is the developers solution to this problem? An item that is far more boring since it promotes that you do not actually play the game for 3/4 of the time. The biggest problem is just how powerful it is; To a point where you feel like you are forced to play it and there you are, casting your skills with almost no damage most of the time, feeling frustrated and then finding that "oh wait, my skills are on cooldown now that the element of my build has come up, ups, I guess I'll wait for 16 more seconds to be able to do anything" or, you can have the joy of just running around, not doing anything but trying to survive because it's not your time to play the game.

Yes I am frustrated. Yes I am angry. Diablo 3 was in development for 7 years and it has been 5 years since it is out. 12 years should be enough time to make a game that is fun to play. Many of you remember the state that it came out in, so I won't say that progress has not been made, but it sure seems like it has stopped. And there is so much more to be angry and frustrated about. So why am I writing this? Because I love the game. I have spent a stupid amount of time playing D3 and I will most probably keep on playing it, but something has got to happen to make this game fun again. Things like Convention of Elements and Set Dungeons are just not fun. I won't go into Set Dungeons so that we stay on point and topic. Games are suppose to be fun and somewhere along the way when the developers were brainstorming for things that are new and unusual they forgot to ask themselves if those things are fun.

Please remove or rework Convention of Elements, sooner rather then later, not an year from now, that is very much too late, do it while there are still people who enjoy the game. Thank you for reading. Try to forgive my anger, I would not shout if I did not care.

EDIT: I agree with what a lot of people have stated, don't remove or rework Convention of Elements. There are people who actually enjoy that play style. These people are clearly mad, but they too should enjoy Diablo 3, but I digress. Instead we need items in the ring slot that can be placed in the Kanai Cube, that are of a similar power level to CoE but different play style. Preferably a play style that does not cause 80% of us, judging by the response on this thread, to be bored and frustrated.