Saturday, 25 April 2015

8 Icons on buffs bar is not enough.

A lot of people have been complaining about this and I couldn't find a past post talking about this so I decided to start the discussion about this.

The buffs bar is there to help us see what we have and keep track of our buffs and stacks. But with today's group play and meta having 8 icons is simply not enough. I'll take my character as example (WW Barb). Playing as a group we have the 4 players buff (1), Focus buff (2), Restraint buff (3), War Cry tracker (4), Battle Rage tracker (5), Taeguk stacks (6), Sprint tracker (7) and Rampage stacks (8). So far the bar is full. If I play with a Monk I also get the mantra buff (9), I use Bash to activate Focus and Restraint buff so the skill have a tracker showing the stacks and the time left with the stacks (10), the Monk use Serenity and add an icon to the bar (11), I get low and activate Ignore Pain (12) and we get a Pylon so it's icon #13. By the time I get all these things, I can't see if I still have Focus and Restraint buff, Bash stacks and don't even know wich pylon the team got without reading the text, and this can get difficult sometimes because my screen is full of tornados (spinning it to win it). That was my case. Today I don't even know if some classes have even more buffs/trackers. Feel free to give your examples.

Do you guys think that 8 icons is enough or Blizzard could add some slots there to make everything easier?

Sorry about any english mistakes. This is not my native language.

TL;DR We have too many buffs and the bar can't handle it.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Barbarian: Rank 1 Lightning build.

--replaced Unforgiving with Nerves of Steel --replaced Esoteric gem with Pain Enhancer --still tough as balls

This is the build I reached rank 1 with. It's different in several ways from the most popular build that barbarians are running. Though the leaderboards are in constant flux, reaching rank 1 (and the third barbarian to clear a 50 this season) has shown that this is a viable setup, and frankly I think it's easier to make work than the physical setup. i.e. there are almost never deaths, it doesn't rely on healing, and the damage is extremely consistent. I thought it was worth posting an explanation of the build because no one else (like, literally no one else anywhere near the top of the leaderboard) is running it.

I use lightning instead of physical for a few reasons. With physical, you need to run CotA -- Ancient's Fury to sustain your damage. However, once you get to higher levels of grifts, it's very easy to die, especially in high-density situations. Because of that, I decided to run CotA -- Together as One. Unfortunately, that eliminated Ancient's Fury as an option for Fury generation, so I went Whirlwind -- Wind Shear, instead. Wind Shear allows you to generate Fury by hitting things, so it's fantastic for clearing trash and bosses with adds, and works well enough on pure single target bosses, in tandum with the Weapon Master passive (because the setup requires an IK Boulder Breaker) and Unforgiving. In addition to these decisions, I run Reaper's Wraps to make sure that I have as close to 100% DPS uptime on single target bosses as possible.

Together as One eliminated the need for the physical build's healing, so I was free to look at a Rend rune besides Blood Lust or Bloodbath. Lacerate (the lightning rune) seemed like a no-brainer, and some anecdotal testing revealed that it's "fine" because wearing lightning elemental damage gear buffs it significantly. However, I ultimately went with Mutilate (cold rune) because this build requires several minutes of uptime on the boss and multilate makes a huge difference on trash, so you get to the boss faster. It also helps on the boss, but lacerate might be better. More testing is needed. At any rate, Bloodbath/Blood Lust are just not necessary for this build to work.

The gear setup itself is pretty unremarkable and has become the de facto standard (for now). 6-piece Wrath of the Wastes, combined with 4-piece Immortal Kings (achieved with the IK belt and Boulder Breaker. Ring of Royal Grandeur is required, of course. One notable difference that I've already mentioned is that I'm running Reaper's Wraps with lightning damage. I run full strength gems because I have double Unity, but I cleared up to 47 with no Unity because I gemmed full diamonds. So make the choice best for your gear setup.

Legendary gems are Taeguk, Bane of the Trapped, and (somewhat controversially) Esoteric Alteration. Why Esoteric? With double Unity it's probably not necessary. Bane of the Powerful seems like it might be very useful for boss damage and faster clears. However, at least pre-Unity, it's quite useful.

The skill setup, some of which as already been covered, is also quite standard, with the exception of the runes I run. Together as One instead of Ancients Fury, Wind Shear instead of Blood Funnel, and Lacerate instead of a physical rune. I also run Battle Rage -- Swords to Ploughshares to keep globes spawning to keep ancients alive, as well as to supplement Fury for single target bosses. If you don't have Unity, you can substitute by using the Striding Giant Rune with Wrath of the Berserker, instead of Insanity, though you will be missing a considerable amount of damage.

Some of my passive skills are very different than what most people run. Ruthless is absolutely required. I also like the armor you get from the strength generated from Rampage, but Brawler is probably competitive for that passive slot, too. You'll notice I dropped Boon of Bul-Kathos. This is because I almost never die, so the default cooldown of the skill, in tandum with the 4-piece IK bonus, keeps both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients up often enough. I run Unforgiving to help out for single target bosses, as well as Weapon Master because, again, on single target bosses, it helps with fury.

tl;dr got rank 1 with this build. This works and doesn't require Unity. Here's my armory profile (it might show my group setup instead of my grift setup because it only updates ~1 time per day).

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Updated Legendary Drop Rates & BloodShard prices for 2.2

Finally done with the 2.2 update, took awhile this time around. A lot of new items, so I might have made a few errors, if you find any please let me know.

The spreadsheet can be found here. Or as an Excel download here.

Navigate it via. the tabs at the bottom or top.

Any suggestions or possible errors, please point them out here or PM me.

Note: If you want to make a copy for yourself, go to File > Make a Copy. This might not work if too many people are viewing the document at the same time, only solutions I know of is to come back another time and try again.

Note: If you cannot navigate the list with the tabs at the bottom, the document has probably been forced into HTML only mode. That happens when there is too much traffic to a document, nothing I can do from my end.

Note: If you are one of those weird people who use periods instead of commas for decimal places. First make a copy for yourself, explained above. Then go to File > Spreadsheet settings and set it to the relevant Locale.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

How to trade Ramaladis gift

This exploit was in the PBE and didnt get fixed going to live heres how to reproduce
  1. Have Ramaladis already (That you want to trade)
  2. Get a new ramaladi with a person you wanna trade more than one ramaladi with (or whatever)
  3. Dropp your old ramaladi stack or one INTO THE NEW ramaladi, and the whole stack will be tradeable with the friend you found the newest one with
  4. Give ramaladi away.
Will post pictures when i find a new Ramaladi! =)

I am aware that this "exploit" is minor but it can be incredibly useful in some situtations!

Friday, 17 April 2015

It's been said before, the buff UI needs to be fixed

So I recently started using the Convention of Elements ring, and noticed that there are times where it will be pushed off the buff bar. This might not seem like a big issue to some, but a big part of the ring is knowing WHEN it's relevant. And if the buff isn't on screen, and I'm unable to see my character clearly, I have no way of knowing if it's on cold or physical.

There's an easy fix for this. Make it so the buff stays in the beginning. Or make a priority system for all buffs. An example of this is that the Call of the Ancients buff will always stay in the bar, never moving. This goes for other buffs as well. So, just add the CoE buff to that list, together with other important buffs.

I took a screenshot to show when it disappears: 

But yeah. Seems like an easy fix. Hopefully it will be done.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

DatModz just found a HUGE exploit

People getting 4k+ bloodshards from goblins. He just tested it on stream. I really hope Blizzard fixes this asap and takes action against those guys with 700k+ bloodshards who did it on purpose.

And no, I won't tell how he did it - yet

This is from Blizzards official Exploitation policy:

Accounts participating in exploitative behavior are suspended or closed based on the severity of the offense. See our In-Game and Forum Violations article for additional information on penalties that may be applied to accounts found in violation of these policies.
Bug Exploitation
Sometimes bugs can be used to provide an unfair advantage to certain players or to negatively affect the service itself. Factors included in determining an appropriate penalty for knowing exploitation of a bug include:
Whether or not the exploit is performed intentionally, maliciously, and/or repeatedly.
Whether or not the exploit damages another character, their gameplay, the service itself, and/or its economy.
Whether or not an attempt has been made to conceal the exploit's use.
Bug exploitation that we consider extreme includes, but is not limited to:
Any exploit that has a severe negative impact on a realm's economy. Causing disruption in service or intentionally crashing a realm/server.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Legendary gem levels should be account-wide

Right now, everyone keeps swapping their leveled gems between characters since leveling multiple copies of the same gem is very time-consuming. But this discourages playing multiple characters, obviously, since the swap is a tedious task.

I think an intuitive and easy to implement system would be to have the gem levels be account-wide (split into SC/HC and season/non-season). No special UI is required, you just always upgrade all copies of the same gem on all your chars.

I guess this would make a gem UI really useful, but I don't think it is that important and shouldn't be the reason to defer this e.g. to the next expansion.

The only question that remains is how to roll over seasonal gem levels. The simplest solution would be to use the highest of the two levels (regular or seasonal). I think this is acceptable, although some alternatives can be viable depending on how complex Blizz wants to make it.

I really hope they implement this soon, I'm getting really tired of swapping gems around for no good reason.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Alkaizer's thoughts on Trials

What pisses me off is that in tavern talk they said something along the lines of 'We don't want people just picking a level because they'll pick too high and not enjoy it'.

1) That's just insulting to the player-base.

2) We still fucking choose with trials. It just takes us fucking ages to make that choice.

3) Not everyone in the game is going for max the entire season and doing that max over and over. No one does that. Everyone does the math and quits out when at the level they want.

4) All of their counter-arguments against alternatives are also counter-arguments against trials. If shitty options are all we have at least give us the least shitty one.

5) They just bring nothing to the table. Nothing.

The obvious alternative that's thrown around here every day.

Start at level 1. Choose any level that you've beaten before +1.

Not only is this better for everyone who hates trials. It's better for the newbie/super-casuals who's glass cannon/aoe builds take them higher in trials than they'd enjoy playing anyway. Just better for every-one.

It's like they're shooting down better options for not being perfect and not realising that they're still SIGNIFICANTLY better than trials.

It's just so dumb.

The only silver lining is that a trials hot-fix wouldn't negatively impact leaderboards and also be happily accepted by the community mid-season...

We need some kind of panel of elected players to have an open discussion with the dev team once per season so that they actually have some idea about what it's like to play the game. There's just this gigantic disconnect right now between the players and blizzard.

Sorry for the language. I just don't understand on any level what the dev team are thinking with trials. I can’t comprehend it.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Deadset's Guide to: Tal Rasha Wizard (GR50+)

Happy Season 3 to you all, and may RNGsus bring you all the right loot (and Unburied, and Stoneboy...)

Much like in Patch 2.1.2, I have set out to explore all the classes and provide a guide from personal experience, in the highest gameplay environment I can accomplish at the time. The first one is dedicated to the Tal Rasha Wizard, one of my favorite reworks in S3.


Key points of the guide:

  • The suggested build can easily tackle GR50+, as evidenced by the demonstration - completing GR51 in sub-optimal gear.
  • While focused on Serpent's Sparker and Hydras to deliver the majority of the non-Meteor damage, the guide outlines a key variation into pure Meteor / semi-melee gameplay, if you don't enjoy being a summoner.
  • The build takes advantage of the seasonal bracer Ranslor's Folly for Energy Twister crowd control, but can deviate into Ancient Parthan Defenders / Halo of Arlyse combo if you prefer tankyness over glass cannon gameplay.
  • The guide mentions the flexibility of the shoulder slot and suggests either the consistent (but close range) damage of Death Watch Mantle, or the RNG cheat death of Pauldrons of the Skeleton King.
  • The utility of Pain Enhancer for Hydra attack speed is mentioned in the Legendary Gem section, alongside the usual suspects BotT, Zei and Toxin.

I hope you enjoy the guide and have as much fun as I did on Tal Rasha! The set is in my top revamps of 2.2, alongside Immortal King, Natalya (the next guide!) and Zunimasa.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Here's some different, in-depth advice for speed leveling in Season 3 that isn't often explained

Hey folks, so we basically see the same leveling advice being repeated over and over every season etc. so I put together a guide that's a little more in-depth on certain tactics that may not be as obvious to newer players. I also have a master spreadsheet that I will be using for my 1-70 in season 3, with point-for-point what I will be doing at every level etc.

Spreadsheet here.

Some key points from the video:

Halls 3 is just as fast as cursed chest farming, but combine both methods for a ~15% improvement in leveling speed (see spreadsheet for a Wizard method).

Plan you skills and crafting ahead of time. This can account for a lot of wasted time over the course of the 1-70 process.

Have a system that allows you to basically instantly know on mouse-over when an item is an upgrade or not. You can waste so much time over the course of 1-70 debating if an item is an upgrade (see spreadsheet for my method).

Optimize your 1-70 build for doing these specific runs: big, fast, spammable AoE that can hit just about all the monsters in a cursed bounty.

Learn to pull. Don't waste any time, don't waste any mana, don't waste any attacks; always optimize the amount of damage you're dealing by maximizing the number of targets hit (may need to watch the video to understand pulling; if you're a high-GRift barb though, you obviously know what this means).

Basically, this really boils down to making you more conscientious of how you are spending (wasting) your time. Because I edit a lot of videos, I've come to realize how much time I waste standing around in town, looking at skills, items, etc. Speed leveling is all about min-maxing: the typical advice tends to focus on maxing - maximizing your speed, but we can't forget to also minimize our wasted time. It seems intuitive enough, but I see a lot of people who just don't "get" it.

Happy Season 3.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Demon Hunter Rift Guardians Survival Guide Part 1 / 3

This is part 1 of the demon hunter survival guide regarding rift guardian bosses. It goes over the abilities of each boss, the type of elemental damage they deal as well as what animations you should look out for and my personal difficulty rating for each boss.

Hope you find this guide useful. Enjoy!

Monday, 6 April 2015

PSA - Era 3 has already begun (US Servers)

Logged on this morning, and noticed a 2015 - 2 (Current) on the non-season leaderboards.. which means Era 2 and Season 2 did NOT end at the same time. So you can actually rank on Era 3 leaderboards right now..

I was #1 Monk for approximately... 15 seconds!  

Was kind of disappointed since I had gotten one more GR key to waste trying to go up a few ranks in Era 2 :( Pretty sure they intended them to end at the same time as S2, but everyone is on holiday today and it wouldn't be rolledback anyways methinks.

US Website (era/3):

Sunday, 5 April 2015

I cleared a GR10! (Or the casual solo-player actually accomplished something)

I don't really have any friends who would be able to understand my excitement, but I just had to tell it to someone!

I play D3 by myself. I have two friends who have the game, but they don't really play. So I've always just kind of done it alone.

Things like Greater Rifts, T6, legendary sets and ancient items have always sounded really cool, but for me, the lowly solo player with not much time, they would be a far away dream that I never had much hope of really accomplishing.

I just got ROS when season 2 started. And even though I've had D3 since launch, my first character (a monk) was my highest and only at level 50something.

But when I got the expansion and season 2 started, I made a goal that I would cap my new Wizard at level 70. To me, that seemed like a huge deal.

So I began my struggle. With bounties and rifts leveling seemed faster, but I still had to bounce between difficulties, hovering somewhere around expert depending on the bounty I had to do. Malthael was a nightmare for me, even on expert.

Slowly but surely I got better gear and things started getting easier for me until finally, just the other day, I decided (after a few failed attempts in the past) that I would try Torment again.

I cleared a normal rift on Torment and was ecstatic when a Keystone of Trials dropped. I second guessed myself, but decided to go for it and at least try.

I cleared it and a GR10 key dropped for me, and I went for it. It was entirely stressful, I didn't want to fail on my first try, but I cleared it before the timer ran out! And honestly, for me, the person who thought they'd never do a Greater Rift at all, and was happy to even cap, I was completely elated.

It might not seem like much for people who clear the highest level GRs many times a day, but for me, It was the most amazing thing that's ever happened since I played d3.

Now season 2 is ending and I don't expect I'll progress any further. But now that I've come this far, for season 3, my goal is to reach all the way to T6!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Witch doctor: Season2 GR45 complete with Tiki Sac. GR42+ guide.

Hello fellow WD's!

This season my 'project' was to get a high as I could with Petdoc (no Jade play at all) as I havent played beloved WD since prior to GR's being released, I had a fair bit to catch up on (ie I had no idea how much damage this class can output) but the biggest problem is how you deal damage to mobs and cannot choose who you kill so in higher tier you need as much time as possible.

Last night I did 45 in 11:4x got Rank16 and only seems to br 1 other petdoc higher, so I feel confident to write a guide about this class now

As season is closing and 2.2 is coming Tiki Sac will stay generally the same playstyle and I never seen any GR guides for Tikisac apart from gear/skill choices not how to actually succeed in higher tiers so if you are looking at this im going to assume you have these items below and are looking for advice on how to play (I dont record my runs anymore as haters gonna hate no matter what)

  • SMK (Ancient just means a higher ceiling) and Homunculus (a 4 second Ancient Homunc with FA damage and crit can be harder than AncientSMK)
  • 8 Sec Tiki - Needs 8 sec or you waste CDR
  • Aughild 3 piece - Chest/Bracer/Shoulder - Make them Ancient ofc
  • Cains 2 piece - Boots/Pants
  • Witching Hour / Unity / SoJ
  • Ess of Johan - this is a fantasic item I would say its BiS for petdoc

These Skills are mandatory, dont change them unless you swap Toads for Haunt in which you need Rush of Essence
  • Toads / FA / Spirit Walk / BBV / Sacrifice / Horrify
  • Spirit Vessel / Psychos / Grave Injustice (or RoE) / Pierce the Veil

The key to the build is stacking mobs, even though you have Melee Fetishes and can only hit 1 target at once, they are much more efficient when mobs are stacked together in a group plus fetishes save time by not running to each mob to hit them, but to stack mobs effectively you need to know how to engage them, there really is only a few very dangerous mobs in this game which arent elites/champs.

When I play solo I play very similair to zDPS - I just run ahead scouting for juicy packs and Champs while keeping Horrify up another extremely important part is knowing what to kill and what to skip as they arent worth the time -

  • Best friends -
These guys are what you want and tonnes of them, a whole rift really the PetDoc thrives off massive mobs with huge HP, they are always worth killing because you only do Single target dmg

  • Golgors / Mallet Lords / Executioners (unpullables) these are my favourite mobs, you use them as "Pull rods" and with the Ess of Johan you will start pulling everything to them, run directly up to them and start building a pack around them. I have never died once to any of these as trash, infact they have never even hit me but as Champs/Elites they can be dangerous
  • Tusked Bogans / Brood Mothers / Unburied / Death Maidens / Stoneboys (large pullables) These guys are pretty good yet many of them spawn tiny adds which waste your time, block the mob and dont give progression. Unburied are just the best mob anyway in the game but they are pullable as well making them even juicier, killing these are generally worth it as long as they make more adds.
  • Ponies / Teddies - bugged mobs that give 3x the progression of a normal mob, if you can get Whimsey mobs on a high tier you are lucky as its around 1/100 rifts for these guys, they are Stoneboy in mob form
  • Thralls / Lacunis / Soul Lashers / Fallen Champs are quite good as long as they dont have tonnes of shitty trash around them like Fallen Champs have many Grunts around them that give 0.01 progression per kill. If you see Cultists praying let them turn.

Lacuni Stalkers or the ones who throw grenades have a 'dash' attack which can be used as you Horriy them but they can land outside the circle and become unstunned allowing them to attack you again with a projectile

  • Undead are great but dont get hung up on killing them all, just kill large groups and move on. Dust Eaters however kill them all as they give .5 per kill which is stupid progression
  • Cancer Mobs

These mobs are awful mainly because they give no progress, usually are annoying in someway and are most likely ranged, some of these bastards even get their own category because they are so bad, most of my deaths are to these guys in trash form in higher tiers

Grotesques - Love these on any other class but this one, even worse with Ess pulling large groups of them to you, I cant tell you how many times they have proc'd my SV or killed me from them dieing and I simply cant see them explode, sometimes I have to run away and keep them at the edge of the Horrify and even then sometimes the explosion can still hit you. Its 1 shotness from 41-42 onwards. They can be the cause of you failing said rift if you keep dieing to them or losing control as you have to move

Exarch - Hate them. No progress hardly, they stay well out of Tiki range just dropping lightning into you, I kill them somtimes so they stop annoying me

Anarch - Hate them even more than Exarchs. The charge attack they do not only can 1 shot you, it leaves a trail of fire on the floor which then kills you in 2 seconds but when they do the charge it usually leaves them outside the Horrify meaning they can just do it again and again until you lock them down. Lock them down asap

Exorcist - OMFG These guys are worse than Elites and some RGs, its insta 1 shot even tho they technically have a Channelling DoT, Most dangerous mob in the game. A Champion pack with Jailer on 44 is less likely to kill you than 1 Exorcist.

Random mobs to avoid - Almost all small mobs (Winged Assassins arent too bad) Fallen Grunts of all colours, Adds, Insects, Succubus, Armaddons (dont give good progress) Barbed Lurkers (unless you immediately lock them down and they are Champs)
  • Affixes - Most affixes arent too bothersome once you have locked down a mob but there a few that stand out that will ruin your rift easy.
Reflect - This is retarded. At 41+ Toads insta 1 shots you if you hit a mob with it, but even if you arent it seems Pain Enhancer/Horrify combo seem to proc it as everytime I face a RD mob I lose 50-70% HP instantly by just standing there. Horrify procs Pain Enhancer, no idea why as it doesnt Crit.

Electrified - Cant stop it, only way is Xeph which is not recommendable, the only way to deal with it is standing about 13 yards away. Also Electrified procs their other affixes like Nightmarish so you may find yourself just running away from mobs which will cause chaos, may get you killed, watch out for this one

Molten - Spirit Walk can avoid this but sometimes shit just blows up concurrently and you cant dodge them without dieing so you must move..which can cause chaos. When a mob is pulled with Molten it will trail fire underneath them which can lead to death as you may not be able to move.

Then theres the dangerous yet avoidable such as -

Arcane will 1 shot but easy to dodge and move, Plagued will not go away so if a mob has created lots of poison maybe move on, Poison Enchanted is powerful but easy to dodge, Desecrator is temporary so Spirit Walk it.
  • Rift Guardians
So you are you 99% and you have 5 mins got this right? maybe as long as you dont pull a dreamcrusher, This is where the Petdoc seriously falls over, hardly any class loses lots of effectiveDPS because they cannot keep minions supplied because they are being wiped out in 3-4 seconds, ive failed a few rifts I assumed I had easily got because the damage can flatline sometimes.

Rule for RGs is: You want Stonesinger if failing that you want a Standalone RG that doesnt spawn adds, an RG with adds that also wipes out you and your fetishes are nightmares

■Agnidox - Good RG as no Adds. Can kill you easily though

■Blighter - HATE this guy on every other class but love him on Petdoc, Fetishes body block his poison attacks you only have to dodge his floor attacks occasionally. Very easy

■Bloodmaw - Bloodmaw bugs out and you can stunlock him just run away when he enrages and then go back and stunlock him again. Hes easy

■Bone Warlock - Easy takedown until he spawns adds which interfere with DPS and Fetishes, try pull his minions directly onto him

■Cold Snap - Stay within 25 yards or he FCs you, Freezes your minions, Pulse can 1 shot you at 44+. Dangerous

■Crusader King - Wastes tonnes of time, his Swing attacks can wipe ALL your fetishes out instantly

■Ember - Easy, just stand away from the Meteors and let Fetishes take them, even his Lunatics cant do shit as you lock them down instantly

■Erethon - Worst RG without Adds, this guy is tough, he has high armor it seems or HP, his melee attacks wipe out Fetish and if you are too far he just charges at you constantly..good for luring him to Pylons though

■Eskandiel - THE WORST. I used to think Saxtris was, this guy is the worse, failed many rifts to him, his Minions are much stronger than Saxtris's so they dont die much leaving hardly anytime to attack Eskandiel, Arcane 1 shotsyou, Wave attack 1 shots you, hate this guy

■Infernal Maiden - Easy, She tele's to you occasionally easy to dodge, Fire attack doesnt even 1 shot

■Man Carver - Hook attacks will 1 shot you, no pattern to this guy I stay as close as possible but it still doesnt stop the Hooks

■Orlash - You can lock him down but he can still attack, he is easy but wastes time

■Perdition - I figured this one out! Spam toads until he casts his AoE Knife attack - Run away - Run back he will then Telep to you and 1 shot USE SPIRIT WALK for this and repeat this pattern until he dies. He cant even kill me now

■Perendi - Suffers somesort of lockdown and does nothing, stay away from him

■Raiziel - Pretty easy, can kill you and Fetishes just be on your toes

■Rime - Dodge the floor effects and your fine

■Sand Shaper - Easy just dodge the Tornados

■Saxtris - Not as bas as Eskandiel but still bad, open areas make him a lot easier

■Stonesinger - Love you Stoneboy

■Tethrys - Technically the least dangerous RG, fetishes swamp her and her projectiles cannot pierce

■The Binder - Very easy, if you stand behind her you CANNOT die as her spider poison spit can only shoot forwards

■The Choker - Takes a while as he hides in corners and inside the walls so Fetishes cant get him. I fkn hate Barbed Lurkers

■Voracity - The higher you go the less fun he is.

Ive covered most things, I may of missed something which I can add tomorror when im back at work.

Goodluck with your RGs. Im trying for 46-47 by end of Season 2 and thanks for reading

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