Monday, 3 June 2019

Diablo 2: All Cinematics Remastered (4k 60fps, Playlist)

I think Desert Journey scaled the best out of all of them.

The two Act V cinematics, but especially Destruction's End, have a distinct checkboard pattern in the original videos that is not present in the other acts. I would guess this due to changes in how they compressed the videos in the expansion compared to the base game. Upscaling does not fix this issue, and as a result there are noticeable artifacts compared to earlier remastered cinematics.

Destruction's End scaled particularly poorly because of two main reasons: Tyrael has a ton of visual effects on him that limit the visual quality on his body and wings, and there's a lot of motion that caused a lot of compression artifacts in the original videos.

However, even the scenes that didn't benefit much from upscaling still benefit from the framerate increase.

Here are side-by-side comparisons for each cinematic:

Additional note, some of the videos are monetized because they were auto-claimed as belonging to Blizzard (which, to be fair, they do). So if you're seeing ads on them, that's why.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Season 17 has been fun. D3 has come a long way.

I fall in and out of love with D3. This season I pick up the necro and played through the campaign at my own pace on expert. I played from launch, a big fan of D2, and only played enough to make my money back on the real money AH, me and a friend had both rolled melee classes and so when we hit infernal Act 2 it was a complete nightmare and I think we dropped in for loot 2.0 before RoS dropped and a sustained period after that. I have played several seasons but not all of them as I went off to try other ARPGs and looter shooters on offer.

It all got me thinking that although I'm not a big fan of the main story, the attention to detail and lore voice over really set Diablo apart from a lot of looters.

It's a design decision that brings the world to life if you hit play or you can ignore if you want too and you dont have to delve into some disconnected online Grimoire to find out more. Little tid bits that enliven the experience. (Imagine if Destiny had voice overs for even half the grimoire cards, the story and world would not feel half as drab.)

The aesthetic is great and pace is furious. It's not the same as the other Diablo games but its definitely a lot of fun in it's own way. I can only hope any future Diablo games keep the recorded lore that isn't overly invasive.

Anyway, thought I'd share something enjoyable for me this season. The meagre amount of drip fed content is enriched by a break and not rushing the campaign. I know there is a lot of frustration around the Diablo franchise but I'd like to believe it's down to a passionate fanbase who wants it to live up to it's potential.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Blizzard, Can you please just send us a picture of a team working on a game please.

Not sure if im alone in here that would love some news, but i loved most of your game, been playing them for the past 22 years, and what i would love ATM is a picture, a screenshot, a GIF, a video, a stream, of a team of people working on a *PC* game, with a smile on their face, because they love their job and are passionate about the game they are currently making.


And not this one:

For only 4.99$ a month, you can support a starving developer and receive a personalized* photo of his or her happy** face while working on our awesome upcoming titles! Additionally, every 100$ spent on the Diablo Immortal™ store will help support laid off developers with shelter and food during their first night without a job!

* Employee photos may be of already laid off staff.

** We reserve our right to enforce happiness by alternative methods if required.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Picked up Diablo 1 and Played it again It is the best Diablo I ever played

I’m really surprised that the overall sentiment towards D2 wasn’t disappointment after D1. I’m going to chalk up D2 as the FFVII of Diablo and D1 as the FFVI for the sake of a bad comparison. I’m going to assume less people played D1 overall than D2.

I’ll be honest. I liked Diablo before playing the first. I wasn’t a mega fan of the genre. Titan Quest was the first game of the genre I played. It was okay. I never grew up on crpgs and came in late so I never played Diablo 2. Diablo 3 was my first Diablo. Before playing it I felt the genre was mediocre at best. Like, I’d play Torchlight and thought the game sucked. But Diablo III was the first game of its kind to suck me in in any real way. I loved the game but never had any reason to replay it with another character. I loved the multiplayer and building up your character over time but overall it was just a giant rabbit hole of endlessness and the overall game wasn’t lean or challenging enough to stand on its own without the addiction loop. Still, I had enough fun for it to last a while and dumped hundreds of hours into it.

At the time I didn’t quite understand the hubbub surrounding why Diablo fans didn’t like 3, but now I do. It was Disney by comparison of D1 and 2. Gone was the isolation and was replaced with a bunch of mercs endlessly talking. Gone was the challenge and thinking. The combat was fun and great though, but thinking that I would use for a game like Baldurs Gate wasn’t present. I was curious why any crpg fan could ever find Diablo a top tier crpg franchise. It was fun and all, but where was the choice? Where was the decision making that made the genre so great?

I later played Diablo 2. I liked it far more, but it was still mostly easy and mindless. Lots of great loot, but that’s meaningless if you mow down most enemies with ease.

I gave Path of Exile a shot and it was just jank.

I pretty much just passed the pc action rpg as just not for me. Not a bad genre but not something robust like the Ultima VII’s, Fallout 2’s, Baldur’s Gate’s of old. I pretty much filed the genre as inferior and vapid.

I bought Diablo 1 on a lark. First of all, it was cheap. Second of all, the premise sounded fun. I was still hesitant and figured I’d have wasted 10 bucks going by how it’s considered “old”. Turns out Diablo 1 is the first pc arpg that has the sensibilities of an actual game with choices rather than shoving endless shiny shit in your face.

Reasons why Diablo 1 is the best arpg:

  • The feeling of isolation is unparalleled. As you slowly descend the church you get further and further away from a safe haven and it feels like it too.
  • One centralized locale and organic storytelling. You’re not traveling all over the world and fighting in jungles or ancient Egypt Esau’s country. Keep that shit simple, fam. Get in, get out. This makes the characters not only more in depth but there’s a great feeling of slowly unraveling a mystery. You don’t know who the witch on the edge of town is. Turns out she just suddenly showed up the night of the attack. Details are revealed slowly. Why’s Farnham an alcoholic and why’s his mind broken? Oh. OH. Who is Lazarus? Each question is thoroughly examined as you go through the game like the fog of war in an RTS. This makes the storytelling in Diablo 1 involved. By contrast no one will shut up in D2 and 3. Far too much dialogue and spilling the beans through back story.
  • Mobs mean death. In D1 you must take every precaution to make quell death. You lack inventory space but that’s okay because loot drops don’t disappear when you leave the game. So you can drop something you don’t need now and save it for later. That’s a decision. Even in the early game you have a pretty big chance of dying and it’s up to the player to best decide how to overcome the odds. Loot helps, but it will not save you alone.

less drops which makes the loot you find more meaningful.

The rogue esque singular dungeon motif really fucking works and is far more addictive than D2’s loot cycle. Being able to make it to the next floor, starting the next quest, that shit makes the soul burn.

Diablo 1 is by far the most complete game I’ve ever played in the genre and rivals the best crpgs.

As a collector I need to have the game in boxes on my shelf! I picked up mine on Amazon. You can do the same right here

Sunday, 3 February 2019


I have played Diablo 3 since the week of its launch in 2012. I have always mained a Barbarian. 

I love the class. I have been playing seasons on and off and was always intrigued and envious of the players who managed to get themselves on the Leaderboards, but I always thought, that is not for me.

I did not have the time or drive to make a go of it. In any case, I took a few years break from playing Diablo 3 since my PC kind of gave up on gaming when the video card died. Now I got a nice gaming laptop and I was hearing good buzz about Season 16 being the Season of Grandeur. 

One of my favorite Barbarian builds got buffed and I always loved the imagery of the Immortal King so I decide to play again. I have been playing whenever I can after work and gym and other obligations and decided to follow the advice of streamers like Rhykker and Bludshedd on how to be efficient so I can maximize my limited time. And they helped a lot.

Got geared up real quick in the first week even though I missed out on playing during the opening weekend because I was abroad for a vacation. And I was having fun HotA Smashing faces in. I never entertained I could make it to the Leaderboards until a friend of mine stated he wanted to get on the Crusader Leaderboard and he managed to do it just last Friday. 

I thought to myself if he could do it, maybe I should give it a shot myself. After spending the past 4 days in a seminar eating up my playtime I was trying to squeeze out how I would go about pushing. 

I decided I would spend most of Saturday evening doing so. And after maybe 8-10 hours of hard pushing I made it from GR 95 to finally finishing a GR 102 clean with no deaths and for a rank 694 finish on the Barbarian Leaderboard. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, November 2nd. This thread will hopefully answer any questions you may have, whether you’re a new Diablo 3 player, or have 5000+ hours killing demons.

Switch/Console Specific Questions

How big is the Diablo 3 digital download?

The game is 13.3 GB. If you’re going to play it with a language other than English, it will require an additional download for localization.

How do I target specific enemies/areas?
The game will generally try to help you out by targetting large clumps of enemies in the direction you're walking towards. You can lock onto an enemy by holding the L button, which will display a small orange arrow above the enemy.

What do Nephalem Glory globes (yellow globes) do?
Unlike the PC version, Nephalem Glory globes give you a temporary buff that doubles your damage. Additional globes will increase the timer by 20 seconds, so make sure to keep the buff going for as long as possible.

Where do I get my Ganon transmog?
The Switch version comes with some exclusive transmogs, to make your character look like Ganon. To unlock the transmog, go to your stash and check under “Misc items”, where you’ll find the transmog recipe that will unlock it on your account.

How do I use an amiibo with the game?

So far what we know:
Based on datamined information from the Switch version of the game Diablo 3 will support 3 types of Amiibo:
  • Default/Generic Amiibo
  • Treasure Goblin Amiibo
  • Demon Amiibo

The first two will spawn a portal leading to some location that spawns an elite pack, while the demon amiibo will spawn a powerful demon on the map. To prevent abuse, there's currently a cooldown on each type of the summon:

  • 22 hours (1320 minutes) for portals
  • 45 minutes for demons.

amiibos can be used in both local and online mode.
Similar to the Ganon transmog, the amiibo portal is located in your stash under “Misc items”.

What controller setups are supported?
The Switch version can be played both docked and undocked, using a Pro Controller, two JoyCons, or even a single JoyCon. However, Diablo 3 uses a lot of buttons, so while it is possible to play with a single JoyCon, the experience is not great and I would not recommend it.

How can I play with other people?
You can play either locally, on the same device or on multiple devices, or online, all with up to four players. To play online, you will need to pay for Nintendo’s online service.

Do I need to pay for Nintendo’s online service to play Seasons?
No, the online service is only required to play non-locally with other people.

Can I play Seasons without being constantly connected to the internet?

You need to be connected to the Internet for the following three things:

  1. Creating your seasonal character
  2. Starting each seasonal play session
  3. Attempting to get a higher ranking on the leaderboards

All you have to do is start your seasonal session (basically logging in) when you have internet and DO NOT CLOSE that session; just hit sleep mode. As soon as you are in, you are good to go and play offline the rest of the day/battery life. All your progress will be updated to the server as soon as you connect the switch to the internet, minus the greater rift clears.

Is cross-play supported?
At this time, cross-play between any versions of Diablo 3 is not supported.

Can I jump straight into Adventure mode?
Yes. You are not locked into playing the Story Mode, even from a completely fresh game.

I heard that there was reduced monster density for the Switch version?
This is false. This came about because of the Gamescom specific demo, where the Switch was initially announced. The monster density is unchanged.

Is there any content that I can transfer between the Switch and other versions?
At this time, there’s no way to link your Nintendo account to your Blizzard account, so all your characters, transmogs, and other data are completely separate

New Player Questions

I'm a new player, what should I do?
First of all, welcome! Diablo is an action-oriented RPG that focuses on cool skills, an item hunt, and laying waste to the hordes of heaven and hell. Like many RPGs, it features classes, stats, story, and character progression that you develop and customize by finding items in-game. Diablo is, at its core, all about finding and using items to destroy hordes of monsters as fast as possible.

The game takes place in the world of Sanctuary. Where humanity is caught between the eternal struggle of heaven and hell, a war that is poised to spill over into the mortal realm and initiate the apocalypse. You play a hero, set on their path to defend humanity from the supernatural forces that threaten it.

If this is your first time playing this type of game, just pick any class that looks fun and enjoy playing through Campaign mode (and bring a friend along too!). Don't worry about anything you see on the subreddit, like which class is currently overpowered, as most players here have played through the game many times and discuss the end-game.

Do I need to play Diablo 1 or 2 to appreciate Diablo 3's gameplay or story?
Not necessarily. Diablo 3 is designed to be very approachable for a newly initiated player and the gameplay is not overly complex. Playing the older games could give you a sense of context and respect for what has been done with Diablo 3, as it's a very progressive continuation of the older game's systems that makes play more fluid and intuitive.

Diablo is a series with deep lore that lends gravity to the player's experience. As for story there will be a lot of references and jokes you might miss not having played the older games, and some character's significance may be lost to you if you don't know their history. You can always catch up on lore using the Diablo wikis or lore recaps on YouTube if you don't want to play the older games. Some players choose to ignore the story altogether and are completely fixed on the gameplay, so you don't need to understand the story to enjoy the game if that is more your thing.
What class should I play?

Play whatever class you think is the most interesting! At all but the very highest levels of play, the classes are all equal. They all play differently, so if you don't like one, don't be afraid to try another!

What mode should I play?
I would suggest playing a Normal Season character. Hardcore is a mode where if your character dies, that character can no longer be played, so you should avoid that for your first playthrough. Seasons are essentially considered fresh starts for the game every few months, and come with additional bonuses in the form of Set Items as rewards for completing certain challenges, so there's no downside. Season and non-season characters cannot play with each other, and the same goes for Hardcore and Normal, and all the combinations of the four.

The game is too easy! I'm on hard difficulty and no one is hurting me. What gives?
Blizzard designed the game so that the first few difficulties would pose very little threat to the player and so you could feel powerful. As you level up and complete Campaign Mode, you'll unlock more difficulties like Master and Torment, which can scale all the way to Torment 13. Try bumping up the difficulty and getting to 70 if you're looking for a challenge.

I beat the game/finished the story. What do I do now?

Congrats! Now you can finally play the game!

Joking aside, there are two parts to Diablo games. One involves leveling up, unlocking skills, and enjoying the story. The other part starts at level 70, once you finally get access to all the powerful legendary and set items. The end-game in Diablo games is to get items that let you kill monsters faster so you can get better items that let you kill monsters even faster so you can get even better items and so on. Most players end up playing Adventure mode, where Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, and Greater Rifts are the way to play. If that sounds interesting, great! If not, try leveling a new class, or grouping up with some friends to slay some monsters!

What build should I run? What items should I look for? What does this acronym/abbreviation mean?If you're level 70 and want to start pushing your character to its limits, you should check out the Class Subreddits, located in the sidebar to the right. You'll find lots of advice and different builds for your class. There are plenty of other resources on the web as well, ranging from checking the leaderboards or other Diablo fansites. As for the different acronyms/abbreviation/initialisms, here's a handy wiki page we have.

How can I improve my character?
Keep playing more! The more you play, the more chances you'll get to improve your character, whether through new builds, more paragon points, or better legendaries.

If you have any other questions, please post them below! Also, if there are any mistakes, please let me know.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

After a long struggle, I've finally achieved a solo GR70 with my LoN Wizard!

Just for fun, and since I play very casually, I wanted to tell you guys about my achievement!

I got a Legacy of Nightmares set when playing through the main campaign with friends a year ago and decided I'd stick with it in the post-game for my Wizard, because I liked mixing and matching legendaries, and because I'm a contrary bastard.

Lots and lots of grinding and farming, fitting every Ancient going into a build, refining it over and over, incidentally building full sets of every other Wizard set along the way, and cubing almost every item in the game in my spare time, I decided my ultimate goal was to get this guy over the line of a solo GR70 and unlock primals.

Once I heard about the upcoming buff to Legacy of Nightmares, this became far more urgent! Where's the fun in achieving it after the huge damage buff? No, I had to get this locked down now!

I got GR69 weeks ago, with 6 seconds left. I knew it was time for the final push.

Was farming today, did a bunch of rerolls. No joy getting Ancient versions of the final few bits I wanted (in a perfect world).

I walked my way up again. First a 67. Then a 68. Took a look at some advice online. Flipped back and forth between Arcane Torrent and Disintegrate - again.

Then I tried for 69 again; I'd only beaten it through sheer luck last time. I got murdered. Absolutely pasted. Died about a dozen times. Nowhere near within time. Realised I had to tighen the build up even more.

Switched my Magic Weapon rune to Deflection. Switched my Disintegrate rune to Intensify. Switched my Meteor to Star Pact: I was using Lightning Meteors because of the lack of delay, but didn't realise the delay only applied to the firstMeteor!

Then 69 again, and I beat it with over 2 minutes to spare. The boost from Intensify and the Star Pact Meteor was huge. That's when I knew I had a real shot at cracking 70.

I went for it. And ... it was one of the smoothest runs I've had at high level. Didn't even die as I ground through it (...let's not count Unstable Anomaly).

Got to the Rift Guardian with just under 2 minutes left on the clock. It was Stonesinger, so a huge massive pile of HP. I was literally watching the bar whittle down and counting the seconds. Once I had 30 seconds left I knew I'd make it.

And I got it! Squeaked over the line with 16 seconds remaining!

I took a screenshot to remember it:

So there you go! I hope you enjoy my saga; I know it's not much of an achievement for people who really play high level rift content, but it's the best I've ever done in this game and it was so much fun to do it with the self-imposed handicap / "unique playstyle" of Legacy of Nightmares.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Diablo 3 China version is already a microtransaction fest

This is normal and expected in the Chinese market, almost every game that releases in China has a more aggressive microtransaction model than western gamers would be comfortable with.

is no way it would ever work in the US though, ad the outrage would destroy the game. Unless they succeed in alienating their original fanbase and directing the game completely to naive gambling addicts, kids and casual morons. Hopefully that's not their endgame.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Necromancers: Singularity speed is my favourite Diablo build ive ever played

So ive been playing this game on and off for quite a while, and Necromancer is by far the class that spoke to me. 

I've been pushing the rathma build as much as possible, and just recently i learned of the singularity speed build, for speed running rifts. And oh boy did my Diablo experience change for the best.

This build feels so comfortable to play once i got used to it, and it's so satisfying to start snowballing and destroy everything in your path. 

I thought the cooldowns would be a huge turn off for me, but I've gotten to 45% CDR, and using blood is power which make it so my character never needs to stop and wait, unless i die and there are no.globes around.

Honestly this is the most fun ive had with diablo in a while, and I'm going to push this build as much as possible until i gear is strong enough to push into GR 100+.

Singularity speed is crazy awesome!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

I have to get this off my chest

Have been reforging my wizards death wish for about two weeks now and finally got an acient. 

Its sheet damage was almost 1000 above my last one so was very exited. Gifted it to add a free slot and was just about to remove my gem from my current to place in my shiny new one.

Now his is where it gets hazy. Out of sheer muscle memory I walked to the blacksmith and bloody salvaged it without thinking. 

This could be because I was at that book that identifies so naturally I usually go straight to blacksmiths. This was almost 24 hours ago and I'm still thinking about it. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Video Games: A Market Which Doesn’t Know Crisis

Video game industry continues to boom with each passing day. It is because this is one of the industries that doesn’t experience the crisis like market fluctuations. As the new games develop and technology continues to get better, the video game industry is estimated to generate $138 billion by the end of 2018.

As the technology continues to expand, the video content, products, virtual reality, etc. also continues to grow. These are some of the ways making the industry to turn into a “recurring revenue model” and capitalize on increasing demand.

The Best Video Games Sellers of 2017/2018

When it comes to gaming, the year 2017 and 2018 have been the best; the quality and range of games have improved, and they are becoming more appealing to a more significant portion of the population. And this in return has generated a bigger revenue. These are the best video games sellers of 2017, 2018;

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 
  2. Destiny 2 
  3. Injustice 2 
  4. Call on duty 
  5. NBA 2K18 
  6. Far Cry 5 
  7. God of War 
  8. Dragon Ball 
  9. Mario Kart 8 
  10.  Monster Hunter 

The Best Video Games on Mobile Phones

1. The Room: Old Sins

It is the latest epic puzzle game from the Fireproof Games and the 4th in the award-winning ‘The Room’ puzzle game series. You are exploring the home of an ambitious engineer who is missing then you find a rather beautiful dollhouse in the attic.

Through the sophisticated eyepiece, you are able to explore different rooms in the dollhouse that are filled with incredibly sophisticated puzzle boxes and contraptions. Something is going on here, so maybe if you can solve the puzzles, you’ll figure out what happened to the missing engineer.

2. Dissembler

It is a colorful and abstract game that, from the outset, might seem like another standard tile-swapping match three game. Dissembler unravels itself to be among those puzzle games that almost transcends the genre, by offering a relaxing exploration of patterns in abstract designs. It starts out nice and easy but as it lays out the basic principles before gradually representing you with more complex puzzles.

3. Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns was one of the best games of 2016 and it won the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Contest. In Reigns, you play as the monarch of the land, and makes the decision that affects the four aspects of the kingdom: the church, the people, the army, and the royal wealth. Your goal is to keep all them our balanced- if any meter fills to the max or is entirely depleted your reign is over, and a new reign begins.

4. Causality

This is a very mind-blowing puzzle game that’s all about manipulating time. It is a brilliant game where you control time and make adjustments to the level, and alter the sequence in such a way that you help your stranded astronauts reach their goals. This game will have you wracking your head as you figure out how to help each astronaut to their exit within the allocated time.

· Graalonline by Mr. Stephane Portha

Mr. Stephane Portha has been passionate about games since childhood. When he was six years old, he played a game called Pong very well. At the age of 14, he developed his first homemade video game called Tank. His passion for digital entertainment has seen him develop a number of games. About 16 million games of Mr. Portha have been distributed across the world.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Crazy Diablo 2080 Gaming System

With this year's hottest graphic card release dropped on us after some delays, I thought it'd be interesting to go out and look if there was anything 2080 and themed around Diablo. For those who are in the dark, the new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the latest flagship product from NVIDIA. Now if you've got a bit of cash and you're thinking about spending it, you might want to look at the Diablo 2080 Gaming System from PC Case Gear.

This puppy is color-themed according to that classic Diablo tinge of fiery red scheme we've all come to love. All of the fans feature LEDs and there are enough of them to make the machine float if you point them all downward! Okay, that might not be true, but what is true is that with an RTX 2080, i7 8700K and 32 GB of RAM, you're going to need all the cooling you can get. I mean, if you're spending $4399 on a ready to ship system, you better damn well plan to take that thing to its absolute limit.

The whole unit ships with a 2 year warranty with shipping costs covered by PC Case Gear and stock Windows 10 as the operating system. This rig will keep you covered for many years into the future, so whether you're planning to run Diablo III in 4K quality to push this machine to the max or just feel like enjoying some comics from 8Muses, you've got everything you need in this very simple package.

I was also going to suggest that you check out their Reaper of Souls headphones to go with your new monster desktop, but it appears as if they've stopped selling them. Anyhow, I hope you like looking at this machine as much as I do – the colors on it are just beautiful. The whole thing looks really polished and the contents inside is something else entirely. If you've ever wanted to splash on something completely fresh, this might be the golden opportunity to do exactly that.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Diablo 4 – When Is It Coming Out?

There have been rumours circulating for years around the mythical Diablo 4, and for the first time ever, we may have some real evidence that a sequel may be coming out within the next few years. While there haven’t technically been any official announcements from Blizzard regarding a new Diablo, the current state of affairs with Diablo 3 paint a promising picture for those who have been waiting almost a decade for a new game. 

Blizzard’s First Announcements
The first sign came in the form of announcement made by the Developer, where they revealed that Diablo 3 would be making its way on to Nintendo’s console, the Switch. It’s to be a complete version of the game, meaning it will be released on the console inclusive of all the accessories, including expansion packs and DLC. It’s good news, and provides a new system for players to enjoy the game before they turned to Diablo 3 to sate their thirst for a few hours in a Rift.

What We Know So Far
A few social media posts from Blizzard cemented the fact that a new project was in the works. In a Tweet posted on the 8th of August, community manager Brandy Camel stated a number of updates, and what’s been going over at the developer: “Stay awhile and listen, we have exciting updates to share about the future of Diablo” the Tweet said. That kind of message is as exciting as winning big playing pokies online!

Not long after, a video was uploaded that contained some more information that retained Blizzard’s usual vagueness, but enough to point to a possible sequel coming out in the future. Camel said in the video that the “forges at Blizzard are burning hot” and that the developer has a number of Diablo projects are currently in the works.

“Some of the them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year. We hope you stay tuned while we work to bring these new Diablo experiences to life,” it was explained at the end of the video.

Diablo 4 Speculation
Judging from what we’ve seen from the 3rd instalment, the fourth game would likely pick up where Diablo 3 left off, lore-wise. We can at least expect a number of new classes along with the traditional ones (which will probably have a series of new names and enough tweaks to make them unique, but a wizard will always be a wizard), and most likely a packed end-game experience, especially as the Rift system in Diablo 3 proved to be its most successful feature.

Graphics and performance wise, it’s far too early to tell, but it seems most likely that they would turn to Unreal Engine 4, it’s a powerful engine that can run extremely well on just about every platform imaginable, and the go-to engine for most developers for future projects.

The Switch Will Be Diablo 3’s New Platform

Diablo 3 had a difficult start when it first hit the market. Connectivity issues, a deeply hated online marketplace, and plenty of bugs almost saw one of gaming’s favourite series getting tanked. But Blizzard, being the ever-loveable developer, listened to their customers and made some serious changes that undoubtedly made the game a much more enjoyable experience. 

But now with two expansions under its belt, and enough success to see it on more than one platform, the game is seeing its first foray into the world of Nintendo: in the form of a spot on the beloved Nintendo Switch. Those that have tested if first hand can attest that it’s still very much Diablo 3 – and that’s in no way a bad thing.

Playing on The Switch
If there’s one thing that can be said about Diablo 3, it’s that it’s a fun game to play. There has always been the grittiness to the series, and although Diablo 3’s darker side isn’t quite as dark as its predecessor, there’s no denying that Blizzard has made a game that has worked, and worked well. It also helps that there is almost an unlimited amount of stuff to do in the game; from the annual seasons to the end-game modes that truly test a player’s skill, it’s been enough to keep the franchise alive and well for the last 6 years.

And it hasn’t changed at all with its port over to the switch. The same mechanics, the same play-styles, and the same visuals are present. The fact that Blizzard has made a game that is easy to get in to, and ported it on to a platform that can be used both at home and while travelling – it’s a match made in heaven.

The first demo was released at FanExpo Toronto, where fans got to have a taste to a Rift – a dungeon with multiple levels – and it was a rousing success.

Is It Difficult To Play?
From what we’ve seen, the answer is no. The controls are intuitive, the screen provides all the information the player needs, despite its size. There has been much praise toward its controls, in fact. For a franchise that has always been bound to the keyboard and mouse, successfully putting it on a console with joysticks and then making it work well is a mean feat of its own, but it has seemingly worked to perfection.

Diablo 3 on Switch is not a game that has been built to thrill those that have already sunk thousands of hours into the game, but rather for those that have never played it before. It’s a chance for the uninitiated to have some fun in a franchise that has always had its zealously die-hard fans – and while they’ll always be the first to try and chase new players away, its new iteration on the Switch is like winning big in the bingo Canada has to offer, and should open up this RPG to everyone looking to sit back and kill hordes of demons.