Thursday, 8 June 2023

The Controversial Microtransaction Model of Diablo 4

Diablo 4, released on June 6, has stirred up a fair amount of controversy due to the pricing of its in-game microtransactions. Despite the game's overall success, with Blizzard's $70 action role-playing game being declared as the fastest-selling game in the company's history, the in-game shop selling cosmetic items has become a contentious point amongst players​.

The in-game shop features an array of cosmetic items, with no gameplay-affecting items for sale. The pricing of these cosmetic items, however, has raised many eyebrows. For example, the Triune Apostate armour set is priced at 2,500 Platinum, Diablo 4's premium in-game currency, which equates to £20.99 / $24.99 in real-world currency. Furthermore, the Cryptic Hunter mount, which requires a direct payment with real-world money, is priced at £6.39. Even the Three-Fold Nightmare Prestige mount and armour, which costs 1,500 Platinum, comes up to just under £13​​.

An estimate made by a Redditor suggests that if a player wishes to buy all the cosmetics currently available in the shop, it would cost them hundreds of dollars, with the total reaching up to $357 if purchased in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The Diablo community has expressed concern over the expensive nature of these cosmetic items, with some pointing out that the fact armour sets are available for only one class devalues the purchase. However, some players argue that the pricing is in line with current industry standards, comparing the $25 cost for a bundle that includes a skin and a few minor cosmetics to similar pricing in Activision’s recent Call of Duty games​.

The ultimate test of Diablo 4’s monetisation strategy will likely become clearer with the launch of its battle passes. The gaming community is keenly watching to see whether Blizzard is paywalling the game’s best-looking armour sets, or if the base game will also include a wide variety of appealing cosmetic items​​.

Despite these controversies, Diablo 4 has seen a largely positive reception and a smooth launch, with two expansions already in development​1​. The discussion around its microtransactions highlights the ongoing debate in the gaming industry about the balance between monetization and player experience.

A Diablo 4 player has recently showcased one of the most unconventional yet effective builds since the game's launch. This new approach, known as the Barbarian Thorns Build, has been turning heads due to its unique gameplay mechanics​.

Despite launching less than a week ago, Diablo 4 players have been fast to experiment with a variety of character builds. Among these, the Barbarian Thorns Build stands out for its unique damage system, which primarily relies on Thorns for inflicting harm on enemies. Notably, this comes in the wake of the recent nerfs to the Barbarian class, which have nonetheless not dampened the spirits of players. In fact, the first Hardcore character in Diablo 4 to reach Level 100 was a Barbarian, demonstrating the potential and resilience of this class despite the lack of ranged abilities outside Upheaval​​.

The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 offers a range of build options to tackle endgame content such as Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons. Among these, the Thorns Build has emerged as a particularly appealing choice for those who prefer a more laid-back play style. Remarkably, this build requires minimal input from the player, yet it yields a high reward in the form of monster corpses and loot​.

The Thorns Barbarian Build, created by a player under the username WillyWanker_69, has a simple directive for players: keep calm. The key to this build is the Razorplate, a Unique chest armor piece, which grants up to 9734 Thorns to the player. In addition to this, the Needleflare legendary aspect is vital, as it adds 40% of Thorns damage as an additional Area of Effect. While other legendary aspects like Death Wish can further enhance this build, it is the combination of Razorplate and Needleflare that truly brings the Thorns Barbarian to life​.

As demonstrated in the video, the Thorns Barbarian Build allows players to casually traverse the wastelands of Sanctuary, with enemies falling to their own attacks. This passive approach to combat might seem contradictory to the typical Barbarian class fantasy, but the effectiveness of the Thorns Build in the early era of Diablo 4 is undeniable​​.

The future of the Thorns Barbarian Build in higher-level content remains uncertain, but when paired with a Whirlwind loadout, it shows potential for being an entertaining and unique way to navigate Diablo 4's challenges. The Thorns mitigation could be described as passive-aggressive, complementing the continuous action of Whirlwind and the buffs from Wrath of the Berserker. This synergy suggests a promising pathway for the further evolution of the build​​.

Diablo 4, the latest entry in the renowned action RPG series from Blizzard Entertainment, is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S​​. With its vibrant player community continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of gameplay, Diablo 4 promises an exciting and dynamic experience for all action RPG enthusiasts.

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Diablo 4's World Boss Spawn Alert System


If you're a player venturing into the endgame of Diablo 4, you might be well aware of the World Bosses. These formidable foes, true to MMO style, are meant to be tackled by the community banding together, testing their skills against the toughest enemies Diablo 4 has to offer. However, the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of their spawns could leave players in a conundrum. When do these World Bosses spawn? That's where a new alert system steps in to help players better track these elusive monsters​​.

A Twitter bot from game8, a comprehensive game hint/tips/wiki site, has been developed to help players keep up with the World Boss spawn timings. While the bot isn't perfect and is still in the process of fine-tuning, it currently stands as the best option for players to stay on top of World Boss spawn timing. The bot is a boon especially considering the general timing for Diablo 4 World Bosses - they appear around every six hours, approximately four times a day. The spawn times can vary, though, which is why the bot comes in handy​​.

As of now, there are three World Bosses in Diablo 4, with more expected to be added later:
  • Ashava - The beta world boss, a massive dragon that spews poison and uses its tail as a weapon.
  • Avarice - A colossal creature who uses a treasure chest mace for attacks.
  • Wandering Death - A skeletal being that traps players in bone prisons and has a deadly beam attack​.

Engaging with these World Bosses isn't just a thrilling activity; it also yields significant rewards. Players can secure multiple legendaries, Sacreds, and Uniques from World Boss kills. However, the quality of the rewards depends on the World Tier. For instance, taking on bosses in World Tier 4 would yield better rewards than World Tier 3. On World Tier 2, only normal legendaries are available, no Sacreds or Uniques. So, if you have a good group together, the fight against these bosses can be a rewarding experience both in terms of fun and loot​​.

This World Boss Spawn Alert System adds an additional layer of strategy to Diablo 4's endgame, allowing players to plan and prepare for these epic battles. It's a testament to the game's evolving ecosystem and the community's resourcefulness. Keep an eye on the clock and that Twitter account, and best of luck taking down those World Bosses!

Diablo 4's First Hardcore Level 100 Player Loses Character to Disconnect


The world of Diablo 4 has witnessed an unfortunate incident as the first player to reach level 100 in the game's hardcore mode has lost their character due to a sudden disconnect. Soua├»b 'cArn' Hanaf, a Diablo 4 Twitch streamer, became the first player to achieve this feat but was met with disappointment not long after hitting the milestone​​.

cArn's achievement was not only a personal one but also a result of collective effort through group play, which allowed him to maximize his experience gains, thereby reaching level 100 ahead of potential rivals. He was preparing to face the ultimate pinnacle boss fight in Diablo 4 with his character, a Barbarian, when the tragic event unfolded. His on-screen character began to act unusually during his exploratory play on the Diablo 4 map, stuttering with weapons in hand, as nearby enemies froze, and then the screen went black​.

Upon re-opening the game, cArn was greeted with a sight no hardcore player wishes to see: the character creation screen. This indicated that he had no active characters available, a consequence of the permanent character loss that occurs upon death in the game's hardcore mode​.

Despite the loss, cArn resumed gameplay, confirming the demise of his Barbarian, which was 82 hours deep and geared close to the maximum. The character is now remembered in the Hall of Fallen Heroes, a place in the game where lost hardcore characters are memorialized forever. The on-screen text indicated that his character was "Slain by vampire bat," a grim reminder of the unfortunate event​1​.

For cArn, the most painful part of this loss was not reaching the 100th level but the gear his character had acquired. The grind to max level was real, but tracking down perfect Diablo 4 unique items and getting perfect rolls was where the actual challenge lay. Losing this accumulated loot was the biggest blow for him​​.

It's important to note that Diablo 4's hardcore mode allows players to use scrolls of escape, a hardcore-only item that can help characters evade deadly situations. However, these scrolls are useless if a player is unable to use them due to, for instance, a disconnect. Blizzard typically does not provide any recourse for players to reclaim a character lost due to internet or server issues, meaning it's likely that cArn's Barbarian is gone for good. Nonetheless, cArn is back on the grind, this time working on a Rogue build​.

The Diablo 4 community has rallied around cArn in support, with many expressing condolences for his loss and admiration for his resilience. As he rebuilds, players around the world will be watching closely, knowing all too well that the hardcore world of Diablo 4 offers no second chances.

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

A Slot Machine in Diablo 4: The Unique Fists of Fate Gloves

In the world of Diablo 4, where every piece of loot matters, a player stumbled upon a unique find that turned combat into a kind of gambling game. The discovery was made by a lucky Barbarian who found a pair of gloves, known as the Fists of Fate, that are quite unlike anything else in the game. They likened the experience to "playing my own slot machine," thus adding a novel twist to the usual hack and slash gameplay.

The Fists of Fate are a high-level set of sacred item gloves. Unlike typical gear in Diablo 4, which comes with stat boosts such as strength or intelligence, these gloves run entirely on luck. They possess four effects that rely on Lucky Hits, along with a Legendary aspect that can randomly turn your attacks from feeble to formidable, dealing anywhere from 1% to 280% of their usual damage​1​.

The gloves introduce a double-layer of randomness to gameplay. In Diablo 4, the Lucky Hit stat requires two successful 'dice rolls' to do anything. First, a skill must have the ability to trigger a Lucky Hit, which is often a very low percentage chance per use. Then, when a Lucky Hit successfully lands, a second roll is needed for one of your Lucky Hit effects to trigger. These gloves only offer a 5% chance to heal or restore primary resources and around a 15% chance to immobilize or daze enemies - and that's after landing a Lucky Hit attack in the first place​1​.

The item description for the Fists of Fate captures the essence of these gloves perfectly: "Will you let fear cheat you, or will you risk everything to find understanding? After all, death is simply the coin with which we purchase life."​1​.

In the context of Diablo 4, an RPG where players constantly battle enemies for a chance at rare loot, the Fists of Fate stand out as an interesting 'joke' item. However, it is highly likely that this 'joke' won't remain so for long. Given the immense possibilities for customization in Diablo 4, it wouldn't be surprising to see a player center their entire build around these gloves. Suggestions are already floating around on possible combinations with other unique items and specific class skill trees to maximize the Lucky Hit chance​1​.

The Fists of Fate aren't something you'll encounter early in the game. They can only be found once players have finished Diablo 4's campaign and completed the capstone dungeon, thereby increasing the world tier difficulty setting. The game offers a set number of unique items in world tiers 3 and 4, which, along with Paragon points, can fuel some of the game's best builds. Given the intrigue and novelty of the Fists of Fate, we may soon witness a player showcasing their prowess by taking down formidable enemies using an RNG-based build centered around these gloves​1​.

As Diablo 4 continues to be explored by its vast player base, the discovery of the Fists of Fate demonstrates how the game continues to surprise and engage its players with its rich and diverse loot system. It's always a thrill to see how players adapt and innovate with the tools provided to them, and the Fists of Fate serve as a testament to this aspect of the game.

Monday, 5 June 2023

Improving Crops Spraying: Some Tips and Options

Agriculture is one of the areas where innovations are going to be even more necessary than it may seem. A vital direction that deserves arranging heated discussions is spraying. The article suggested below is about to cover the basics of this process and the ways that will help to get it to an absolutely new level.

Spraying is a procedure that revolves around one clear goal which is protecting crops. Normally, the farmers spread pesticides. They are used in order to deal with fungal infections and insects. But it is also a common practice to spread fertilizers to boost the growth of plants.

Pros and Cons of Spraying

Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages in this process. The evident pluses are given below:

  • It is a safe method of fertilization and fighting insects;
  • More work can be done within a fewer period of time;
  • The farmers are about to come across greater effectiveness as a result of the implementation of spraying;
  • It is not necessary to involve that much workforce when spraying is arranged in a smart way;
  • It is real to cover large areas when applying spraying.

As for the negatives, they are going to be indicated here:

  • The machinery for spraying can cost decent sums of money;
  • Intense use of spraying can lead to environmental issues;
  • The sprayers have to be maintained which becomes an extra expense.

Some Basic Tips and Statements That Will Help to Improve Spraying Process Greatly

The stuff listed in this section of the article will definitely help the farmers change the way they consider spraying and bring real alterations to life.

  1. It is natural to realize that it is a person who is totally responsible for spraying and is in charge of the process.

It is great when the farmers are able to stick to the advancements of tech in spraying. However, there will be no use in this if they are not going to dig deeper into this and receive specific knowledge that is linked to the utilization of the equipment and tech itself.

  1. Droplet size is closely tied to the pressure.

The matter is that the likelihood of spray drift can increase along with the moving of spray material in the air. The great tip here is as follows: it is relevant to slow down (the droplets are about to get larger as a result) in order to decrease the possibility of drifting.

  1. It is weather that also influences spray drift.

Drift is going to be more relevant at higher temperatures. Besides, a boom height and drift are interconnected in a direct way.

  1. It is more important to read the labels that are given on the pesticides than it may seem.

By the way, it is real to find some effective spraying techniques on those that are about to change the whole process in a revolutionary way.

  1. Always remember that big drops dry slower.

It may take from two to three minutes for quite large drops to evaporate. This means that it can reach the target before there is a relevant water loss that may take place.

Smart Spraying Technology in Agriculture: the Intro

This tech is a perfect alternative to a classic sprayer. It disperses chemicals on the crops automatically. 

It is vital to say that smart spaying technology allows coming across quite a few benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  1. This is a great way to save the health of those who deal with spraying.

Here is why it is true: smart spraying refers to spreading the stuff just on the target so the exposure to pesticides is about to decrease.

  1. It is not hard to utilize the tech.

Naturally, a farmer will have to get used to it but it won’t take long.

  1. The labor of farmers is going to be simplified greatly.

Smart spraying technology has proved to be effective regardless of weather conditions. So, it is quite a strong argument in favor of using it. One more point here is this: far less time is going to be required in order to cover a specific area compared with the traditional way of spraying.

  1. It is real to reduce the costs of spraying in the long run.

It may seem to be quite expensive to implement this tech but it is going to be very effective and suitable in the future.

There are several technologies that are used in connection with smart spraying today. Some of those are image acquisition, target detection, weed position registration, etc.

It is evident that it is rather hard to implement such tech in the agricultural process without asking for assistance from the outside. The matter is that there are quite a few parts in the tech. This is what requires the help of the experts. Finding a nice provider is always task number one and it determines the success of smart spraying in general.

Is It Necessary to Implement Smart Spraying Today?

The answer to this question actually depends on quite a few factors. The tech may be relevant if a large area of crops is the case. Naturally, it will be far easier to implement smart spraying in such a situation.

What is more, bringing this idea to life is certainly a great solution if the farmers or business owners intend to increase efficiency within a small period of time (competitiveness in the market or other reasons can be the determining ones here). Smart spraying is an excellent decision to make if this is the cause.

Besides, it can be relevant to use smart spraying in case there are great issues with the crops. The tech will allow dealing with the infections of crops quickly and effortlessly.

In conclusion, it is only the person who is in charge of farming who can make a final decision in connection with the tech. But those who stick to it typically do not complain about it.

Diablo 4 First Major Patch: All About Class Balance

Just two days before the full release of Diablo 4, the highly-anticipated game has received its first major patch, which is primarily focused on balancing the five starting classes​1​. This comes after the early access launch for individuals who paid for early access benefits.

The patch, announced on Blizzard's forums by community manager PezRadar, was launched after a few hours of the announcement. A warning was provided for those playing in hardcore mode regarding the changes that the patch would bring​.

Patch Details: Nerfs and Buffs

According to the patch notes, there have been some nerfs for the Barbarians, Rogues, and Sorcerers, while Druids and Necromancers have received buffs​​.

One of the most notable changes is the Barbarians' "Challenging Shout" which had its damage reduction per skill rank halved. Rogues' "Dark Shroud" damage reduction per shadow per skill rank was also halved, and sorcerers lost two seconds off of "Shimmering Teleport's" damage reduction. The notable Barbarian item "Gohr's Devastating Grips" was significantly nerfed: Its Whirlwind explosion damage gained was reduced from 50-70% down to 16-26%. Meanwhile, 15 out of 16 tweaks to Necromancers were buffs, which increased their power​​.

Druids also saw a few changes. The "Pulverize" skill had its Lucky Hit Chance reduced from 33% to 25%, but "Lightning Storm" had its damage increased from 32% to 40%. The skill "Grizzly Rage" saw its maximum extended duration from kills reduced from 10 to 5 seconds​​.

Rationale Behind the Changes

Blizzard explained the reasoning behind the patch, stating that while they want players to both feel and be truly powerful, some class builds and synergies were outside of their bounds for what is reasonable for the health of the game, so they reduced their effectiveness. Blizzard is aiming to avoid creating situations where players can survive unreasonably high amounts of damage for long periods of time because it would greatly distort their vision for how combat should be in Diablo IV​​.

Community Response

The community's response to this patch has been mixed. Some players on Twitter noted that Blizzard is likely to repeatedly break and fix classes, while others asked if the game is worth the price, considering these changes. There was also a response from a beta tester who expressed frustration, stating that they had brought up concerns during the beta testing period. However, some players praised Diablo 4's endgame and progression design, indicating that it is hard to stop playing the game despite the tweaks​​.

Future Expectations

Given the nature of live service games, balance changes and tweaks are to be expected. However, some players express hope that the pace of balance updates in Diablo 4 won't be as rapid as it has been, as it can be tiresome to have the character's abilities altered every time they log into the game​​.

In conclusion, this major patch indicates Blizzard's commitment to ensuring class balance in Diablo 4. It will be interesting to see how these changes impact gameplay and player satisfaction once the game is fully released. As Diablo 4 continues to evolve, players can expect more updates as Blizzard continues to refine and balance the game.

On Bugs

The patch also addressed a few bugs, one of which was amusingly described: "Fixed an issue where if a Sorcerer uses Deep Freeze and is affected by another effect that would freeze them, it caused them to be permanently stunned"​​.

Paragon Glyphs

In addition to class balance, another area of focus in the patch was the Paragon Glyphs. Blizzard noted that these were currently providing too much player power, and hence they decided to reduce their overall effectiveness​​.

The Road Ahead

Blizzard's ideal is that class balance is a journey, not a destination. They aim to make more class builds fun, powerful, and competitive within reason. They hope to keep improving the classes and create a better balanced and enjoyable experience across the board​​.

The feedback from the players will be crucial in shaping the future updates. The first major patch for Diablo 4 has certainly stirred up discussions in the community, and it will be interesting to see how the game evolves in response to player feedback and the developer's vision for balance and enjoyable gameplay.

Overall, while some players might find frequent updates and balance changes tiresome, others appreciate the commitment to keep the game balanced and fun. As Diablo 4 continues to develop and evolve, it's expected that future patches will continue to refine and improve the game, keeping players engaged and challenged.

Sunday, 4 June 2023

A Cautionary Tale for Diablo 4 Players: Petting Dogs Might Not Always End Well


In the much-anticipated fourth installment of the Diablo franchise, players are in for a treat - and a potential heartbreak. Diablo 4 introduces a wholesome and fun interaction: petting dogs. However, this seemingly innocent interaction might have unexpected consequences for both players and their canine companions​​.

The idea of petting dogs in video games has captured the hearts of many players across the globe. In fact, there is even a Twitter account, @CanYouPetTheDog, dedicated solely to tracking this feature in various games. In Diablo 4, the option to pet dogs was confirmed via social media last February. To interact with a dog, players need to approach it, pull up the emote wheel, and select "Hello". This action not only allows the player to pet the dog but also prompts the dog to follow the player's character around​​.

During Diablo 4's early access and open beta, many players enjoyed petting dogs and cats in the game. However, a Reddit user named Truesilverchamp discovered a heartbreaking twist: if a dog follows a player's character out of town, it can potentially meet an untimely demise. This revelation came as a shock to many in the gaming community, adding a layer of emotional depth and unexpected guilt to the gameplay​​.

To avoid such tragic outcomes, players have found a solution. By pulling up the emote wheel near the dog and selecting "Wait", the dog will stay put, ensuring its safety while the player ventures out to battle demons. This has provided a way for players to care for their in-game pets while avoiding any guilt over their potential deaths​​.

However, the possibility of multiple dogs following a player at the same time has made some think twice before petting every dog they encounter. Diablo 4, true to its brutal and intense nature, doesn't fail to remind players that they're venturing into perilous territories, even when it comes to interacting with in-game pets​​.

For those who can't resist the allure of having a pet companion, there's some good news. During Diablo 4's beta period last March, players could unlock a wolf pet cosmetic. Unlike the dogs, this wolf companion is immune to death. The wolf pet cosmetic, once unlocked, will be carried over to Diablo 4's full release on June 6th. This means players can enjoy the company of a sleeping wolf pup on their backs while they slash their way through hordes of demons and monsters. If that's not enough, the Druid class offers the thrilling ability to transform into a wolf or a bear​1.

Diablo 4, set to be available from June 6th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, continues to surprise and engage its players with novel interactions and features. It reminds us that while it offers brutal battles and intense challenges, it can also deliver heartwarming and wholesome experiences - though sometimes with a twist​1.

Diablo 4 Developer Disables Overpowered Unique Power: An In-depth Look


Blizzard's latest release, "Diablo 4", has been a topic of heated discussion among players, particularly concerning the temporary disabling of a unique power associated with the Barbarian class. The issue centers on the unique power of the Barbarian's Gohr's Devastating Grips item, a high rarity item only found in the hardest World Tiers of Diablo 4​.

The Gohr's Devastating Grips item has a unique power called "Whirlwind," which, after finishing, explodes, dealing fire damage to enemies in the area. However, due to its channeling nature, players discovered that they could start and stop the effect, triggering the explosion multiple times. This made the effect significantly more powerful than the developers had anticipated​​.

Given the unintended overperformance of the effect, the developers have temporarily disabled Whirlwind. Blizzard has confirmed that a balancing fix is forthcoming and will be released in an upcoming patch before reactivating Whirlwind​​.

This move has not been without controversy. For Barbarian players, this has been a major setback, as Whirlwind is considered one of the most powerful unique powers for the class. However, Blizzard has been proactive in addressing issues arising during Diablo 4's early access release, swiftly reacting to connection problems and license errors that were preventing players from accessing the game. In another instance, a side quest was disabled until further notice as it was making it impossible for players to fully complete the Scosglen zone​​.

Despite these issues, Diablo 4 has been well-received, with players praising the new chapter of the Eternal Conflict and the return of Lilith. Gamers are eagerly anticipating the game's official release on June 6, 2023, across all platforms​​.

While the disabling of the unique power has certainly upset some players, many appreciate the developers' quick response to balance issues in the game. The swift patching and constant communication from Blizzard have done much to assuage the player base, and many are eager to see what changes the upcoming patch will bring. The incident highlights the complexities of game development and the challenge of balancing unique powers for different classes.

As players eagerly await the reactivation of Whirlwind, they are advised to adjust their playstyle, strategy, and build. Players should stay tuned for the upcoming patch and updates from Blizzard on this issue.

Please note that while we have strived to provide a comprehensive overview of this situation, there may be additional details and perspectives available that could provide further context or understanding of this issue. We recommend staying updated with the latest announcements from Blizzard for the most accurate and timely information.

Spawn Times and Locations of World Boss Ashava in Diablo 4


Anticipation is running high for the release of Diablo 4 on June 6, across all platforms. One of the game's early world bosses, Ashava, is a particularly compelling draw for fans of the dark fantasy action RPG. This mighty demon provides a challenging test for players and is an experience not to be missed​.

Ashava Spawn Times and Location

For those eager to face this giant life-sucking demon, it is recommended to head to The Crucible, an eastern region of Fractured Peaks. Fifteen minutes before Ashava's spawn time, players will receive a pop-up message informing them of the precise location of this formidable early game adversary. Ashava spawns every three hours, and despite being capped at Level 25, the boss can pose quite a challenge, especially for solo players. Thus, it is advised to gather a group before heading to the boss location​.

Preparing for the Ashava Fight

In preparation for the Ashava fight, there are a few key things to do:

  1. Prepare Your Character: Make sure to allocate all available skill points to optimize your skillset. Consider your character's class and refer to specific build guides available for Barbarian, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid. Equip gear with poison resistance or add poison resistance gems to your gear. Look for specific items with poison resistance or consider using poison resistance elixirs.
  2. Study Ashava’s Moves: One of Ashava’s signature moves in Diablo 4 is to cover the ground in poison, which can be lethal if not anticipated. Keep an eye on her movements to predict incoming attacks. Some of her attacks can take you out in one hit if you’re unprepared.
  3. Positioning and Strategy: Stay directly underneath Ashava to minimize the risk of her attacks hitting you. Coordinate with up to 11 other players for the battle. Take advantage of Diablo 4's crossplay and co-op features to bring friends along. Utilize teamwork and communication to strategize and coordinate your attacks.
  4. Utilize Diablo 4 Resources: See Diablo 4's guide on approaching world bosses for additional tips and strategies. Take advantage of general Diablo 4 tips for staying alive in Sanctuary to improve your overall gameplay.
  5. Claim the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy: If you were fortunate enough to defeat Ashava during the server slam event and receive the Cry of Ashava mount trophy, make sure to claim it at launch. Flaunt your trophy to other players you encounter in the game​​.

Armed with this information, players should be better prepared to face Ashava and enjoy the rich gaming experience that Diablo 4 promises to offer. Happy demon hunting!

Saturday, 3 June 2023

Where and When Do You Get Your Horse in Diablo 4?


Diablo 4's introduction of horses has brought an exciting new feature to the franchise's latest release. The horse, while nonexistent in previous games, has become a central element of Diablo 4's expansive map. For players eagerly questioning, "Where the hell is my horse?" you may be surprised to learn that acquiring your steed involves a bit of patience​.

The answer lies in the game's six-act structure. You won't get your horse until the beginning of Act 4, a stage that follows the notably lengthy Act 3. The quest that will lead you to your horse is titled "Mount: Doran’s Favor," which marks the start of Act 4. This quest will bring you to Kyovashad, a location you'll become well-acquainted with, and where you'll finally receive your horse. Once this task is completed with one character, all other characters on your account will have access to the horse from the start of their playthroughs, eliminating the need to repeat the process​​.

The horse is not just a convenient mode of transportation, but also a key feature for microtransaction cosmetics in Diablo 4. The game allows players to obtain different kinds of horses, all of which function the same in gameplay terms. Additionally, players can earn adornments for their horses. For instance, during the beta, players who defeated the World Boss were rewarded with the Ashava horn. It's worth noting that there will likely be non-horse mounts introduced in the future, and some adornments may also be sold as part of the game's microtransactions​​.

Despite its function as a speedy mode of transportation, the necessity of the horse has been questioned. Some players have noted the oddity of sprinting past mobs of enemies to reach different locations. The presence of numerous fast-travel points has led some to suggest that more waypoints could have made the horse a non-essential feature. Moreover, horses can't be used in dungeons or interior quest areas, which still require traditional combat to progress. Nevertheless, it's anticipated that horse cosmetics will serve as a significant revenue driver for Blizzard​​.

In the end, the horse in Diablo 4 offers an exciting novelty in the well-loved franchise. Whether it's the thrill of acquiring your steed, adorning it with earned cosmetics, or simply traversing the game's vast landscape, the horse introduces a fresh dynamic to the Diablo universe.

Friday, 2 June 2023

Diablo 4: A Comprehensive Guide to Sorcerer Enchantments


In Diablo 4, each class has a unique specialization that sets them apart from the others. For instance, Druids are distinguished by their Animal Spirits, Necromancers by the Book of the Dead, and so on. If you're aiming for a Sorcerer build in Diablo 4, you'll want to get acquainted with Enchantments, which is the specialization for this class​1​.

Enchantments in Diablo 4 are treated like regular skills, yet they perform a unique function when placed in the Enchantment slot. This offers players an additional layer of customization to their build by providing a couple of potent skills that can influence the outcome of a battle. Here, we will discuss the most effective Enchantments for Sorcerers in general and for specific builds​​.

Enchantments derive from the standard skills that you can unlock as a Sorcerer in Diablo 4. The distinction lies in having two Enchantment slots and the skills carrying out a different function compared to their normal abilities. Hovering over a skill in the Diablo 4 skills menu will display what each skill does when it's slotted as an Enchantment. You unlock your first Enchantment slot when you complete a Sorcerer-specific quest at level 15, and the second slot becomes available at level 30​​.

Best General Enchantments for Sorcerers

The following Enchantments are ideal for a build that isn't targeting a specific direction (i.e., Frost, Lightning, Fire). They offer the highest value regardless of what other skills you currently have equipped. These Enchantments are predominantly time-based and do not necessitate the casting of any particular type of skill to activate​​:

  • Fireball
  • Hydra
  • Incinerate
  • Teleport
  • Blizzard
  • Frost Nova
  • Meteor

Frost Sorcerer Enchantments

As a Frost Sorcerer, there are numerous Enchantments available to you. While not all of these Enchantments are frost-based, some of them can inflict damage irrespective of the elemental damage your build is specialized in​​:

  • Ice Shards
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Armor
  • Fireball (especially effective against frozen enemies as the explosion upon death will trigger a chain reaction amongst other frozen enemies)
  • Teleport (helpful for extricating yourself from tight spots if you're playing close quarters)

Lightning Sorcerer Enchantments

For Lightning Sorcerers, there are several options for Enchantments. Most of these skills are based on Crackling Energy and stunning enemies​​:

  • Teleport
  • Lightning Spear
  • Spark
  • Charged Bolts
  • Fireball (useful for any build due to the explosion damage, which pairs nicely with Crackling Energy damage)

Fire Sorcerer Enchantments

Lastly, for Fire Sorcerers, fire skills in Diablo 4 make for the best Enchantments. They can be universally used by any build and can deal a substantial amount of passive damage​​:

  • Fireball
  • Firewall
  • Incinerate
  • Hydra
  • Frost Nova (only if you're using one or two conjuration skills, which is common with Fire Sorcerers due to the Hydra skill)

This concludes our recommended Enchantments for all types of Sorcerers in Diablo 4. Whether you're opting for a general build or a specific elemental one, these Enchantments will help you tailor your Sorcerer to your unique playstyle.

Unusual 'Invalid License' Issue Plaguing Diablo IV Players on PS5: A Temporary Fix Comes at a Price


Diablo IV, currently in early access, has been hit with an unusual error that has left many PS5 players unable to access the game. The issue doesn't involve traditional problems like server overloads or queue issues, but instead revolves around licensing verification​​.

Players trying to log into the game have encountered a screen message stating, "Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV." Ordinarily, this error should only appear if Blizzard couldn't validate the purchase license. However, it's currently affecting many users who have evidently paid for the game​.

This issue became so prevalent that within an hour of launch, Blizzard acknowledged the problem on both Twitter and the game's forums. They reassured players that they were investigating the situation and would provide updates as more information became available. While PS5 players bore the brunt of the issue, isolated reports also indicated similar problems among Xbox users​​.

Interestingly, some players have found a temporary workaround. As players were endlessly attempting to log in, a few stumbled upon a solution that required a $1.99 currency purchase within the game's store. This action seemed to "kick" something in the backend, allowing some players to gain access to the game. This solution does not guarantee access, and players are cautioned against spending more money on a game they have already purchased​.

This issue comes amidst the Early Access launch of Diablo IV. As the game prepares for its official launch next week, it remains uncertain whether this problem will persist or recur. If there was ever a time for last-minute adjustments behind the scenes, this would seem to be it​​.

In a subsequent update, some users reported that downloading a free item or program from the PlayStation Store also served as a workaround. Thus, PS5 users who are still facing difficulties and are reluctant to spend an additional $2 have another potential solution to try​.

This unusual issue highlights the complexities of modern game launches, where problems can arise from unexpected quarters. As Blizzard continues to investigate and work towards a resolution, Diablo IV players are hoping for a swift end to this 'invalid license' issue.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Diablo 4: A Guide to Early Access


After more than a decade since the last installment, the highly anticipated Diablo 4 is almost here. As the official release date approaches, the Early Access period offers players the chance to experience the game before its full launch. Here's what you need to know about how to play the Early Access version of Diablo 4, when it starts, and how to preload the game​1.

How to Access Early Access

In order to participate in the Diablo 4 Early Access, players must pre-order either the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition of the game. The game will be playable on a wide range of platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Those who opt for the base edition will have to wait until the official release date, June 6, to start their journey in the game's dark and immersive world​1​.

Early Access Start Dates

For those who have pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, the Early Access period is scheduled to go live on either June 1 or 2, depending on your location. For players in the PDT and ET time zones, Early Access begins on June 1 at 4 pm and 7 pm respectively. For BST and CEST time zones, the start time is June 2 at 12 am and 1 am respectively​​.

Preloading the Game

Players eager to dive in as soon as Early Access begins can preload the game onto their chosen platform. Here's how:

For PC:

  1. Open
  2. Pre-purchase the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of Diablo 4.
  3. Navigate to the Games section.
  4. Click on Diablo 4 and access its menu.
  5. Choose Diablo IV from the Game Version options.
  6. Select the download option.

For Xbox:

  1. Launch the Xbox Store.
  2. Pre-purchase Diablo 4.
  3. Click on "Download to Console."

For PlayStation:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Pre-order Diablo 4.
  3. In the Library section, locate Diablo 4.
  4. Select "Preload"​1​.

The Team Behind Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is being brought to life by a team of experienced developers. The game is directed by Joe Shely and Luis Barriga, with production led by Rod Fergusson​.

With its long-awaited release, Diablo 4 promises to bring a fresh and engaging experience to the franchise's fans. As players prepare for their early adventures in the game's world, the excitement for this new chapter in the Diablo saga is palpable.