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How hard is it to level up a hero in Diablo 3, and which hero to choose in 2022

 You want to level up quickly in Diablo 3, yet for whatever reason, you don't care to stop and enjoy the scenery. You've played through the plot multiple times, you're in a hurry to finish a Season before it expires, or you just want to get things done quickly. It's possible you're looking forward to Season 25 so that you can experiment with the new Soul Shard system.


If you are trying to level up and research the hero to choose, you must also consider how much d3 carry cost. Diablo 3 games can be challenging, but if you can navigate and take some of the tips shared, you'll get a quick result and a higher level. 

Strategies for leveling up

  • Via Cursed Chests

With the immense power of Corpse Explosion, one or more Necromancers are relied upon to carry the group through relatively easy Torments (levels 1–6, with some variation based on crafting and gambling luck).

Overwhelming Death and Desperate Attempts to Steal Your Soul Understands the Core Concepts. Necromancers can make up the bulk of the party, or the other characters can play a pseudo-support role, doing all they can to preserve the fragile Necromancer's life.

The name of this strategy gives away its core tenet: the pursuit of Cursed Chest rewards, which generate hordes of foes and play straight into the hands of Corpse Explosion's abilities. After a chest has been opened, party members should each go back to their own game and hunt for other Cursed Chest events to complete.

  • Torment VI Traps Method

Go to the first level of the Halls of Agony and increase the difficulty to Torment VI. The falling blade traps are located close to the map's exit, and you can't really miss them if you don't run and dodge through any enemies that happen to be in your path until you reach them. Once there, your objective would be to lead the monsters toward these enormous clever traps so you could watch them be slain by their own subpar AI, earning you a ton of experience.

If possible, use any crowd control abilities you have (as they become available) on the monsters as soon as they approach the trap. Although this method saves a lot of time, it is also (perhaps) exceedingly boring and counter-intuitive, not to mention prone to errors. It goes without saying that this tactic is unwelcome to hardcore players and will frequently end in your character's demise.

  • Darkening of Tristram Event Method

This tactic is available only in January when the Diablo 1 Anniversary Event goes live. Go to the portal in Act I's Old Tristram waypoint to access it. In essence, this is one very long dungeon that offers better XP gain throughout.

  • Via Massacre Bonus

You might also think about leveling through Massacre bonuses, which is a very effective solo-play tactic. In Patch 2.4.1, the Massacre bonus XP system was changed into a multiplicative experience bonus that rewards you for stringing together monster kills. The bonus starts at 15 enemies killed and can reach a maximum of 500 (for a whopping x4.5 multiplier). This boost only functions outside of Rifts, however.

Choose densely crowded areas like the Cathedral (Act I), Halls of Agony Level 3 (Act I), Fields of Misery (Act I), The Eternal Woods (Act III), and, most importantly, Temple of the Firstborn to successfully pull off long chains of monster kills (Act II). The strategy is to constantly move about while using skills with DoTs or large AoE, leading monster packs into one another, and exploiting cursed chests for monster spawns (Rend Rend for Barbarian, Blessed Hammer for Crusader, Multishot Multishot for Demon Hunter, Wave of Light for Monk, Locust Swarm for Witch Doctors, Disintegrate Disintegrate for Wizards).

While massacre leveling necessitates many game restarts (every 5–10 minutes), it produces some of Diablo 3's fastest leveling, clocking in at under one hour and thirty minutes after you get the hang of it. Leveling by Massacre Bonuses is mostly a solo leveling approach because of its individualized nature and the degree of coordination needed to execute it in a multiplayer game; it is only advised for 2+ people if they are skilled and have vocal communication.

  • Via Rifting

The general advice is to stick to rifts for the 1-70 travel for parties and players who are not worried about losing an hour in the 1-70 race. Increased legendary drop rates, blood shards for gambling, and a substantial "hand-in" bonus are all benefits of rifts. The map layout, monster density, and composition of rifts are all more randomly generated than bounties, but the removal of the Rift Keystone requirement allows you to simply remake if you obtain a bad (difficult or sluggish) rift. Generally, stick to a difficulty that will let you complete rifts in little more than five minutes.

Final Notes

To put it another way, you want to level 70 as quickly as possible so you can begin grinding Paragon Levels. You can level up quickly, and you can level up really fast, so let's speak about both of those options.

Please note that some of these ways need either knowing another Diablo 3 player with a max-level character or already having a max-level character from whom you may transfer items and gold to your lower-level character. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Diablo 3: A few warnings for Season 27 newbies and casuals:

A lot of new and casual players will undoubtedly be looking to veteran streamers or content creators about what class and build to run this season. I'd like to provide a few warnings toward a lesson I learned very early on during my newbie days:

  1. LoD builds are NOT casual or newbie friendlyPeriod. You'll see a lot of content creators, who I won't name to not throw shade, boast about LoD and place their classes in high tier lists simply because the LoD is extremely OP. Like Monks Wave of Light. This is a mistake for new players and casuals. LoD builds are some of the most annoying and tedious builds to put together due to the sheer RNG you're up against. Not only do you need an Ancient drop, it needs to then have a high enough multiplier to go with it and the right extra stats. That's 3 separate RNG mechanics you're looking to get good stats in. For gear where there are multiple options it becomes a nightmare to do. LoD can also be paragon hungry. LoD builds are strictly endgame scenarios where you have a set build you can speed content with for it. Content creators saying otherwise are lying to you because it's their job to play. They can spend hours in a group farming the perfect rolls and mats without any issue while you, the casual and newbie, are stuck alone or sub-optimized or both. Never look to start a season on LoD.
  2. Do not judge a class on its season theme. While the theme adds new powerful build options, they're not guaranteed drops. Understand that these are rare drops and have a 1 in 3 chance of having the affix you actually want. So if you go DH and want Spin to Win UE then you need to first get the drop and then you have a 1 in 3 of it being the spin to win affix. Try to understand it can be a WHILE before you get the affix you want. It's a whole lot like getting a Ring of Royal Grandeur. You can get it first drop or it can take more than 10 runs*(once took me a solid 20)*. Choosing a class strictly for the season power is a mistake. You can end up with a bad start grinding gear horrendously slow and not seeing the power you want. Pick a class you like, that looks fun to you, and go from there to understand. However, if you want less wasted time, go for a class with the best gift and worry about season theme later.
  3. Don't be fooled by content creator runs. Content creators will often tell you a "build is OP" and how it "clears GR100 easily" but don't be fooled. This is often with more than 1k Paragon and extremely good gear. It can take a long time for a casual to hit 1k, especially alone, and even longer to roll good gear. When looking at build videos that show off potential, always make sure to look for 4 things: 1. sub-800 paragon - 2. one or no primals - 3. less than 3 perfect stat rolls on gear - 4. No augments. These things can all highly boost a build into the stratosphere, especially augments, even though they perform terribly at the start. LoD Mages is a perfect example. It performs horribly as you build it but once you have it build with good rolls it becomes a monster of a speed build. However, that takes a while. Corpse Lance is also no different. So be careful when choosing builds, make sure the parameters shown are suboptimal as it reflects YOU when you first start out.
  4. A good Haedrigs gift is not a GR pusher, it's a speed/bounty build. This goes out to all you would-be Necros looking for that new Rathma gift to pump up that GR. It's a bad idea. Just because a build can push GRs easily does not make it a good build overall or a good gift set. Rathma will push deep GRs but it takes ludicrous gearing with a lot of CD reduction, till then it's stupidly clunky and amazingly fragile like all Necro builds. Do not be fooled by all the boasting being done, it is not speed friendly or starter friendly in any way. A good starter set gift is one that can do speed and bounty runs easily. This lets you not only get mats to upgrade and reroll gear faster and more often, it lets you run rifts for keys faster and net yourself more gear per hour overall. It's better to have a speed build that clears Rifts and bounties quickly than a slow as hell build that pushes high GRs. Mostly because starting out you're limited by lack of augments and paragon anyways. Grinding gems for augs and gear is all about speed rifts and bounties to reroll.

These are 4 warnings I didn't know about that actually put me in quite the bind during my first run of a season a few years back. Having learned from my mistakes, things are much smoother now. Hopefully, this advice helps newbies and casuals pick their class for this season. Remember you can always make a class with a great start and gift, grind that out into a speed build, then easily level a class you want to play strictly for the season power. You then use the speed build to farm gear, mats, shards and the season items. It makes the process of gearing much faster and smoother for people who value their time.


EDIT: Given the lack of literacy let me explain further on LoD. It is FASTER and EASIER to get your journey finished and gear a full gift set. That set will send you directly into GRs and speed Rifts(like current Barb WW). Where as a LoD hits a softcap extremely early based on how many ancients, what the ancients are, the multipliers on those ancients, Paragon and the Gems level. That means you hit the glass ceiling long before a Gift Set does. A Gift Set increase in power per piece is far larger than a LoD because it doesn't require ancients, just multipliers. Meaning it is EASIER and FASTER on a fresh 70 to gear with a Gift Set for speed and GR than a LoD. A LoD shines when you have the pieces, multipliers and HIGH LEVEL GEM. Stop spreading misinformation, LoD is not casual friendly and never has been. You can use it to help get the journey done, yes, but when you pop on the Set gift you instantly outshine the LoD on all builds unless you got obscenely lucky on drops. Which is RNG dependent and irrelevant. Even then, it depends on the set gift itself.

Sunday, 17 July 2022

DiabloImmortal: Is Hungering Moon actually an event?

This event is just a series of arbitrary tasks easily completed, except having to wait 24 hours for “two consecutive days, making that the most challenging.

There’s no story here, no monsters, no NPCs, no environmental changes. They didn’t even try to add event bundles for a cash grab. The rewards are just scraps and things you get more of with just a little bit of farming. They didn’t even take the few minutes of time to add a sound effect when you “draw the moon’s favor”.

The flavor text of this whole thing makes me cringe. “Serve it blindly and satiate it’s hunger… and you even may gain its favor.” Is like an insulting metaphor for blizzard and the players of this game.

I don’t get it. What is the point of this? It makes no sense. It’s like they had an intern make it.

I know there’s a lot of complaining on this sub, but I just have to vent. This is by far the worst, most low effort, so-called event I’ve ever seen in a gacha game. I probably put more effort into this rant than they did into this event.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Useful Tips How to Play Slots at Online Casinos in a Safe Way

Online slots are on a peak of their popularity. A great good deal of players wants to try themselves at online slots with colorful gameplay, qualitative graphics, great music, and unforgettable emotions. Do you have a desire to dive into this atmospheric world? Be careful of being scammed! Nowadays fraud of digital area is widespread. We have a strong desire to give you an important information how to be under protection gambling at online slots.

Do You Have a Close Look at Online Slots?

Be responsible for this question: «Do you have enough information about online slots? » If your answer is «no» you should study carefully important facts that will help you to build an idea about this online casino game. Firstly, attend to the alternative of online casinos. There is a slew of qualitative online casinos. You can find them at The second thing to learn is peculiarities of online slots mechanism. These two points are essential to start your trip to online slots.

Top online pokies

Keep Researching

As it was mentioned you can find a plenty of legitimate online casinos. It is vital to have a keen sense of the pulse of their bonuses and promos. Also, these platforms can make additional opportunities, case in point, availability of quick spins. A unique Quickspins slots catalog can redound to make a right pick of slot. Another aspect to take into consideration is licenses and certifications of these online casinos. So, do not elect the first comer platform for playing slots, select thinking through.

Pay Regard to Software

Playing online slots is full of fun and true emotions. But for getting these points you need to select high-quality online casino with the markworthy technologies and graphics. So, it is significant to ensure of software property.

Look at Security Side of Online Casino Platform

Key point of positive impression of online slots is to play safe, without second thoughts. It is possible if your choice is slightly lame to online casino with high security system. Protection aspect includes:

✔️ Multi-factor authentication;

✔️ IT security;

✔️ Security of your money with verification of transactions and deposits;

✔️ Safe storage of data, and more.

So, your private and financial information will be under strong protection. Do not worry!

Find out Information about Necessary Terms and Conditions

To spend your spare time with online slots enjoying every moment and thinking no bad thoughts you need to concentrate on the rules and special features of high-quality casino of your selection. The rules can differ in the following aspects:

  • Payment policy;
  • Availability in your country;
  • System of bonuses.

Select Right Payment Method

It is important to note that reliable online casinos have a huge number of payment options. It contains payment methods (e-wallet, credit or debit card, and others) and available currencies (even cryptocurrencies). Choose the payment method with absent or low fee, strongly safe, and convenient.

Final Thoughts

Significant aspect of reliable and interesting slot game is connected with all these points. This knowledge is the first step on the way of unforgettable time spending and winning some money. They can help you to avoid disagreeable moments and just enjoy online slots!

Friday, 1 July 2022

Diablo Immortal is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played.

 They built the next Diablo game, a good game with solid mechanics and (so far) a good story, and then turned it into one of the most aggressively-monetized pieces of shit I've ever seen whose purchasing tactics are downright insulting. The more I play this game the harder it becomes to express my distaste in words.

TL;DR 2: I have a lot good to say about Diablo Immortal as well but it's only worth talking about, I think, to lament how good this game could have been.

I could list all the pluses but it really comes down the minuses. I'm even including the mobile game I tried a week ago that, for every 30 seconds of gameplay, forced me to watch about 2 minutes of ads. It was an instant delete after one round.

I really do think DI is a great game that could have won both D2 and D3 fans over if it was a traditional console or PC game, and even drummed up support for Diablo 4. In fact, if the gameplay (minus the microtransactions) is any indication of how Diablo 4 might turn out, I'm happy. There seems to be a ton of end-game activities, it's mildly MMO (which seems executed well), the combat is a huge leap over Diablo 3 (though the controls are a bit awkward on a PC with a mouse), the story is nowhere near as campy as Diablo 3, and the skill system is much more in-depth than past Diablo games (which is hilarious given its primary platform). In an other timeline, perhaps Diablo Immortal was a late-stage expansion to Diablo 3 and perhaps even redeemed the company in the eyes of its (past) fans.

Instead, it's a pay to win nightmare. I haven't even gotten to the point yet where the rewards really slow down (level 30) but I'm bothered by the idea of how much and how often the game brings you to a dialog asking you to pay some amount of money. Even more irritating, I'm bothered by how closely the itemization system is tied to monetization. *You need to pay money to do activities or spend months/*years grinding for shit you could get by spending $10.

There's one-shot costs.

There's monthly costs.

There's a battle pass (???).

Your progress slows down dramatically as you approach 60 and even has mandatory grind levels, stopping your story progress entirely for 2-3 levels at a clip. Holy shit this feels like intentionally awful game design.

There's gigantic spikes in difficulty that, knowing the monetization options, feel completely disingenuous.

There's two types of currencies (just asking you to fuck up and overpay for one so you'll have to pay the other, only to fuck up again and do the reverse).

There's "+570% great value!" costs.

There's some ridiculous track thing that you can pay (twice?) to upgrade or something maybe I think? Is this the battle pass? The naming here really makes no sense.

The game literally fucking shames you by calling your gear "Poor" quality, psychologically incentivizing you to spend money. Come on.

There's an absurd amount of "Claim" buttons all over the game's UI that I would completely lose track of were it not for these helpful red dots.

There's more vendors than you can shake a D3 greater rift loot drop at, and I'm not even sure what they all do and why the game needs them all, and why the game needs another vendor whose sole purpose is to try to sell you things for real money. Is gold even useful in this game?

There are so many fucking currencies and resources that it is so easy to lose track of everything. I swear to god and/or satan that this is a tactic to get you to simplify it all in your head by just spending money on it. I would never remember where to get everything if it weren't for the helpful "Get More" button on everything.

What even are regular gems?

What even are charms? Do I need to spend real money on this crap?

Ok, charms are so fucking rare it's insane. I got like 2 dozen and none are for my class.

Some in-game purchases are time-gated. What the fuck? Is this an attempt to prevent people from buying their way to max level as soon as the game is released?

They're even planning to continue development on this game with content patches, which makes it even more of a hot mess shame it exists in this state. Are they going to charge for new zones?

And there are things you can only get by paying money. The legendary drop rate in Rifts is insulting-to-humanity low without a crest.

"Bro, I just want to upgrade my gear." "NO PAY ME!" "Go away!" "PAAAAAAYYYYYY MEEEEEEEE! And also while you're at it, pay me a bit to stuff a legendary gem in there, or pay me again to buy another legendary gem to upgrade that other bitch to rank 2. Ha ha! No, really, pay me. Now."

If the math for a video I watched is to be believed, you can spend about $100,000 on this game before you max out a character. That is unbelievably absurd.

I want to like this game. I really do. If the PC port got a more traditional PC UI (doubtful), it would be one step closer. If the monetization schemes were toned down, it would be one step closer. If the resources, vendors and upgrade systems were mechanically simplified somehow it would be one step closer. But honestly, at this point it'd never be a darling in the Diablo series because of how horrific the monetization is and how pervasively annoying the "give me money" prompts are and, worst of all, how absurdly closely tied paying money is with how the entire fucking itemization system works.

It kind of ruins the name "Diablo". And it's a fucking shame because there's a fantastic game underneath it. IMO it's far better than it has a right to be but the forced monetization scheme just drags it all through the mud.

Mobile games often force their monetization systems upon you through gameplay mechanics: 1) time-gating things, 2) making the grind excessively long, 3) throwing a ton of ads at you, 4) slowing and/or stopping your progress, etc. Diablo Immortal clearly does 1 and 2, and I'm told later on it will do 4.

I would be less annoyed if the underlying game wasn't as good as it is, and annoyed less still if this wasn't supposed to be a major Diablo franchise game. That Warcraft Arclight Rumble game looks like a throw-away Warcraft title. But DI? Instead, it's sandwiched between Diablo 2 and 3 and is an essential (sort of) part of the franchise's story.

One of the finest moments in this game for me so far came shortly after finding the Lacuni encampment. This game does a far better job of characterizing monsters than not only other Diablo games but many other games period. One character asks you to "get proof" of a deed of killing a big ass Lacuni. Kill the monster, click on its dead body and then my Wizard said this to himself:

"If Zov is right, Tabri won't believe me without proof the deed has been done. Ugh. This is going to get messy."

The action has now turned into "Collect Pelt". For once, a character took a minute to acknowledge that cutting up a monster for a body part is actually kinda gross.

"Hey! Look who's back! Oh, and with a... pelt. Ooh, that's disturbing -- but clever! Tabri won't be able to deny such, uh... compelling evidence."

There is so much more care in the writing in this game than past Diablo games. It really makes me sad for this game seeing what systems were saddled on top of it.

P.S.: Bounties in DI are some of the biggest bullshit I've ever seen Blizzard do. I have to kill 60? And only like 2-3 at a time? Seriously? And with an entire zone of players hunting them as well? It seems the intention is something you do for an entire week or something but that's not how the players are interpreting it.

P.P.S: And for fuck's sake, someone fix the bug where abilities get "stuck" and I have to press every ability button again to find out which one it is before I can do any action other than walk.

Friday, 19 November 2021

It feels like 95% of all Hell games are trades. We need a game type filter to actually get to play the game.

I'm so annoyed by how the Hell difficultly multiplayer join game lobby is currently designed. I have to constantly scan for a needle in a haystack for games that people are actually killing monsters instead of trades. It feels like 99% games listed in Hell are trades games. I just want to quickly join a game that actually you know... kills monsters.

Yesterday night (Friday) Prime time for gaming I was trying to get through Act 2 Hell with my Hammerdin. I don't have tele so I needed help getting through the maggot lair. I gave up on searching for a "questing" game in the lobby because it was filled with trades games. I made my own Act 2 Hell Help custom game and played for an hour by myself until some random good Samaritan came and gave me a hand. It shouldn't be this difficult in this day and age to join a type of game you want to play.

Normal and nightmare difficultly are awesome because it's filled with people trying to level. So it's easy to enjoy a game of killing monsters. But for Hell difficultly, we really need a game type category filter. For example "Trades", "Questing", "PvP". It'll make finding games so so much easier and enjoyable.

Friday, 12 November 2021

In depth Whirlwind Barbarian guide



Long time barb player here, I wanted to make a definitive whirlwind barbarian guide for players who like to play barbs and like to do that from ladder start. I have looked around a lot and it seems a lot of the better guides from the past are not accessible, and the one on Icy-Veins leave a lot to be desired, with wrong information and bad gear suggestions. I've left a message on their boards asking if they want help with a guide, but for the meantime I want to put this on reddit as a source for new players and even veterans not well experienced with barbs. I hope this guide helps people and if you have any suggestions or believe some information is bad, please post why and we can go over it, either I can help you or you can help improve the guide.

This guide isn't really to give you a copy and paste format to copy, it's to teach you how WW barbs work and hopefully give enough information that people understand why certain items are best, and so allow people to have the knowledge to gear barbs themselves while knowing why they are doing it. If anyone is good at formatting things like this with contents etc, please let me know.

Why to make a whirlwind barbarian.

  • Extremely tanky - whirlwind has no synergies, allowing for max investment into shout and battle orders early in the game, this is often overlooked in frenzy vs whirlwind debates. Lategame a well geared barbarian is arguably unkillable, with good gear the only reason to take a shield is to protect from deaths due to client crashes/disconnects, and also to fight stygians while amped :)
  • One of the highest melee damage specs in the game, bested only late game by extremely expensive Dream Paladins or Fireclaw Druids, yet neither match the all around stats of the whirlwind barb, and both are considerably more expensive to make functional.
  • Nice options for gear progression if you have the right knowledge
  • It's fun and can clear all content, in end game gear it can clear high end farming areas very well.
  • You can not be put into hit recovery
  • More flexible gearing options than other barb specs - you do not need cannot be frozen.
  • Buff your friends
  • Arguably the best rune finder for online play, possibly bested by endgame Sorc/Paladin/Amazons farming Chaos Sanctuary, but it's close.

Basic D2 Gameplay Mechanics to know for building a Barbarian or any class in general.

  • Diablo 2 used to run at 25 frames per second. D2R now runs past this, however the vast majority of core game mechanics still operate within 25 frames/segments per second. Increasing or decreasing values of hit recovery/block/attack/cast speed etc reduce the amount of frames required for your character to complete these animations, thus making them faster.
  • Hit recovery - When your character receives more than 1/12th of their maximum health in damage in a single hit, they are put in to hit recovery animation. The base frame length for this animation is 5, meaning a barbarian in a normal attack/running(non whirlwind) animation will be unable to move/attack for 5 frames, or just under 0.20 seconds. This is important, it means whirlwind barbarians do not lose dps when hit, Frenzy and Berserk barbarians do, it's another reason why WW is so much stronger than other barb specs.
  • Block rate - The same as above, but for blocking. Our base block rate is 4 frames, or around 0.15 seconds.
  • Attack speed, again the same as above, however it's worth noting now that whirlwind actually operates slightly differently, attack speed is based on the weapon(s) in hand and the ias on that weapon only. For other attacks it operates normally, increased attack speed on other pieces of gear will make your normal attack animations faster.

How does Whirlwind work

What I can tell you:

  • Whirlwind is based off of weapon speed and increased attack speed found only on the weapon itself.
  • Whirlwind always makes a hit check (the game calculates if you hit any targets in range) every 4th and 8th frame.
  • While dual wielding, the game makes a hit check with the main hand only on the 4th frame, then it does hit checks for both weapons on the 8th frame and every x frames after based on weapon speed.*
  • While wielding a 2handed weapon, the game makes a hit check every 4th and 8th frame, then every x frame after based on weapon speed.
  • A character can not be put into hit recovery animation or blocking animation while whirlwinding, but they can still be hit and they can still block.
  • The chilled effect from cold damage does not change your attacks per second during whirlwind.
  • Decrepify does not reduce your attacks per second while whirlwinding, however it does reduce your damage.
  • Like attack speed, on weapon effects like crushing blow or deadly strike only apply to the weapon they are on, not both. ty /u/daanno2 for noticing this wasn't in the guide.
  • Whirlwind can not proc on kill/on hit spell effects, if you are using obedience and want the enchant you need to kill a few mobs with concentrate/berserk to get it to proc. ty /u/daanno2 for noticing this wasn't in the guide.

Frames per attack during whirlwind animation after the 8th frame :

One handed weapons

Weapon Speed16 or higher1510-10-34
Frames per attack after the 8th frame1012864

Two Handed weapons

Weapon Speed16 or higher0-10-30-60
Frames per attack after the 8th frame14121064

How do we get our weapon speed:

Go to this site, find your weapon, look at the square bracketed value, subtract the IAS on the weapon you are using from this value.

Example: IK Maul

Base weapon speed shown in brackets is 10, it has an additional 40% increased attack speed. 10 - 40 = -30.

So the IK maul hits the second to last whirlwind breakpoint, it needs 30% more ias to hit the last breakpoint, so if we put 2 sheals in it, or 2x 15 ias jewels, it hits max attacks per second with whirlwind.

What I can't tell you:

*Some people claim both weapons make a hit check on the 4th frame and not just the main hand, and some people claim after the 8th frame the weapons hit at alternate intervals (not the same time, it's extremely difficult to get the right information on this.)

Dual wield whirlwind has a bit more in-depth mechanics based off of weapon speed and weapon range, it doesn't actually class each weapon individually all of the time. I don't want to put this in the guide however as I'm not 100% convinced anyone really knows anymore, I've found a lot of sources on old pvp boards but nothing I'm confident enough to put in the guide as fact. If anyone has good information on this please post. I would rather put my hands up and say I'm not 100% sure on this rather than give you bad information/advice.

So we know that no matter what:

  • Whirlwind always hits on the 4th and 8th frame regardless of weapon speed with a 2 handed weapon.
  • Whirlwind always hits on the 4th frame with the mainhand and on the 8th frame with both weapons while dual wielding.
  • It's only after frame 8 that weapon speed takes effect on our hits per second, or FPA (frames per attack).
  • We can negate the lack of speed on slow 2 handers by ensuring we do short whirlwinds, since for the first 8 frames (just under 0.25 seconds), we always hit the same amount of times - this is very important for early-mid game gearing options, as it means we aren't limited in weapon choices provided we know the drawbacks of slow weapons and how to negate them.
  • It's best to have two one handers with the same ias to work out our damage reliably
  • It's best to hit max breakpoint on any weapon we use

Physical damage game mechanics

Attack rating and Defense rating *chance to hit*

  • The value the game uses to determine if your hit check is successful. A calculation is used with your attack rating + level vs opponents defense rating + level to determine if your attack hit or not.
  • You get raw attack rating from dexterity (4 per point) and items. It's worth noting that pumping dexterity is a very inefficient way to gain attack rating.
  • You get % increases on your base value from skills and items.
  • The game also calculates your chance to hit with your level, which is very important. You will gain a few % chance to hit vs level 85 mobs from levelling to 85 from level 80 alone, with no improvements in your attack rating.
  • The weapon mod -% target defense is very strong, reducing the armor value of an opponent so increasing your chance to hit significantly, works on bosses.
  • The weapon mod ignores target defense is extremely strong, giving you a flat 95% chance to hit on all monsters except bosses and uniques. This is one of the strongest melee mods in the game, and arguably the strongest, allowing us to completely negate attack rating, only really hurting us against Baal and Ubers when in end game gear.

Damage Calculations and how to calculate our damage

The game multiplies base weapon damage by our enhanced damage % found on skills/items.

To simplify it for us, we calculate our mean damage:

If we have a weapon that does 50-100 damage, we add both values and divide by 2 to find out average. 100 + 50 = 150, 150/2 = 75.

We then multiply out average damage by our % enhanced damage. Say we have 150% from whirlwind, and 150% from weapon mastery, it's a total 300% enhanced damage. 75 x 3 = 225, + 75 from our base damage = 300 average damage per hit. We then multiply this by *deadly/critical strike rates (please see below).

On weapon % enhanced damage effects our base weapon damage, and is multiplicative with our % enhanced damage found on off weapon sources. Non weapon enhanced damage % is additive.

Deadly and Critical strike


We have 30% critical strike, and 50% deadly strike:

The game checks to see if we land a critical strike, if successful we do double damage, if we miss:

The game then checks to see if we land a deadly strike, if successful, we do double damage. If we miss we no longer have a chance to do double damage for that hit.

So, from this we know that 30% critical strike and 50% deadly strike gives us a 65% chance to do double damage. Since 30% of our strikes land a critical strike, 70% miss, 50% of those missed hits land a deadly strike. 50% of 70% is 35. 30 + 35 = 65. So when we do our damage calculations, we multiple our total damage in this case by 1.65.

It's worth noting that it is actually possible to get 100% deadly strike from gear, negating the need for critical strike, although no use for whirlwind barbs, it does mean a frenzy barb using 2 death runewords can actually forgo weapon mastery in favor of more damage from synergies, provided they have enough attack rating. This also opens up the possibility of a very cool Axe + Sword frenzy build :)

Open Wounds

  • Gives attacks a chance to inflict a bleed DOT effect on monsters.
  • While monsters are under this effect, they can not regenerate life.
  • Useful for bosses with large hp pools, not much use for general PVM.

Crushing Blow

  • Provides a chance to reduce a monsters current health by 12.5%
  • Worth noting current, not maximum.

Prevent Monster Heal

  • Prevents monsters regening life, however open wounds also does this, probably one of the weaker melee stats except if you don't have open wounds.

What is dangerous to a whirlwind barb

Whirlwind barbs are essentially unkillable for most content. You hit too fast and leech too much to really be killed. If you are in endgame gear, you could spin almost indefinitely through 10 packs of fanat minotaurs without dying, literally for hours, because the chances of them all successfully hitting you while you not hitting them enough times in succession to leech back the damage are astronomically small. However some things are very dangerous to us, and it's important to know what in order to know how to best deal with it, especially if you play hardcore.

  • Mana Burn - If we have no mana we can't whirlwind, if we can't whirlwind we can't leech, if we can't leech we eventually die.
  • Physical Immunes - If we can't deal physical damage we can't leech life and we can't leech mana.
  • Because of the above two things, mana burn and physical immunities mean we can be put in to hit recovery - this is bad.
  • To deal with these things, we need to berserk, meaning we have 0 defense so we will be put into hit recovery again - manaburn/physical immunity creates a very bad loop of no damage + no leech + hit recovery animations for whirlwind barbarians, in conjunction it's our kryptonite.
  • Gloam/high elemental damage monsters with conviction auras - barbs naturally have very easy access to high resistances, however enemies with conviction and high damage can pose a danger.
  • Stygian dolls - the only real counter to this is a stormshield or max block with significant damage reduction from other sources. You can outleech them in hell, but it requires 45%+ lifeleech, which isn't really an ideal figure to aim for. If you get amped while fighting these sit back and let your merc do the dirty work.
  • Any situations with the above things together. A room with gloams + a conviction aura with minotaurs with physical immunity + mana burn and something like fanaticism is a very dangerous room, I have almost ripped 2 times on my main barbarian since launch, both cases were rooms such as these when he was a bit worse geared than now.
  • Please note that although these are dangerous, with good game and itemization knowledge you can still kills these things moderately safely and quickly, a well prepared whirlwind barbarian can kill anything.

How do we deal with these situations?

By preparing our barbarian with clever gear choices.

  • For Minotaur/Phys immune/Mana burns we get off weapon IAS to make sure we berserk fast, and we dump all available skill points after our core build in to berserk. The goal is to make sure when you need to berserk you do it fast and with a lot of damage to remove the danger ASAP.
  • For Gloams - don't consider your fire or lightning resist capped at 75 in hell, another 50-75 points goes a long way into making your barbarian a real tank for any situation the game might throw at you.
  • By stacking our HP to make we it takes a very, very large amount of damage to put us in to hit recovery
  • By using Arreats to take us to a very good Faster Hit Recovery breakpoint, while also giving us a lot of + points into berserk.


By order of importance:

20 Whirlwind

20 Weapon mastery

20 Battle orders

Natural resistance until capped

20 Shout

Increase speed

Find item

Battle cry

Pretty self explanatory, use battle cry for bosses, when in early game gear you will need more in natural resistance, as your gear gets better you need less and less. I often have 5-8 points in this on levelling barbs/ladder starts and then respec later and have 1-3.



BiS - double grief Berserker axes

Runner up - double grief Phase Blades

3rds - BOTD 2 hander/1handers/Beast

Explanation on Berserker Axe vs Phase Blades - Zerkers give a bigger AOE radius, slightly more damage and don't require high dex investment, netting us a good 500+ HP over phase blade users. Considering Grief as ignore target defense, the AR bonus from the dex needed for phase blades is largely wasted. Berserker axes are the true minmax option for a WW barb.

Counter Argument - Phase blades provide faster, thus safer berserking, and don't need to be repaired. Phase blades are slightly faster than Berserker axes during normal attack animations, but when decrepified or frozen they are significantly faster. Phase blades also always hit the whirlwind breakpoint, berserker axes need 34% for max whirlwind breakpoint and 35% for a 10 frame berserk with laying of hands + highlords. Grief Phase blades always get a 9 frame berserk with the same gear, regardless of ias roll.

Personal preference I guess, for me I prefer the smoother clears that Zerker axes provide.


Bis - Enigma

Close runner ups - Fortitude/CoH/Skulders

3rds - Guardian Angel/Shaftstop/Leviathan

Amulet and rings:

Bis - Highlords

Dual leech rings/Ravenfrost

Runner up - angelic combo if you don't have ignore target defense, mana leech ring with good stats.


Laying of hands, unless you are a singer barb always use these.


War Travelers or Gore Rider - personal preference, a bit more damage vs a bit more mf. I take Gores but War Travelers are not a bad pick, but a lot more expensive.


String of ears 100%, do not use Verdungo's. Verdungo's is a pvp belt. Life gained from +Vitality items is not effected by Battle orders, Verdungos gives a minor 120-160 life increase over string and 10% faster hit recovery. The hit recovery does not take us past a breakpoint asssuming we are using Arreats, and is eclipsed by damage reduction + life leech from string.

The only barb who should take a Verdungo is a berserker, for everyone else String is vastly superior, it just makes you tankier for most content.


Arreats for normal people

Guillaume's Face for maniacs.

Arreats is the better all around helm, but for raw damage Guillaume's is stronger, however despite being cheaper individually, it works out being a bit more expensive since you need to find resists from other places.


Act 2 blessed aim or preferably Might.

Reapers toll is sort of a must.

Levelling weapons:

Insight runeword

Obedience runeword

Both slow, but give access to high % ed weapons in exceptional and elite polarms, and with short whirlwinds we can get around the slow attack speed without losing as much dps as we need to, insight helps with this especially due to mana costs of short whirlwinds, both solid picks.

Good Budget Items:

IK Maul (double sheal)

Windhammer (sheal)

BIS Budget gear:

I had a look on a softcore trading site, this is probably the best setup at the cost of 1-3 Lem runes and some pgems. And that's probably overpriced, I would say you can pick up all the below gear with perfect gems with the exception of Gore Riders and Guillaume's.

Arioc's Needle (sheal) - sleeper overpowered and probably one of the most overlooked weapons in the game. 50% deadly strike, max whirlwind breakpoint, +2-4 skills and ignore target defense. If you ever do a single player playthrough and find this item don't throw it, if you ever make a barb it's strong enough to do hell with comfortably. The deadly strike puts it's damage well past Bonehew's* (*with a highlord amulet) and the ignore target defense frees up our ring and amulet slot, giving us room for resistances or leech/a highlord :).

Bonehew (double sheal)- better damage than Arioc's until you get a highlords, but you need to use angelic ring + amulet.

Obedience - very slow, but the crushing blow + resistances + ability to get a self casted enchant make it very strong.

IK Helm OR Guillaume's Face - if you are struggling for resistances take IK and put some Ral/Ort runes in it.

Ring 1 Mana/Life leech or resistances/anglic

Ring 2 Mana/Life leech or resistances

Amulet with Mana/Life leech or resistances/angelic

Wealth runeword/Smoke runeword/Black Hades

Laying of Hands

IK Belt or string - if you are struggling for resistances it's a choice

IK Boots or Gorerider

I'm probably going to make the above budget build to demonstrate how strong Arioc's is, but need to make another barb to do it since all my characters are hardcore and I don't want to rip a level 90+ barb in test gear :)

If people have stuff to add please let me know!

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Why do I have to play a minigame to even play the game?

Game name already exists = timeout

Create a game too fast = timeout

Invalid game name = timeout

Trying to join a game that does not exist = timeout

Game is full = timeout

Crash = to the back of the que you go

Say you are doing baalruns in a public game. You have to analyze the gameplay of the host to figure out how quick he is with reactions etc, so you can somewhat gauge what his energy levels and/or cognitive status is so when it is time for them to create new game, you can adjust your typing/joining speed according to your read on how fast this person is about to type in the create game screen. If you fail at this calculation, you will be timed out for joining too fast and if you wait too long the game will be full. Gamble simulator 69420

Say you are doing solo mf runs, you better not want to do just meph because that is punishable behaviour. You need to time your runs because hey, if you make two under 1 minute runs in a row, it is time for timeout.

Crashes? unpredictable right? For me, I have noticed that If I run the game in order from a5 to a1, I will always crash when I go to the Countess. So adjust accordingly, right? Time to never do countess runs because a crash will net you a timeout in the form of a 2h queue


So anyway, is this how things are going to be from here on out? I for one feel like that these little annoyances just start to add up and if this keeps happening consistently then it just sucks the fun out of the game.

Monday, 25 October 2021

The Diablo Clone event needs updates

I've been a part of two Dclone walks in D2R so far.

  1. It's still IP-based
  2. Walkers need to use third party tools to check their connected game IP, the game doesn't show your IP
  3. You also benefit from using firewall rules to try to force yourself onto hot IP blocks. You want the client to give you connection errors so it's faster to try for games.
  4. The only strategy after that is to just keep remaking games until you hit the hot IP. And more than 500+ people for some walks are trying to hit the IP.
  5. Even though the game is split into regions (Americas, EU, Asia), there are actually hidden sub-regions that you connect to based on ping, like western or eastern Americas server groups. This makes some walkers just very bad at connecting to the target IP even if they are coordinating with each other. These players make new games for hours to try to get in.
  6. Because of the above, the event is also basically impossible on consoles.

Essentially, the event encourages us to DDoS the D2R servers. This isn't good design. It's archaic and overly technical. D2R needs to change how spawning Diablo Clone works. We're actively making the server issues worse.

The original implementation of the event was targeted at cleaning up the massive amount of duped SoJs in legacy D2. We don't currently have that problem.

Some suggestions on how to modernize it:
  • Make it like single player, 1 SoJ → 1 Dclone in your individual Bnet game
  • Make it smaller but still co-operative, players need to sell 8 SoJs in a single game and then perhaps Dclone drops some number of charms depending on player count.
  • Change the event to selling 1000 unique rings and make it spawn Dclone region-wide
  • Make it a series of challenging cube recipes and fights like Ubers to receive 1 charm

Just something other than IP-based spawning, please.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

D2: Resurrected NEW Players Guide

-Mostly for new players. Also a refresher if you're coming back after a long break. :)

1. You Only Get 1 Skill Respec Per Difficulty for completing the Den of Evil quest. After that the only way to respec is to farm the Act bosses in Hell difficulty to create respec tokens.

-You can max out each skill with 20 points, although bonuses to skills from gear pushes this beyond 20.

-Only focus on maxing out 1-2 main attack skills and their synergies or else your skills will become too weak later on.

-There are quite a few weak and mediocre skills in Diablo 2 so choose very carefully or you may have to re-create your character if you've already used your first Den of Evil Respec:

---Endgame Viable Skills for Every Class--- (Some are only for Crowd Control or Support)

Sorceress - Blizzard/Frozen Orb/Meteor/Fireball/Firewall/Static Field/Lightning

Paladin - Blessed Hammer/Concentration/Holy Shield/Smite/Zeal/Fanaticism

Barbarian - Frenzy/Double Swing/Leap/Battle Orders/War Cry/Battle Cry/Find item

Druid - Tornado/Hurricane/Grizzly/Oak Sage/Shock Wave/Fury

Necromancer - Skeletons/Clay Golem/Revive/Amplify Damage/Decrepify/Life Tap/Lower Resist/Corpse Explosion/Poison Nova/Bone Spear/Bone Prison

Assassin - Lightning Sentry/Death Sentry/Burst of Speed/Fade/Cloak of Shadows/Mind Blast/Shadow Master/Shadow Warrior

Amazon - Charged Strike/Lightning Fury/Penetrate/Pierce/Valkyrie/Exploding Arrow/Freezing Arrow

---"How Does Difficulty work in D2R?"---

-In Diablo 2 you start out in Act One "normal", you cannot change this until completing each difficulty. You have to defeat the act bosses to progress up to Act 5 Baal. Once you kill him you progress to "Nightmare". Then you can make Normal and Nightmare games.

-The game will play the same in Nightmare but the loot table opens up to much better item drops/Affixes, every mob has exponentially higher life + damage, you get a -40% debuff to all resistances and some monsters start to be completely immune to certain types like Fire Immune or Lightning Immune.

-You then Defeat Baal in nightmare to progress to Hell. Hell mode opens up the entire loot table in lvl 85 areas, it gives you a -100% debuff to all resistances and MANY monsters will be immune to certain types of spells and some will even have double immunities. (yikes!)

2. Put Most Stat points Into Vitality For All Characters. In Diablo 2 you need to put most points into vitality early or else you'll constantly die.

-Only put enough points into strength/Dexterity to wear gear. You can put a few points into Energy in the beginning to help with spells/skills, but not too much. Same with Dex to help attack rating, but don't put too much and cripple your life.

-Vitality also increases stamina which allows you to run longer. When running your defense automatically becomes zero. Toggle 'R' to walk and defend yourself or recover stamina.

-Buy Stamina potions to restore stamina to full and gain temporary unlimited stamina for 30 seconds per potion. (effects stack)

3. Your Inventory Space is Very Limited so you'll need to make frequent trips to town to sell and/or put items in your stash.

-Pick up things like Throwing Knives and potions early on to use & sell for gold. As well as Paladin Scepters, Necro Wands, Sorc source/staves. Most gear with + to skills sells for a lot.

-Buy The Tomes of Town Portal & Identify and keep them both on you. They hold up to 20 scrolls each. (Refill Tomes in one click by holding shift when purchasing) (You can also put scrolls of Town Portal into your belt for quick hot-key escapes!! good for HC players)

-Some Blue items can be worth more than others. Like Charms and Jewels. The rolls are very random in D2 so be sure you don't miss something valuable.

-Always Pick up Charms and Gems, Jewels, & Runes to socket them into weapons and armor for early boosts and keep lots in your stash for Crafting, Transmuting & Creating Runewords. (The games most powerful gear, see #10)

4. Get a Belt and Always Keep it Stacked With Mana, Health &/or Rejuvenation potions. Using them is part of the game. Use Rejuvenation potions to heal life & mana instantly. (3 Small Rejuv potions in horadric cube = 1 Full Rejuv potion)

-Pick up and throw Strangling Gas Potions. These are surprisingly effective. They always hit and can help a lot with packs of monsters early on.

-Antidote and thawing potions effects stack. They don't physically stack in quantity but their effects do. They last for 30 seconds each so drinking 4 potions will give you 2 minutes of increased resistance. (tip: Use thawing potions before fighting Duriel, A2 boss)

-Refill belt in one-click by holding shift when purchasing.

-Heal your mercenary or give them Antidote/Thawing potions by holding Shift + 1 2 3 4 to the corresponding potions on your belt. (or drag & drop)

5. Get Faster Cast Rate (FCR) on gear to dramatically improve casting speed of all spells for all classes once you hit your classes FCR breakpoint.

-Also get Faster Hit Recovery (FHR) to reduce the time you get stuck when attacked

-FCR/FHR Breakpoints:

-Note: 10% FCR does NOT mean you cast 10% faster, once you hit a breakpoint your character will start casting MUCH faster.

-*Exception: The Assassin uses Increased Attack Speed (ias) to improve casting speed of Traps (Shadow Tree still uses FCR)

6. Use The Shared Stash To Transfer Items & Gold to other characters and store all your l33t loots. If you run out of space create a random class to store more. Name them something like "UniqueMule" or "GemMule" inline with what you give them to hold.

7. Immediately Drop Your Shield at lvl 1 On All Classes. You get locked up and it prevents escape or subsequent attacks. Wear shields once you have better ones a little later on.

-Ex: Ancients Pledge (Ral + Ort + Tal)[lvl 21] 3os Shield. Rhyme (Shael + Eth)[lvl 29] 2os shield

8. Keep The Horadric Cube (from Act 2) on you for extra storage while slaying demons. You can also transmute things like 3 gems into a higher quality gem and the same with runes skulls & rejuv potions. You can even Craft, Upgrade and Socket items!

-Reroll Amulets & Rings: 3 Rings = 1 Amy, 3 Amy = 1 Ring

-Repair & Recharge items: Ort + Chipped Gem

-Open Secret Cow Level: Wirt's Leg (Tristram) + Tome of Town Portal. [Doesn't actually exist]

-Socket "normal" Weapon: Ral + Amn + P-Amethyst

-Socket "normal" Armor: Tal + Thul + P-Topaz

-Socket "normal" Helm: Ral + Thul + P-Sapphire

-Socket "normal" Shield: Tal + Amn + P-Ruby

-*Remove Socketed items: Hel + TP scroll (runes/gems are destroyed)

-Up Normal Unique Weapon to Exceptional: Ral + Sol + P-Emerald

-Up Normal Unique Armor to Exceptional: Tal + Shael + P-Diamond

-Up Exceptional Unique Weapon to Elite: Lum + Pul + P-Emerald

-Up Exceptional Unique Armor to Elite: Ko + Lem + P-Diamond

-Up Normal Rare Weapon to Exceptional: Ort + Amn + P-Sapphire

-Up Normal Rare Armor To Exceptional: Ral + Thul + P-Amethyst

-Up Exceptional Rare Weapon to Elite: Fal + Um + P-Sapphire

-Up Exceptional Rare Armor to Elite: Ko + Pul + P-Amethyst

-Full List:

-Craft Gear to Wear:

-Trade items 4 items on this site if you don't want to make trade-games:

9. Farm The Countess in Act 1, Black Marsh > Forgotten Tower lvl 5, from lvl 6-12ish. Then continue to farm her as needed in normal to nightmare mode to create your first runewords (very powerful weapons/armor > list in #10)

-Countess Rune Drops: (Always kill on /players1)

Normal: [El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal, Ral]

Nightmare: [Ort, Thul, Amn, Sol, Shael, Dol, Hel, io] Very-rare [Lum/Ko]

Hell: [Lum, Ko, Fal, Lem, Pul, Um, Mal, Ist, Gul] Very-rare [Gul, Vex, Ohm, Lo]

-Hellforge Rune Drops: (A4 Quest)

Normal: El to Amn

Nightmare: Sol to Um

Hell: Hel to Gul

-Always double Check Runeword recipes to make sure you put runes in the correct order and in the correct item type.

-Use Hel Rune + TP scroll in the Horadric Cube to Remove all items from sockets, the Runes or Gems will be destroyed in the process.

10. Create Stealth Amor (Tal + Eth) at lvl 17 for all classes and other runewords too! Its easy to farm the runes from the Countess & Hellforge for all early-mid game runewords and they drastically increase your damage and defense. You can also easily buy most of the Bases with open sockets from Vendors too. Reset all Vendor items by leaving town through the Main Entrance, Portal or Waypoint.

-*Note: You cannot create runewords in anything but white and superior bases. Meaning nothing magic, rare or unique with sockets will work. Choose bases with low strength and dexterity requirements.

-Useful Early-to-Mid Game Runewords: [os = open sockets]

lvl 13 - Steel (Tir + El) (2os sword/axe/mace)

lvl 17 - Stealth (Tal + Eth) (2os Body Armor)

lvl 17 - Malice (Ith + El + Eth) (3os Any Weapon)

lvl 19 - Leaf (Sorc) (Tir + Ral) (2os Staff Only)

lvl 21 - Ancients Pledge (Ral + Ort + Tal) (3os Shield)

lvl 21 - Zephyr (Ort + Eth) (2os Hunters Bow)

lvl 25 - Edge (Tir + Tal + Amn) (3os Hunters Bow)

lvl 25 - Spirit (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn) (4os Crystal/Broad/Long Sword)

lvl 25 - Strength (Amn + Tir) (2os Any Melee Weapon)

lvl 25 - King's Grace (Amn + Ral + Thul) (3os Swords/Scepters)

lvl 27 - Insight(Ral + Tir + Tal + Sol)(4os Polearm)

lvl 27 - Lore (Ort + Sol) (2os Helm)

lvl 27 - Radiance (Nef + Sol + Ith) (3os Helm)

lvl 27 - Honor (Amn + El + Ith + Tir + Sol) (5os Any Melee Weapon)

lvl 29 - Rhyme (Shael + Eth) (2os Shield)

lvl 29 - Peace (Zon) (Shael + Thul + Amn) (3 socket Body Armor)

lvl 35 - Black (Thul + io + Nef) (3os Flail)

lvl 35 - White (Necro) (Dol + Io) (2os Wand)

lvl 37 - Smoke (Nef + Lum) (2os Body Armor)

lvl 39 - Harmony (Tir + Ith + Sol + Ko) (4os Missile Weapons)

lvl 41 - Obedience (Hel + Ko + Thul + Eth + Fal) (5os Polearm)

lvl 41 - Lionheart (Hel + Lum + Fal) (3os Body Armor)

lvl 43 - Wealth (Lem + Ko + Tir) (3os Body Armor)

lvl 43 - Treachery (Shael + Thul + Lem) (3os Body Armor)

lvl 43 - Voice of Reason (Lem + Ko + El + Eld) (4os Sword/Mace)

lvl 43 - Passion (Dol + Ort + Eld + Lem) (4os Any Weapon)

lvl 47 - Duress (Shael + Um + Thul) (3os Body Armor)

lvl 54 - Spirit (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn) (4os Monarch Shield)

-Full List/Guide:

11. Get an Act 1 Mercenary Early On from completing the Burial Grounds quest. Then hire the A2 Mercenary right when you get to Lut Gholein at the top corner of the city near the sewer entrance. A2 Merc Auras:

Combat (N): Prayer (slowly heals you and your party/minions) (not that great)

Offense (N): Blessed Aim (increases Attack Rating for you and your party/minions)

Defense (N): Defiance (gives extra defense to you and your party/minions)

Combat (NM): Thorns (returns very high percentage of damage back at melee attackers)

Offense (NM): Might (Greatly increases melee damage for you and your party/minions)

Defense (NM): Holy Freeze (freezes nearby enemies and adds cold to merc attack)\-\*note: Hell mercenary auras are same as Normal, only worse with a lower lvl cap.

Mercenary Specific Tips:

-Heal your mercenary or give them Antidote/Thawing potions by holding Shift + 1 2 3 4 to the corresponding potions on your belt. (or drag & drop)

-If your merc is leveling too slow, take off their gear and then hire a new merc at a higher level in town.

-WARNING: Their gear will disappear if you replace your merc without removing it first.

-A1 MERC: (Archer Type)

lvl 1 = Gemmed 3 socket bow.

lvl 17 = Stealth Armor (Tal + eth)

lvl 21 = Zephyr bow. (Ort + Eth) 25% ias, +25% Run

lvl 25 = Edge bow (Tir + Tal + Amn) lvl 15 Thorns Aura

lvl 39 = Harmony bow (Tir + Ith + Sol + Ko) (or better Edge) lvl 10 Vigor

lvl 43 = Treachery Armor (Shael + Thul + Lem) 45% ias

-A2 MERC: (Melee/Meatshield Type) *Powerful Auras

lvl 15 = Malice Polearm (Ith + El + Eth) Use Scythe or Voulge

lvl 17 = Stealth Armor (Tal + eth)

lvl 27 = Insight Polearm (Ral + Tir + Tal + Sol) Use Halberd, War Scythe or Poleaxe

lvl 41 = Obedience Polearm (Hel + Ko + Thul + Eth + Fal) If you don't rely heavily on mana

lvl 43 = Treachery Armor (Shael + Thul + Lem) 45% IAS

-A3 MERC: (Spell Caster Type) *benefits from FCR

-Get Vipermagi armor from Andy/meph (NM).

-Use Shields with FCR like Lidless Wall or Wall of Eyeless

lvl 17 = Stealth Amor (Tal + eth) 25fcr

lvl 25 = Spirit Sword (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn) 25-35 fcr

lvl 54 = Spirit Monarch Shield (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn) 25-35 fcr

-A5 MERC: (Melee w/ bash) *needs really good gear to be useful. Stick with A2.

12. Shopping at City Vendors for Great lvling Gear and Sockets: (Reset Vendors via waypoint, portal or sewer)

-Akara A1 (N) for +Skills on Wands for Necro & Orbs/Staves for Sorc. You can get x3 to multiple skills! And Scepters for your Pally and Barb, very strong early game.

-Charsi A1 (N) for 2-3os bows, polearms, axes, and 2os Scimitars and Katars. (socket with gems, jewels & runes)

-Fara A2 (N) for 2-3os shields, armors, polearms and 2os Helms. Also ctc Frost Nova when hit gear for crowd control (tinted blue)

-Elzix A2 (N-NM-H) for early Magic Find, Life or Resistance Boots/helms/belts for All Classes. 20% IAS gloves (NM)

-Ormus A3 (N) buy a staff with +1 to Teleport *Charges*. NOT items with the (sorcerous only) tag. This will allow all other characters to teleport like the sorc when holding the staff. This is extremely useful for navigating hard areas like the Maggot Lair. (*WARNING: Gold cost to repair charges is very high, use teleport charges wisely. You can also restore charges with Ort rune + Chipped Gem in the Cube)

-Anya A5 (NM-H) for x2-3 Skills on Claws for the Assassin.

-Larzuk A5 (N) 3os helms starting at lvl 39

-Gamble at Gheed A1, Elzix A2, Jamella A4 and Anya A5 for a chance at great items!

13. Focus on Killing Boss Groups. They give 500% experience and are 3 lvls higher than area level. Also Champion groups give 300% experience, so don't waste too much time killing many normal mobs. (unless its just too fun? Ash Getchum: "Gotta kill-em-all!" )

-When you get to Act 5 in any difficulty, do the quest to save Anya and she will open a portal to run Pindleskin. Kill him + his minions then Shenk & Eldritch + their minions (Above & Below the Frigid Waypoint), exit game and repeat for very quick experience and item farming.

14. Type "/playersX" (x = 1 - 8) in Single Player. Each increase in player count will increase mob XP & Dmg but also increase the experience you receive and number of loot dropped (every other level 3, 5, 7).

-Farm Act bosses on "/players3" this caps out the loot drop table and prevents the boss from dropping nothing.

-In-Game Commands:

/framerate: Displays the same stats as /fps, but also includes some memory allocation information.

/fps: Shows in-game framerate. 25 is the maximum display rate. (may change in D2R)

/nopickup: Stops your character from picking up any items in that game unless holding the show item key.

/soundchaosdebug: Plays every sound in the game. Type the command again to turn it off.

/time: Displays your local time and server time.

/players (1-8): Simulates more players in the game to increase drops and game difficulty (single player only).

15. Stack resistances to 75 (max). In nightmare you get a debuff of -40% and in Hell it is -100% to all resistances. If you don't stack high resistance, you're gonna have a bad time. #southpark

16. All Classes Need 'Cannot Be Frozen' but especially melee classes or builds. Being frozen is one of the worst and most common debuffs and causes a lot of deaths. (HC players beware!)

17. Crushing Blow is your best friend for bosses and high HP mobs. It does a percentage of the targets life.

-25% VS normal creep, 10% VS hirelings or PVP and 12.5% VS Champions, Uniques & Bosses.

-Missle Weapon percentages are halved: 12.5% > 5% > 6.25%.

18. Magic Finding: also referred to as "MFing". Its the process of running the same bosses or areas over and over in an attempt to find more powerful runes and rare/unique items. This game has hundreds of items that are akin to winning the lottery when they drop.

-Stack at least ~250. MF has significant diminishing returns after the first 250-300.

-MF Curve:

-Note: Do not MF in public games. MF in Single Player, Private Games or with Close Friends only. Loot is FFA in D2r and other players can see and pick up anything that drops.

-Great Places to MF: Ancient Tunnels (H) > Andariel (NM-H) > Mephisto (NM-H) > Countess (NM-H, *Runes) > Lower Kurast (NM-H) > Pindelskin (H) > Eldritch (H) > Shenk (H) > Nihlathak (H, *Runes/keys) > Pit (H) > Chaos Sanctuary (NM-H) > Cows (NM-H) > Baal/throne room (NM-H) [Not in any specific order. Some places are better than others for finding specific gear but can change depending on how fast your character and build can clear that area or boss. Refer to Item Finder: for specific loot drops and odds in each area]

19. You Do Not Need to Kill Every Monster in This Game, There Are a Lot of "Immunes". They are rare in normal, somewhat common in nightmare and very common in Hell, even seeing double immunities. If you can just skip those specific monsters thats fine. Or you can try a hybrid build that focuses on two elements like Firewall/Frozen orb or Frenzy/Berserk. But you can still even run into Fire/Cold immune & Physical/Magic Immunes, so just skip these and don't feel too ashamed. (that monster punked you, you should feel shame).

20. Most Common D2 Acronyms/Lingo: (i probably missed a few)

"N" = Normal "NM" = Nightmare "H" = Hell.

SOJ = Stone of Jordan Unique Ring

TP = Town Portal

SP = Single Player mode

MF = Magic Find

IAS = Increased Attack Speed

os = Open Sockets

Eth = Etheral

PP = Party Please :)

PK = Player Kill. >:)

FCR = Faster Cast Rate

FWR = Faster Walk/Run Speed

FHR = Faster Hit Recovery

FBR = Faster Block Rate

BO = Battle Orders. A barbarian skill. Greatly increases life and mana of entire party

CTA = Call To Arms (Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm) gives any class Battle orders

Nigma = Enigma (Jah + Ith + Ber) Runeword that gives any class the ability to teleport

LR = Low Rune = [El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal, Ral, Ort, Thul & Amn] & Lower Resist (necro curse)

MR = Mid Rune = [Sol, Shael, Dol, Hel, io, Lum, Ko, Fal, Lem, Pul & Um]

HR = High Rune = [Mal, Ist, Gul, Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur, Ber, Jah, Cham & Zod]

Trist Runs = Low level group runs through Tristram, located through a portal in the Act 1 Stoney Field.

Tomb Runs = Low level group runs through Tal Rasha's Tombs at the end of Act 2.

Baal Runs = Mid to end level group runs through end of Act 5 to kill Baal and his minions.

R4F or Rush 4 forge = Someone will rush you through the game in exchange for your Hellforge Quest Rune

Chaos = Referring to the Chaos Sanctuary Area in Act 4.

"SC" = Small Charm "LC" = Large Charm "GC" = Grand Charm

Skillers = Grand Charm with + to Class Skills (Only found in NM - A3 Flayer Jungle and beyond)

Pcomb = + Combat Skills Grand Charm for Paladins

Hdin = Hammerdin = Paladin that uses Blessed Hammer build

"1" = Safe, "2" = Not Safe. Refers to if a Town Portal someone opens up is safe to take or not. They may be trying to escape death.

HoTo = Heart of The Oak Runeword (Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul) gives +3 all skills, 40 FCR

BK = Bul-Kathos Ring

CB = Crushing Blow (percentage of monster health per hit, powerful against bosses)

DS = Deadly Strike (% chance to deal double damage)

OW = Open Wounds (causes target to bleed for dmg over time)

DR = Damage Reduction %

Torch = Unique Large Charm from killing Ubers. Gives +3 to skills, All Res and Firestorm on strike

Anni = Unique Small Charm from killing Diablo clone. Gives +1 all skills, + Attributes + All Res and +10% Experience gained

BIN = Buy It Now

FG = Forum Gold (Currency on ``)

Script = Description (referring to the description of a created game for trades)

WUG = What do you Got?

WUW = What do you Want?

NN = No Need

t4t = Thanks for Trade :)

ISO = In Search Of

Pindle = Pindleskin = Unique monster in A5 through Anya's portal after her quest

Andy = Act 1 boss Andariel

Meph = Act 3 boss Mephisto

Big D = Diablo

Occy = The Occulus Unique Orb. Has +3 Sorc Skills, 50% MF, 30% FCR & +20 to Vit/Str/Res

Shako = Harlequin Crest Unique Helm. Has +2 to skills, DR, Mana, life and 50% MF

DND = Sets a Do Not Disturb message for your online profile. Type "/DND message" to set it. This was commonly used to scam players into giving up their passwords. (i never fell for it.. of course..)

Amy = Amulet

CTC = Chance to Cast

WP = Way Point

LK = Lower Kurast


-Andariel loot bug: All act bosses have a higher loot drop table for their first Quest kill in each difficulty and then reverts to normal on subsequent kills. But for Andariel, if after killing her you immediately go to Act 2 via talking to Warriv, you keep her Quest loot tables permananently. If you leave or drop from the game before Talking to Warriv the bug will not work and you can't re-do it for that difficulty. (no you don't need to avoid talking to anyone or other activities)

-A2 Merc bug: Get him stuck behind something like closing a door and then walk away from his location, once he teleports to you he is no longer able to be targeted by enemies until you exit game.

-Easy Duriel Kill: You can trap duriel into running in place and unable to attack you at the right side of his cave. Circle around the tomb so hes following close behind you and then hug the top of the screen and drag him down the right side until he gets stuck walking in place. Do not move, kill him from a distance with ranged attacks/potions/minions.

-Easy Mephisto Kill: You can easily trap mephisto on his moat and kill him from a distance on the other side with either ranged attacks or spells.

-Easy Diablo Kill: You can get Diablo stuck on the side of his pentagram platform so he can't move.

-Easy Ancients Kill: You can prevent Madawak from using Whirlwind if you are near the edge of the cliff or up against one of the pillars.

-Skip Baal's Minions: Run down below the entrance to the thrown room before the wave gets summoned and it will skip that wave or lure the minions below the entrance and either run around or teleport back up to Baals throne and he will spawn the next wave or end and enter the worldstone chamber if you skipped the final wave.

-Easy Baal Kill: If you can slow Baal enough with Decrepify, slow effects from gear or Clay Golem Baal will get stuck in a loop attempting to re-cast his attack spells but never fully finishing. Easy pickins.

-Despawn Baal's Clone: Once baal spawns his clone, use a town portal and wait 10s, re-enter and his clone will despawn.

**Comment below with any helpful exploits i missed and i will add them to this list**

Monday, 18 October 2021

It really is like being back in the year 2000

What a timeless troll tactic

Omg I have to try the dupe an item trick.
Step 1. Go in a corner where no one can take your item drop it on the ground.
Step 2. Hover over your item and hold the alt key.
Step 3. Whole holding alt press F1, F2, F3 then F4.

I've cried so hard at memories of evil people doing this to me, literally my prepubescent nightmare. Was 12 and way too trusting of what was my first encounter with online strangers.

Though nothing beats the guy who befriended me for almost a year, constantly doing d2 stuff together so I trusted him, then one day asked me to create a new zon so he could rush me, and asked me to give him all my zon items to transfer and he stole them all. Top tier items I played d2 for months to finally get. My faith in humanity has never been the same since that day.