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How to Defeat Andariel in Diablo 4

 Diablo 4 presents players with numerous formidable foes, but few are as iconic and challenging as Andariel. Known as the Maiden of Anguish, Andariel returns in Diablo 4, bringing her unique brand of terror and difficulty. Defeating her requires a blend of strategic planning, understanding her attack patterns, and optimizing your character's build. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to conquer Andariel, ensuring you can progress smoothly in your quest.

Understanding Andariel: The Maiden of Anguish

Who is Andariel?

Andariel is one of the Lesser Evils in the Diablo universe, known for her poisonous attacks and terrifying presence. As a recurring boss, she has appeared in previous Diablo games and continues to challenge players with her lethal abilities and formidable health pool.

Andariel’s Lore and Background

Delving into Andariel's backstory enhances your appreciation of the battle. She serves the Burning Hells, aiming to spread pain and suffering. Her return in Diablo 4 signifies a major threat that players must address to restore balance to the world of Sanctuary.

Location and Encounter

Finding Andariel is the first step. She typically resides in the depths of a corrupted area, often protected by numerous minions. Knowing her lair's layout can give you a strategic advantage, allowing you to plan your approach effectively.

Preparing for the Battle

Recommended Level and Gear

Ensure your character is appropriately leveled before facing Andariel. Generally, being slightly above the level of the area can provide a critical edge. Equip your character with high-resistance gear, particularly against poison, to mitigate her primary damage type.

Optimal Character Builds

Each class in Diablo 4 has strengths that can be leveraged against Andariel. Whether you’re playing as a Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, or Rogue, tailor your build to maximize damage output and survivability. Skills that allow for quick movement and healing are particularly beneficial.

Consumables and Potions

Stock up on health potions and antidotes. Buffs from consumables that increase resistance or enhance damage can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Preparation in this aspect can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Andariel’s Attack Patterns and Strategies

Primary Attacks to Watch Out For

Andariel employs several devastating attacks:

  • Poison Spray: A cone of poison that damages and applies a debuff over time.
  • Summon Minions: Periodically, she will summon lesser demons to distract and overwhelm you.
  • Melee Strikes: Powerful physical attacks that can quickly deplete your health if not avoided.

Dodging and Countering Attacks

Learning to dodge and counter is crucial. Pay attention to her wind-up animations, indicating an incoming attack. Keep moving to avoid poison pools and use ranged attacks or abilities to maintain distance.

Exploiting Weaknesses

Identify moments when Andariel is vulnerable, such as after a heavy attack. Use these windows to unleash your most powerful abilities. Fire-based attacks are particularly effective, exploiting her elemental weakness.

Tactics for Each Class

Barbarian Strategies

Barbarians should focus on maintaining high health and using shouts to boost resistances and healing. Utilize leap attacks to close distances quickly and deal damage during her vulnerable moments.

Sorceress Tactics

Keep your distance and use ice or fire spells to exploit Andariel’s weaknesses. Teleportation abilities can help avoid her poison sprays and reposition quickly.

Druid Approaches

Shape-shifting and summoning can provide a tactical edge. Use the druid's versatility to switch between damage-dealing forms and healing forms as needed.

Rogue Techniques

High mobility and burst damage define the rogue’s strategy. Use traps and ranged attacks to whittle down her health while staying out of her melee range.

Managing Andariel’s Minions

Dealing with Adds

Focus on eliminating summoned minions quickly to prevent being overwhelmed. Area-of-effect abilities can clear groups of enemies, keeping the focus on Andariel.

Maintaining Control of the Battlefield

Positioning is key. Control the battlefield by luring Andariel to more open areas where you can maneuver easily. Avoid getting cornered or surrounded.

Post-Battle Tips

Loot and Rewards

After defeating Andariel, you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot. Check for unique items and upgrades that can significantly enhance your character’s abilities.

Preparing for Future Bosses

Defeating Andariel is a significant milestone. Use the experience and items gained to prepare for even more challenging encounters ahead.

Improving Your Build

Analyze the battle to identify areas for improvement. Adjust your build based on what worked well and what didn’t, ensuring you’re even more prepared for future challenges.


How can I reduce Andariel’s poison damage? To mitigate poison damage, equip gear with high poison resistance and use antidotes during the battle.

What level should I be to fight Andariel? Being slightly above the level of the area where Andariel is located is recommended, generally around level 20-25 for optimal success.

Are there any specific items that help against Andariel? Items that boost poison resistance and provide health regeneration are particularly useful against Andariel’s attacks.

What’s the best class to defeat Andariel? All classes can defeat Andariel with the right strategy, but Sorceresses and Rogues can leverage their range and mobility effectively against her.

How do I deal with Andariel’s minions? Use area-of-effect abilities to quickly eliminate minions, ensuring you can focus your attention on Andariel herself.

Can I fight Andariel multiple times? Yes, Andariel can be farmed for loot, providing opportunities to improve your gear and gather valuable items.


Defeating Andariel in Diablo 4 requires preparation, strategy, and a keen understanding of her attack patterns. By optimizing your character’s build, utilizing effective tactics for your class, and staying vigilant during the battle, you can conquer the Maiden of Anguish and progress further in your quest. Use this guide to turn the daunting encounter into a manageable challenge, and enjoy the rewards that come with victory.