Sunday 22 April 2012

Don’t Gamble With Your Diablo 3 Character!

In life, you can learn from your mistakes. But if you are going ‘Hardcore’ in Diablo 3, you must NOT leave it to chance!

There are no 2nd chances if you miss a step.

In Diablo 3, mistakes are really, really costly. Yeah, you can say that you’ve learned from the experience… but nothing breaks your spirit more than starting all over again from the beginning. Especially when all the characters are stored on the Blizzard’s server – there are no 2nd chances. Players have even contemplated suicide when a character they have spent months to build dies.
(Okay, that last point might sound a bit extreme… but you know what feeling I’m talking about, right?)

You can prevent all that with Peng Joon’s latest Diablo 3 guide.

The way to winning easily is by reading Peng Joon’s latest collection of guides on DIABLO 3. This collection is called DIABLO 3 Secrets and I can tell you that the content there is really awesome because it comes with not one, not two but a series of guides broken down into modules!

I was just reading through one of the sections on handling mobs and what I can tell you is that it really blew my mind.

I didn’t even know that there were so many different ways to tackling, kiting and killing hordes without breaking a sweat.

This guide is really huge and it comes with screenshots after screenshots of lessons that the pros wish you never knew.

It’s no surprise because Peng Joon is considered to be one of the best pro gamers in the industry. He’s a person who believes in teaching by example.
There are many guides out there who claim that they know their stuff but Peng Joon is different because he has been in this industry for a long time. He has also authored many other popular guides in games such as Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft (have you read his PvP and PvE bibles? They are truly detailed!), Farmville, Frontierville, Fishville and every other Facebook ‘ville’ you can think of.

You must learn from him.

I have no doubt that this guide will do for you what it has done to gamers from all over the world – to make you a better player.

Check it out for yourself here