Wednesday 23 May 2012

Act 1 Quest 6 - Broken Blade Chest farming

Here is a small trick courtesy of Diablo 3 Hero ( Try it out, they have a 60 day full refund!). 

Act 1 Quest 6 - Broken Blade Chest farming
First i wanna say this is not comparably to the Act 2 Chest trick yesterday, but it´s better than nothing.

Preperation Steps

  1. Open Act 1 Quest 6 on any difficulty (I would recommend Inferno)
  2. Talk to Leah
  3. Port to Fields of Missery
  4. Move up to the Scoundrel
  5. Get the Safepoint
  6. Log in and out
Now you always spawn down the Old Mill.

  • Before opening a chest, equip your MF Gear
  • If you don´t wanna die, check map, in 99% you will se the wp on the map
  • 10 sec up in the north is a cellar with a safespot / trader / bloody chest
  • If you like the guide - you know what to do


There is a chance of 40% of getting what you want, a resplendet chest. There are 5 different map type´s you can get. 2 of them are great.

Map 1 - Resplendet chest
Best Map - get there and loot the chest - Be aware of the Tree´s

Map 2 - Resplendet chest
Click the dead body - Kill the Named Boss - go to the cellar - loot the chest

Map 3 - Little Chest
Only a little Chest on top of the Hill

Map 4 and 5 - Nothing
Nothing to do here. Create a new game