Thursday 3 May 2012

Cash Out Profit Table from the D3 Forums

A lot of people have been concerned with the cash out profits, stating that Paypal will charge fees or too many fees and that cashing out will cost them.

Here’s the official blue post on the matter:

Posted by Bashiok
“PayPal will not charge any fees for transfers to them. You'll pay a 15% transfer fee to move any funds to your PayPal account, and then whatever you do with the money after that is between you and them. But the transfer to PayPal is 15%, and that's it.”

Here is a chart and related info from the D3 forums that explains it all very well: 

(Sale Price - 1)*(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit
(Sale Price - 1)*(1-.15) = Profit
(Sale Price)*(1-Blizzard Commodities Fee)*(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit
(Sale Price)*(1-.15)*(1-.15) = Profit

What are commodities?
Commodities are crafting materials (from salvaging items), gems, and gold.
Basically, sell-able items found under the Other section of and gold.