Sunday 27 May 2012

Diablo 3 Wizard “Diablo Killer” Build

Today we have another build from the guys over at and this one was actually picked up from the forums with a claim that one of the first people to beat Diablo on Inferno mode was using a Wizard with this build.

Now this build is pretty strange and instead of using the usual skills in the correct slots you will need to mix it up a little.

That is cool though as this is not a usual build and you should use this on Diablo only.

Here is the build:

Diablo 3 Wizard “Diablo Killer” Build:

Here is a bit more info about how the build works:

For your primary skill you have Hydra and then the rune on top of this will give you a venom spitting Hydra as well.

You have Blizzard that will produce some cold damage and then the rune will cause this skill to last longer.
Slow time is a good one as this will indeed slow time but with the skill rune on it you will notice that your allies are sped up. This is actually mean to be used as a solo build.

Diamond Skin is a must have when taking on a boss of this magnitude and it will allow you to soak up damage and with the skill rune in place you will actually be able to absorb more damage.

Energy Armor and Force Armor is basically another defensive combo and you can swap between this one and Diamond Skin to stay alive.

Magic Weapon allows you to have some melee damage and boost magic effects. Then for your passives you have Glass cannon that will increase the damage you do and you also have the other passives to make most skills signature skills and lower the arcane cost of each.

If you are thinking of taking on Inferno give this build a try!

If you still need to level then head over to for a complete leveling guide and an entire catalogue of builds for all classes in D3!