Monday 14 May 2012

Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Build – If You Are Leveling A Wizard At Launch This Will Help!

If you are going for the Wizard at launch on Diablo 3 then this build should help you and give you a few tips that you can use to level faster.

The Wizard in Diablo 3 makes for an awesome AOE class and this build what we will try and do is up your survivability a little. We all know that the Wizard is about damage output but it does take a bit of a hit on survival and how many hits you can take so this build should help.

We will run through the Wizard skills from 1-10 to start off with:

When you start out with the Wizard you will get a set of active and passive skills.

The main ones you want to focus on are Magic Missile to begin with this is a ranged attack that does 110% weapon damage you can also add the Split rune skill as well as that will make your Magic Missile fork into 5 projectiles doing 66% weapon damage each.

Wave of Force is the next will you want to use and this one will be of use for both defence and offense.
When it is cast it deals 220% weapon damage to all enemies in front of you.

It will also repel incoming attacks and gives you a nice knockback so you can keep the same distance from your enemy.

Best Skill Rune here is Impactful Wave as it will not only knockback enemies but also stun them too.
This helps as it gives you more time to unleash attacks.

Next up to finish off the 1-10 leveling guide and your best skills you should take note of the Passive skill you have which is Power Hungry.

This gives you 30 arcane power every time you heal from a health orb so that little boost to your AP does wonders when you are leveling up in the early stages.

If you use these skills you should find yourself at level 10 in no time!

We will go through the leveling skills from 10-20 tomorrow and you should be ready for them depending on how long you play during launch day.

Of course if you are not going to be playing the Wizard and you want a guide for another class OR you want the full leveling guide plus a lot more head over to /  ( Try it out, they have a 60 day full refund!) and get ready to speed level on launch day!