Saturday 26 May 2012

Diablo 3 Wizard Lightning And Ice Leveling Build

In this post we have another leveling build from the guys over at and this time we are looking at the Wizard and leveling.

This build will actually take the Lightning and Ice skills from the Wizard and use them to best effect while giving you a good leveling build to use.

Firstly here is the build:

Diablo 3 Wizard Lightning And Ice Leveling Build

For your primary skill you have Shock Pulse which is a signature spell and will do 105% Weapon damage.
With Explosive Bolts in the skill rune slot this means that all enemies destroyed with the Shock Pulse will explode and do another 70% weapon damage to demons around them.

In secondary you have Ray Of Frost that will do 215% of weapon damage and also Numb will slow your enemies down.

For defensive you have Frost Nova that will freeze your enemies and you have shatter that means a frozen enemy has a 50% chance to release another Frost Nova.

For your Force skill you have Energy Twister and with the Wicked Wind skill rune in place you will deal 360% weapon damage and the skill rune will keep it spinning in one place.

For your Conjuration you have storm armor and this will help you protect yourself against ranged and melee attacks. You also have power of the storm that will reduce the arcane cost.

You also have Archon that will make your abilities more powerful and with the skill rune in place it will cause an explosion when you change that will do 450% weapon damage.

Then to save yourself the arcane cost of these skills you have some passive skills that will turn some of the more costly abilities into signature spells.

All in all an awesome build for mid-range destruction while leveling a Wizard.

For a complete leveling guide and a full builds library for all classes head over to