Thursday 24 May 2012

Guy dies from playing Diablo 3?

It turns out playing a game for 72 hours has adverse effects on your health...who knew? have the story of 32-Year Old Russell Shirley who was found dead in his home over the weekend by his landlord and coworker. He suffered a heart attack after a three-day binge on Diablo III.

Comment from the site that's worth reading:

"Russell was a good friend of over 15 years for me. He lived in my guest house. We played diablo 3 together. 
Unfortunately the events portrayed are not entirely accurate and are being sensationalized. Russell struggled with health problems for some time and did not commit to a 3 day marathon session of Diablo 3. Many were excited over the release. The night before he was out with friends until 1am. 
He will be missed. I hope this article either realized that they are printing inaccuracies are immortalizing him as "obsessive gamer dies from videogaming" or retracts some of these statements.

So the game might not be the killer, but still. Take a break from your gaming once in a while ok...