Tuesday 5 June 2012

Most effective legit gold farming area

I've been doing research on the currently most effective method of farming gold.

So far I've tested the 5 top farming areas over a duration of 10 runs to get a good average of data.

  1. A1 Inferno - Royal Crypts: 453909g/h
  2. A3 Nightmare - Arreat Level 2 & Arreat Core: 209167g/h
  3. A1 Nightmare - Whimsyshire: 205267g/h
  4. A1 Inferno - Dark Cellar: 187478g/h
  5. A3 Nightmare - Arreat Core: 180942g/h

So farming the Ashes in the Royal Crypts has by far the highest farm value.
And doing so as a barbarian yields 17652 gold over 140 seconds per round which is basically 126 gold pieces per second.

This data applies to the barbarian class with the following info:
  • - +242% Gold find
  • - +21y Pickup radius
  • - +62% Movement Speed
  • - 1.76 Attacks per Second
  • - Spear as a weapon with Weapons Master passive skill for increased attack speed
  • - Gloves with attack speed
  • - Boots with movement speed

  • - Cleave with Reaping Swing for virtually unlimited fury
  • - Leap to jump over certain unpassable areas
  • - Sprint with Marathon gives 50% increased movement speed, due to cleave with reaping swing, this skill can pretty much be spammed

Equipping a follower with gold find rings and an amulet will slightly increase the players gold find, I chose the Templar due to him being the only follower capable of carrying a shield which can also have gold find

Pickup radius will remove the need to walk back to the gold to pick it up. A perfect radius would be 26y - mine is currently 21y and I sometimes miss (but very seldom).

High movement speed reduces the time needed to travel in between ashes.

Attacks per Second is often overlooked, this stat reduces the down time while destroying ashes, considering you can only continue to move once the swing cool down is over.

The reason I'm posting this with a comparison is because everywhere you have different data which is mostly unreliable due to different classes with different gear posting there often incorrect g/h.

I hope this gives everyone some clarity on what is actually worth farming and a bit on how to do so effectively as a barbarian.