Thursday 19 July 2012

Awesome Hardcore level 50 - 60 method for Barbarians

You should already know by now, that  there are few good Hardcore twink items, and leveling of your toon can be pretty hard.

So I want to introduce you this new awesome method! You can easily level your barbarian from level 50 to 60 in a couple of hours. It is a manual job though, as this level range  is the hardest to level in the game obviously.

If you want someone ells to power level you, they must be an insanely geared and be able to smash though hell act 3-4 monsters and you still need to stay near that seeder.

Now here is the trick:

  1. Get your toon to level 50 and have the 3rd act hell quest 4 (stones etc.)
  2. Get some gear with a good dps and vitality, helm with red gem for sure, +exp per kill is a good option.
  3. Take the quest, talk to NPC, go to armory.
  4. Go in the middle of the scene, turn on the EARTHQUAKE (freecast rune works great) and kill all the shadow spiders.
  5. PROFIT - 35-45k exp per 30 sec. run is awesome in HardCore with almost no risk to loose your barb.

The other close solo farming manual method is hell act 1 first quest, but it is only 50-60k exp per 2-3 min run.