Wednesday 11 July 2012

Win all bid items on AH, if you got enough gold.

I was trying some things out last night, trying to find out how to do that new AH exploit everyone is talking about, well i did'nt find out how to do that, but i found another nice exploit / bug on the AH

Ever found a item you really wanted, but it was only bid, no buyout? So the last 5 mins you have to bid war agaisnt some others to get the item, and most likely you will lose and dont get the item?... Well there is a way to guarantee that you get this item, it basicly just have to do with how much gold you got.

Here's how it works:

  • You find an item you want.
  • Starting bid is 500k.
  • Now what you will do is that you will bid on the item, but instead of only make a 500k bid, you should make a 2mil bid, or 10mil bid or something really high, depends on the item ofc.

Now whats gonna happen is that you made a 10mil bid on your item, but the "Current bid" will still only show 500k, which means that when someone try's to outbid you, they instantly gets "Bid to low" - the reason they get this is because on their screen, the bid only says 500k current bid, but in fact the real bid is actually 10mil, it just doesnt show, which means they will never have a chance of winning this, unless they try to bid over 10mil themself, which would be stupid since they can see highest bid is only 500k

Now you're thinking, well thats logic, but then the item will cost me 10mil, i dont want to pay 10mil for that item.

This is where it gets interesting, because what's really gonna happen is that when the auction expire, and current bid says 500k, you will get the item, and a 9.5mil refund, which means even if you made a 10mil bid, you only gonna pay 500k for it.

I already made 30 mil on this bug within the last 24 hours, simply bid on good items with low bid, and you can't get outbid ( or well you can, but the chance's that someone will bid that much as you is around 0% )


Made a 4mil bid on this amulet: 

After i got the item: 

And my current bid on another item: 

NOTE: The 'Current bid' changes when someone try's to outbid you, which means that each time somone try's and outbid you ( which they cant ) the 'Current bid' gonna go up with like 1-2% or how much it is each time you make a new bid which means the items will get a little more expensive, but still worth it.

NOTE 2: Don't outbid yourself! - If you outbid yourself you will lose your first bid and dont get the money back.