Sunday 30 September 2012

Post nerf Gobling farming as Deamon hunter or Wizard

This trick Required: DPS, MF.This is in tower of the damned lv1.
I had mf and dps gear on, (and obviously puzzle ring too) plus a tiny bit of regen, which was enough to outregen the fire vent.
Also had templar with more mf

  1. Position yourself where the green x is set Hungering arrow/seeker to RMB
  2. Hold down rightclick, aiming at the fire vent thing, gob will spawn somewhere in front of u (generally) and seeker/hunger will do the rest. 
  3. Unplug mouse with RMB held down so it'll continue to loop. (pew pew all nite)
I'd say 95% kill rate on gobs. Never actually seen one spawn behind me (shrine and chest blocking) but always a possibility. Sometimes a gob will get away because the angle is too big for seeker/hungering to turn around.

This screenshot taken after 6~hrs afk with 310 mf and 120k dps