Tuesday 30 October 2012

New Monk Build October 28 -2012

This is a team only build so it will not work if you want to play alone. Ubers require teamplay anyway

This build means you alone have around 10k dps, but it actually does more damage by riding on your teammate's damage.

Sledge fists have great CC (30-50% stun) but at the price of a severe DPS drop. But what if we could compensate that dps drop and still wear stunner shades? The main goal here is perma-stunning Uber boses (and elites) while still maintaining good dps.

This is a pure tank concept in terms of gear so you are able facetank and slug your fists all day. Unless you have lots of gold, you need very defensive gear (which can be purchased for cheap right now since crit chance/crit damage is all the rage). The idea here is to use gear for defense, and skills as offense, well most of em anyway (One With Everything is still king, and I like the extra armor from Seize the Initiative). This will drop you to said 10k dps.

I have 50,000 Health, 2.04-2.33 Attack Speed, 930 total resist, 5,000 armor, and 1,800 Life on Hit to give you an idea of what gear I sought after.
  • Exploding palm: 12% dmg boost
  • Breath of Heaven/Guiding Light: 16% dmg boost
  • Crippling Wave: 10% dmg boost
  • Mantra of Conviction: 24%/48% dmg boost

Total: 62%-86% extra damage for your party.

Let's compare two scenarios: (1) ??? dps Overawe monk with a party of 3 doing 100k dps each (2) A 10k dps monk using this build with a party of 3 doing 100k dps each.

From the equation [1.24-1.48(???+300,000)=(310,000)1.62-1.86]

It will take monk (1): 105,000 damage AND 24% Overawe buff to match this build

If he spams the skill every 3 seconds so the party gets 48%, it will only take 89,594 damage.

So there you have it, a sledge fist build that outputs the equivalent as if you had 89,594-105,000 unbuffed DPS.

If the math checks out, this build means that you will now survive your ass off on mp 9/10 and pull your weight damage-wise.

So what do you guys think? Note, there may be a sweet spot between defense and offense so you do not have to go full tank like I did here.