Thursday 25 October 2012

So my friend found an amulet thinking it was worth 8 million gold. What happened next was unexpected

The bid jumped from 8m to 2 billion gold:

He's successfully made me feel like crap. The day before he was begging me to lend him 2m for a chantodo source, and I was hesitant because I had been saving up for a long time for upgrades on my monk. As you can see, he has 15m pretty much the most he's ever had. Farms a lot, but RNG never really comes out on his side. Obviously, it's come out big for him this time around.

The minute he told me, he said, without any hesitation, "You get 20%, bro!"

Not only that, but he's sharing the wealth amongst 4 people including me.

Egy, you're an awesome guy.

The stats: