Tuesday 18 December 2012

Five features that will pretty much ensure I never play another game in my life

Just for fun, because I like guessing where this game will go next. Back in the day when I suggested new shrines, half of them ended up in the next patch. I was thrilled. Who knows what Blizzard listens to?

Thing is, if you want these features in, the posts need visibility. It would be really cool if it got like 100 upvotes or something. I don't get karma for these submissions (I've been stagnant since I started submitting only to r/Diablo the past few months... :D ) I don't expect most of these features implemented before an expansion, but the expansion is a big deal, and Blizzard does have a track record of taking community feedback and rollign with it.

1. Survival mode
Two teams of four in two different arenas. Endless waves of monsters. Killing monsters gives you the currency you need to send havoc to the other team. Anyone that has played SC2 custom "massing" games will be familiar with this concept.

This mode has leaderboards.

2. Duel mode
1v1 PvP with the option to put items "up for grabs." The 1v1 part is straightforward, the item betting is basically like a trade window. Both players negotiate and put up an item, and the winner takes all.

This mode has leaderboards.

3. Best offer! For auctions.
I don't know why this is not implemented. Let me just throw up an auction for any price I want, let me set the reserve price, and let people make offers for my item! It may be up for 200m, but you bet your ass I'll take 180m from a guy who is just a little short.

Likewise, I keep seeing auctions for insane gear up for WEEKS, and sometimes I am really close to the amount, and I bet anything that seller would part with his DML for 298mil insteal of 300mil.

4. The dyes modifications 
I just want transmog from WoW in Diablo 3

5. Endless Dungeon (keeping it simple...ish?)

I'd say the first 100 levels should be well thought out and planned, and the rest would just be a linear increase in difficulty. Open to anyone at any time at any level, you can jump right in and have fun. You'd have a town area you can teleport to at any time, and every 10 levels you get a checkpoint that lets you start at that point or any previous checkpoint in future runs. For every level you clear, you get 5% bonus MF/EXP. No Monster Power here. NV functions the same as it would anywhere at level 60. 

Every 10 levels would be a bonus boss battle. Each level contains elites, which vary in affix number and quantity. Below are some hypothetical gear checks
  • Level 1-3: Clearable by any Normal mode player using self-found gear, only one elite per level with one affix
  • Level 4-6: Clearable by any Nightmare mode player using self-found gear, one elite per level with two affixes
  • Level 7-10: Clearable by any Hell mode player using self-found gear, 1-3 elites per level with three affixes
  • Level 11-13: Clearable by any Inferno mode player using self-found gear, 2-3 elites per level with four affixes
  • Level 14-15: Inferno MP0, 3 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 16-20: Inferno MP1, 3-4 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 21-25: Inferno MP2, "
  • Level 26-30: Inferno MP3, 4-5 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 31-35: Inferno MP4, "
  • Level 36-45: Inferno MP5, 5 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 46-55: Inferno MP6, "
  • Level 56-65: Inferno MP7, "
  • Level 66-80: Inferno MP8, 6 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 81-100: Inferno MP9, "
  • Level 100-125: Inferno MP10, 5-7 elites, 4 affixes
  • Level 125+: Inferno MP10 mobs with +1% damage/health per level, 4-8 elites per level, every 10 levels elites gain an affix, until they have all affixes.

Let's just say the goal is to make things insanely difficult, but do something with the drops too so that people can gear for the challenge. Aside from the MF/EXP bonuses, defeating a boss has a chance to drop an additional Legendary. Let's say 1% chance at level 10, and +0.5% every 10 levels. Hypothetically, after 1000 level clears, bosses have a 50% chance to drop a Legendary.

Gold drops are disabled in this dungeon.

This mode has leaderboards.