Wednesday 26 December 2012

[Wizard] Interesting fire and ice ranged wizard build.

It's a pretty effective and balanced build from what I've seen. It's best to be played at a bit of range, farther out than one would stand with a CM build. Stay close enough so that the fire bolts reach the mobs. Fire bolts is an odd skill to have chosen but strangly its the only fire damage signature skill. It has decent dps and works well with critical mass to keep defenses strong. Frost nova and diamond skin have always been my go to defense combo. There are other good defensive skills like mirror image and teleport but I feel FS and DS to be much more fool proof.

You're pretty much going to want to be catching mobs in blizzards and hitting them with comets and fire bolts. Try to use your fire bolts where your meteors are going to hit and place your meteors where your fire bolts are hitting. Don't be stingy of the blizzards they buy you time while you kite if need be or dealing with large spread out mobs. Lastly if you like the build you might want to get an offhand with +% dmg to shock pulse, I'm using a decent Tal Rasha's glare.