Sunday 27 January 2013

Idea: "I'm tired of this shit" achievement.

After identifying 100,000 items, you get "I'm tired of this shit" achievement.
You still find items unidentified. But upon visiting town they become identified automatically.

Blizzard, are you hearing us? ID'ing delays are pointless.

With so many shitty affixes that pollute the RNG, how can ID'ing be a "gift unwrapping" experience? If you get a Crossbow with Witch Doctor skills, tell me how is that a "gift"? In today's standards: Bracers must have Crit Chance, Helms and Weapons must have sockets, Shoulders must be Vile Wards, Rings/Ammy/Gloves must have CC/CD/IAS, the rest must have AR/VIT/MainStat.

The thing is, the had it exactly right in Diablo 2. You could spend an ID scroll to ID things if you were "in the field." This was great when you got a unique item or something you thought you could use right away. But then if you got back to down, yo ucould do your whole inventory in one shot. Bam, best of both worlds.

It is really remarkable that they could fuck something like this up.