Friday 4 January 2013

Suggestion for those getting burnt out on Paragon leveling. Audiobooks.

I hit around Paragon 75 and was trying to figure out ways to make it more enjoyable *(than it already is, I like to grind and enjoy D3). I don't watch much TV, and music/internet radio was getting old.

That's when I started listening to different audiobooks. It has been a great way to keep me entertained.

This is the only game that I've found this to be enjoyable to do with. I can't concentrate on the audiobook fully when I'm PvPing in other games like MMOs, or on vent in a raid. Can't really shoot people in team play FPS because I have to really pay attention. Single player games have a story of their own I'm trying to follow. But for this game, it's perfect.

I like to either read or listen to the book of movies coming out in the next year that i want to see, so I picked up Ender's Game (for instance) pretty cheap among others.

Just a quick tip, you can download audiobooks for free from most local libraries. You can even download them from home (if you already have a library card). Oddly enough, I'm also listening to Ender's Game as I play D3.

And yes, I am a librarian.
Happy hunting.