Sunday 20 January 2013

Transmogrification in Diablo 3: a simple presentation.

I play a wizard as of late, and chances are, your wizard will look about 90% just like this. (of course Andadriel's, Mempo, Inna's Temperance and weapons are the exceptions here)

Now after 550 hours on my DH, I know how they all look the same with Natalya's set. There's no arguing there.

But what if we had Transmogrification? What if we could switch the textures on our gear with the already plenty of art assets in game?

I did a little experiment by grouping levels of armor (both blue and rare), and this is what I came up with:

Imagine a top lvl 60 Wizard dressed up in armor assets ranging from:

Levels 10 to 20

Levels 20 to 30

Levels 30 to 40

Levels 40 to 50

Levels 50 to 59

How awesome would that be? Now I know this isn't an easy thing to implement but on the long run, I'd really love to see this happen (and think that should be implemented before being able to dye our Andariel's Visage pink). Also, if they introduce Legendary Transmogrification as well, the choice of armors would be even higher and our characters would look even more original!

I'll leave you with a combination of some of the Wizard armor assets I did.

What do you guys think?

Here's a Legendary Transmog combination I quickly came up with.