Tuesday 5 February 2013

D3 could be (one of) the most addictive games EVER if...

There was a ladder..nothing new, right?

But i'm not talking about a simple season ladder as in D2. Im talking about a mix of 3-6 week long events with a ladder for that very event including rewards. This is what i have in mind:

Event: "Secrets of the Tomb" 6 week period event.

A new Tomb was found at "The Cemetery" in act 1. Demons of never known strenght were located there. Fight your way all the way down to "Rajhox, the Tomb Warden". Gather supplies in the Tomb and save New Tristram from his plan to overwhelm the village....Blablabla

How the event runs
The Tomb would be on the bottom right (the one tomb entry never open). There would be 200 floors with each having a size of a big Keeps level 2 map.

The monsters would be equaly strong as act 4 ones. There would be plenty of rares. Like there are in Vaults in act 2.

All monster have a x% chance of dropping supply for the village. Rares have a 100% chance.

Every 10 floors there is a little boss with greater loot as rare packs and having a guaranteed chance of dropping a "Secret Stone".

"A Secret Stone that gives his carrier the sight to a parallel dimension"

While carriying the Secret Stone you have x% chance after killing a rare/elite pack that there will appear a red portal leading to a secret floor in an paralell dimension. In that secret floor monster will have a much higher chance of dropping supply and rare/elite will drop 2 supplies instead of 1.

After clearing the secret floor you will end up one floor further as the one in which you found the portal.

If you encounter a new little boss (previouse floor 10, now 20) your old Secret Stone will merge with your new one and create a stronger Stone with increase x% of finding a portal to a secret floor.

On floor 200 after encountering Rajhox and beat him, he will drop an "Eye" which will merge with your last Secret Stone to "Rajhox's Eye". This will give you the highest x% of finding a portal + giving a buff which increase the overall chance of finding supply by x%.

You may ask why you need additional supply, if Rajhox is killed. This would be to further increase the health of the village for additional protection against danger in the future.

Supplies would be given to Headrig. Every supply would increase your reputaion in the village.

Ranking is determined by reputation in the village.

This is a little more complicated. I would suddgest:
  • Gold
  • Demonic Essence
  • Gems
  • A bag of x# of Legendaries
  • etc.

Rewards would be given out in this order (prices just a basic idea, would be balanced out).

Rank #1 - 100m Gold, 100 Demonic Essence, 3x of each Gem of highest quality, Bag with 10 random legendaries,

Rank #2-20 - 50m Gold, 50 Demonic Essence, 1x of each Gem of highest quality, Bag with 5 random legendaries,

Rank #21-200 - 25m Gold, 25 Demonic Essence, 3x of each Gem of second highest quality, Bag with 2 random legendaries,

Rank #201-1000 - 10m Gold, 10 Demonic Essence, 1x of each Gem of second highest quality, Bag with 1 random legendarie

Rank #1001-10000 - 5m Gold.......etc.

There would be also a fixed reward system that every x# of supply you give to Headrig you would get x Gold.

Why this would work
Because this is no permanent environment Tomb/Secret Floor can be the best farming spots without hurting the value of other farming spots in the long run. Also the rewards are not the only "reward". Because it is ladder based we would automaticly play more. Checking the ladder and seeing yourself at Rank 221 you think yourself "im going to play a little more to Rank in Top 200 for better rewards. In addition there is the fixed gold you get every x# of supply from Headrig. Having in mind that you need (for exampel) 20 more supply for the next gold reward from Headrig will motivate you more to get those.

Overall this Event/Ladder based system would have lots of motivational points. Not only would you want to play most you can during events. You would play more even if there are no events at that time, because you want to have the gear to farm better => rank higher in the next event.

Just my 2 cent for a better D3. Feel free to put in your ideas to increase the fun factor etc of events/this very one event.

Progress in Tomb Floors would be saved ofc.