Monday 25 February 2013

This is what happens after you hit 'Enter' to open chat while popup is asking if you still want to do the boss.

Someone went afk in public game just before boss and declined ready-check by timeout. So everyone got popup window telling them that player X declined the event, do you still want to continue? This is hardcore so another player declined as well (as it turned out).

I declined too because i know (from experience) that if you hit 'enter' now to open chat to ask what do we do, that 'enter' will accept popup question instead and teleport you to the boss. And this is what exactly happened to that poor fellow, only he was all alone there in front of the mighty beast.

We exited the game so Siegebreaker would be less intimidating but that didn't save the wizard sadly.

tldr: Consequences of having the same key button to open chat window and to answer important popup questions that require communication with your party.