Tuesday 5 February 2013

To be honest, I feel dopamine rush when hearing the 1-second AH "Chaching" sound of selling that nice item; and not really during the 1 second of ID'ing rares

I might be one of the few Diablo 3 players who actually enjoy using the AH, like a Stock Broker is to the Stock Market.

And whenever I hear that "Chaching" sound in the Menu or in-game, wow I really feel excited and happy that I sold something. I feel that my hardwork in farming items has really paid of -- literally and figuratively!

The past weeks has been a slow AH market though; Not to mention, slow AH performance for some reason. I feel a bit sad, but I understand why. Obviously it's because almost everyone is testing the 1.0.7 PTR.

So here's to hoping that the AH would be very active again once 1.0.7 has been officially launched!

Still happy with Diablo 3 and how it's being improved! I'll definitely come back on 1.0.7. For the meantime, I'm practicing Starcraft 2 again, in preparation for Heart of the Swarm!!! :D