Tuesday 14 May 2013

Suggested Stats (DPS, EHP) for MPlvls

Since public games are incredibly popular and beneficial to go to now, I thought it'd be handy to have a general idea of what people should be gearing towards for each monster power. Especially since people will join MP10 with too low DPS (including myself!) without knowing that they're a huge hindrance to the group.

You can already see multiple posts with people complaining about teammates slowing the group down because of deaths or low DPS.


  • kill MOST elite packs under 30 seconds (disputed: see comments)
  • kill trash under 3-5 seconds
  • deaths average 0.25 or less per elite pack

  • MP10: 650k EHP (55k HP for act 1 HoA), 200k DPS (170k solo)

Critical Mass Build
Wiki Guide
MP5: 2.307 aps, 40% crit chance, 50k dps 400+ life on hit, 20+ APoC 3500 armor, 500 all resist, 35k hp
MP7: 2.501 aps, 45% crit chance, 75k dps 800+ life on hit, 20+ APoC 4000 armor, 550 all resist, 35k hp
MP8+ with 2.501 aps and highest DPS: 2.501 aps, 55% crit chance (Frost Nova: Deep Freeze will also be a big help), 150k+ dps 800+ life on hit, 20+ APoC 5000 armor, 700 all resist, 45k+ hp
MP8+ with 2.73 aps and decent DPS: 2.73 aps, 50-55% crit chance, 125k+ dps 800+ life on hit, 20 APoC 5000 armor, 700 all resist, 40k+ hp
MP8+ with 3.01 aps and lower DPS: 3.01 aps, 50%+ crit chance, 75k+ dps 800+ life on hit, 20 APoC 4500 armor, 650 all resist, 35k+ hp
MP10 ubers with decent dps and a solid freeze: 2.73 or 3.01 aps, 55%+ crit chance, 100k+ dps 800+ life on hit, 20 APoC 5500+ armor, 700+ all resist, 40k+ hp
SNS Build

Build Guide

MP10 138k DPS, EHP 340k


Backlash Build
D3Up Guide
  • MP10: 500k EHP, 200k DPS (150k for soloing)

Demon Hunter

Grenades Build
Wiki Guide
MP 8 SOLO, MP 10 GROUP: 225k EHP, 200k DPS (full stats)

Bola/Spike Build
MP10: ~320k EHP, 340k unbuffed DPS (full stats)
Witch Doctor
MP10: 370k EHP, 160k DPS