Monday 24 June 2013

[Tips] Followers in Inferno: a complete guide

Sadly, when i wander the forum i see topics where players goes "followers are useless", "my templar does hardly damage", "i don't play with followers"… Those statements are incorrect, therefore those players give away advantages that could have help them in the first place such as AS or crit bonuses… So i've decided to translate my EU topic on followers here.

First of all, do not complain about how much your followers dps is weak regarding yours. They are not weak, they are very powerful. It's just that your character is tremendously strong : that's just the difference between Nephalem and regular humans.

If your followers dies too often, that just mean he's poorly stuffed and there's many way to improve a followers survivability. The Templar and the enchantress for example can easily become immortal even in Inferno PM10.

To equip a followers search in that order : main stat, vita, AS, @res. CC and ChD are very optional. With PM it is more suitable to choose socket on equipment when possible, that gives flexibility to improve damage or LoH, vita or main stat (note : vita is the main stat of the templar).

For their skill, remember that some of them depends on the weapon DPS, so seek high DPS when possible. Some skills don't have cooldown so an only fast skills template is often a good idea.

I have tested all templates described here, prices goes from "very cheap" to "what the hell?". Some item are optional and only serve to max out a specific effect.

Set bonus do not applies to followers.
Follower's buff goes away when he dies, that goes only for passive buffs, equipment bonus stays active (note : a followers never "dies", just goes KO).
MF/GF buffs applies to you with a 1/5 ration, they don't fade away even if your followers goes KO.
Follower will appreciate legendaries you thought were crap for you.


Follower token : vita, block chance, @res
MF max : 32%
GF max : 32%
Block chance Max : 78%
Dps Max : not much
Exp Max : 13%
+ pts exp Max : 144
ChC max : 33%
ChD max : 400
AS max : 55%

MF weapon : Sun Keeper
DPS weapon : Devil Tongue

Postion : in front of you.

Templar is not here for damage but to disturb foe's actions.


Heal : useless in Inferno mode.
Intervene : works great with crowd control templates.
Loyalty : useless in Inferno mode.
Intimidate : nice, works well with "Cull the weak" passive.
Charge : idem.
Onslaught : most powerfull templar attack but a bit usless in Inferno too.
Inspire : the best templar skill.
Guardian : useless in Inferno mode.


Slaughterror (Max bleed chance : 130%)
The Butcher's Sickle (with bleed chance) socket + amethyst
Band of hollow whispers
Band of hollow whispers [pre-patch]
Shield with max bleed chance
Blackthornes Duncraig Cross
This template offers two advantages : very cheap and the templar make more effective damages than his DPS sheet.

Tank (Max block chance : 78%)
Follower token with 15% block chance
Doombringer + amethyst
Stormshield with +34 block chance
Justice Lantern
Bulkathoss Wedding Band
With an Amulet of Vitality your templar is now immortal. To max out block chance, replace the Bulkathoss Wedding Band by a second Justice Lantern (pre-patch) (price is crazy with socket ^^).

Monlight ward
Band of hollow whispers
Puzzle Ring
Lidless wall
This template is a fireworks, very fun to play!

Scarecrow (Max fear : 32,6%)
Echoing Fury + amethyst
Shield with fear chance
Justice Lantern
Broken Promises
Broken Promises (prepatch)
The star of Azkaranth (fear)
Your templar is still weak, hits like a little girl but everyone fears him.

IceCube (Max freeze : 22,6%)
The star of Azkaranth (freeze)
Shield with freeze
Very usefull against bosses and elites.

Speed of Knight (Max AS 55%, APS 2,21)
Follower token with vita and 900 LoH
Azurewrath with 21% AS
Blackthornes Duncraig Cross with 9% AS and 500 LoH
Band of hollow whispers with 9% AS
rare ring with 9% AS and 400 LoH (2 of them if cannot afford a BoHW with AS)
Lidless wall with 7% AS)
Aiming for 2,21 APS and 2k LoH, this template is amazing : the best i've seen so far. The most efficient use of the templar against bosses and other single target situation : Ubers, and suprisingly, gobs.

Elites Hunter (Max damage against elite : 38% - 59%)
Sun Keeper
or shield with bonus against elites (max 8%)
The star of Azkaranth
To max out elites bonus, replace one of the ring by a Stone of Jordan (efficient only in small PM).

Follower token : vita, @res, dex, dcc
MF max : 19%
GF max : 20%
DPS Max : around 30k
Exp Max : 13%
+ pts exp Max : 120
ChC max : 22%
ChD max : 600
AS max : 47%

MF weapon : none
DPS weapon : Manticore (double socket)

Position : where he wants.


Crippling Shot : nice, good combination with "Cull the weak".
Poison Bolts : harmfull
Dirty Fighting : very usefull
Vanish : never find it usefull
Powerded shot : nice but not as great as
Multishot : always use it !
Hysteria : cool extra damage, but one would prefer
Anatomy : greatest scoundrel's buff.

Note : most of these templates are to be used with Multishot skill.

Windforce (Max Knockback : 54,5%)
Kymbo's Gold
Powerfull, that's all. If you play DH, try a double Windforce duo!

Permafrost (thanks to Kibitz and IHateSnow) (Max freeze : 25,2)
Buriza-do kyanon
The star of Azkaranth (freeze)
Stone of Jordan (freeze)
Ultimate template for scoundrel. To be efficient, max AS and a Buriza with at least 10% freeze and 50% pierce. Perfect with passives "Cold Blooded" and "Cull the weak".
A cheap alternative to buriza :
An even more cheap alternative is to equip scoundrel with a "Balanced Longshot Bow" the only weapon with a 20%AS bonus and black weapon, a SoJ freeze and 9% AS on the other ring and amulet.

Stay! (Max immobilize : 5,1% + weapon's proc)
The star of Azkaranth (immobilize)

Elite Hunter (Max damage against elite : 20% - 46%)
or any bow or crossbow with 8% against elites.
The star of Azkaranth
To max out elites bonus, replace one of the ring by a Stone of Jordan (efficient only in small PM).

Follower token : vita, loh, @res, int, dcc (optional)
MF max : 28%
GF max : 30%
Dps Max : around 30k
Exp Max : 13%
+ pts exp Max : 120
ChC max : 23%
ChD max : 600
AS max : 48%

MF weapon : The Grand Vizier
DPS weapon : Skorn

Position : behind you.


Charm : most popular skill but long cooldown in comparison with
Forceful Push : quite powerful with a good weapon.
Missile Ward : not very effective in Inferno mode.
Powered Armor : the skill to have.
Disorient : works great in addition with other crowd control skills and weapon.
Erosion : my favorite, very powerfull.
Focused Mind : best Enchantress buff !
Mass control : works great in addition with other crowd control skills and weapon.


Me luv u long time (with Charm skill)
The tormentor + ruby
Tal Rasha's Allegiance (arcane)
Stone of Jordan (arcane)
Just try it.

Maximus (with AS)
All jewlery focused on AS
Just the best template for the Enchantress, effective DPS far above her sheet.
Discussed here :

The Immortal (thanks to Astynax)
Follower token with max LoH
Schaeffer's Hammer (min proc rate 40%)
Band of hollow whispers
Bulkathoss Wedding Band
Blackthornes Duncraig Cross
Explained here :
The name says all.

Elites Huntress (Max damage against elite : 20% - 31% - 46% - 53%)
Sun Keeper
or Skorn with 8% against elites
The star of Azkaranth
To max out elites bonus, replace one of the ring by a Stone of Jordan (efficient only in small PM).

Gems and followers
There's a golden rule in inferno : the followers DPS leads to prior LoH on life steal, so Amethyst is always a wise choice on a follower weapon. Sockets give a nice way to set dps/vitality of a follower according PM, the more you go in high PM, the more amethyst comes handy.
The templar loves amethyst, it is useless to use emeralds or ruby with him.
That's a different story for the scoundrel and the enchantress : if LoH is enough on their equipment, around 1000 - 1200, then dps can be obtained with emerald or ruby. That choice depends on skills. Some of them do damage according to the weapon dps so ruby comes here nicely. On the other hand, if your follower gets in ChC, above 10 crit, then the emerald can be used.

Followers and Puzzle Ring : an AH paradox
Like many items in AH, the most expensive rolls for a Puzzle Ring are dexterity rolls. That is quite funny because best Puzzle Rings for followers are int rolls. I've seen many players use Puzzle Ring dex roll on their scoundrel, with is quite funny. Since dexterity give dodge, they use the Goblin ring on the followers who has the less chance to get often hit... Strength gives armor, intelligence gives @res, wich has to be the first choice to improve a follower survivability! So i guess now you see my point : best Puzzle Ring for a follower is the cheapest on AH.

So... Wich follower must i choose ?
It's a common belief among D3players that a follower would be the most suited for a specific class. Not really a wrong thinking but it's quite inacurate.
There's three way to consider a follower choice :
- bonuses point of view : depend on your build to compensate a lack of characteristic (then your choice is as+armor, chc or extra damage, resource regeneration and heal). Or the parangon farming need : MF/GF/XP.
- skill point of view : passive combination, cc in order to complete your gameplay.
- field point of view : enchantress for corridors and enclosed spaces, scoundrel for opened fields, and templar for bosses/single target fights.
In my opinion, the best way to use follower at your avantage is to use all 3 of them according to the situation.