Wednesday 28 August 2013

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Beta will start in 2013

Here you find the full interview with Game Director Joshua Mosqueira:

The most important information is:

  • Yes beta will come out this year
  • Maybe the game will come out 2014
  • Yes Tyrael's blade not inflicting damage in the trailer is supposed to demonstrate that Malthael's intentions are righteous
  • There is a new scholar (like Cain) in expansion
  • Crusaders are elite Paladins and there are only a set number active at once. Each Crusader has a mentee that takes up his shield, armor, and name after he falls.
  • Malthael's trying to end the Eternal Conflict
The game will be completely dead at that point if they're waiting until 2015. It'd be especially weird if they started beta this year and then had it for an entire year before the game was out. I was assuming around the time d3 released in 2014 as a realistic launch date. :/ I was thinking we'd have a release date at blizzcon hopefully.