Wednesday 14 August 2013

I threw together this mini-game idea for D3, and I'm curious to know what people think of it.

I combined a few ideas from hero line wars, endless dungeons, rabbits vs sheep, and some other games. I realize cmww and ww barbs would currently be overpowered in this setting, but I'm assuming that will change at some point.

Basic design:

How it works:
  • Two teams compete against each other, but do not directly fight.
  • If your door completely breaks, you lose.
  • As you kill white/elite mobs on your side, they immediatly appear at the spawn location for the other team and run toward the enemy door.
  • Enemies can only respawn once
  • You must clear your hallway before you can enter the boss room
  • Boss rooms lock the team inside the room for the duration of the battle. Mob spawns incoming from the other team's kills do not stop.
  • When you kill your boss, you advance to the next level, the mob set changes, and mobs get stronger. Items on the ground should also be moved.
  • Every death increases respawn time by 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 30seconds. This does not reset between levels.
  • Nothing drops for loot besides legendaries and DE. Drop rates are unchanged for both.
  • Use a match-making system similar to Starcraft 2's 4v4 system.
  • Starting power of the mobs is based on the MMR of the 2 teams playing

Optional changes:

  • Make it so you don't have to clear your hallway before engaging the boss, and you simply teleport all of the mobs in the hallway into the boss room when the boss is engaged.
  • Add side rooms in the main hallway with harder monsters.(i.e. It might be interesting to kill 20 banelings in a sideroom, so that they respawn in the middle of a tough boss fight for the other team)
  • Bosses could respawn for the enemy team when killed. Maybe save this one for the later levels.
  • Instead of using leaderboards a la sc2, use a hidden mmr to match people with appropriate teammates/opponents.
  • Instead of using placement matches like sc2, you could base initial placement off of dps/ehp.
  • You could make the level design more elaborate and varied.

I think this system sidesteps a ton of the problems with the endless dungeons that were proposed before.
  • You don't have to worry about people going full tank. You would get completely swamped from the incoming mobs from the enemy team.
  • You don't have to deal with 40 levels of easy-mode before you hit anything difficult. The matchmaking system should deal with that within a few games.
  • You don't have to deal with tons of crap loot. Farming normally should give better rewards, but the mini-game would still be very viable.
  • You get to compete against other D3 players that are on your level

I'm not sure about other people, but I think I would play the hell out of this. Also, I'd love to watch some of the higher-level teams of players go up against each other. Thoughts?