Tuesday 10 September 2013

[PROTIP] Console endless farming

Possibly because of memory restrictions on console, you can actually farm forever, without ever having to log out and start a new game. Just start a run, and blast through the zones that are most efficient for you, and just jump right back into the first zone and start over again.

Note that you have to go through a few zones for the first ones to refresh.

Should speed up paragonlevelling quite a bit, when you can keep Your Nephalem Valor your entire playsession ;)

Happy farming! ;)

Edit 1: All the way to the top of the hot tab! Didn't expect that. Thanks guys!

Edit 2: I tested this on a PS3, and got a friend to check it on his system, which I thought was a 360. However it seems he's got a PS3 too, so it would be Nice if someone could verify this Works on the 360 too :) Thanks.

Edit 3: Confirmed working for 360. Thanks conansmirth ;)

Edit 4: Keywarden also respawns using this Method, makes for some pretty easy keyfarming ;)