Thursday 10 October 2013

10 things Reaper of Souls needs

I kinda feel that RoS will need to redefine the versatility of the game into additional areas to maximize play time and reward beyond gold into Items and farm. To this end I've thought up some things I would like to see some form of in RoS.

1.) Re-implementation of the endless Dungeon that was spoken of in Beta. - It could be a separate ladder system that records how far people get within say a months time. Just gets harder and harder each level down.

2.) Epic Belial feeling Boss battles - Im sorry but he is my fav fight in game. When the ground falls away and the background and his massive size just makes you feel like your fighting something earth-breaking. We need more fights like that. not 1 but like ... 3

3.) Endless generated expanse of an area. - Something you can roam and explore a bit. complete with random dungeons and make some villages and stuff. This could make the game feel MASSIVE rather than the slightly confined feeling I get from the current zones.

4.) Creepiness - The expansion really needs to be creepy through and through. One the THE best things about Diablo 1 that 2 and 3 left far behind ... if the feeling that you're about to descend into a hopeless nightmare and death is right around the corner. The atmosphere the music the monsters it blended so well into a slight horror/adventure game. 2 and 3 is almost all hack and slash. glorious one man destruction fest. It doesn't feel like your going up against evil. just .... a bug hunt.

5.) Additional ways to tweak your skills. - The best idea I could come up with is account bound tombs that add a boost or alternate affect to a skill when you read them. say ... .2% dmg to Arcane torrent or 1% increased AoE of Meteor. stack able affects with no limit (The no Limit would work towards the endless dungeon in conjunction with paragon to let peeps go deeper and deeper over the months.)

6.) A single non online player mode. - ( not sure what the difference is TBH ... just remember hearing a lot of people upset about this

7.) Out of game trading Hub. - Not sure why we've always needed to go in a game to make trades. why cant a trade window be opened out of game?

8.) Condence some of the gear stats - Gold find and magic find ... never understood why they were separate stats. Just combine them into Fortune stat and be done with it.

9.) The need to actually pick up gold. - This is something I've always found to be just tedious ... I've never felt any kind of thrill seeing gold on the ground. The Loot explosion idea was a failure. Stop making us have to walk over gold to pick it up. Just say our companions pick it up or something. Why cant it just be added to our bank?

and finally

10.) Ranking system for PvP - People are just going to be better geared and a better player that some. Nothing will feel more depressing than getting ready for a fun battle and suddenly getting curb stomped American History X style by Credit card barb #420 over ... and over. Plus will feel more competitive when you go up

Add some real FEATURES to the game with the expansion. Make it Mind Boggling! find ways to add additional content easier over the years so you can keep piling on D3 and keep it interesting. Take the time like you always to do make this game UNFORGETTABLE!