Tuesday 29 October 2013

diablo 3 reaper of souls game difficulty UI

So I was looking through the UI files of the RoS Alpha (or w/e you want to call it) and noticed it saying "Torment" on here: 

The interesting part is these difficulty names:

  • Difficulty0 Easy
  • Difficulty1 Normal
  • Difficulty2 Hard
  • Difficulty3 Torment
  • Difficulty4 Demonic
  • Difficulty5 Apocalypse I
  • Difficulty6 Apocalypse II
  • Difficulty7 Apocalypse III
  • Difficulty8 Apocalypse IV
  • Difficulty9 Apocalypse V

These have been in the alpha for quite a while, yet "Torment" was first noticed in the build from 2 weeks ago where the achievements showed up.

This seems like a completely different difficulty setup. What do you think this might mean?