Monday 21 October 2013

Full RoS Soundtrack!

This is likely to get pulled by Blizzard, so I'd get a mirror ready.

As a composer myself, I STRONGLY prefer this soundtrack to D3's. I found D3 to have a very, very dull score. A few exceptions - some of the more climactic music was good, and I enjoyed the Act 2 "Middle Eastern" ambience - but overall very disappointing.

I'm really enjoying the cresendo-ing string and brass sections, appears to be a motif for this soundtrack. It's good.

It still doesn't hold a candle to D2, but I'm alright with this. It's much more musically interesting and they appear to be experimenting a bit more with their instrumentation. Good stuff.

The theme at 26:40 coupled with the climax of the trailer is honestly one of the best Blizzard cinematic moments I've ever seen.