Monday 7 October 2013

Visual guide to Armor

All normal armor (no legendaries or class specifics) for each class. None of the pieces are dyed.


Demon Hunter


Witch Doctor


From left to right, top to bottom (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, Legs, Feet)
  • iLvl ~4: Leather Hood, Leather Mantle, Leather Doublet, Leather Gloves, Leather Pants, Boots
  • iLvl ~10: Coif, Shoulder Guards, Brigandine Coat, Hide Gloves, Hide Breeches, Heavy Boots
  • iLvl ~15: Arming Cap, Amice, Chain Mail, Chain Gloves, Chain Leggings, Chain Boots
  • iLvl ~20: Helmet, Spaulders, Splint Cuirass, Gauntlets, Faulds, Sabatons
  • iLvl ~25: Plated Helmet, Shoulder Plates, Plate Mail, Plated Gauntlets, Plate Leggings, Greaves
  • iLvl ~30: Crown, Etched Mantle, Stygian Harness, Grips, Legwraps, Silk Shoes
  • iLvl ~35: Basinet, Ailettes, Jacket, Etched Gloves, Etched Pants, Brogans
  • iLvl ~40: Klappvisier, Pauldrons, Jazeraint Mail, Vambraces, Chausses, Treads
  • iLvl ~45: Casque, Sode, Battle Armor, Battle Gauntlets, Tassets, Heavy Sabatons
  • iLvl ~50: Great Helm, Epaulets, Boneweave Hauberk, Boneweave Gauntlets, Boneweave Faulds, Battle Greaves
  • iLvl ~55: Hounskull, Balor Pauldrons, Balor Armor, Balor Fists, Leg Guards, Balor Treads
  • iLvl ~58: Stechhelm, Espaliers, Astral Mail, Manifers, Polyens, Astral Greaves
  • iLvl 60: Zischagge, Warlord Spaulders, Warlord Plate, Warlord Gauntlets, Warlord Leg Plates, Warlord Boots
  • iLvl 61: Hellscape Mask, Doom Pauldrons, Doom Armor, Stranglers, Schynbalds, Doom Treads
  • iLvl 62: Sovereign Helm, Pallium, Sovereign Mail, Sovereign Vambraces, Sovereign Tassets, Sovereign Greaves
  • iLvl 63: Archon Crown, Archon Spaulders, Archon Armor, Archon Gauntlets, Archon Faulds, Archon Greaves