Tuesday 12 November 2013

Thunderfury, Blessed blade of the Windseeker

I never did manage to get the thunderfury in WoW... maybe now I'll finally get it... in Diablo 3... AWWW YEAHHHH

Funnily enough it was hard enough to get this even in a guild back at level 60 and it really made a difference for BWL progression as horde.

At the time I was a mage and GM of an old 40 man raid and we were struggling to really make much impression into BWL, we'd really only just come over the cusp of gearing out of MC. I had decided I had bigger priorities in life and wanted to step down. I had told the other officers before the week of raiding and popped onto TS to tell the guild.

All is well, everyone understands and my parting words were "Hey don't worry guys, you'll get Thunderfury this raid as a gift from me".

Both pieces dropped.

One of those too good to be true moments, but funny nevertheless. MT got poached within a month as he had Thunderfury.