Thursday 14 November 2013

Lylirra, not everything has to be balanced.

At the bottom of this post, Lylirra asks what people might want in terms of Nephalem Rift balance.

So, on that note, what would you guys prefer?
Would you like Nephalem Rifts to be really, really rewarding, but in return not be able to run them as frequently?
Or would you like Nephalem Rifts to be somewhat rewarding, but in return you get the opportunity to run them more often?

Here's my answer: Why not both?

What if the default Rift is easy enough to get into and as such is a mediocre, default experience? It's viable, it's fun, it's just fine.

Why not go one step further and allow people to craft better Rifts? Let's get some Keystone recipes from the Mystic that we can use to buff the hell out of the Rifts if we want to.

Maybe there's a recipe where combining a Keystone with 10 brimstones makes legendaries 50% more likely to drop during the Rift opened by that now-buffed Keystone.

Maybe there's a recipe where combining a bunch of a certain type of gem with a Keystone switches smart drops to the relevant core stat. That way if you could farm that Rift for Int gear while running your Barb if you wanted to, which helps "fix" the issue of being unable to gear up your alt characters due to smart drops.

  • The options are nearly endless and allow for all sorts of fun combinations and customization.
  • Monsters do more damage but drop better loot.
  • Monsters have more health but drop better loot.
  • Buff experience multipliers based on how many mats you use.
  • Turn every fifth monster into a boss of some sort for better drops.
  • Allow you to run all three followers.
  • You take double elemental damage but legendaries drop more often.
  • Twice the mob density but no shrines.
  • Elites have 5-6 affixes and drop more stuff.
  • Elite packs always spawn in groups of two.

There's so much that can be done here. Part of the problem with D3 so far has always been that the developers make things so there's no flexibility. There's this one thing and it'll be done this one way. Trying to "balance" Rifts such that they're always the same in terms of risk vs. reward could very well leave us in the same position.

But by offering us some options people can get and do what they want. That way people can do the default Rifts if they want but they can also save up mats and do crazy Rifts if they think they can survive in order to make them more lucrative.