Friday 27 December 2013

The RoS Beta Loot System Needs To Change. Here's Why.

TL;DR - Playing Normal difficulty is more rewarding than Torment 1-6 by tenfold, also the drop system is illogical.

Myself and others have been playing in the Reaper of Souls beta since the beginning. Back then (pre-patch) everything was almost bliss. You would usually encounter a legendary item once every hour on average. We knew that this was partly due to the 250% increased legendary find that was awarded for playing on Torment difficulty and higher, but it allowed us to try all sorts of crazy things with our classes.

Then the wipe came. We were all excited. New features, class changes and most importantly, new legendaries. We soon discovered that the inherent 250% legendary find was gone from Torment, but at first it didn't bother us. This was probably how it was intended for live release, so we thought nothing of it.

With our prior knowledge we were farming Torment 1 within a day of getting back to 70. For roughly 12 hours we farmed bounties and rifts, but nothing yielded. We were then starting to measure our legendary drops in "days", and we started to get worried.

It was then on one day, I noticed a friend of mine playing on Normal difficulty, with his T1-2 geared Demon Hunter. I asked him what he was doing: "Farming legs" he said. He'd been farming Act IV over and over, restarting once the bounty bag had been obtained.

At first I didn't believe it was worth it. I mean, how could it be? We could clear Torment 1, 2 and even 3 as a group with ease. It even had exclusive legendaries if the tooltip was anything to go by. Then one by one, he was linking me his rewards. He was averaging roughly 2 an hour, sometimes 3.

My envy kicked logic out of the drivers seat, and I decided to see exactly what was up.

Two weeks have passed since then. I've probably completed over 800 Act IV runs now, and obtained probably over 100 legendaries. Why it works, I'm not exactly sure. I have some theories, but without a blue post they will remain just that.

There is NO reason to do anything BUT Normal difficulty if your goal is to find legendary upgrades

This is a serious issue. I can either choose to play on Normal and receive roughly 5 legendaries an hour, or play on Torment and be lucky to see one in days. You know the obvious answer.

Something horribly wrong happened between the initial RoS beta and the first patch. Hopefully, it's just a number crunch issue, something that can be fixed quickly. If not, and that this is somehow intended, then some things need to change:

  • When a plan drops, It's disappointing: When I hear that legendary sound and a star appear on my map, I'm excited. When I find out it's the 5th Arcane Barb plan that I already know, I'm disappointed. It's a completely USELESS event. I can't even trade it FFS. Either take them OUT of the legendary pool once we know the plan, or let us trade it to people who don't know it.
  • Legendary crafting materials drop far to often: On my runs I would usually always get a legendary material each run. I don't even pick them up anymore. What's the point in giving us a legendary crafting material if we can't even find a legendary item to salvage for the needed Forgotten Soul, something every legendary crafted item requires. Either lessen the drop rate or make it so we can craft these legendary items without the need for a Forgotten Soul. At least we could make use of them by salvaging it and using the Forgotten Soul to re-roll gear.
  • Show us exactly what Torment does for us, in numbers: Back in the initial beta, I knew that if I did Torment I had a 250% legendary find, and boy did I know it. Now we have merely a "Increased legendary find per slider tick". Well what does that exactly mean? We have no idea the worth of Torment right now. It could be going up in increments of 1% for a total of 6% for all we know.

For the time being I can't play anymore. Normal is mind-numbingly boring, even in the rain of legendaries. Play Torment you say? Why, what's the point? When the end-game is your easiest difficulty, alarm bells should be ringing. I honestly have no idea how this wasn't hotfixed on day one.