Sunday 29 December 2013

Updating "outdated" bosses.

So, as PTR players will have noticed, many of the boss fights in D3 classic have received a facelift. The most successful of these has to be Maghda, which went from being a dull boss to one of, if not the best ( excluding RoS bosses ). This leaves us with a few bosses that have not received updates such as Queen Aranae, Cydea, Ghom, Rakanoth, Izual, Diablo. After having fought these bosses on the PTR, they are sorely lacking in interesting mechanics at the moment, as well as their threat level is non existant.

What could be done to make these bosses a bit more interesting ?

Queen Aranae : Adding more spawns and the new poison affix to this boss would spice the boss up in a very easy fashion.

Izual : Giving Izual a more damaging frozen breath attack ( and somehow telegraphed as to be avoided ) would be a good step. Perhaps giving him the new Frozen pulse affix as well.

Diablo : Diablo definitely does not seem to be very threatening at all now. The scariest part of group play vs him is probably the clones he makes of your own group, as if you do not kill them they can start adding up and eventually overwhelm your party. His breath attack is a pale shadow of his D2 attack, and he could use some spice.

Feel free to share any ideas on how to spice up the rest of the bosses, or the ones already mentioned.