Wednesday 22 January 2014

100% Honest. I think Blizzard really needs to step up their patching schedules especially during a Beta test.

I don't want this to sound like your common complaint / rant on Blizzard's part, but I honestly feel like the rate of updates are really really poor for a "Beta" test.

The Beta since F&F has been around for a couple months now? Knowing the holiday season was upon us, it's excusable to not expect anything during X-Mas and New Years. Fine. However, we're nearly one month in the new year and we've seen a single patch?

At the rate which the top streamers are playing, along with the general public in PTR, the rate at which things are being addressed is appalling in contrast to the feedback being produced. I can understand when a game is live and you want to ensure that the experience isn't ever changing for those that aren't on 24/7. However, in a Beta where things are expected to change often, and to tweak / stress the game for exploits, the updates just feel like bandaid carry overs to shut the critics up until they're ready to drop a patch that "might or might not" fix things. Or worse, break things in the opposite direction.

Loot aside, the reason why I'm feeling like I need to type this is because I think most of us already knows that once this game reaches event horizon and imminent release, the game updates will slow even MORE when it's live with updates purely because the game is live. So if the rate of changes happen so seldomly now, I can only assume it'll be even less frequent after release. That's why it concerns me greatly.

I don't want to sound entitled, nor do I want to sound like a complainer, but I'd probably fall more into the D3 fanboy category than Blizzard troll. However you all can judge me how you like but I really needed to say it just to get it off my chest.

I'm still going to buy RoS on release date, I'm still going to pump massive hours into this game, but I am really really unsatisfied at the urgency they're treating this Beta.