Wednesday 19 February 2014

Some new WD items from ROS!

Hi folks! I've been playing WD on ROS since I got the closed beta and I wanted to show off some items that I've found. Some of them have been major game changers for me. Here is my live profile if you are interested:

I plan to write up a longer post of my beta experiences in the future, but I just thought people would like to see these sooner rather than later. Here is the full album:

New visage:

Got poor stats on it and didn't get to re-roll it before the new patch, so I never really bothered using it.

Interesting new knife:

This knife is great because it makes using spiders way more appealing.
Here is a picture of the web that it makes: (Disregard the build...was just testing stuff)

Here are two items from the new 'DoT' set: &

That last bonus on the set will be insane. I really would like to find some more pieces and the ring that reduces set requirements.

New helm:

This helm looks like it will pair up well with the gloves that give attack speed to pets. It may finally be the item that makes full pets builds viable.

And finally, my favorite:

This bonus is beastly...haunt just absolutely shreds stuff with half duration.

There are quite a few items I have that i didn't have time to upload and there are a ton of items out there that I still want to find, but I thought I would at least share some of the best I've found so far.

Right now my WD plays T3 solo and in pubs. I have about 900k damage and 7.5 million toughness. I used lumbering cold until the recent nerf, and now I am using a haunt/locust swarm build based off of the new helm.

I'd like to get the pet attack speed gloves to do some more testing with a pet build. This helm makes pet damage actually noticeable for once.

Despite the recent nerfs, it seems like WD is still is really strong class in ROS. There are a lot of interesting build possibilities and I'm really interesting to see some of theorycrafting on release.