Tuesday 25 March 2014

Get your friends legendaries as your own transmogs!

So first im not even sure if this is intended or if it actually is a exploit but im just going to leave it here.

Well around 3 days before the expansion hit my friend was lucky enough to find a thunderfury, jelly as i was i just wanted to hold it in my hands once since its one of the items i always wanted mainly for the transmog thing. Anyways i just went to the transmog chick and guess what, i can transmog to thunderfury! So if you find some hot items in a group be sure to lend it for a sec to a mate that want it as transmog. So its not about IDing it but just about having it once on the account that unlocks the transmog. Hope this is helpful to some people and that its not in the wrong section.

tl;dr: To unlock the transmog of an item you just need to have the item for a second and you can then give it back to your friend.