Saturday 1 March 2014

Leveling a new character is actually fun now. No need for "power leveling".

With everyone posting the new mechanics/exploits for power-leveling post-patch, I just thought I would chime in and say that it's really quite fun to level up a character "normally" now.

It used to be incredibly annoying to take a new character to 60, since it would require playing through the whole game three times, with the first two play-throughs being excruciatingly easy and the third being only mildly entertaining (if you go self-found and don't spend 50k on the AH for perfect gear).

Now, you can buff up a new character with Paragon points and high tier gems, set the game to Expert, and play through the game roughly once and get to 60, with a decent challenge along the way.

That's what I'm doing with a Wizard now, and it's kind of interesting to visit areas I haven't been to in a while, maintain a challenge, and tinker with new skills/runes as they're introduced. It's way more fun than just facerolling the game three times in a row.

Anyone else doing this? I'm only a Paragon 80-ish with no hellfire rings, so I imagine higher P-levels with rings might still just see leveling a new character as a super easy chore.