Monday 24 March 2014

Stack 10 Pool of reflection in 20~ min before RoS

Hey guys, less than a day for RoS release so it's a good time to stack those 10 pools that will last, in theory, from level 60 to 65 giving a free level if you don't die.

This is the route I'm using:
  • Act 1, Return to New Tristam ( Last quest )
  • Press M to open your map and directly teleport to Cemetery of the Forsaken
  • Check all 3 crypts entrances ( inside ) while you look arround the Waypoint
  • After checking the last crypt, press M and teleport to Leoric's Manor
  • Run inside to the Leoric's manor courtyard
  • Check arround the courtyard and TP back to town
  • Leave, resume, repeat

  • Pick the chests and kill elites in your way.
  • Select Torment 1 at least for the chance of class sets ( IK, Inna, Tal rasha... )
  • Cap to 25% your movement speed ( You can use your paragon points ) and use any dash you've or movement increase skill
  • After the bonus is gone at level 65~ in RoS you can come back and pick another 10 pools, giving you the 25% exp bonus from 65~ till 70

Be careful and don't die or you'll lose your pool stacks! You should be done ( if not extremely unlucky ) in 20~ min or a little more if you don't have enough mobility or you take too much time to load. Anyway this is best route I've found to farm them atm.

Here's a video of the runs

Have fun and see you tonight in RoS (: