Wednesday 5 March 2014

Yet another Paragon Leveling Exploit 2.0.2 (400mill exp/hr on T1)

This is not Act 2 Run, Mira run, Snake runs.

It's pretty easy to do, even with low level.

On Torment 1 with my 100k dps Wizard, it's netting approximately 10million exp per minute. SOLO without Pools of Reflection.

If you have a party, it will be even faster with more exp. Equip a Hellfire ring, and a Helmet with a socket. 

Throw in a Ruby Gem for maximum exp.

Steps to do:
  1. Start Private Game
  2. Change quest to The Broken Blade, Talk to Alaric
  3. Talk to Alaric, go into Drowned Temple
  4. Find Crypt of the Ancient, get the checkpoint
  5. Nuke down skeletons while moving
  6. Ignore shits that takes too long for u to kill
  7. Tele to Town
  8. Logout

Do note, on Torment 1, my Wizard is almost 1 hitting every skeletons there. 

If you could 1 hit those small skeletons on Torment 4-6, you'll probably get billions of exp per hour.