Thursday 3 April 2014

Act 5 - Cemetary Chests + Gold Farming

Waypoint: Act 5 - Briarthorn Cemetery

This run gives you a high amount of gold per run + alot of chests and destructible objects.
Currently running as a max speed DH, this yields me a fair amount of legendary's per hour and about 100 to 300K gold per run.

As soon as you use the waypoint, move north and stick to the edge of the map and run all the way around untill you're back at the waypoint.

If you only care about loot this is best done with 2 players splitting up each side till you meet and TP out with Homing Pads

Use firewalkers or any other passive aoe to break destructible objects. Chakram Shuriken as DH for example.

I'm eager to hear your results!