Tuesday 8 April 2014

D3's Diablo Difficulty Chart (PC)

Here is a chart which should help you identify the benefits of running higher or lower difficulty.

  • The legendary crafting materials will only drop from specific unique monsters.
  • The drop chance for legendary crafting materials was found here.
  • The increased Torment 1 & 2 legendary chance was found in this post.
  • You can find the list of torment only legendaries here!

Chart has been updated: 05/04 20:36 CET.

Added T3-6 legendary % & Rift increase %
Updated to reflect that Torment 1-6 legendary drop chance was confirmed at 15% per torment level
Added drop behaviour for mobs, caches and blood shards
Updated a few parts: Wasn't happy with the wording, wanted more clarity