Tuesday 29 April 2014

I just killed another person in Hardcore

We all hate that one person in public games who goes afk and then take the bounty-reward and leaves. Some people just don't give a fuck if they are noticed going afk, so they just afk in the base.

Some people think they are smart by going to a bounty and going afk there, so it looks like they are doing something. I was farming only act 1 at the time, so when i was done with all other bounties in act 1, i thought it was weird he was still stuck on the same bounty for about 15 mins now - thought i'd go help him out. Who knew? Maybe it was just a really annoying bounty (we all know the really bad ones). But when i ported, he was standing on the waypoint... 

I flipped shit for about 5 seconds until i thought fuck it, got about 10 mobs over to him and ported away. About 5 minutes after he had died, he left and sent me tons of hate-pm's.

I told him not to afk or at least say "brb", then i blocked him. I hadn't warned him i was gonna do it, i just snapped.

What do you think? Was it the right thing to do? Was it the right way to do it? I know i killed somebody's diablo experience, but i was just so mad.