Wednesday 9 April 2014

New T6 Chest Runs

Method & recommendations:

- 15m+ toughness
- a good speed spec (Dmg won't help you at all here)
- a full party running together.

Q: What is the run?
A: Act 5 splitting Pandemonium Fortess 1&2, Ruins of Corvus, Passage to Corvus, Westmarch & abandonded siege camp

Q: How many chests are you opening and how long does a run take?
A: Roughly 10-20 chest per each of these acts, it varies. We do a run in about 5 mins now.

Q: How many legendary's can I expect a hour.
A: That all really depends on your luck. At t6 chests have a 1.25% chance of dropping a leg... It's high.

Q: Do you think this will be hotfixed?
A: absolutely. Do it while you can.

Q: If I'm not on the persons map will I still get a legendary?
A: YES! we tested it all day, after the runs you all hop around to each area and check the map for stars!!!!