Tuesday 20 May 2014

100% AFK Gold / Exp Farm - 4 Mil per Hour

Been messing around looking for exploits lately, and found a nice little spot to farm gold and exp. The exp is pretty minimal, but the gold is pretty good considering you can do it while asleep / at work. Heres the steps:

Required items:

  • Gladiator Gauntlets
  • Custarian Wristguards

  1. Get the bounty for "The Lord of the Hill" in Act 5
  2. Run up to the area and Leap / Teleport to the top. (You may not need leap or teleport, haven't tested it too much yet)
  3. Once up there, ignore the boss and clear out the area. 
  4. Stand in area shown in the screenshot below, and spam AOE moves to kill the enemies.

If done right, the enemies will infinitely get stuck and never be able to hit you, meanwhile you can shove a quarter or rubber band an AOE move like leapquake to kill them and collect gold (since leaping is considered moving, and picks up the gold). Gladiator Gauntlets will keep spawning gold on the ground for getting "Massacre" bonuses. I've been doing it on T6 but I'm not sure if it really matters.

I'm hoping you guys can come up with some more theories / ideas to make this work better since I've only been testing it for the last hour or so.