Wednesday 14 May 2014

Fire Monk Build

Hey guys! A while ago i posted a lightning monk build that utilizes best your items with +lighting dmg. Today i want to show you a similar build but for fire damage.

As always if you want to a watch a 4 minute video showcasing this build you can find it on this link:


And if you dont want to watch it i will list here all the skills, passives and paragon levels:

Active Skills:

Spirit Generator:

Deadly Reach - Strike From Beyond

Main Spirit Spender:

Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Claw Kick

Vulture Claw Kick turns the damage into fire, causing it to scale with your +Fire Damage items, and hit all enemies in 360 degrees around you

Movement Skill

Dashing Strike - Barrage

Sustained Damage

Mystic Ally - Fire Ally


Epiphany - Inner Fire


Mantra of Retribution - Transgression

Passive Skills:

One With Everything

Exalted Soul

Seize the Initiative


For my Paragon levels:
Core: I go for Movement speed until capped at 25% then Dexterity/Vitality
Offense: CHC/CHD >Attack Speed
Defense: All Resistances > Armor/Life %
Utility: Area Damage/Life on Hit (Dependent on your current survivability)